GlycosylTransferase Family 104

Activities in FamilydTDP-β-L-Rhap : arginine α-L-rhamnosyltransferase (EC 2.4.1.-)
Mechanism Inverting
NoteLassak et al. identified EarP as EF-P arginine R32 specific rhamnosyl transferase in Shewanella oneidensis using dTDP-b-L-rhamnose as donor substrate (PMID=25686373). The results of this study were subsequently confirmed for Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PMID=26060278), Pseudomonas putida (PMID=28951478) and Neisseria meningitidis (PMID=26840407). In 2016, it has been shown for S. oneidensis (PMID=28451135) and P. aeruginosa (PMID=28451332) that the enzyme is an inverting glycosyltransferase, thus mediating the formation of an a-L-rhamnosidic linkage. A structural basis for the arginine glycosylation reaction was provided by Krafczyk, Macosek and coworkers by having solved the crystal structure of the GT-B folding EarP from P. putida and an accompanying biochemical analysis of the enzyme (PMID=28951478).
Statistics GenBank accession (2404); Uniprot accession (0); PDB accession (9); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
All (2396) Bacteria (2396) Structure (3) Characterized (4)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 AHBrac6_16625 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila Brac6 QSR78124.1    
 AhyD4_05500   Aeromonas hydrophila D4 ALZ79078.1    
 AHGSH82_010640   Aeromonas hydrophila GSH8-2 BBG83919.1    
 A9258_05290   Aeromonas hydrophila GYK1 ANR99066.1    
 GQR50_05700 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila HX-3 QGZ72051.1    
 V469_05325   Aeromonas hydrophila J-1 AJE35366.1    
 AS145_05540   Aeromonas hydrophila JBN2301 ALQ62377.1    
 KAM330_11330   Aeromonas hydrophila KAM330 BCK62144.1    
 C7K70_17045 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila KN-Mc-1R2 AVP85611.1    
 G9455_05795 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila LHW39 QIO17396.1    
 AHML_17280   Aeromonas hydrophila ML09-119 AGM45224.1    
 HFP99_01505 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila NEB724 QIY85467.1    
 U876_05305   Aeromonas hydrophila NJ-35 AKJ33562.1    
 AHOnP31_16625 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila OnP3.1 QSR82316.1    
 V429_17970   Aeromonas hydrophila pc104A AHX70656.1    
 RIMD111065_10280   Aeromonas hydrophila RIMD111065 BCO12672.1    
 AHA_3226   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966 ABK36714.1    
 C1A23_19615 (EarP)   Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila WCHAH045096 AWA07638.1    
 C3B79_3535   Aeromonas hydrophila WCX23 AZU49273.1
 AI20_03210   Aeromonas hydrophila YL17 AHV34243.1    
 BFW97_05540   Aeromonas hydrophila ZYAH72 AXV28989.1    
 BFW41_05415   Aeromonas hydrophila ZYAH75 AXV33378.1    
 FT669_11345 (EarP)   Aeromonas jandaei 3299 QNF17527.1    
 FT670_20335 (EarP)   Aeromonas jandaei 3348 QNF15545.1    
 GP488_08900 (EarP)   Aeromonas jandaei Aer_Pi19.1HPAS QSR72539.1    
 I6H43_15935 (EarP)   Aeromonas jandaei FDAARGOS_986 QQB19015.1    
 JUNP479_3696   Aeromonas jandaei JUNP479 BCS50905.1    
 JJL53_17030 (EarP)   Aeromonas media E31 QQQ12620.1    
 GWI30_05390 (EarP)   Aeromonas media MC64 QHQ50445.1    
 E4185_12000 (EarP)   Aeromonas media R1-18 QJT26795.1    
 E4187_15865 (EarP)   Aeromonas media R25-3 QJT35649.1    
 E4188_02005 (EarP)   Aeromonas media R50-22 QJT37474.1    
 E4184_05905 (EarP)   Aeromonas media T0.1-19 QJT21023.1    
 E4186_05570 (EarP)   Aeromonas media T5-8 QJT29736.1    
 WP7W18E02_10670   Aeromonas media WP7-W18-ESBL-02 BBS86170.1    
 B224_0950   Aeromonas media WS AHX59952.1    
 C7N77_19505 (EarP)   Aeromonas rivipollensis KN-Mc-11N1 AVP95142.1    
 CHQ57_16175   Aeromonas salmonicida A527 ATU98799.1    
 CE456_18820   Aeromonas salmonicida S121 ASI24364.1    
 CE463_18815   Aeromonas salmonicida S44 ASI28683.1    
 CE462_17765   Aeromonas salmonicida S68 ASI32813.1    
 G7042_01220 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida BR19001YR QOI93891.1    
 BHG40_21070   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. masoucida RFAS1 ATD40134.1    
 Asalp_35960   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. pectinolytica 34mel ATP10688.1    
