GlycosylTransferase Family "Non Classified"

Activities in FamilyGlycosyltransferases not yet assigned to a family
Mechanism Not known
NoteSome of the proteins in this category display weak similarity to established GT families, but too distant to allow a reliable assignment; some will serve as seeds to build new families in the future.
Statistics GenBank accession (9308); Uniprot accession (1324); PDB accession (11); 3D entries (6); cryst (0)
All (9012) Archaea (145) Bacteria (8375) Eukaryota (413) Viruses (73) unclassified (6) Structure (6) Characterized (15)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 ORF   Escherichia coli H510a BAQ01478.1    
 RG48_10195   Escherichia coli H6 APK66413.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli H68 BAQ01335.1    
 RG49_23630   Escherichia coli H7 APK73412.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli H708b BAQ01517.1    
 RG50_24105   Escherichia coli H8 APK78004.1    
 B9W17_12175   Escherichia coli HB-Coli0 ARM79396.1    
 B2J87_18780   Escherichia coli HKUOPY1 AVT72820.1    
 EcHS_A2103   Escherichia coli HS ABV06401.1 A8A1J7  
 C3K24_04160   Escherichia coli HS13-1 AUY42967.1    
 HUS2011_2466   Escherichia coli HUSEC2011 CCQ29344.2    
 ECIAI1_2062   Escherichia coli IAI1 CAQ98911.1 B7M3B8  
 ECIAI39_1065   Escherichia coli IAI39 CAR17200.1 B7NR91  
 ECOK1_2157   Escherichia coli IHE3034 ADE89383.1 D5D5H8  
 P423_11105   Escherichia coli JJ1886 AGY84805.1    
 P423_16690 (fragment)   Escherichia coli JJ1886 AGY87633.1    
 AX202_11455   Escherichia coli JJ1887 AMQ51716.1    
 AVR73_11965   Escherichia coli JJ1897 ALX62949.1    
 AVR68_11445   Escherichia coli JJ2434 ALX58022.1    
 BA058_03040   Escherichia coli K-15KW01 ANR81788.1    
 BA058_02465   Escherichia coli K-15KW01 ANR81689.1    
 glycosyl transferase family 2 (WbcX)   Escherichia coli K102 AUT31377.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli K96 AUT31316.1    
 EKO11_1798   Escherichia coli KO11FL ADX50417.1
 EKO11_1760   Escherichia coli KO11FL ADX50379.1
 YeeL   Escherichia coli LF82 CAP76468.1    
 CUB99_23365   Escherichia coli LS4 ATV50606.1    
 LY180_10245   Escherichia coli LY180 AGW09217.1    
 LY180_10465   Escherichia coli LY180 AGW11646.1    
 RG54_04400   Escherichia coli M1 APK92908.1    
 RG59_02760   Escherichia coli M10 APL17079.1    
 RG60_05785   Escherichia coli M11 APL22330.1    
 CO715_04480   Escherichia coli M12 ATI05059.1    
 CO715_12235   Escherichia coli M12 ATI06408.1    
 RG61_09700   Escherichia coli M15 APL28098.1    
 RG62_04100   Escherichia coli M18 APL31999.1    
 RG62_04705   Escherichia coli M18 APL32112.1    
 RG63_05750   Escherichia coli M19 APL37182.1    
 RG55_20050   Escherichia coli M3 APL00622.1    
 RG56_10135   Escherichia coli M6 APL03645.1    
 RG57_16470   Escherichia coli M8 APL09836.1    
 B2H83_12430   Escherichia coli M8 AQW73534.1    
 RG58_10125   Escherichia coli M9 APL13430.1    
 B1200_22295   Escherichia coli MDR_56 AQU97726.1    
 AKN40_1903 (fragment)   Escherichia coli MEM ASO78704.1    
 C1I23_16315   Escherichia coli ML35 AUO58113.1    
 SY51_11300   Escherichia coli MNCRE44 AJO83973.1    
 AWB62_08400   Escherichia coli MRE600 AMB53830.1    
 BSG24_10780   Escherichia coli MRSN346355 APE68456.1    
 BSG21_10785   Escherichia coli MRSN346595 APE58738.1    
 BSG23_10785   Escherichia coli MRSN346638 APE63614.1    
 BSZ13_14365   Escherichia coli MRSN346647 API47806.1    
 BSG22_10780   Escherichia coli MRSN352231 APE53790.1    
 MRY15117_c10650   Escherichia coli MRY15-117 BAX15475.1    
 MRY15131_c10690   Escherichia coli MRY15-131 BAX20411.1    
 MS6198_22340   Escherichia coli MS6198 AOM70370.1    
 MS7163_02024   Escherichia coli MS7163 AVQ76412.1    
 MS8345_02097   Escherichia coli MS8345 AUG93701.1    
 DBZ19_14035   Escherichia coli Mt1B1 AVZ58671.1    
 ECNA114_2054 (short fragment)   Escherichia coli NA114 AEG36884.1    
 BHW77_09650   Escherichia coli NADC 5570/86-24/6564 AOX57106.1    
 BHW77_19560   Escherichia coli NADC 5570/86-24/6564 AOX58881.1    
 BHW76_09650   Escherichia coli NADC 5570/86-24/6565 AOX51705.1    
 BHW76_19560   Escherichia coli NADC 5570/86-24/6565 AOX53486.1    
 A610_2518   Escherichia coli NCCP15648 ASQ67486.1    
 SAMEA4364219_01761   Escherichia coli NCTC122 SNW12791.1    
 B0915_12325   Escherichia coli NCTC86 AQT99713.1    
 A9Z04_02510   Escherichia coli NGF1 ANJ38474.1    
 ECOLIN_11055   Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 AID79090.1    
 ECOLIN_11595   Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 AID79185.1    
 NMECO18_08520   Escherichia coli NMEC O18 AKK43049.1    
 B0908_11170   Escherichia coli NU14 AQX97150.1    
 I3W_13305   Escherichia coli O103 str. RM10042 AWJ49407.1    
 I3Q_05825   Escherichia coli O103 str. RM8385 AWJ31476.1    
 ECO103_2227   Escherichia coli O103:H2 str. 12009 BAI31016.1    
 ECO103_2444 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O103:H2 str. 12009 BAI31226.1 C8U516  
 AWA97_14780   Escherichia coli O104:H21 str. CFSAN002236 ATG62387.1    
 CEQ26_11360   Escherichia coli O104:H4 FDAARGOS_348 ASF02805.1    
 CEQ27_06285   Escherichia coli O104:H4 FDAARGOS_349 AVL29893.1    
 O3M_09620   Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 2009EL-2050 AFS56617.1    
 O3O_15970   Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 2009EL-2071 AFS86937.1    
 O3K_09655   Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. 2011C-3493 AFS73829.1    
 AAF13_06525   Escherichia coli O104:H4 str. C227-11 AKE83793.1    
 I3O_13315   Escherichia coli O111 str. RM9322 AWJ44216.1    
 ECO111_2627 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 BAI36485.1 C8UCL3  
 BQ9550_2087 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O127:H6 SNU21136.1    
 BQ9544_2087 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O127:H6 SLM07049.1    
 E2348_C_2087 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69 CAS09635.1 B7USY5  
 E2348C_1041   Escherichia coli O127:H6 str. E2348/69 CAS08589.1    
 WfaG   Escherichia coli O138 AAZ85709.1 Q2VJ35  
 WfaJ   Escherichia coli O139 AAZ85721.1 Q2VJ23  
 EcE24377A_2262   Escherichia coli O139:H28 str. E24377A ABV17367.1 A7ZNE7  
 I3Y_14015   Escherichia coli O145 str. RM9872 AWN78489.1    
 ECRM12581_12880   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM12581 AHY71106.1    
 ECRM12761_12100 (Nleb_2)   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM12761 AHY65457.1    
 ECRM12761_12465   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM12761 AHY65530.1    
 ECRM13514_2611   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM13514 AHG09287.1    
 ECRM13516_2459 (Nleb_2)   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM13516 AHG15121.1    
 ECRM13516_2539   Escherichia coli O145:H28 str. RM13516 AHG15197.1    
 CEP72_01445   Escherichia coli O157 FDAARGOS_293 ASE45914.1    
 A4C50_10325   Escherichia coli O157:H7 1130 AOV21182.1    
 A4C50_19605   Escherichia coli O157:H7 1130 AOV22868.1    
 A4C44_10310   Escherichia coli O157:H7 2149 AOV26538.1    
 A4C44_19605   Escherichia coli O157:H7 2149 AOV28228.1    
 A4C45_10320   Escherichia coli O157:H7 2159 AOV31889.1    
 A4C45_19625   Escherichia coli O157:H7 2159 AOV33582.1    
 A4C38_10075   Escherichia coli O157:H7 3384 AOV37214.1    
 A4C38_19825   Escherichia coli O157:H7 3384 AOV38994.1    
 A4C51_10305   Escherichia coli O157:H7 4276 AOV42670.1    
 A4C51_19580   Escherichia coli O157:H7 4276 AOV44355.1    
 A4C39_10075   Escherichia coli O157:H7 8368 AOV47971.1    
 A4C39_19810   Escherichia coli O157:H7 8368 AOV49753.1    
 A4C47_10305   Escherichia coli O157:H7 9234 AOV53426.1    
 A4C47_19590   Escherichia coli O157:H7 9234 AOV55118.1    
 A8V30_14445   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2069 ANG80416.1    
 A8V30_04585   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2069 ANG78619.1    
 A8V32_14140   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2455 ANG74732.1    
 A8V32_04590   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2455 ANG72990.1    
 A8V31_14435   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2533 ANG69240.1    
 A8V31_04580   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK2533 ANG67441.1    
 A9L45_14960   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK944 ANW40706.1    
 A9L45_04775   Escherichia coli O157:H7 FRIK944 ANW38864.1    
 JEONG1266_07000   Escherichia coli O157:H7 JEONG-1266 AMG77853.1    
 JEONG1266_15965   Escherichia coli O157:H7 JEONG-1266 AMG79481.1    
 ECH74115_2822   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4115 ACI37952.1 B5YSQ9  
 ECH74115_0917   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EC4115 ACI39089.1    
