GlycosylTransferase Family 105

Activities in FamilyDol-P-Man: protein α-mannosyltransferase (EC; Dol-P-Man:protein mannosyltransferase (EC
Mechanism inverting (inferred)
NoteFamily of a-mannosyltransferases using Dol-P-Man as the likely donor; first described by Larsen and colleagues [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2017 - PMID=28973932]
Statistics GenBank accession (381); Uniprot accession (0);
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 ORF (fragment)   Acanthocnemus nigricans AUW76830.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aceraius sp. INB096 AUW76995.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Acorynus sp. INB007 AUW76931.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Adelium sp. CSR149 AUW76909.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aderidae sp. CSR001 AUW76777.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aderidae sp. INB206 AUW77073.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aegus sp. INB148 AUW77032.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Agabus sp. INB109 AUW77007.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Agathidium sp. CSR032 AUW76804.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Agrypnus sp. INB160 AUW77042.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Agyrtodes sp. CSR030 AUW76802.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Allochotes sp. INB191 AUW77061.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Amarygmus sp. CSR147 AUW76907.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Ampedus sp. INB161 AUW77043.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Amphicoma sp. INB011 AUW76933.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Anadastus sp. CSR100 AUW76861.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Anaplopus sp. CSR131 AUW76891.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Anischia sp. CSR022 AUW76794.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Anomala antiqua AUW76901.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Anthicus sp. CSR063 AUW76831.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Apatetica sp. INB085 AUW76987.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aragomacer uniformis AUW76881.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Artematopus sp. CSR004 AUW76780.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Ascalohybris subjacens AUW76924.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Ascetoderes sp. CSR074 AUW76840.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Aspidiphorus sp. CSR053 AUW76824.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Atractocerus sp. INB094 AUW76993.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Australobolbus sp. CSR137 AUW76897.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Australocis sp. CSR081 AUW76846.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Baryrhynchus sp. INB044 AUW76959.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Benibotarus sp. YL0447 AUW77084.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Bitoma sp. CSR061 AUW76829.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Brachypeplus sp. CSR121 AUW76882.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Byctiscus sp. INB076 AUW76979.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Byrrhinus sp. CSR112 AUW76873.1    
 CELE_F32D1.3 (fragment)   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CCD68483.1    
 CELE_F38B6.6   Caenorhabditis elegans Bristol N2 CCD68214.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Canthydrus sp. INB115 AUW77012.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carabidae sp. TH2 AUW77081.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carabus sp. INB100 AUW76999.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cardiotarsus sp. INB210 AUW77077.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carneodon sp. CSR139 AUW76899.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carphurus sp. CSR117 AUW76878.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carphurus sp. INB131 AUW77025.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Carpophilus sp. INB196 AUW77065.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cebrio sp. TH4 AUW77083.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cephalobyrrhus sp. INB082 AUW76985.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Ceracupes sp. INB057 AUW76969.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cheirotonus jansoni AUW77034.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Chlamisus sp. INB077 AUW76980.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Chlorophila sp. INB046 AUW76960.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Chnootriba sp. C04 AUW76771.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cicindela chinensis AUW77000.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cillibus sp. CSR150 AUW76910.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cis sp. CSR013 AUW76787.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cis sp. CSR080 AUW76845.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cladiscus sp. INB189 AUW77059.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Clambus sp. CSR082 AUW76847.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Clivina sp. INB167 AUW77049.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Copris sp. INB146 AUW77030.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Coroebus sp. INB018 AUW76940.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Corticaria sp. CSR029 AUW76801.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cossyphus sp. CSR153 AUW76913.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryphaeus sp. INB181 AUW77058.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptamorpha sp. CSR144 AUW76904.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptocephalus sp. INB143 AUW77028.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptolestes sp. INB193 AUW77063.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptophilus sp. CSR102 AUW76863.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cteniopinus sp. INB073 AUW76978.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Curelius sp. INB192 AUW77062.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cybocephalus sp. CSR088 AUW76851.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cyclommatus metallifer AUW76998.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cyclotoma sp. CSR020 AUW76792.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cyphaleus sp. CSR148 AUW76908.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cyphonocerus sp. INB062 AUW76972.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cyphopisthes sp. CSR138 AUW76898.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dactylispa sp. INB136 AUW77027.1    
 CH211-251O16.2-001 (fragment)   Danio rerio CAK04778.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dascillus sp. INB028 AUW76946.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dasytes sp. CSR115 AUW76876.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dasyvalgus sp. INB149 AUW77033.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Denticollis sp. INB162 AUW77044.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Denticollis sp. INB165 AUW77047.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Derispia sp. CSR152 AUW76912.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Derispia sp. INB072 AUW76977.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dermestes sp. CSR089 AUW76852.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Derolathrus sp. CSR026 AUW76798.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Derolathrus sp. CSR109 AUW76870.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dianous sp. INB175 AUW77055.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Diaphanes sp. INB158 AUW77040.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dicranolaius bellulus AUW76877.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Digitonthophagus gazella AUW76902.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dilophotes sp. YL0454 AUW77085.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dircaeomorpha sp. INB055 AUW76967.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dischissus sp. INB013 AUW76935.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Ditylus sp. INB033 AUW76950.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Dorcatoma sp. CSR046 AUW76817.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Drilaster sp. INB157 AUW77039.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Drilonius sp. INB127 AUW77021.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Drilonius sp. INB129 AUW77023.1    

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