GlycosylTransferase Family "Non Classified"

Activities in FamilyGlycosyltransferases not yet assigned to a family
Mechanism Not known
NoteSome of the proteins in this category display weak similarity to established GT families, but too distant to allow a reliable assignment; some will serve as seeds to build new families in the future.
Statistics GenBank accession (23766); Uniprot accession (9); PDB accession (8); 3D entries (4); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 TREPR_0196   Treponema primitia ZAS-2 AEF87014.1    
 JO40_11195   Treponema putidum OMZ 758 AIN94585.1    
 DYE49_05230   Treponema rectale CHPA QOS39887.1    
 GWP43_09370   Treponema sp. OMZ 804 QHX43609.1    
 GWP43_05720   Treponema sp. OMZ 804 QHX43024.1    
 GWP40_11160   Treponema sp. OMZ 806 QUY18760.1    
 GWP40_09060   Treponema sp. OMZ 806 QUY18439.1    
 Tery_0122   Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101 ABG49619.1    
 Tery_3228   Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101 ABG52345.1    
 Tery_3753   Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101 ABG52805.1    
 GSQ19_18605   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD83279.1    
 GSQ19_10445   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD80173.1    
 GSQ19_13795   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD80790.1    
 GSQ19_18600   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD81653.1    
 GSQ19_11755   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD80415.1    
 GSQ19_06780   Trichormus variabilis 0441 QHD79494.1    
 Ava_0323   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA19949.1    
 Ava_1699   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA21321.1    
 Ava_2582   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA22197.1    
 Ava_2583   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA22198.1    
 Ava_1039   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA20663.1    
 Ava_3350   Trichormus variabilis ATCC 29413 ABA22957.1    
 NIES23_24260   Trichormus variabilis NIES-23 BAY69631.1    
 NIES23_43800   Trichormus variabilis NIES-23 BAY71560.1    
 NIES23_37540   Trichormus variabilis NIES-23 BAY70942.1    
 NIES23_37530   Trichormus variabilis NIES-23 BAY70941.1    
 NIES23_27650   Trichormus variabilis NIES-23 BAY69965.1    
 EPIB1_1251   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU58353.1    
 EPIB1_2033   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU59135.1    
 EPIB1_1250   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU58352.1    
 EPIB1_1253   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU58355.1    
 EPIB1_187   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU57289.1    
 EPIB1_188   Tritonibacter mobilis VCU57290.1    
 K529_000085   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP39155.1    
 K529_005320   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP40182.1    
 K529_000090   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP39156.1    
 K529_005315   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP40181.1    
 K529_005330   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP40184.1    
 K529_010710   Epibacterium mobile F1926 ANP41236.1    
 TWT_124   Tropheryma whipplei str. Twist AAO44221.1    
 TWT_160   Tropheryma whipplei str. Twist AAO44257.1    
 TW612   Tropheryma whipplei TW08/27 CAD67276.1    
 TW135 (fragment)   Tropheryma whipplei TW08/27 CAD66815.1    
 NCTC13354_00622 (fragment)   Trueperella bialowiezensis NCTC13354 VEI12924.1    