 Z0985   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933 AAG55140.1
 Z3137   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933 AAG57043.1    
 EDL933_3050   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933 AIG69217.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai BAB34269.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai BAB36200.1    
 SS17_0849 (Nleb1)   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. SS17 AIF92437.1    
 SS17_2656   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. SS17 AIF94219.1    
 SS52_0911 (Nleb1)   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. SS52 AJA24804.1    
 SS52_2764   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. SS52 AJA26624.1    
 ECSP_0865 (Nleb1)   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. TW14359 ACT70724.1    
 ECSP_2642   Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. TW14359 ACT72443.1 C6UZF4  
 AO055_04405   Escherichia coli O157:H7 WS4202 ALH89555.1    
 WbcX   Escherichia coli O174 AAY28247.1 Q3IA94  
 BB405_22375   Escherichia coli O177:H21 ANW31429.1    
 WLH_00841   Escherichia coli O25b:H4 ANK02102.1    
 EC958_2299   Escherichia coli O25b:H4-ST131 EC958 CDN82611.1    
 I3U_16920   Escherichia coli O26 str. RM10386 AWJ55095.1    
 I3M_16005   Escherichia coli O26 str. RM8426 AWJ38937.1    
 ECO26_2873 (YeeL)   Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 BAI26105.1 C8TTQ5  
 WbrW   Escherichia coli O52 AAS99172.1 Q6E7E1  
 G2583_0995 (NleB)   Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. CB9615 ADD55598.1    
 G2583_2489   Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. CB9615 ADD57045.1 D3QXV3  
 ECO55CA74_04830   Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. RM12579 AEZ39575.1    
 ECO55CA74_11980   Escherichia coli O55:H7 str. RM12579 AEZ40978.1    
 ORF   Escherichia coli O6:K5:H1 DSM 6601 CAD19795.1 Q8KMV9  
 CE10_2271   Escherichia coli O7:K1 str. CE10 AEQ13051.1    
 NRG857_09940   Escherichia coli O83:H1 str. NRG 857C ADR27407.1 E4PB80  
 NRG857_10350   Escherichia coli O83:H1 str. NRG 857C ADR27485.1 E4PBW0  
 I51_11340   Escherichia coli O91 str. RM7190 ATO76692.1    
 AU473_12540   Escherichia coli PA20 APA41671.1    
 AU473_22425   Escherichia coli PA20 APA43481.1    
 AKO63_2087   Escherichia coli PAR ASO88556.1    
 PPECC33_02147   Escherichia coli PCN033 AKK48694.1    
 PCN061_2057   Escherichia coli PCN061 AKM35546.1    
 ECOPMV1_02080   Escherichia coli PMV-1 CDH65504.1    
 A0U97_13405   Escherichia coli PSUO103 ASJ43833.1    
 ACJ74_13865   Escherichia coli PSUO2 ASJ30335.1    
 ACJ76_10715   Escherichia coli PSUO78 ASJ34390.1    
 C7R96_12615   Escherichia coli RM10466 AWN69415.1    
 C5098_15770   Escherichia coli RM14715 AVV76018.1    
 C5099_14605   Escherichia coli RM14723 AVV71386.1    
 HW42_14465   Escherichia coli RM9387 AIZ83057.1    
 W817_11200   Escherichia coli RS218 AJM74135.1    
 RG64_07045   Escherichia coli S1 APL42405.1    
 RG66_17200   Escherichia coli S10 APL53137.1    
 CWB37_12945   Escherichia coli S17-13 ATZ38326.1    
 CWB37_13340   Escherichia coli S17-13 ATZ38387.1    
 CWO47_19430   Escherichia coli S17-20 AUA47133.1    
 CWO47_19880   Escherichia coli S17-20 AUA47203.1    
 RG67_07685   Escherichia coli S21 APL56030.1    
 RG65_06795   Escherichia coli S3 APL46816.1    
 RG68_06755 (fragment)   Escherichia coli S30 APL60321.1    
 RG69_09685   Escherichia coli S40 APL65678.1    
 RG70_09770   Escherichia coli S42 APL70780.1    
 RG72_00250   Escherichia coli S50 APL78296.1    
 RG72_23900   Escherichia coli S50 APL82647.1    
 RG73_20035   Escherichia coli S56 APL91976.1    
 ECS88_2047   Escherichia coli S88 CAR03341.1 B7MCP4  
 AVR72_11255   Escherichia coli SaT040 AML14830.1    
 CWI33_03910   Escherichia coli SC516 AUA39847.1    
 C0634_11260   Escherichia coli SCEC020007 AUN47278.1    
 ECSE_2266   Escherichia coli SE11 BAG77790.1 B6I819  
 ECSF_1839   Escherichia coli SE15 BAI55379.1 D2NJQ5  
 DP32_11405 (fragment)   Escherichia coli SEC470 AKF21044.1    
 AWH59_20555   Escherichia coli SEC470 ALZ68377.1    
 AWH59_18725   Escherichia coli SEC470 ALZ68059.1    
 AN203_09475   Escherichia coli SF-088 ALD39600.1    
 AN204_09775   Escherichia coli SF-166 ALD34891.1    
 AN205_09725   Escherichia coli SF-173 ALD29932.1    
 AN206_10720   Escherichia coli SF-468 ALD24884.1    
 CP957_10455   Escherichia coli SMN013SH2 AUM22112.1    
 CR916_17195   Escherichia coli SMN152SH1 AUL90738.1    
 CRT55_11555   Escherichia coli SMN197SH3 AUL84629.1    
 EcSMS35_1145   Escherichia coli SMS-3-5 ACB17093.1 B1LPW6  
 AR439_04225   Escherichia coli SRCC 1675 AMW47106.1    
 AR439_22475   Escherichia coli SRCC 1675 AMW50434.1    
 multidomain glycosyltransferase   Escherichia coli SSI 85370 AMA19676.1    
 CF58_17830   Escherichia coli ST2747 AHM44202.1
 CF58_18215   Escherichia coli ST2747 AHM46175.1    
 BU34_23065   Escherichia coli ST540 AHM31279.1
 FH07_14880   Escherichia coli ST648 ALV69380.1    
 CFI09_08680   Escherichia coli STEC299 AUM07509.1    
 CFI09_09060   Escherichia coli STEC299 AUM07579.1    
 i14_2251   Escherichia coli str. clone D i14 AER89736.1    
 i14_2361   Escherichia coli str. clone D i14 AER89840.1    
 i02_2251   Escherichia coli str. clone D i2 AER84817.1    
 i02_2361   Escherichia coli str. clone D i2 AER84921.1    
 Y979_10965   Escherichia coli str. Sanji AMU82649.1    
 Y979_10960   Escherichia coli str. Sanji AMU82648.1    
 Y979_10525 (fragment)   Escherichia coli str. Sanji AMU85125.1    
 CA270_05850   Escherichia coli strain Z247 ARR64443.1    
 ECs2777   Escherichia coli TB182A ACI81594.1 C3T4F7  
 BTD92_01784 (fragment)   Escherichia coli tolC- APQ21120.1    
 ECs2777   Escherichia coli TW14359 ACI81595.1 C3T4F7  
 CQ842_24415   Escherichia coli UFU_EC98 ATP26496.1    
 AUO99_07685   Escherichia coli uk_P46212 ALT49856.1    
 UM146_07235 (fragment)   Escherichia coli UM146 ADN70840.1 E1RX24  
 ECUMN_2318   Escherichia coli UMN026 CAR13506.1 B7NC16  
 UMNF18_2520   Escherichia coli UMNF18 AEJ57085.1    
 UMNK88_2502   Escherichia coli UMNK88 AEE57078.1    
 BB344_02550   Escherichia coli UPEC 26-1 ANV92716.1    
 BB344_03115   Escherichia coli UPEC 26-1 ANV92816.1    
 UTI89_C2193   Escherichia coli UTI89 ABE07664.1 Q1RAF0  
 ECVR50_2126   Escherichia coli VR50 AKA91002.1    
 ECW_m2194   Escherichia coli W ADT75637.1
 WFL_10545   Escherichia coli W AFH11767.1    
 AKO64_2084   Escherichia coli WAT ASO93237.1    
 C4E05_11480   Escherichia coli WCHEC005237 AVB45185.1    
 C4E05_11940 (fragment)   Escherichia coli WCHEC005237 AVB45254.1    
 C4E05_11485   Escherichia coli WCHEC005237 AVB45186.1    
 CXB56_13070   Escherichia coli WCHEC025943 AVN00866.1    
 BVJ48_24580   Escherichia coli WCHEC050613 APW95529.1    
 BVJ48_23730   Escherichia coli WCHEC050613 APW95378.1    
 DBR03_12185   Escherichia coli WCHEC4533 AWA16551.1    
 CSR56_09255   Escherichia coli WG5 ATU34640.1    
 CDCO157_0824   Escherichia coli Xuzhou21 AFJ27872.1    
 CDCO157_2563   Escherichia coli Xuzhou21 AFJ29622.1    
 ATO45_11375   Escherichia coli Y5 APA25949.1    
 ASE18_08295   Escherichia coli YD786 ALN46080.1    
 ASE18_19780   Escherichia coli YD786 ALN48187.1    
 YDC107_497   Escherichia coli YDC107 AUO32730.1    
 CA268_18905   Escherichia coli Z1002 ARR61291.1    
 AVR76_11105   Escherichia coli ZH063 AMM36854.1    
 AVR69_11495   Escherichia coli ZH193 AML19847.1    
 EFER_2124   Escherichia fergusonii ATCC 35469 CAQ89627.1 B7LUH2  
 C1192_02050   Escherichia marmotae HT073016 AUT26052.1    
 Ethha_0724   Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 ADU26293.1
 Ethha_1534   Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 ADU27070.1
 Ethha_0674   Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 ADU26243.1
 Ethha_2415   Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 ADU27912.1
 ACH52_2099   Eubacterium limosum SA11 ALU14870.1    
 EUBREC_0711   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR74497.1 C4ZEI1  
 EUBREC_2764   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR76494.1 C4ZHK7  
 EUBREC_3246   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR76973.1 C4ZDJ7  
 U719_13430   Exiguobacterium sp. MH3 AHA31506.1    
 Fnod_0563   Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1 ABS60425.1 A7HKJ2  
 Fnod_0567   Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1 ABS60427.1 A7HKJ4  
 FAES_4839   Fibrella aestuarina BUZ 2 CCH02838.1    
 FAES_4840   Fibrella aestuarina BUZ 2 CCH02839.1    
 FAES_0769   Fibrella aestuarina BUZ 2 CCG98780.1    
 FAES_1130   Fibrella aestuarina BUZ 2 CCG99140.1    
