Glycoside Hydrolase Family 73

Activities in Familylysozyme (EC; mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-)
Mechanism Not known
3D Structure Statuslysozyme-type
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteThe 3-D structure of Sphingomonas sp. strain A1 FlgJ protein of this family has recently been solved (Hashimotoa et al., BBRC 2009); there is only one, unconfirmed, report of b-1,4-N-acetylmuramoylhydrolase (EC activity
External resourcesCAZypedia;
Statistics GenBank accession (19116); Uniprot accession (1254); PDB accession (17); 3D entries (10); cryst (0)
All (18679) Archaea (3) Bacteria (18135) Viruses (306) unclassified (235) Structure (10) Characterized (25)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 WN16_02720   Citrobacter sp. ABFQG QBI28167.1    
 WN16_12835 (FlgJ)   Citrobacter sp. ABFQG QBI29974.1    
 E0Z06_08035   Rheinheimera sp. D18 QBL09458.1    
 E0Z06_10425 (FlgJ)   Rheinheimera sp. D18 QBL09911.1    
 MG068_10090 (FlgJ)   Stenotrophomonas sp. ASS1 QBL40842.1    
 MARI_04140   Marinobacter sp. JH2 QBM16334.1    
 MARI_08610 (FlgJ)   Marinobacter sp. JH2 QBM16768.1    
 E1B03_10525 (FlgJ)   Citrobacter sp. LY-1 QBM22849.1    
 E1B03_25305   Citrobacter sp. LY-1 QBM25572.1    
 E1750_07320   Flavobacterium sp. GS13 QBN18628.1    
 NBC122_01425 (LytG)   Chryseobacterium sp. NBC122 QBO58251.1    
 W01_04000 (FlgJ)   Candidatus Nitrotoga sp. AM1 BBJ22473.1    
 E1956_03620 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia sp. 7MH5 QBQ96349.1    
 E3D81_00215   Sphingobacterium sp. CZ-2 QBR10687.1    
 E3D81_00220   Sphingobacterium sp. CZ-2 QBR10688.1    
 E3Z29_10565 (FlgJ)   Pseudomonas sp. S150 QBR30963.1    
 E2F51_15585 (FlgJ)   Erwinia sp. QL-Z3 QBR51307.1    
 DAIF1_20670   Stenotrophomonas sp. DAIF1 QBR44502.1    
 CPT_Sebago_008   unidentified QBQ72244.1    
 E4Z61_17855   Citrobacter sp. SNU WT2 QBX82115.1    
 E4Z61_08340 (FlgJ)   Citrobacter sp. SNU WT2 QBX80368.1    
 E2K93_16380   Thalassotalea sp. HSM 34 QBY05843.1    
 E2K93_14305   Thalassotalea sp. HSM 34 QBY05470.1    
 Javan531_0048   unidentified QBX20783.1    
 Javan521_0055   unidentified QBX20467.1    
 Javan497_0047   unidentified QBX19753.1    
 Javan1_0051 (fragment)   unidentified QBX13691.1    
 Javan149_0013   unidentified QBX14633.1    
 Javan39_0012   unidentified QBX18024.1    
 Javan507_0053   unidentified QBX20084.1    
 Javan491_0051   unidentified QBX19643.1    
 Javan129_0061   unidentified QBX14212.1    
 Javan513_0003   unidentified QBX20240.1    
 Javan569_0003   unidentified QBX21298.1    
 Javan451_0002   unidentified QBX18865.1    
 Javan509_0003   unidentified QBX20093.1    
 Javan423_0056   unidentified QBX18402.1    
 Javan169_0007   unidentified QBX15012.1    
 Javan485_0004   unidentified QBX19394.1    
 Javan447_0006   unidentified QBX18812.1    
 Javan141_0047   unidentified QBX14543.1    
 Javan5_0053   unidentified QBX19848.1    
 Javan577_0050   unidentified QBX21535.1    
 Javan567_0003   unidentified QBX21243.1    
 Javan573_0056   unidentified QBX21443.1    
 Javan425_0010   unidentified QBX18415.1    
 Javan87_0013   unidentified QBX22568.1    
 Javan197_0050   unidentified QBX15636.1    
 Javan35_0010   unidentified QBX17334.1    
 Javan503_0043   unidentified QBX19964.1    
 Javan117_0019   unidentified QBX13999.1    
 Javan91_0055   unidentified QBX22664.1    
 Javan467_0050   unidentified QBX19111.1    
 Javan55_0001   unidentified QBX20990.1    
 Javan565_0002   unidentified QBX21177.1    
 Javan163_0002   unidentified QBX14955.1    
 Javan29_0037 (fragment)   unidentified QBX16876.1    
 Javan457_0002   unidentified QBX18917.1    
 Javan393_0007   unidentified QBX18087.1    
 Javan179_0049   unidentified QBX15287.1    
 Javan57_0036   unidentified QBX21387.1    
 Javan523_0005   unidentified QBX20474.1    
 Javan47_0050   unidentified QBX19163.1    
 Javan423_0050   unidentified QBX18396.1    
 Javan527_0005   unidentified QBX20589.1    
 Javan37_0009   unidentified QBX17640.1    
 Javan383_0006   unidentified QBX17851.1    
 Javan173_0001   unidentified QBX15130.1    
 Javan553_0002   unidentified QBX21077.1    
 Javan53_0065   unidentified QBX20724.1    
 Javan585_0049   unidentified QBX21675.1    
 Javan137_0005   unidentified QBX14392.1    
 Javan291_0067 (fragment)   unidentified QBX16943.1    
 Javan477_0053   unidentified QBX19279.1    
 Javan629_0011   unidentified QBX22013.1    
 Javan131_0004   unidentified QBX14219.1    
 Javan157_0004   unidentified QBX14798.1    
 Javan275_0002   unidentified QBX16793.1    
 Javan135_0051   unidentified QBX14384.1    
 Javan597_0061   unidentified QBX21849.1    
 Javan10_0013   unidentified QBX22763.1    
 Javan51_0035   unidentified QBX20176.1    
 Javan483_0004   unidentified QBX19336.1    
 Javan501_0061   unidentified QBX19919.1    
 Javan515_0013   unidentified QBX20305.1    
 Javan3_0007   unidentified QBX16950.1    
 Javan271_0049   unidentified QBX16729.1    
 Javan481_0048   unidentified QBX19329.1    
 Javan623_0046   unidentified QBX21993.1    
 Javan505_0003   unidentified QBX19980.1    
 Javan517_0006   unidentified QBX20357.1    
 Javan493_0003   unidentified QBX19650.1    
 Javan407_0057   unidentified QBX18290.1    
 Javan533_0047   unidentified QBX20833.1    
 Javan119_0006   unidentified QBX14044.1    
 Javan7_0044   unidentified QBX22379.1    
 Javan399_0004   unidentified QBX18144.1    
 Javan511_0006   unidentified QBX20182.1    
 Javan563_0003   unidentified QBX21122.1    
 Javan29_0036 (fragment)   unidentified QBX16875.1    

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