 NCTC13354_00613 (Pima_2)   Trueperella bialowiezensis NCTC13354 VEI12915.1    
 NCTC13354_00619   Trueperella bialowiezensis NCTC13354 VEI12921.1    
 HLG82_01885   Trueperella pecoris 19M2397 QOQ38317.1    
 INS90_08235   Trueperella pecoris 19OD0592 QOR48787.1    
 AN946_05280   Trueperella pyogenes 2012CQ-ZSH ALD73825.1    
 DBV13_05035   Trueperella pyogenes Arash114 AWA44495.1    
 HEP79_06095   Trueperella pyogenes jx18 QIU87764.1    
 DDE06_08585   Trueperella pyogenes TP-2849 AWG17386.1    
 EB776_06015   Trueperella pyogenes TP1 AZR01768.1    
 EB775_01700   Trueperella pyogenes TP2 AZR03642.1    
 EBQ11_00400   Trueperella pyogenes TP3 AZR05673.1    
 EBQ10_04585   Trueperella pyogenes TP4 AZR07828.1    
 DC090_06655   Trueperella pyogenes TP4479 AWG04963.1    
 CQ11_05065   Trueperella pyogenes TP6375 AHU89458.1    
 X956_02645   Trueperella pyogenes TP8 AJC69149.1    
 J4179_07715   Trueperella sp. 15IMD0307 QTG75102.1    
 NCTC10741_04206   Tsukamurella paurometabola NCTC10741 VDR41036.1    
 DJ580_09795   Tsukamurella sp. FG11 QNF51140.1    
 ASU32_10175   Tsukamurella sp. MH1 AUN40322.1    
 NCTC13231_02859   Tsukamurella tyrosinosolvens NCTC13231 VEH96513.1    
 NCTC13231_02437   Tsukamurella tyrosinosolvens NCTC13231 VEH94689.1    
 JVY00_14300   Tsukamurella tyrosinosolvens PDNC001 QRY86843.1    
 JVY00_04875   Tsukamurella tyrosinosolvens PDNC001 QRY86678.1    
 A6F68_00417 (PseG)   Tsuneonella dongtanensis KCTC 22672 ANY18952.1    
 CIG75_01225   Tumebacillus algifaecis THMBR28 ASS73730.1    
 Turpa_0322   Turneriella parva DSM 21527 AFM10982.1    
 GMBLW1_38880   Tuwongella immobilis VTS07966.1    
 GMBLW1_36910   Tuwongella immobilis VTS08360.1    
 GMBLW1_33530   Tuwongella immobilis VTR96632.1    
 GMBLW1_07180   Tuwongella immobilis VTS03813.1    
 GMBLW1_36910   Tuwongella immobilis MBLW1 VIP05502.1    
 GMBLW1_33530   Tuwongella immobilis MBLW1 VIP00607.1    
 PlAlph_5560   uncultured Alphaproteobacteria bacterium QIM10664.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured bacterium AMJ36270.1    
 glycosyl transferase family 2, partial (fragment)   uncultured bacterium AMP55794.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured bacterium AYC80486.1    
 BFBNJELC_00014   uncultured bacterium QIQ10533.1    
 glycosyl transferase family protein   uncultured bacterium pBF1 AOR51272.1    
 HGMM_F40B03C24   uncultured Bacteroidetes bacterium BAL56536.1    
 N47_F15100   uncultured Desulfobacterium sp. CBX29815.1    
 N47_D28020   uncultured Desulfobacterium sp. CBX29993.1    
 HF10_45G01.0019   uncultured marine bacterium HF10_45G01 ABL97352.1    
 LW1_0170   uncultured Nitrospirae bacterium MY2-1F ADI87669.1    
 ORF   uncultured Rhizobiales bacterium HF4000_32B18 ADI18727.1    
 JTBB02_V1_70005   uncultured Woeseiaceae bacterium VUX54984.1    
 UNDYM_2133   Undibacterium sp. YM2 BBB66386.1    
 ETAA1_59310   Urbifossiella limnaea ETA_A1 QDU23920.1    
 ETAA1_59350 (Tuah_1)   Urbifossiella limnaea ETA_A1 QDU23924.1    
 ETAA1_00220   Urbifossiella limnaea ETA_A1 QDU18139.1    
 ETAA1_07570   Urbifossiella limnaea ETA_A1 QDU18861.1    
 LPB138_01910   Urechidicola croceus LPB0138 AOW19510.1    
 LPB138_10985   Urechidicola croceus LPB0138 AOW21170.1    
 DKZ56_04190   Ureibacillus thermophilus LM102 QBK25125.1    
 DSM104440_02502   Usitatibacter palustris Swamp67 QJR15677.1    
 H9L18_03840 (WecB)   Vagococcus carniphilus ATCC BAA-640 QNN73736.1    
 K5K96_13340   Vagococcus fluvialis 12B2 UDM82309.1    

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