 FAES_3228   Fibrella aestuarina BUZ 2 CCH01237.1    
 A6C57_14550 (fragment)   Fibrella sp. ES10-3-2-2 ARK11441.1    
 A6C57_04395   Fibrella sp. ES10-3-2-2 ARK09633.1    
 A6C57_10710   Fibrella sp. ES10-3-2-2 ARK10758.1    
 A6C57_14565   Fibrella sp. ES10-3-2-2 ARK11444.1    
 A6C57_09005   Fibrella sp. ES10-3-2-2 ARK10455.1    
 Fisuc_1454 / FSU_1926   Fibrobacter succinogenes subsp. succinogenes S85 ACX75051.1
 FLA_3968   Filimonas lacunae NBRC 104114 BAV07936.1    
 FLA_3213 (fragment)   Filimonas lacunae NBRC 104114 BAV07190.1    
 FIS3754_28390   Fischerella sp. NIES-3754 BAU06916.1    
 FIS3754_09120   Fischerella sp. NIES-3754 BAU05020.1    
 FIS3754_11340   Fischerella sp. NIES-3754 BAU05240.1    
 FIS3754_01960   Fischerella sp. NIES-3754 BAU04309.1    
 FIS3754_01920   Fischerella sp. NIES-3754 BAU04305.1    
 NIES4106_13180   Fischerella sp. NIES-4106 BAZ66566.1    
 NIES4106_30120   Fischerella sp. NIES-4106 BAZ68251.1    
 NIES4106_38920   Fischerella sp. NIES-4106 BAZ69121.1    
 NIES4106_13230   Fischerella sp. NIES-4106 BAZ66571.1    
 NIES4106_30090   Fischerella sp. NIES-4106 BAZ68248.1    
 MY04_4454   Flammeovirga sp. MY04 ANQ51790.1    
 MY04_1054   Flammeovirga sp. MY04 ANQ48432.1    
 D770_08305   Flammeovirgaceae bacterium 311 AHM59924.1    
 D770_00435 (fragment)   Flammeovirgaceae bacterium 311 AHM58363.1    
 SY85_20275   Flavisolibacter tropicus LCS9 ANE52466.1    
 C1H87_06060   Flavivirga eckloniae ECD14 AUP78301.1    
 FIC_02522   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3519-10 ACU08952.1 C6X3D9  
 FIC_01940   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3519-10 ACU08382.1 C6X1R9  
 FIC_02148   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium 3519-10 ACU08584.1 C6X2C1  
 SAMN03097699_3043   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB65073.1    
 SAMN03097699_0854   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB35262.1    
 SAMN03097699_3044   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB65079.1    
 SAMN03097699_3025   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB64946.1    
 SAMN03097699_1613   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB48193.1    
 SAMN03097699_0165   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB22272.1    
 SAMN03097699_3024   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium MAR_2010_188 SDB64937.1    
 UJ101_00318   Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UJ101 APD05870.1    
 FCOL_02895   Flavobacterium columnare ATCC 49512 AEW85424.1    
 FCOL_12595   Flavobacterium columnare ATCC 49512 AEW87316.1    
 FCOL_12610   Flavobacterium columnare ATCC 49512 AEW87319.1    
 UN65_13300   Flavobacterium columnare B185 AMO21177.1    
 UN65_04765   Flavobacterium columnare B185 AMO19748.1    
 UN65_13315   Flavobacterium columnare B185 AMO21180.1    
 AX766_09610   Flavobacterium columnare C#2 AND64658.1    
 AX766_09585   Flavobacterium columnare C#2 AND64653.1    
 AX766_09600   Flavobacterium columnare C#2 AND64656.1    
 AX766_09440   Flavobacterium columnare C#2 AND64625.1    
 Pf1_00543   Flavobacterium columnare Pf1 ANO48791.1    
 Pf1_00090   Flavobacterium columnare Pf1 ANO48349.1    
 Pf1_00087   Flavobacterium columnare Pf1 ANO48346.1    
 AWN65_10340   Flavobacterium columnare strain 94-081 AMA49819.1    
 AWN65_10315   Flavobacterium columnare strain 94-081 AMA49814.1    
 AWN65_10325   Flavobacterium columnare strain 94-081 AMA49816.1    
 AWN65_10475   Flavobacterium columnare strain 94-081 AMA49845.1    
 BU993_11470   Flavobacterium columnare TC 1691 APT23181.1    
 BIW12_03205   Flavobacterium commune PK15 APA00853.1    
 FFWV33_07875   Flavobacterium faecale WV33 AWG21457.1    
 FFWV33_12095   Flavobacterium faecale WV33 AWG22202.1    
 FFWV33_07880   Flavobacterium faecale WV33 AWG21458.1    
 FFWV33_07890   Flavobacterium faecale WV33 AWG21460.1    
 EM308_00610   Flavobacterium gilvum EM1308 AOW08125.1    
 EM308_00635   Flavobacterium gilvum EM1308 AOW08129.1    
 KQS_03310   Flavobacterium indicum GPTSA100-9 = DSM 17447 CCG52648.1    
 KQS_09085   Flavobacterium indicum GPTSA100-9 = DSM 17447 CCG53751.1    
 KQS_03375   Flavobacterium indicum GPTSA100-9 = DSM 17447 CCG52661.1    
 KQS_04765   Flavobacterium indicum GPTSA100-9 = DSM 17447 CCG52921.1    
 BB050_00749   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC93893.1    
 BB050_02198 (Gtf1_1)   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC95314.1    
 BB050_02218   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC95334.1    
 BB050_02173   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC95289.1    
 BB050_00401   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC93557.1    
 BB050_02199   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC95315.1    
 BB050_02201   Flavobacterium johnsoniae GSE09 AOC95317.1    
 Fjoh_0311   Flavobacterium johnsoniae UW101 ABQ03347.1    
 Fjoh_0309   Flavobacterium johnsoniae UW101 ABQ03345.1 A5FN78  
 Fjoh_0312   Flavobacterium johnsoniae UW101 ABQ03348.1 A5FN63  
 IY34_09110   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 3 AKC29264.1    
 IY34_06105   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 3 AKC28737.1    
 SU65_06445   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 4 AKC17064.1    
 SU65_08220   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 4 AKC17371.1    
 IY36_06385   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 5 AKC19369.1    
 IY36_09385   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 5 AKC19895.1    
 IB65_09310   Flavobacterium psychrophilum 950106-1/1 AIT66044.1    
 FPSM_02176   Flavobacterium psychrophilum CSF259-93 AIJ38671.1    
 FPSM_00935   Flavobacterium psychrophilum CSF259-93 AIJ37430.1    
 FPG101_04550   Flavobacterium psychrophilum FPG101 AIN71259.1    
 FPG3_03155   Flavobacterium psychrophilum FPG3 AIN75080.1    
 FP1265   Flavobacterium psychrophilum JIP02/86 CAL43348.1 A6GZ25  
 IY37_06395   Flavobacterium psychrophilum MH1 AKC21739.1    
 IY37_09400   Flavobacterium psychrophilum MH1 AKC22267.1    
 THC0290_2023   Flavobacterium psychrophilum OSU THCO2-90 SHI06842.1    
 IY38_09405   Flavobacterium psychrophilum PG2 AKC24636.1    
 IY38_06400   Flavobacterium psychrophilum PG2 AKC24108.1    
 IY39_06125   Flavobacterium psychrophilum VQ50 AKC26429.1    
 IY39_09135   Flavobacterium psychrophilum VQ50 AKC26958.1    
 FK004_06835   Flavobacterium sp. AJ004 AWG27280.1    
 FK004_09115   Flavobacterium sp. AJ004 AWG25387.1    
 HYN48_06630   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0048 AWA29777.1    
 HYN48_00300 (PseG)   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0048 AWA28646.1    
 HYN49_07005   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0049 AWI25666.1    
 HYN49_02075   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0049 AWI24773.1    
 HYN49_00325 (PseG)   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0049 AWI24459.1    
 HYN56_01635   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK02984.1    
 HYN56_22320   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK06817.1    
 HYN56_01630 (fragment)   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK02983.1    
 HYN56_12380   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK04980.1    
 HYN56_01660   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK02989.1    
 HYN56_09885   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK04523.1    
 HYN56_01655   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK02988.1    
 HYN56_22315   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK06816.1    
 HYN56_02800   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0056 AWK03204.1    
 HYN59_08970   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0059 AWH85241.1    
 HYN59_08325 (fragment)   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0059 AWH85127.1    
 HYN59_17170   Flavobacterium sp. HYN0059 AWH86731.1    
 DI487_01265   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM12630.1    
 DI487_01655   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM12701.1    
 DI487_01260   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM12629.1    
 DI487_08225   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM13847.1    
 DI487_03475   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM13014.1    
 DI487_03545   Flavobacterium sp. MEBiC07310 AWM13026.1    
 A4U99_09190   Flavonifractor plautii YL31 ANU41237.1    
 Flexsi_0375   Flexistipes sinusarabici DSM 4947 AEI14063.1    
 Fluta_0733   Fluviicola taffensis DSM 16823 AEA42737.1    
 Fluta_0214   Fluviicola taffensis DSM 16823 AEA42223.1    
 Fluta_0725   Fluviicola taffensis DSM 16823 AEA42729.1    
