Glycoside Hydrolase Family 94

Activities in Familycellobiose phosphorylase (EC; laminaribiose phosphorylase (EC; cellodextrin phosphorylase (EC; chitobiose phosphorylase (EC 2.4.1.-); cyclic β-1,2-glucan synthase (EC 2.4.1.-); cellobionic acid phosphorylase (EC; β-1,2-oligoglucan phosphorylase (EC 2.4.1.-)
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure Status( α / α ) 6
Catalytic Nucleophile/Basephosphate
Catalytic Proton DonorAsp
NoteFormerly known as glycosyltransferase family GT36; Assigned to a GH family following a paper by Hidaka, Honda, Kitaoka, Nirasawa, Hayashi, Wakagi, Shoun and Fushinobu (Structure (Camb). 2004 Jun;12(6):937-947) (PMID: 15274915) that revealed the evolutionary, structural and mechanistic relationship of these phosphorylases with glycoside hydrolases of clan GH-L.
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Statistics GenBank accession (2161); Uniprot accession (337); PDB accession (31); 3D entries (8); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 PL84_11430   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQL99676.1    
 PN47_11335   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL68287.1    
 PN41_11335   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL71775.1    
 PN48_11685   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL61454.1    
 CEQ50_03195   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG06608.1    
 PL85_11065   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM03169.1    
 PO29_10880   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM16796.1    
 CEJ46_02990   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG02850.1    
 PN43_11315   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM23690.1    
 N175_12575   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU58413.1    
 CG015_03815   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO28454.1    
 A6A12_0344 (ChbP)   Vibrio anguillarum MVAV6203 ARV26881.1    
 VANGNB10_cI0512c (ChbP)   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ49427.1    
 PN49_10810   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP33442.1    
 CKY00_15465   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB88668.1    
 PN51_10855   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM20266.1    
 AA909_10915   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP36840.1    
 PO25_10735   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM30422.1    
 CEG15_02675   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASF99109.1    
 PN44_11630   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL78661.1    
 PL83_11630   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL96201.1    
 AA405_11445   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM63671.1    
 AA406_11830   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM10315.1    
 CMV05_02765   Vibrio anguillarum VIB12 ATC56682.1    
 CK207_03145   Vibrio anguillarum VIB43 ASW80165.1    
 VEA_002578   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY50740.1 D0M7W1  
 BS333_11040   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI86885.1    
 A6E01_18080   Vibrio breoganii FF50 ANO35275.1    
 A6E01_04360   Vibrio breoganii FF50 ANO32467.1    
 Vca1114GL_02558 (ChbP)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM68992.1    
 Vca1114GL_00197   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM66720.1    
 Vc3S01_0596   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR05358.1    
 Vc3S01_1446   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06208.1    
 VIBHAR_03431   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU72376.1
 C1N50_07575   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV86008.1    
 C1N50_03270   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV85246.1    
 C1N51_14800   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW04858.1    
 C1N51_10335   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW04064.1    
 A8140_12230   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV73449.1    
 DSB67_12490   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB32314.1    
 CAY59_03895   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR43557.1    
 CAY59_08110   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44304.1    
 BWP24_03025   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX05200.1    
 BWP24_07740   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06047.1    
 VAB027_3236   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB07914.1    
 VAA049_3081   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB04797.1    
 EN18_06010   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT28607.1    
 NH62_20135   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY46401.1    
 BBB50_11500   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR88272.1    
 SAMEA4374366_02279   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM14257.1    
 SAMEA4374367_02279   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM16904.1    
 SAMEA4374368_02280   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM22178.1    
 C1H56_01915   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AUR68869.1    
 VCA1552_00376   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AVL21835.1    
 A1552VC_00375 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB73149.1    
 ASZ80_00653   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF48214.1    
 ASZ81_00647   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF55807.1    
 ASZ82_00646   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF52068.1    
 ASZ87_01123 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF63904.1    
 ASZ88_00630 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF67032.1    
 ASZ84_00216   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF59247.1    
 CSW01_03225   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ45722.1    
 ASZ79_00704   Vibrio cholerae E9120 APF70739.1    
 AP033_20135   Vibrio cholerae Env-390 AOY50008.1    
 A6J62_14100   Vibrio cholerae FDAARGOS_223 ARB81673.1    
 FORC55_2209   Vibrio cholerae FORC_055 ATD28193.1    
 AN947_08220   Vibrio cholerae ICDC-VC661 ATD23739.1    
 O3Y_02850   Vibrio cholerae IEC224 AFC57453.1    
 VCLMA_A0533   Vibrio cholerae LMA3984-4 AEA77823.1    
 ASZ83_02251   Vibrio cholerae M2140 APF76117.1    
 VCM66_0570   Vibrio cholerae M66-2 ACP04893.1 C3LSL7  
 VCD_003797   Vibrio cholerae MJ-1236 ACQ61953.1 C3NUR7  
 MS6_0430   Vibrio cholerae MS6 BAP02085.1    
 N16961_VC02220 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae N16961 AWA79262.1    
 ASZ85_00617   Vibrio cholerae NCTC5395 APF78163.1    
 ASZ86_00660   Vibrio cholerae NCTC9420 APF82099.1    
 IR04_08010   Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor FJ147 AJZ99090.1    
 C4E16_00095   Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor HC1037 AVH50790.1    
 VC0612   Vibrio cholerae O1 biovar El Tor str. N16961 AAF93778.1
 Vch1786_I0020   Vibrio cholerae O1 str. 2010EL-1786 AET25637.1    
 N900_11540   Vibrio cholerae O1 str. KW3 ALJ64972.1    
 VC0395_A0141   Vibrio cholerae O395 ABQ19676.1
 Sa5Y_VC02229 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae Sa5Y AWB71400.1    
 EN12_02545   Vibrio cholerae TSY216 AKO74133.1    
 V060002_03176 (ChbP)   Vibrio cholerae V060002 BBE14284.1    
 BA953_11595   Vibrio coralliilyticus 58 ANW24785.1    
 JV59_01610   Vibrio coralliilyticus OCN014 AIS53879.1    
 IX92_12745   Vibrio coralliilyticus RE98 AIW19863.1    
 B6A42_14810   Vibrio coralliilyticus SNUTY-1 ARC93086.1    
 A134_21280   Vibrio crassostreae 9CS106 ANP78875.1    
 A134_04490   Vibrio crassostreae 9CS106 ANP75669.1    
 AL537_01265   Vibrio diabolicus FDAARGOS_105 AVF58130.1    
 AL537_13815   Vibrio diabolicus FDAARGOS_105 AVF60340.1    
 AL552_21090   Vibrio diabolicus FDAARGOS_96 AVF96037.1    
 AL468_13085   Vibrio diabolicus LMG 3418 AVH28011.1    
 AL475_09955   Vibrio fluvialis AK 1296-A2-1 AVH32163.1    
 AL536_08335   Vibrio fluvialis ATCC 33809 AMF93545.1    
 AL536_04045   Vibrio fluvialis ATCC 33809 AMF92655.1    
 diacetylchitobiose phosphorylase (ChbP) 2.4.1.- Vibrio furnissii AAG23740.1 Q9F8X1  
 vfu_A00907   Vibrio furnissii NCTC 11218 ADT86103.1    

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