GlycosylTransferase Family "Non Classified"

Activities in FamilyGlycosyltransferases not yet assigned to a family
Mechanism Not known
NoteSome of the proteins in this category display weak similarity to established GT families, but too distant to allow a reliable assignment; some will serve as seeds to build new families in the future.
Statistics GenBank accession (29714); Uniprot accession (9); PDB accession (8); 3D entries (4); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 IAD21_02765 (Tuah_1)   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM90902.1    
 IAD21_06251   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM94344.1    
 IAD21_01811 (Msha_3)   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM89960.1    
 IAD21_02142   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM90291.1    
 IAD21_05178   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM93287.1    
 IAD21_02775   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM90912.1    
 IAD21_00399   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM88566.1    
 IAD21_05330 (Tuah_4)   Abditibacteriota bacterium IAD-21 BCM93439.1    
 Aargi30884_24370   Absiella argi JCM 30884 BBK23534.1    
 MQE35_10030   Abyssalbus ytuae MT3330 UOB16076.1    
 MQE35_11385   Abyssalbus ytuae MT3330 UOB16340.1    
 MQE35_08975 (PseG)   Abyssalbus ytuae MT3330 UOB19415.1    
 AM10699_00730   Acaryochloris marina MBIC10699 BDM77199.1    
 AM1_1025   Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 ABW26065.1    
 AM1_3166   Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 ABW28161.1    
 AM1_1918   Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 ABW26936.1    
 I1H34_18600   Acaryochloris marina S15 QUY41273.1    
 I1H34_11765   Acaryochloris marina S15 QUY44700.1    
 I1H34_26485   Acaryochloris marina S15 QUY42662.1    
 I1H34_23605   Acaryochloris marina S15 QUY42159.1    
 I1H34_17330   Acaryochloris marina S15 QUY41052.1    
 HRE53_12750   Acaryochloris sp. Moss Beach UJB71742.1    
 HRE53_09935   Acaryochloris sp. Moss Beach UJB71280.1    
 ELX58_02120   Acetilactobacillus jinshanensis HSLZ-75 QBP17969.1    
 Clocl_4079   Acetivibrio clariflavus DSM 19732 AEV70513.1    
 HVS_10085 (Wbpa1)   Acetivibrio saccincola GGR1 AUG57914.1    
 HVS_01495 (Pseg1)   Acetivibrio saccincola GGR1 AUG56263.1    
 HVS_04510 (Pseg2)   Acetivibrio saccincola GGR1 AUG56841.1    
 AD2_02929   Acetivibrio thermocellus AD2 ALX09907.1    
 Cthe_2222   Acetivibrio thermocellus ATCC 27405 ABN53424.1    
 Clo1313_2895   Acetivibrio thermocellus DSM 1313 ADU75875.1    
 LQRI_2940   Acetivibrio thermocellus DSM 2360 LQRI ANV77681.1    
 AAJCM20276_01720   Acetobacter aceti JCM20276 BCI65548.1    
 AAJCM20276_11100   Acetobacter aceti JCM20276 BCI66486.1    
 EMQ_3065   Acetobacter aceti NBRC 14818 BCK77459.1    
 EMQ_1643   Acetobacter aceti NBRC 14818 BCK76037.1    
 EMQ_2068   Acetobacter aceti NBRC 14818 BCK76462.1    
 EMQ_1577   Acetobacter aceti NBRC 14818 BCK75971.1    
 A0U92_16390   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS86066.1    
 A0U92_07415   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS84635.1    
 A0U92_01600   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS83676.1    
 A0U92_04460   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS84144.1    
 A0U92_06025   Acetobacter aceti TMW2.1153 AQS84402.1    
 A4S02_10855   Acetobacter ascendens LMG 1590 AOW47186.1    
 A4S02_11360   Acetobacter ascendens LMG 1590 AOW47270.1    
 S101447_01037   Acetobacter ascendens SRCM101447 ARW10138.1    
 S101447_00930   Acetobacter ascendens SRCM101447 ARW10032.1    
 AcetOrient_orf04135   Acetobacter orientalis FAN1 BBC81061.1    
 AcetOrient_orf02019   Acetobacter orientalis FAN1 BBC79693.1    