 Fluta_1467   Fluviicola taffensis DSM 16823 AEA43461.1    
 BN863_29170   Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 CDF80629.1    
 BN863_25190 (probable fragment)   Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 CDF80231.1    
 BN863_29180   Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 CDF80630.1    
 BN863_29210   Formosa agariphila KMM 3901 CDF80633.1    
 FORMB_12910   Formosa sp. Hel1_33_131 AOR28335.1    
 FORMA_12190   Formosa sp. Hel3_A1_48 AOR26381.1    
 FN3523_1284   Francisella cf. tularensis subsp. novicida 3523 AEE26587.1    
 FN3523_1325   Francisella cf. tularensis subsp. novicida 3523 AEE26628.1    
 FSC772_00135   Francisella noatunensis subsp. noatunensis FSC772 ASI19546.1    
 BMT43_06330   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis F1 APD41540.1    
 FNO01_0034   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis FNO01 AKU04685.1    
 FNO01_1302   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis FNO01 AKU05719.1    
 FNO12_1302   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis FNO12 AKN85883.1    
 FNO190_1302   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis FNO190 AKN88959.1    
 FNO24_1304   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis FNO24 AKN87422.1    
 M973_07245   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis LADL--07-285A AHB98635.1    
 OOM_1567   Francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis str. Toba 04 AFJ43949.1    
 FSC845_00350   Francisella persica ATCC VR-331 ANH77126.1    
 FSC845_03705   Francisella persica ATCC VR-331 ANH77661.1    
 ACH24_04260   Francisella persica ATCC VR-331 FSC845 ALB01874.1    
 ACH24_00895   Francisella persica ATCC VR-331 FSC845 ALB01372.1    
 KX01_1456   Francisella sp. CA97-1460 APC97295.1    
 F7308_0042   Francisella sp. TX077308 AEI34970.1    
 F7310_03585   Francisella sp. TX077310 API86487.1    
 F7310_03580   Francisella sp. TX077310 API86486.1    
 FTL_1730   Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica LVS CAJ80169.1 Q2A1P1  
 FTH_1669   Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica OSU18 ABI83445.1 Q0BKD9  
 KX03_546   Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida AL97-2214 APC98051.1    
 B4919_07880   Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida TCH2015 AVC44707.1    
 FTN_0538 (FlmK;ArnT)   Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida U112 ABK89433.1
 FTN_1554   Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida U112 ABK90418.1 A0Q853  
 ACX55_525   Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis DPG 3A-IS AKU73290.1    
 FTF0159c + FTF0158c   Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis FSC198 CAL08174.1
 FTT0159c + FTT0158c   Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis SCHU S4 CAG44791.1
 FT4114_07875   Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis WY-00W4114 AKH92481.1    
 FTW_1623   Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis WY96-3418 ABO47323.1    
 FraEuI1c_0160   Frankia inefficax EuI1c ADP78248.1 E3J4S9  
 FraEuI1c_6782   Frankia inefficax EuI1c ADP84751.1 E3JCG2  
 Franean1_0754   Frankia sp. EAN1pec ABW10212.1    
 Franean1_6499   Frankia sp. EAN1pec ABW15836.1 A8LHL7  
 Franean1_6807   Frankia sp. EAN1pec ABW16141.1 A8L250  
 SAMN05444157_0035   Frankineae bacterium MT45 SDI76301.1    
 SAMN05444157_1159   Frankineae bacterium MT45 SDI98972.1    
 NIES3275_37990   Fremyella diplosiphon NIES-3275 BAY91772.1    
 NIES3275_30050   Fremyella diplosiphon NIES-3275 BAY90985.1    
 SAMN04488543_4081   Friedmanniella luteola DSM 21741 SDT38552.1    
 SAMN04488544_3021   Friedmanniella sagamiharensis DSM 21743 SDU98597.1    
 FPB0191_00884   Frischella perrara PEB0191 AJA44710.1    
 AS850_04885   Frondihabitans sp. 762G35 ARC56409.1    
 AX769_09740   Frondihabitans sp. PAMC 28766 AMM20380.1    
 Fuma_05422   Fuerstia marisgermanicae NH11 APZ95760.1    
 C4N14_00930   Fusobacterium nucleatum subsp. nucleatum ATCC 23726 AVQ22373.1    
 C4N20_11235   Fusobacterium ulcerans ATCC 49185 AVQ28633.1    
 Galf_0529   Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 ADL54572.1 D9SCA7  
 Galf_2858   Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 ADL56850.1 D9SE28  
 HDN1F_27740   gamma proteobacterium HdN1 CBL46357.1 E1VNG5  
 HDN1F_18850   gamma proteobacterium HdN1 CBL45468.1 E1VKX6  
 GEI7407_0270   Geitlerinema sp. PCC 7407 AFY64775.1    
 GM3708_1598 (fragment)   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3708 BAQ61192.1    
 GM3708_1177   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3708 BAQ60771.1    
 GM3708_1850   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3708 BAQ61444.1    
 GM3709_2404   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ65639.1    
 GM3709_2642   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ65877.1    
 GM3709_767   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ64002.1    
 GM3709_1610   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ64845.1    
 C1280_32800   Gemmata obscuriglobus DSM 5831 AWM41307.1    
 C1280_23310   Gemmata obscuriglobus DSM 5831 AWM39636.1    
 C1280_22915   Gemmata obscuriglobus DSM 5831 AWM39564.1    
 C1280_05575   Gemmata obscuriglobus DSM 5831 AWM36545.1    
 VT84_29080 (Msha_8)   Gemmata sp. SH-PL17 AMV28494.1    
 GAU_0442   Gemmatimonas aurantiaca T-27 BAH37484.1 C1A5H4  
 GAU_0556   Gemmatimonas aurantiaca T-27 BAH37598.1 C1A5T8  
 GK3160   Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426 BAD77445.1 Q5KV41  
 GLN3_03185   Geobacillus lituanicus N-3 ASS86209.1    
 GARCT_03168 (PseG)   Geobacillus sp. 12AMOR1 AKM20394.1    
 GC56T3_3171   Geobacillus sp. C56-T3 ADI28096.1 D7D4D4  
 GHH_c32350   Geobacillus sp. GHH01 AGE23726.1    
 GHH_c31960   Geobacillus sp. GHH01 AGE23687.1    
 A0V43_13665   Geobacillus sp. JS12 AMQ21750.1    
 A0V43_07905   Geobacillus sp. JS12 AMQ20832.1    
 IB49_07965   Geobacillus sp. LC300 AKU26402.1    
 GY4MC1_0356   Geobacillus sp. Y4.1MC1 ADP73200.1 E3IAY9  
 GYMC52_3238   Geobacillus sp. Y412MC52 ADU95591.1 C3J1J3  
 GYMC52_3282   Geobacillus sp. Y412MC52 ADU95634.1 C3J1F1  
 GYMC61_3209   Geobacillus sp. Y412MC61 ACX79764.1 C9RVD3  
 GT50_07440   Geobacillus stearothermophilus 10 ALA70054.1    
 GT50_07655   Geobacillus stearothermophilus 10 ALA70096.1    
 GT3921_03495   Geobacillus thermocatenulatus KCTC 3921 ASS98196.1    
 GT3921_03280   Geobacillus thermocatenulatus KCTC 3921 ASS98158.1    
 GT3921_09320   Geobacillus thermocatenulatus KCTC 3921 ASS99221.1    
 GTCCBUS3UF5_23260   Geobacillus thermoleovorans CCB_US3_UF5 AEV19632.1    
 GTCCBUS3UF5_35290   Geobacillus thermoleovorans CCB_US3_UF5 AEV20830.1    
 GT3570_15230   Geobacillus thermoleovorans KCTC 3570 AMV12267.1    
 GT3570_15425   Geobacillus thermoleovorans KCTC 3570 AMV12306.1    
 C1N76_09370   Geobacillus thermoleovorans SGAir0734 AWO74700.1    
 C1N76_09595 (PseG)   Geobacillus thermoleovorans SGAir0734 AWO74741.1    
 A2G06_14230   Geobacter anodireducens SD-1 ANA41219.1    
 Gbem_2567   Geobacter bemidjiensis Bem ACH39575.1 B5EGU2  
 Gbem_3728   Geobacter bemidjiensis Bem ACH40720.1 B5EDU2  
 Geob_1473   Geobacter daltonii FRC-32 ACM19832.1 B9M577  
 Geob_2973   Geobacter daltonii FRC-32 ACM21316.1 B9M2X0  
 Geob_3328   Geobacter daltonii FRC-32 ACM21671.1 B9M4Y7  
 Glov_2347   Geobacter lovleyi SZ ACD96063.1 B3E576  
 Glov_3366   Geobacter lovleyi SZ ACD97072.1 B3EBN3  
 Gmet_1331   Geobacter metallireducens GS-15 ABB31566.1 Q39W08  
 Gmet_1329   Geobacter metallireducens GS-15 ABB31564.1 Q39W10  
 Gmet_1495   Geobacter metallireducens GS-15 ABB31729.1 Q39VJ5  
 SAMN06269301_2487   Geobacter sp. DSM 9736 SNB47013.1    
 GM18_0651   Geobacter sp. M18 ADW12132.1 C6MPN3  
 GM18_0963   Geobacter sp. M18 ADW12441.1 C6MPB8  
 GM18_2474   Geobacter sp. M18 ADW13927.1 C6MNB6  
 GM18_4173   Geobacter sp. M18 ADW15587.1    
 GM18_4175   Geobacter sp. M18 ADW15589.1 C6MMU0  
 GSU3023   Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA AAR36415.1
 Gura_2551   Geobacter uraniireducens Rf4 ABQ26729.1 A5G4L1  
 Gura_3223   Geobacter uraniireducens Rf4 ABQ27384.1 A5G6G6  
 Gura_3777   Geobacter uraniireducens Rf4 ABQ27928.1 A5G810  
 Gura_3808   Geobacter uraniireducens Rf4 ABQ27959.1 A5G841  
 Gobs_0413   Geodermatophilus obscurus DSM 43160 ADB73198.1 D2S587  
 Gobs_0351   Geodermatophilus obscurus DSM 43160 ADB73147.1 D2S536  
 Gferi_06940   Geosporobacter ferrireducens IRF9 AOT69330.1    
 Gferi_06880   Geosporobacter ferrireducens IRF9 AOT69318.1    
 Gferi_12060   Geosporobacter ferrireducens IRF9 AOT70265.1    
 Gferi_06885   Geosporobacter ferrireducens IRF9 AOT69319.1    
