Glycoside Hydrolase Family 73

Activities in Familylysozyme (EC; mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-)
Mechanism Not known
3D Structure Statuslysozyme-type
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteThe 3-D structure of Sphingomonas sp. strain A1 FlgJ protein of this family has recently been solved (Hashimotoa et al., BBRC 2009, in press); there is only one, unconfirmed, report of b-1,4-N-acetylmuramoylhydrolase (EC activity
External resourcesCAZypedia;
Statistics GenBank accession (14865); Uniprot accession (1256); PDB accession (15); 3D entries (8); cryst (0)
All (14462) Archaea (2) Bacteria (14148) Viruses (311) unclassified (1) Structure (8) Characterized (25)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 WR51_12810   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC13755.1    
 WR51_04730   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC12237.1    
 WR51_29120   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0011 ANC16996.1    
 WR47_04720   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC06409.1    
 WR47_29545   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC11239.1    
 WR47_12805   Bacillus cereus CMCC P0021 ANC07933.1    
 BA203_04615   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI71465.1    
 BA203_11900   Bacillus cereus D12_2 ASI72860.1    
 AW22_2855   Bacillus cereus D17 AJG61404.1    
 BTZK1629   Bacillus cereus E33L AAU18624.1
 bcf_08910   Bacillus cereus F837/76 AEW54904.1    
 BG03_5589   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG91134.1    
 BG03_3362   Bacillus cereus FM1 AJG93801.1    
 FORC21_0802   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ61597.1    
 FORC21_2358   Bacillus cereus FORC021 AQQ63153.1    
 FORC60_0819   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR30712.1    
 FORC60_2403   Bacillus cereus FORC60 AVR32274.1    
 FORC5_0772   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE15309.1    
 FORC5_2309   Bacillus cereus FORC_005 AKE16846.1    
 FORC13_2687   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ61748.1    
 FORC13_4317   Bacillus cereus FORC_013 ALZ63378.1    
 FORC24_0799   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM04089.1    
 FORC24_2284   Bacillus cereus FORC_024 AOM05574.1    
 FORC47_0778 (fragment)   Bacillus cereus FORC_047 ASL63623.1    
 FORC48_2387   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI83475.1    
 FORC48_0819   Bacillus cereus FORC_048 ASI81914.1    
 BCK_25545   Bacillus cereus FRI-35 AFQ12981.1    
 BcrFT9_01492 (fragment)   Bacillus cereus FT9 AIE79034.1    
 AQ16_5553   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI07992.1    
 AQ16_714   Bacillus cereus G9241 AJI04808.1    
 BCG9842_B4398   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK97031.1 B7IJ42  
 BCG9842_B2837   Bacillus cereus G9842 ACK96343.1 B7IX93  
 CJ306_04770   Bacillus cereus HBL-AI ASZ64689.1    
 WR52_04445   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC18026.1    
 WR52_12290   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC19516.1    
 WR52_29540   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC22858.1    
 WR52_30520   Bacillus cereus HN001 ANC23038.1    
 BA204_04505   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ47327.1    
 BA204_11685   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ48694.1    
 BA204_27080   Bacillus cereus K8 ASJ51722.1    
 BA201_04445   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK13137.1    
 BA201_27845   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK17730.1    
 BA201_12255   Bacillus cereus M13 ASK14637.1    
 BA202_04680   Bacillus cereus M3 ASI76561.1    
 C1T25_15815   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ27609.1    
 C1T25_18400   Bacillus cereus MBGJa3 AUZ28083.1    
 CSW12_03760   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB62209.1    
 CSW12_15375   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB64326.1    
 CSW12_29255   Bacillus cereus MLY1 AUB66975.1    
 BCN_1748   Bacillus cereus NC7401 BAL17541.1    
 ACN91_23345   Bacillus cereus NJ-W ALC54411.1    
 BCQ_1826   Bacillus cereus Q1 ACM12254.1 B9IX44  
 BF33_2501   Bacillus cereus S2-8 AJK32169.1    
 C2I25_06935   Bacillus cereus TG1-6 AVP44880.1    
 BC8716_12355   Bacillus clausii DSM 8716 AST96696.1    
 DB29_03197   Bacillus clausii ENTPro ALA54025.1    
 ABC3097   Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 BAD65631.1
 BCO26_0376   Bacillus coagulans 2-6 AEH52435.1    
 Bcoa_0850   Bacillus coagulans 36D1 AEP00068.1    
 BIZ35_16620   Bacillus coagulans BC-HY1 APB38224.1    
 BF29_2876 (LytD)   Bacillus coagulans DSM 1 = ATCC 7050 AJH77719.1    
 SB48_HM08orf05767   Bacillus coagulans HM-08 AJO24420.1    
 CYJ15_05465   Bacillus coagulans LA204 AWP36464.1    
 CYJ15_02625   Bacillus coagulans LA204 AWP35962.1    
 CIW84_15365   Bacillus coagulans LBSC ATW84248.1    
 C3766_02530   Bacillus coagulans R11 AVD55095.1    
 AB434_1710   Bacillus coagulans Vibact AKN54115.1    
 BC6307_19965   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST93376.1    
 BC6307_04740   Bacillus cohnii DSM 6307 AST90635.1    
 CG474_008190   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC60674.1    
 CG474_018660   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC63157.1    
 CG474_021955   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_1 AWC63225.1    
 CG479_007865   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC44446.1    
 CG479_018280   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_13 AWC46938.1    
 CG480_019120   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC43029.1    
 CG480_007000   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_15 AWC40251.1    
 CG476_022350   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC59175.1    
 CG476_019325   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC59148.1    
 CG476_008240   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_2 AWC56565.1    
 CG481_018940   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC38952.1    
 CG481_022100   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC38996.1    
 CG481_008125   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_23 AWC36423.1    
 CG482_019090   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC34954.1    
 CG482_022315   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC34998.1    
 CG482_008115   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_25 AWC32394.1    
 CG477_019300   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC55024.1    
 CG477_022340   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC55054.1    
 CG477_008210   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_3 AWC52431.1    
 CG483_008250   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC28364.1    
 CG483_019100   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC30894.1    
 CG483_022240   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_38 AWC30937.1    
 CG475_019335   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC67281.1    
 CG475_008245   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_39 AWC64691.1    
 CG478_019120   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC50960.1    
 CG478_007000   Bacillus cytotoxicus CH_4 AWC48182.1    
 Bcer98_1431   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS21750.1 A7GNP2  
 Bcer98_3449   Bacillus cytotoxicus NVH 391-98 ABS23659.1 A7GU51  
 BEH_26075   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AWG44825.1    
 BEH_25045   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AWG44258.1    
 BEH_24480   Bacillus endophyticus Hbe603 AWG44240.1    

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