 EOV40_001775   Acetobacter oryzoeni B6 QEE84527.1    
 APA386B_1831   Acetobacter pasteurianus 386B CCT59901.1    
 DB34_05695   Acetobacter pasteurianus Ab3 AKR48474.1    
 FCN51_06285   Acetobacter pasteurianus CICC 22518 QHM92523.1    
 APA42C_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-01-42C BAI16789.1    
 APA03_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-03 BAI01552.1    
 APA07_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-07 BAI04600.1    
 APA12_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-12 BAI19773.1    
 APA22_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-22 BAI07647.1    
 APA26_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-26 BAI10695.1    
 APA32_03500   Acetobacter pasteurianus IFO 3283-32 BAI13743.1    
 APT_00316   Acetobacter pasteurianus NBRC 101655 BAU37398.1    
 A4R89_02750   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. paradoxus LMG 1591 AOW48512.1    
 S101468_02252   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. pasteurianus SRCM101468 ASC06475.1    
 S101468_00990   Acetobacter pasteurianus subsp. pasteurianus SRCM101468 ASC05257.1    
 A0U91_10415   Acetobacter persici TMW2.1084 AQT05220.1    
 A0U91_14495   Acetobacter persici TMW2.1084 AQT06233.1    
 A0U91_05110   Acetobacter persici TMW2.1084 AQT04453.1    
 ASN_3816   Acetobacter senegalensis 108B CEF43030.1    
 ASN_196   Acetobacter senegalensis 108B CEF39641.1    
 FLP30_08205   Acetobacter sp. KACC 21233 QEO17708.1    
 CIW82_17685   Acetobacter tropicalis BDGP1 ATJ92227.1    
 CIW82_07975   Acetobacter tropicalis BDGP1 ATJ92515.1    
 CIW82_00970   Acetobacter tropicalis BDGP1 ATJ89504.1    
 CIW82_12080   Acetobacter tropicalis BDGP1 ATJ91319.1    
 CIW82_11495   Acetobacter tropicalis BDGP1 ATJ91220.1    
 FAI40_06500   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 868 QCE35013.1    
 FAI40_03315   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 868 QCE34443.1    
 FAI40_05615   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 868 QCE34868.1    
 FAI41_07190   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 880 QCE33381.1    
 FAI41_03400   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 880 QCE32701.1    
 FAI41_03375   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 880 QCE32696.1    
 FAI41_03395   Acetobacteraceae bacterium 880 QCE32700.1    
 DM15PD_12900   Acetobacteraceae bacterium DM15PD UMM64280.1    
 DM15PD_05370   Acetobacteraceae bacterium DM15PD UMM63563.1    
 HN018_00125   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE88670.1    
 HN018_18360   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE91733.1    
 HN018_06440   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE89725.1    
 HN018_14930   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE91166.1    
 HN018_01475   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE88898.1    
 HN018_14940   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE91168.1    
 HN018_01460   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE88895.1    
 HN018_18710   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE91795.1    
 HN018_18320   Acetobacteraceae bacterium PAMC 26569 QKE91727.1    
 Acear_2148   Acetohalobium arabaticum DSM 5501 ADL13636.1    
 Anamo_0536   Acetomicrobium mobile DSM 13181 AFM21190.1    
 NCTC10116_01052   Acholeplasma laidlawii NCTC10116 SQH57247.1    
 ACL_1042   Acholeplasma laidlawii PG-8A ABX81652.1    
 HLG70_23605   Achromobacter deleyi As-55 QVQ25820.1    
 HLG70_07400   Achromobacter deleyi As-55 QVQ28239.1    
 I6I07_15565   Achromobacter deleyi FDAARGOS_1050 QQB37906.1    

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