 SAMN04487764_1758   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS23641.1    
 SAMN04487764_1763   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS23866.1    
 SAMN04487764_3102   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS80372.1    
 SAMN04487764_1991   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS33813.1    
 SAMN04487764_1761   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS23784.1    
 SAMN04487764_1989   Gillisia sp. Hel1_33_143 SDS33711.1    
 BTO09_10820   Gilvibacter sp. SZ-19 ARV12812.1    
 BTO09_10775   Gilvibacter sp. SZ-19 ARV12804.1    
 GNIT_2388   Glaciecola nitratireducens FR1064 AEP30485.1    
 Glaag_1259   Glaciecola sp. 4H-3-7+YE-5 AEE22220.1    
 HAPS_1019   Glaesserella parasuis SH0165 ACL32638.1 B8F5N6  
 GKIL_0630 (LpxB)   Gloeobacter kilaueensis JS1 AGY56876.1    
 GKIL_4016   Gloeobacter kilaueensis JS1 AGY60262.1    
 GKIL_4090 (LpxB)   Gloeobacter kilaueensis JS1 AGY60336.1    
 glr2712   Gloeobacter violaceus PCC 7421 BAC90653.1
 Glo7428_1636   Gloeocapsa sp. PCC 7428 AFZ30194.1    
 Glo7428_3425   Gloeocapsa sp. PCC 7428 AFZ31903.1    
 Glo7428_4169   Gloeocapsa sp. PCC 7428 AFZ32618.1    
 GlitD10_1639   Gloeomargarita lithophora Alchichica-D10 APB33963.1    
 GlitD10_2362 (Lpxβ-2)   Gloeomargarita lithophora Alchichica-D10 APB34696.1    
 GlitD10_1299   Gloeomargarita lithophora Alchichica-D10 APB33620.1    
 GDI3152   Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus PA1 5 CAP57095.1
 A0U94_10440   Gluconobacter albidus TMW2.1191 AQS91332.1    
 A0U94_12110   Gluconobacter albidus TMW2.1191 AQS91595.1    
 A0U94_07640   Gluconobacter albidus TMW2.1191 AQS92125.1    
 BAR24_05490   Gluconobacter oxydans 1.637 ANQ43004.1    
 BAR24_14020   Gluconobacter oxydans 1.637 ANQ43134.1    
 BAR24_05485   Gluconobacter oxydans 1.637 ANQ40949.1    
 GOX0242   Gluconobacter oxydans 621H AAW60025.1 Q5FUC1  
 B932_2393   Gluconobacter oxydans H24 AFW01950.1    
 AARI_14150   Glutamicibacter arilaitensis Re117 CBT75626.1    
 ACH46_02850   Gordonia phthalatica QH-11 ALG83635.1    
 GPOL_c03190   Gordonia polyisoprenivorans VH2 AFA71392.1    
 GPOL_c12190   Gordonia polyisoprenivorans VH2 AFA72277.1    
 GPOL_c26840   Gordonia polyisoprenivorans VH2 AFA73705.1    
 GPOL_c42210   Gordonia polyisoprenivorans VH2 AFA75225.1    
 CNO18_03335   Gordonia sp. 1D ATD69479.1    
 CXX93_06165   Gordonia sp. YC-JH1 AUH67999.1    
 BCM27_04095   Gordonia terrae 3612 ANY22098.1    
 BCM27_23450   Gordonia terrae 3612 ANY25367.1    
 DLJ61_23705   Gordonia terrae NRRL B-16283 AWO86120.1    
 DLJ61_04120   Gordonia terrae NRRL B-16283 AWO82838.1    
 GRFL_2800   Gramella flava JLT2011 APU69524.1    
 GRFL_2391 (fragment)   Gramella flava JLT2011 APU69115.1    
 GRFL_0032   Gramella flava JLT2011 APU66756.1    
 GRFL_2382   Gramella flava JLT2011 APU69106.1    
 orf552   Gramella forsetii KT0803 CAL65541.1 A0LYU6  
 orf559   Gramella forsetii KT0803 CAL65548.1 A0LYV3  
 orf561   Gramella forsetii KT0803 CAL65550.1 A0LYV5  
 orf2003   Gramella forsetii KT0803 CAL66987.1 A0M2Z2  
 GFO_0564   Gramella forsetii KT0803 CAL65547.1    
 LPB144_08415   Gramella sp. LPB0144 APG60425.1    
 LPB144_06615   Gramella sp. LPB0144 APG60107.1    
 SAMN04488552_2667   Gramella sp. MAR_2010_102 SDS27873.1    
 SAMN04488552_0530   Gramella sp. MAR_2010_102 SDR69062.1    
 SAMN04488553_1269   Gramella sp. MAR_2010_147 SDS01592.1    
 SAMN04488553_1270   Gramella sp. MAR_2010_147 SDS01647.1    
 C7S20_00280   Gramella sp. SH35 AVR43832.1    
 GbCGDNIH1_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1 ABI62361.2    
 GbCGDNIH1_1501   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1 ABI62399.1 Q0BS03  
 GbCGDNIH1_0741   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1 ABI61639.1 Q0BU63  
 GbCGDNIH2_7166   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH2 AHJ68672.1
 GbCGDNIH2_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH2 AHJ68718.1    
 GbCGDNIH3_7017   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH3 AHJ63399.1
 GbCGDNIH3_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH3 AHJ63355.1    
 GbCGDNIH4_7250   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH4 AHJ66006.1    
 GbCGDNIH4_7251   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH4 AHJ66005.1    
 GbCGDNIH4_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH4 AHJ66070.1    
 GbCGDNIH1I4_1501   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH1.4 APH64925.1    
 GbCGDNIH1I4_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH1.4 APH64884.1    
 GbCGDNIH5_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH5.1 APH52191.1    
 GbCGDNIH5_1501   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH5.1 APH52232.1    
 GbCGDNIH6_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH6.1 APH57294.1    
 GbCGDNIH6_7251   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH6.1 APH57354.1    
 GbCGDNIH6_7250   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH6.1 APH57353.1    
 GbCGDNIH7_7250   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH7.1 APH59872.1    
 GbCGDNIH7_7251   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH7.1 APH59873.1    
 GbCGDNIH7_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH7.1 APH59809.1    
 GbCGDNIH8_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH8.1 APH62351.1    
 GbCGDNIH9_1463   Granulibacter bethesdensis NIH9.1 APH54765.1    
 AciX8_1168   Granulicella mallensis MP5ACTX8 AEU35512.1    
 AciX8_4136   Granulicella mallensis MP5ACTX8 AEU38417.1    
 AciX9_2885   Granulicella tundricola MP5ACTX9 ADW69908.1    
 AciX9_0282   Granulicella tundricola MP5ACTX9 ADW67354.1    
 IMCC3135_07545   Granulosicoccus antarcticus IMCC3135 ASJ71614.1    
 IMCC3135_29555   Granulosicoccus antarcticus IMCC3135 ASJ75961.1    
 IMCC3135_07590   Granulosicoccus antarcticus IMCC3135 ASJ71623.1    
 AL542_05055   Grimontia hollisae ATCC 33564 AMG29824.1    
 AL542_04210   Grimontia hollisae ATCC 33564 AMG29674.1    
 AY555_04980   Haematospirillum jordaniae H5569 AMW34639.1    
 AL518_16920   Hafnia alvei FDAARGOS_158 AMH19543.1    
 glycosyltransferase group 1   Hafnia alvei PCM1212 ANF30069.1    
 glycosyltransferase group 1   Hafnia alvei PCM1220 ANF30138.1    
 HCH_05265 (NeuA)   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC31939.1 Q2SBN5  
 HCH_06790   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC33414.1 Q2S7G0  
 HCH_01053   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC27935.1 Q2SN39  
 HCH_01693   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC28541.1 Q2SLD3  
 HCH_04188   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC30895.1 Q2SEM9  
 Halsa_0632   Halanaerobium hydrogeniformans ADQ14084.1 E4RM01  
 Hoch_3193   Haliangium ochraceum DSM 14365 ACY15695.1 D0LSJ6  
 Hoch_4036   Haliangium ochraceum DSM 14365 ACY16535.1 D0LJG1  
 Halhy_2880   Haliscomenobacter hydrossis DSM 1100 AEE50745.1    
 Halhy_6054   Haliscomenobacter hydrossis DSM 1100 AEE53877.1    
 Halhy_2879   Haliscomenobacter hydrossis DSM 1100 AEE50744.1    
 Halhy_5349   Haliscomenobacter hydrossis DSM 1100 AEE53174.1    
 AEE53259.1   Haliscomenobacter hydrossis DSM 1100 AEE53259.1    
 HBHAL_1438   Halobacillus halophilus DSM 2266 CCG43810.1    
 CEH05_02370 (PseG)   Halobacillus halophilus HL2HP6 ASF38011.1    
 BIY24_06250   Halobacteriovorax marinus BE01 ATH07558.1    
 BIY24_00470   Halobacteriovorax marinus BE01 ATH06467.1    
 BIY24_01690   Halobacteriovorax marinus BE01 ATH06694.1    
 BIY24_14885   Halobacteriovorax marinus BE01 ATH09183.1    
 BMS_1316   Halobacteriovorax marinus SJ CBW26188.1 E1WZK2  
 BMS_0092   Halobacteriovorax marinus SJ CBW25032.1 E1X276  
 BMS_0364   Halobacteriovorax marinus SJ CBW25284.1 E1X3U4  
 BMS_3146   Halobacteriovorax marinus SJ CBW27903.1 E1WZW7  
 Halha_2395   Halobacteroides halobius DSM 5150 AGB42269.1    
 Halha_2240   Halobacteroides halobius DSM 5150 AGB42116.1    
 RC74_04800 (fragment)   Halocynthiibacter arcticus PAMC 20958 AML50689.1    
 RC74_04805 (fragment)   Halocynthiibacter arcticus PAMC 20958 AML50690.1    
 XM38_047370   Halomicronema hongdechloris C2206 ASC73765.1    
 BEI_1686   Halomonas beimenensis NTU-111 ATJ82673.1    
 FF32_18325   Halomonas campaniensis LS21 AIA76731.1    
 HELO_2402   Halomonas elongata DSM 2581 type strain: DSM 2581 CBV42286.1 E1VC16  
 CLM76_17625   Halomonas hydrothermalis Y2 ATH79303.1    
 BWR19_15320   Halomonas sp. 1513 APX95056.1    
 KO116_02929   Halomonas sp. KO116 AJY51402.1    
 CEK60_01315   Halomonas sp. N3-2A ASK18020.1    
 HALO0901   Halomonas sp. R57-5 CEP34583.1    
 HALO0895   Halomonas sp. R57-5 CEP34577.1    
 C8233_00180   Halomonas sp. SF2003 AVV32304.1    