 C5P03_05480 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida 01-B526 AYO62330.1    
 ASA_1087 (fragment)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida A449 ABO89209.1    
 AXA69_002470 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida J223 QHU94703.1    
 GO992_18950 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida J409 QHE45083.1    
 GO994_05720 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida J410 QHE46886.1    
 GO993_01210 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida J411 QJF54675.1    
 E3D14_16670 (EarP)   Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida SHY16-3432 QEO84886.1    
 E2P79_18190 (EarP)   Aeromonas schubertii LF1708 QCG49504.1    
 WL1483_3566   Aeromonas schubertii WL1483 ALP42985.1    
 FE240_01495 (EarP)   Aeromonas simiae A6 QFI53496.1    
 E5E96_01655 (EarP)   Aeromonas sp. 1805 QJT16118.1    
 E5E97_22075 (EarP)   Aeromonas sp. 2692-1 QJT15331.1    
 C2U37_13105   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH1 AUZ80490.1    
 C3F36_16500   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH2 AUY10924.1    
 C2U39_05645   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH3 AUV11710.1    
 C2U40_04265   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH4 AUZ74097.1    
 C2U30_08085   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH5 AUT41676.1    
 C2U47_15670   Aeromonas sp. ASNIH7 AUV17820.1    
 CK910_10895   Aeromonas sp. CA23 ATL98929.1    
 CK911_12260   Aeromonas sp. CU5 ATL93508.1    
 O23A_p0258   Aeromonas sp. O23A ARW81010.1    
 HUI97_04695 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii 1708-29120 QSR46700.1    
 C7U63_20990 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii 17ISAe AXV22182.1    
 GIS01_16735 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii A8-AHP QHB83675.1    
 WM43_17745   Aeromonas veronii AVNIH1 ANB54366.1    
 GRF56_18535 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii AVNIH1 QHC09245.1    
 B565_0929   Aeromonas veronii B565 AEB48964.1    
 A6033_08690   Aeromonas veronii CB51 ANB68669.1    
 C0073_005215 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii FC951 AYK17360.1    
 FOB40_09450 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii FDAARGOS_632 QET79473.1    
 M001_016505 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii Hm21 QMS75656.1    
 FGM04_18795 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii HX3 QGW98394.1    
 HXV88_16840 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii JC529 QLH68002.1    
 EFI48_05320 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii MS-18-37 AYV36281.1    
 AMS64_06385   Aeromonas veronii TH0426 AMQ42031.1    
 WP2S18C03_34200   Aeromonas veronii WP2-S18-CRE-03 BBQ54339.1    
 WP3W19E03_33160   Aeromonas veronii WP3-W19-ESBL-03 BBR40791.1    
 WP8S18E11_33300   Aeromonas veronii WP8-S18-ESBL-11 BBT81664.1    
 WP8W19C03_09620   Aeromonas veronii WP8-W19-CRE-03 BBT94268.1    
 WP9W18E04_10180   Aeromonas veronii WP9-W18-ESBL-04 BBU03679.1    
 CVS41_05235   Aeromonas veronii X11 ATY76585.1    
 CVS42_04580   Aeromonas veronii X12 ATY80179.1    
 EO082_05260 (EarP)   Aeromonas veronii ZfB1 QIF43488.1    
 FMZ60_05980 (EarP)   Alcaligenaceae bacterium SJ-26 QDQ87176.1    
 CA948_10045   Alcaligenes aquatilis BU33N AWG36946.1    
 D3M96_06380 (EarP)   Alcaligenes aquatilis QD168 AYN22694.1    
 EYC51_13105 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis AN70 QBH21448.1    
 D0C27_15510 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis AU14 QCP84077.1    
 CDA61_05255   Alcaligenes faecalis BDB4 ASC91871.1    
 CLH39_15330   Alcaligenes faecalis c16 QRF92494.1    
 CPY64_03795   Alcaligenes faecalis DSM 30030 ATI01703.1    
 I6H81_18065 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis FDAARGOS_1024 QQC32485.1    
 EGY22_09560 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis FDAARGOS_491 AYZ93506.1    
 D6I95_16455 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis J481 AYR22274.1    
 AFA_04775   Alcaligenes faecalis JQ135 ASR91379.1    
 DUD43_05140 (EarP)   Alcaligenes faecalis Mc250 QFY79729.1    

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