 C8233_05490   Halomonas sp. SF2003 AVV33197.1    
 C8233_00180   Halomonas sp. SF2003 AVV32304.1    
 BV504_04335   Halomonas sp. Soap Lake #6 AVU09037.1    
 B2G49_04325   Halomonas sp. Soap Lake #7 AQU81891.1    
 PCC7418_1233   Halothece sp. PCC 7418 AFZ43435.1    
 PCC7418_3069   Halothece sp. PCC 7418 AFZ45191.1    
 PCC7418_2721   Halothece sp. PCC 7418 AFZ44859.1    
 Hore_18820   Halothermothrix orenii H 168 ACL70631.1 B8CZB2  
 Hore_18840   Halothermothrix orenii H 168 ACL70633.1 B8CZB4  
 Hore_19360   Halothermothrix orenii H 168 ACL70683.1 B8CZG4  
 Hneap_0491   Halothiobacillus neapolitanus c2 ACX95346.1 D0KY23  
 A9404_02810   Halothiobacillus sp. LS2 ANJ66451.1    
 XJ32_05375   Helicobacter bilis AAQJH AQQ59613.1    
 HBZC1_10950 (fragment)   Helicobacter bizzozeronii CIII-1 CCB80081.1    
 HBZC1_12350   Helicobacter bizzozeronii CIII-1 CCB80221.1    
 HBZC1_12390   Helicobacter bizzozeronii CIII-1 CCB80225.1    
 HCW_06085   Helicobacter cetorum MIT 00-7128 AFI04477.1    
 HCD_02155 (fragment)   Helicobacter cetorum MIT 99-5656 AFI05455.1    
 HCBAA847_0383   Helicobacter cinaedi CCUG 18818 = ATCC BAA-847 BAM31630.1    
 HCBAA847_0321 (WbyB)   Helicobacter cinaedi CCUG 18818 = ATCC BAA-847 BAM31571.1    
 HC081234_06500   Helicobacter cinaedi MRY08-1234 BBB19473.1    
 HC081234_03990   Helicobacter cinaedi MRY08-1234 BBB19222.1    
 HCN_0366   Helicobacter cinaedi PAGU611 BAM11675.1    
 HCN_0605   Helicobacter cinaedi PAGU611 BAM11882.1    
 ORF   Helicobacter heilmannii ASB1.4 CCM12291.1    
 HH0064   Helicobacter hepaticus ATCC 51449 AAP76661.1
 HH_1188   Helicobacter hepaticus ATCC 51449 AAP77785.1    
 HMU00500   Helicobacter mustelae 12198 CBG39314.1 D3UFP3  
 BCM300_00328 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori SMA52324.1    
 hp2017_03342   Helicobacter pylori 2017 ADZ49418.1    
 hp2018_03362 (Neua2)   Helicobacter pylori 2018 ADZ51019.1    
 C694_01650 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 26695 AFV41551.1    
 SE87_01675 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 26695-1 AJF08629.1    
 SE88_01670 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 26695-1MET AJF10170.1    
 C2840_01695   Helicobacter pylori 26695-dR AUV77534.1    
 C2843_01695   Helicobacter pylori 26695-dRdM1dM2 AUV76050.1    
 C2842_01695   Helicobacter pylori 26695-dRdM2 AUV79043.1    
 OA23_01725 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 29CaP ALM78985.1    
 HMPREF4655_20569 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 35A ADU40700.1 D6UH77  
 HPKB_0334 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 52 ACX98944.1 D0JYM4  
 APV63_01635   Helicobacter pylori 7C ALM80428.1    
 HMPREF0462_0384 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori 83 AEE69989.1    
 hp908_0342   Helicobacter pylori 908 ADN79471.1 E1S7J1  
 HPAKL117_01615 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Aklavik117 AFX90738.1    
 HPAKL86_03495 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Aklavik86 AFX89709.1    
 AA973_01595 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori ausabrJ05 ANH46582.1    
 BXP01_05925   Helicobacter pylori B128_1 AVG74025.1    
 HPB8_1237   Helicobacter pylori B8 CBI66794.1 D7FF37  
 U063_0668 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori BM012A AHA88025.1    
 EG66_03550 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori BM012B AHZ28235.1    
 U064_0670 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori BM012S AHA89596.1    
 EG63_01680 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori BM013A AHZ26480.1    
 EG64_01680 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori BM013B AHZ29406.1    
 AA976_01970 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori CC33C ANH45175.1    
 HPCU_01960 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Cuz20 ADO03565.1 E1QA15  
 C2841_01690   Helicobacter pylori dRdM1 AUV74549.1    
 C2844_01690   Helicobacter pylori dRdM2addM2 AUZ23562.1    
 EE66_04680 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori DU15 ANH44193.1    
 HPELS_05115 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori ELS37 AFF20553.1    
 HPF13_0355 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F13 BAW36019.1    
 HPF16_0334 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F16 BAJ54931.1    
 HPF17_0902 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F17 BAW38112.1    
 HPF20_0903 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F20 BAW42709.1    
 HPF209_0360 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F209 BAW40640.1    
 HPF21_0909 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F21 BAW47311.1    
 HPF211_0350 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F211 BAW45231.1    
 HPF23_0897 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F23 BAW48830.1    
 HPF24_0352 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F24 BAW49791.1    
 HPF28_0354   Helicobacter pylori F28 BAW51303.1    
 HPF30_0969 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F30 BAJ57066.1    
 HPF32_0978 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F32 BAJ58560.1    
 HPF38_0365   Helicobacter pylori F38 BAW52868.1    
 HPF51_0326   Helicobacter pylori F51 BAW54397.1    
 HPF55_0359 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F55 BAW55949.1    
 HPF57_0379 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F57 BAJ59453.1    
 HPF63_0356 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F63 BAW57534.1    
 HPF67_0357 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F67 BAW59071.1    
 HPF70_0358 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F70 BAW60626.1    
 HPF72_0359 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F72 BAW62207.1    
 HPF75_0359   Helicobacter pylori F75 BAW63770.1    
 HPF78_0369 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F78 BAW65373.1    
 HPF90_0362 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F90 BAW66974.1    
 HPF94_0903 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori F94 BAW69063.1    
 CEP77_03115   Helicobacter pylori FDAARGOS_298 AVV96687.1    
 CEP79_05125   Helicobacter pylori FDAARGOS_300 AVL48930.1    
 CGC32_05670   Helicobacter pylori G272 ASM64087.1    
 HPGAM_01815   Helicobacter pylori Gambia94/24 ADU81209.1    
 OI67_01710 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Hp238 AJD65358.1    
 HPAG1_0330   Helicobacter pylori HPAG1 ABF84397.1 Q1CUH5  
 HPB14_01605 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori HUP-B14 AFI07032.1    
 HPIN_01490 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori India7 ADU79554.1    
 EG65_01690 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori J166 AHZ25033.1    
 YH61_03290 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori J99 AKE81689.1    
 AA977_01625   Helicobacter pylori K26A1 ANH47938.1    
 AA971_01420 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori L7 ANH42171.1    
 HPLT_01675   Helicobacter pylori Lithuania75 ADU82775.1    
 HPMKF10_0391 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori MKF10 BAW70069.1    
 HPMKF3_0381 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori MKF3 BAW71614.1    
 HPMKF8_0366 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori MKF8 BAW73138.1    
 HPMKM1_0353   Helicobacter pylori MKM1 BAW74670.1    
 HPMKM5_0337   Helicobacter pylori MKM5 BAW76173.1    
 HPMKM6_0351   Helicobacter pylori MKM6 BAW77734.1    
 NY40_0958 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori NY40 BAO97968.1    
 HPOK113_0334 (NeuA) (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori OK113 BAM96242.1    
 HPOK310_0331 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori OK310 BAM97759.1    
 HPOKI102_01945 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki102 AHN34384.1    
 HPOKI112_01930 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki112 AHN35855.1    
 HPOKI128_01745 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki128 AHN37299.1    
 HPOKI154_01760 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki154 AHN38701.1    
 HPOKI422_01935 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki422 AHN40164.1    
 HPOKI673_01750 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki673 AHN41608.1    
 HPOKI828_01745 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki828 AHN43045.1    
 HPOKI898_01945 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori oki898 AHN44524.1    
 HPPC18_01650   Helicobacter pylori PeCan18 AFI02116.1    
 HPPC_01655 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori PeCan4 ADO06576.1 E1Q585  
 HPYLPMSS1_00314 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori PMSS1 AQM71810.1    
 AA974_01460 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori PNG84A ANH40817.1    
 HPPN120_01660 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Puno120 AEN14971.1    
 HPPN135_01670 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Puno135 AEN18037.1    
 C695_01650 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Rif1 AFV43145.1    
 C730_01650 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Rif2 AFV44738.1    
 HPSAT_01630 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Sat464 ADO05075.1 E1PUM8  
 HPSH112_01930 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Shi112 AFI00607.1    
 HPSH169_01815 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Shi169 AFH99063.1    
 HPSH417_01635 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Shi417 AFH97480.1    
 HPSH_01695 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori Shi470 ACD47789.1 B2USF7  
 HPSJM_01750 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori SJM180 ADO01946.1 E1PY47  
 HPSNT_01810 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori SNT49 Santal49 AEN16533.1    
 HPSA20_0362   Helicobacter pylori SouthAfrica20 AGT73603.1    
 HPSA_01660   Helicobacter pylori SouthAfrica7 ADU84354.1    
 HPYLSS1_00314 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori SS1 AQM65359.1    
 K747_01230 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori UM032 AGL66073.1    
 K750_03220 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori UM037 AGL69595.1    
 K751_05815 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori UM066 AGL71718.1    
 K748_02445 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori UM298 AGR62329.1    
 K749_04020 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori UM299 AGL68181.1    
 HPV225_0345 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori v225d ADI34435.1 D6XNU1  
 MWE_0407 (fragment)   Helicobacter pylori XZ274 AFJ81326.1    
 BBW65_04060   Helicobacter sp. MIT 01-6242 ANV98025.1    
 BBW65_00455   Helicobacter sp. MIT 01-6242 ANV97382.1    
 BBW65_03835   Helicobacter sp. MIT 01-6242 ANV97981.1    
 HM1_1260   Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1 ABZ83317.1 B0TGZ2  
 HM1_1140   Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1 ABZ83434.1 B0THJ6  
 F506_07395   Herbaspirillum hiltneri N3 AKZ62527.1    
 F506_01205   Herbaspirillum hiltneri N3 AKZ61470.1    
 Hrubri_3909   Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicans M1 ALU91059.1    
 Hrubri_3534   Herbaspirillum rubrisubalbicans M1 ALU90691.1    
 Hsc_3618   Herbaspirillum seropedicae AU14040 AON55884.1    
 Hsc_4513   Herbaspirillum seropedicae AU14040 AON56768.1    
 Hsc_4085   Herbaspirillum seropedicae AU14040 AON56344.1    
 Hsero_4419   Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1 ADJ65886.1 D8IVS8  
 ACP92_17785   Herbaspirillum seropedicae Z67 AKN66920.1    
 hmeg3_18905   Herbaspirillum sp. meg3 ASU40152.1    
 hmeg3_21190 (fragment)   Herbaspirillum sp. meg3 ASU40566.1    
 hmeg3_04080   Herbaspirillum sp. meg3 ASU37555.1    
 hmeg3_21290 (PseG)   Herbaspirillum sp. meg3 ASU40580.1    
 HVS_01495 (Pseg1)   Herbivorax saccincola GGR1 AUG56263.1    
 HVS_04510 (Pseg2)   Herbivorax saccincola GGR1 AUG56841.1    
 HEAR0702   Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans CAL60896.1 A4G309  
 HEAR1124   Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans CAL61303.1 A4G466  
 HEAR2597   Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans CAL62719.1 A4G882  
 HEAR3100   Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans CAL63209.1 A4G9M2  
 Haur_3712   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX06348.1    
 Haur_0043   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX02695.1 A9B4D8  
 Haur_1030   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX03678.1 A9AZX1  
 Haur_3622   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX06258.1 A9B647  
 Haur_3711   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX06347.1 A9B764  
 Hipma_1641   Hippea maritima DSM 10411 AEA34591.1    
 Hbal_3156   Hirschia baltica ATCC 49814 ATCC 59814 ACT60823.1 C6XRY2  
 BTV18_03960 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63250 ARU64710.1    
 BTV18_06820   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63250 ARU65238.1    
 BTV19_04385 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63255 ARU66575.1    
 BTV19_07250   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63255 ARU67103.1    
 BTV16_04385 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63368 ARU68449.1    
 BTV16_07265   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63368 ARU68980.1    
 BTV20_07260   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63369 ARU70859.1    
 BTV20_04390 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63369 ARU70328.1    
 BTV17_04380 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63370 ARU72203.1    
 BTV17_07245   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63370 ARU72731.1    
 BTV22_05640 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63373 ARU74309.1    
 BTV22_02770   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63373 ARU73782.1    
 BTV21_05660 (fragment)   Histophilus somni USDA-ARS-USMARC-63374 ARU76106.1    
 IMCC20628_02845   Hoeflea sp. IMCC20628 AKI01540.1    
 IMCC20628_03730   Hoeflea sp. IMCC20628 AKI02413.1    
 IMCC20628_03437   Hoeflea sp. IMCC20628 AKI02126.1    
 HTH_1312   Hydrogenobacter thermophilus TK-6 BAI69765.1
 HTH_1348   Hydrogenobacter thermophilus TK-6 BAI69799.1
 HTH_1721 (fragment)   Hydrogenobacter thermophilus TK-6 BAI70168.1
 Hyd3684_0899   Hydrogenobaculum sp. 3684 AEF19289.1    
 Hyd3684_1482   Hydrogenobaculum sp. 3684 AEF19861.1    
 Hyd3684_1580   Hydrogenobaculum sp. 3684 AEF19955.1    
 Hyd3684_1582   Hydrogenobaculum sp. 3684 AEF19957.1    
 HydHO_0904   Hydrogenobaculum sp. HO AGG15223.1    
 HydHO_1487   Hydrogenobaculum sp. HO AGG15795.1    
 HydSHO_0900   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SHO AEG46578.1    
 HydSHO_1485   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SHO AEG47147.1    
 HydSHO_1584   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SHO AEG47240.1    
 HydSHO_1586   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SHO AEG47242.1    
 HydSN_0927   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SN AGH93521.1    
 HydSN_1530   Hydrogenobaculum sp. SN AGH94095.1    
 HY04AAS1_0909   Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAS1 ACG57596.1 B4U8Y5  
 HY04AAS1_1609   Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAS1 ACG58290.1 B4U6F4  
 HY04AAS1_1610   Hydrogenobaculum sp. Y04AAS1 ACG58291.1 B4U6F5  
 Q5W_21720   Hydrogenophaga sp. PBC AOS81383.1    
 Q5W_04555   Hydrogenophaga sp. PBC AOS78289.1    
 BSY239_4262   Hydrogenophaga sp. RAC07 AOF84100.1    
 BSY239_4273   Hydrogenophaga sp. RAC07 AOF84204.1    
 DDQ68_20305   Hymenobacter nivis NBRC 111535 AWM34910.1    
 DDQ68_04700 (PseG)   Hymenobacter nivis NBRC 111535 AWM32154.1    
 AUC43_19750   Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5B ALW87112.1    
 AUC43_19690   Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5B ALW87100.1    
 AUC43_19815   Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5B ALW87125.1    
 AUC43_19660   Hymenobacter sedentarius DG5B ALW87094.1    
 N008_03895   Hymenobacter sp. APR13 AII51126.1    
 N008_00220   Hymenobacter sp. APR13 AII50407.1    
 N008_03960   Hymenobacter sp. APR13 AII51137.1    
 N008_13890   Hymenobacter sp. APR13 AII53062.1    
 AM218_07805   Hymenobacter sp. DG25A ALD21135.1    
 AM218_06120   Hymenobacter sp. DG25A ALD20878.1    
 AM218_05585   Hymenobacter sp. DG25A ALD20789.1    
 AM218_02995   Hymenobacter sp. DG25A ALD20385.1    
 PK28_10900   Hymenobacter sp. DG25B AIZ64078.1    
 PK28_04865   Hymenobacter sp. DG25B AIZ63188.1    
 PK28_08470   Hymenobacter sp. DG25B AIZ63720.1    
 PK28_10350   Hymenobacter sp. DG25B AIZ63989.1    
 PK28_13440   Hymenobacter sp. DG25B AIZ64428.1    
 A0257_05600   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26554 AMR26629.1    
 A0257_08220   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26554 AMR27096.1    
 A0257_08270   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26554 AMR27105.1    
 A0257_08180   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26554 AMR27088.1    
 AXW84_04510   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26628 AMJ64777.1    
 AXW84_10760   Hymenobacter sp. PAMC 26628 AMJ65857.1    
 Hsw_0820   Hymenobacter swuensis DY53 AHJ96415.1    
 Hden_2095   Hyphomicrobium denitrificans ATCC 51888 ADJ23894.1 D8JQE0  
 HYPMC_1773   Hyphomicrobium sp. MC1 CCB64998.1    
 HYPMC_2804   Hyphomicrobium sp. MC1 CCB66021.1    
 HYPMC_2814   Hyphomicrobium sp. MC1 CCB66031.1    
 IL2533   Idiomarina loihiensis L2TR AAV83365.1 Q5QUQ5  
 C5610_02520   Idiomarina sp. OT37-5b AVJ55274.1    
 Ga0003345_2439   Idiomarinaceae bacterium HL-53 CUS49445.1    
 IALB_2883   Ignavibacterium album JCM 16511 AFH50586.1    
 YM304_29890   Ilumatobacter coccineus YM16-304 BAN03303.1    
 Ilyop_0799   Ilyobacter polytropus DSM 2926 ADO82585.1 E3H7A4  
 PG2T_12095   Immundisolibacter cernigliae TR3.2 ANX04834.1    
 Intca_1134   Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 ADU47655.1    
 Intca_1140   Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 ADU47659.1    
 Intca_2639   Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 ADU49144.1    
 Intca_3284   Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 ADU49767.1    
 Intca_3288   Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 ADU49771.1    
 I598_3098   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC32613.1    
 Isova_2403   Isoptericola variabilis 225 AEG45116.1    
 Isop_0294   Isosphaera pallida ATCC 43644 ADV60889.1    
 Isop_2567   Isosphaera pallida ATCC 43644 ADV63138.1    
 Isop_0015   Isosphaera pallida ATCC 43644 ADV60612.1    
 Isop_0016   Isosphaera pallida ATCC 43644 ADV60613.1    
 ASJ30_01180   Janibacter terrae YFY001 APH00313.1    
 Jann_0220   Jannaschia sp. CCS1 ABD53137.1 Q28VX5  
 GJA_935   Janthinobacterium agaricidamnosum NBRC 102515 = DSM 9628 CDG81591.1    
 YQ44_03300   Janthinobacterium sp. 1_2014MBL_MicDiv APA67008.1    
 VN23_18755   Janthinobacterium sp. B9-8 AMC36480.1    
 VN23_17560   Janthinobacterium sp. B9-8 AMC36270.1    
 VN23_03240   Janthinobacterium sp. B9-8 AMC33678.1    
 BN2497_11237   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI23843.1    
 BN2497_6207   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI21328.1    
 mma_0619   Janthinobacterium sp. Marseille ABR90404.1 A6SVL2  
 mma_2835   Janthinobacterium sp. Marseille ABR91058.1 A6T1X8  
 mma_2785   Janthinobacterium sp. Marseille ABR91102.1 A6T1S8  
 mma_3343   Janthinobacterium sp. Marseille ABR91114.1 A6T3D6  
 CNX70_24545   Janthinobacterium svalbardensis PAMC 27463 ATD62959.1    
 SAMN05892883_2559   Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493 SOD73269.1    
 SAMN05892883_1301   Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493 SOD71835.1    
 SAMN05892883_1176   Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493 SOD71693.1    
 SAMN05892883_0617   Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493 SOD71011.1    
 SAMN05892883_4403   Jatrophihabitans sp. GAS493 SOD75196.1    
 BJP62_05095   Jeongeupia sp. USM3 AOX99891.1    
 BW721_08305   Jeotgalibaca sp. PTS2502 APZ49658.1    
 JMA_28180   Jeotgalibacillus malaysiensis D5 AJD92135.1    
 SAMN04488563_2605   Jiangella alkaliphila DSM 45079 SDU54756.1    
 SAMN04488563_6917   Jiangella alkaliphila DSM 45079 SDU86717.1    
 SAMN04488563_6918   Jiangella alkaliphila DSM 45079 SDU86725.1    
 SAMN04515669_0408   Jiangella sp. DSM 45060 SDS13373.1    
 SAMN04515669_0410   Jiangella sp. DSM 45060 SDS13472.1    
 SAMN04515669_0409   Jiangella sp. DSM 45060 SDS13420.1    
 SAMN04515669_0418   Jiangella sp. DSM 45060 SDS13823.1    
 TQ33_1402   Kangiella geojedonensis YCS-5 AKE52351.1    
 Kalk_15495 (PseG)   Ketobacter alkanivorans GI5 AUM13741.1    
 Kalk_08435   Ketobacter alkanivorans GI5 AUM12444.1    
 Kalk_13125   Ketobacter alkanivorans GI5 AUM13307.1    
 KVH_12040   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Hbe602 ALJ82408.1    
 KVH_01570   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Hbe602 ALJ79986.1    
 KVH_03845   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Hbe602 ALJ80384.1    
 KvSKV_11960   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare SKV ANW34482.1    
 KvSKV_03815   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare SKV ANW34917.1    
 KVC_0865   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare SPU B805 AOZ53882.1    
 KVC_2469   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare SPU B805 AOZ55471.1    
 KVC_0421   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare SPU B805 AOZ53447.1    
 KVU_2524   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare WSH-001 AEM42363.1    
 KVU_0342   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare WSH-001 AEM40181.1    
 KVU_1880   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare WSH-001 AEM41718.1    
 EIO_0340   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Y25 ADO41513.1 E3EYT8  
 EIO_2343   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Y25 ADO43434.1 E3F4L8  
 EIO_0808   Ketogulonicigenium vulgare Y25 ADO41959.1 E3F3F3  
 AOZ06_07960   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG06876.1    
 AOZ06_00425   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG05596.1    
 AOZ06_50955   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG14092.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ95364.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ93510.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ94024.1    
 Krad_2938   Kineococcus radiotolerans SRS30216 = ATCC BAA-149 ABS04402.1    
 Krad_3662   Kineococcus radiotolerans SRS30216 = ATCC BAA-149 ABS05125.1 A6WE86  
 KKKWG1_2022 (fragment)   Kingella kingae KWG1 CRZ21200.1    
 KKKWG1_1880   Kingella kingae KWG1 CRZ21058.1    
 KKKWG1_0432   Kingella kingae KWG1 CRZ19606.1    
 B7C62_17875   Kitasatospora albolonga YIM 101047 ARF73919.1    
 B6264_20140   Kitasatospora aureofaciens DM-1 ARF80911.1    
 CFP65_0783   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG75731.1    
 CSC12_1821   Klebsiella michiganensis AR375 AWF51794.1    
 A225_3887   Klebsiella michiganensis E718 AFN33248.1    
 CF000_07570   Klebsiella michiganensis K516 ASK72967.1    
 CKQ55_22640   Klebsiella michiganensis K518 ASZ57826.1    
 VW41_01235   Klebsiella michiganensis RC10 AJZ87765.1    
 KOJKO3_c3720   Klebsiella oxytoca JKo3 BAS41734.1    
 A8C23_22670   Klebsiella pneumoniae AOF12063.1    
 A8C11_02965   Klebsiella pneumoniae AOF02933.1    
 Glycosyl transferase family 2 (WcuH)   Klebsiella pneumoniae 105 CZQ25242.1    
 ORF   Klebsiella pneumoniae 1884.0 CZQ24794.1    
 glycosyltransferase   Klebsiella pneumoniae 214 CZQ24928.1    
 KPK_1661   Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 ACI10362.1 B5XT41  
 KPK_1662   Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 ACI08915.1    
 glycosyl transferase (WcuV)   Klebsiella pneumoniae 484 CZQ24964.1    
 C2861_08810   Klebsiella pneumoniae 616 AWG11867.1    
 BB783_01714   Klebsiella pneumoniae 825795-1 APU34575.1    
 group 1 glycosyl transferase (WclX)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AKPRH073749 CZQ24313.1    
 Uncharacterised protein (WcoT)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AKPRH125171 CZQ24729.1    
 Glycosyl transferases group 1 (WcuM)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AKPRH129822 CZQ24775.1    
 CSC13_3803   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR376 AWF46425.1    
 AM445_24660   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0066 AVF14106.1    
 AM447_21035   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0068 ARA48488.1    
 AM458_20845 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0079 AWE02840.1    
 AM364_03785   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0117 ARA39634.1    
 AM364_03780   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0117 ARA39633.1    
 AM385_07145 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0138 ASA08526.1    
 AM388_13425   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0141 AWC98551.1    
 AM389_13705   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0142 AWD96267.1    
 AM390_02745   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0143 ARX42815.1    
 AM392_21820 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0145 ASC41554.1    
 AM393_01755   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0146 ARX17658.1    
 AM395_25455   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0148 ASC36599.1    
 AM399_02610 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0152 ASC26848.1    
 AM400_08265   Klebsiella pneumoniae AR_0153 AWC01450.1    
 CU074_19845 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae CRKP-1215 ATX31448.1    
 CU075_06620 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae CRKP-2297 ATX23619.1    
 DLJ83_01295 (fragment)   Klebsiella pneumoniae DA33140 AWO33952.1    

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