Glycoside Hydrolase Family 73

Activities in Familylysozyme (EC; mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-)
Mechanism Not known
3D Structure Statuslysozyme-type
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteThe 3-D structure of Sphingomonas sp. strain A1 FlgJ protein of this family has recently been solved (Hashimotoa et al., BBRC 2009, in press); there is only one, unconfirmed, report of b-1,4-N-acetylmuramoylhydrolase (EC activity
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Statistics GenBank accession (12227); Uniprot accession (1256); PDB accession (15); 3D entries (8); cryst (0)
All (11839) Archaea (2) Bacteria (11538) Viruses (298) unclassified (1) Structure (8) Characterized (25)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 LMOG_01929   Listeria monocytogenes J0161 AEO04749.1    
 LMOG_03300   Listeria monocytogenes J0161 AEO03170.1    
 LMOG_01008   Listeria monocytogenes J0161 AEO04291.1    
 LM1816_01882   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 EGF39070.2    
 LM1816_08518   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 EGF37746.2    
 LM1816_10207   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 EGF36975.2    
 LM1816_16855   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 AGR29530.2    
 LM1816_16195   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 AGR29443.1    
 LM1816_08523   Listeria monocytogenes J1-220 EGF37747.1    
 M640_04315   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR16746.1    
 M640_12300   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR18092.1    
 M640_10195   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR17776.1    
 M640_12860 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR18185.1    
 M640_05020   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR16844.1    
 M640_05015   Listeria monocytogenes J1776 AGR16843.1    
 LM220_21375   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 AGR33014.2    
 LM220_20645   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 AGR32928.2    
 LM220_21270   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 AGR32999.2    
 LM220_17397   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 EGF46018.2    
 LM220_17402   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 EGF46019.1    
 LM220_18750   Listeria monocytogenes J1816 AGR32651.1    
 M644_02060 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR19257.1    
 M644_04730   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR19666.1    
 M644_02620   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR19350.1    
 M644_10615   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR20696.1    
 M644_09910   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR20598.1    
 M644_09915   Listeria monocytogenes J1817 AGR20599.1    
 M645_10660   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR23603.1    
 M645_10100 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR23510.1    
 M645_04855   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR22638.1    
 M645_12765   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR23919.1    
 M645_05560   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR22735.1    
 M645_05555   Listeria monocytogenes J1926 AGR22734.1    
 M639_03440 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR07664.1    
 M639_11590   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR09033.1    
 M639_03980   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR07757.1    
 M639_06105   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR08078.1    
 M639_12255   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR09130.1    
 M639_11595   Listeria monocytogenes J2-031 AGR09034.1    
 M637_01715 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR04573.1    
 M637_08700   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR05723.1    
 M637_01195   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR04480.1    
 M637_08050   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR05626.1    
 M637_14175   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR06675.1    
 M637_08695   Listeria monocytogenes J2-064 AGR05722.1    
 M638_04170   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR10683.1    
 M638_01695 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR10281.1    
 M638_08765   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR11477.1    
 M638_02235   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR10374.1    
 M638_08135   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR11382.1    
 M638_08760   Listeria monocytogenes J2-1091 AGR11476.1    
 L1846_01120 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI51851.1    
 L1846_02943   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI53524.1    
 L1846_01248   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI51973.1    
 L1846_02389   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI53035.1    
 L1846_01247   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI51972.1    
 L1846_02805   Listeria monocytogenes L1846 AKI53418.1    
 L2074_00752   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI54379.1    
 L2074_00880 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI54502.1    
 L2074_00751   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI54378.1    
 L2074_02309   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI55853.1    
 L2074_02724   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI56236.1    
 L2074_02824   Listeria monocytogenes L2074 AKI56335.1    
 L2624_01129 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI46246.1    
 L2624_02356   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI47388.1    
 L2624_02813   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI47809.1    
 L2624_02710   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI47708.1    
 L2624_01286   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI46396.1    
 L2624_01285   Listeria monocytogenes L2624 AKI46395.1    
 L2625_01233   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI49144.1    
 L2625_02839   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI50628.1    
 L2625_01107 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI49024.1    
 L2625_02368   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI50201.1    
 L2625_02721   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI50522.1    
 L2625_01232   Listeria monocytogenes L2625 AKI49143.1    
 L2626_00938 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI40334.1    
 L2626_00810   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI40212.1    
 L2626_02384   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI41698.1    
 L2626_00811   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI40213.1    
 L2626_02878   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI42126.1    
 L2626_02739   Listeria monocytogenes L2626 AKI42021.1    
 L2676_01253   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI43467.1    
 L2676_02805   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI44903.1    
 L2676_02940   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI45009.1    
 L2676_02389   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI44524.1    
 L2676_01126 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI43346.1    
 L2676_01254   Listeria monocytogenes L2676 AKI43468.1    
 LMOL312_1073   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY67151.1    
 LMOL312_1203   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY67281.1    
 LMOL312_2656   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY68734.1    
 LMOL312_2551   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY68629.1    
 LMOL312_2222   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY68300.1    
 LMOL312_1202   Listeria monocytogenes L312 CBY67280.1    
 lmo4a_2752   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR85456.1 E1UBS1  
 lmo4a_1195   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR83899.1 E1UFJ7  
 lmo4a_1082   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR83786.1 E1UF84  
 lmo4a_2594   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR85298.1 E1UBB3  
 lmo4a_1196   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR83900.1 E1UFJ8  
 lmo4a_2264   Listeria monocytogenes L99 CAR84968.1 E1UAD3  
 BN418_1431   Listeria monocytogenes La111 CCQ20626.1    
 BN418_1294   Listeria monocytogenes La111 CCQ20497.1    
 BN418_1430   Listeria monocytogenes La111 CCQ20625.1    
 BN418_2653   Listeria monocytogenes La111 CCQ21772.1    
 IspC   Listeria monocytogenes LI0521 ABN80102.1 A3RI35  
 AUZ26_02920   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU79583.1    
 AUZ26_10650 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU81024.1    
 AUZ26_08055   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU80547.1    
 AUZ26_02925   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU79584.1    
 AUZ26_10140   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU80922.1    
 AUZ26_02320   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3136 ALU79465.1    
 AUZ27_01540   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU78961.1    
 AUZ27_11015   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU78286.1    
 AUZ27_01535   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU76492.1    
 AUZ27_02140   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU76609.1    
 AUZ27_08955   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU77918.1    
 AUZ27_08425 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes Lm 3163 ALU77813.1    
 AUZ28_04190   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU82609.1    
 AUZ28_13640   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU84394.1    
 AUZ28_14915   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU84707.1    
 AUZ28_13645   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU84395.1    
 AUZ28_13010   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU84271.1    
 AUZ28_06760 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU83078.1    
 AUZ28_06250   Listeria monocytogenes Lm N1546 ALU82977.1    
 IJ09_04905   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL67123.1    
 IJ09_04260   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL67001.1    
 IJ09_11785   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL68445.1    
 IJ09_04255   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL67000.1    
 IJ09_13895   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL68828.1    
 IJ09_11260 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes Lm60 AIL68344.1    
 LM850658_05945   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS53792.1    
 LM850658_11360   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS54816.1    
 LM850658_05940   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS53791.1    
 LM850658_13165   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS55145.1    
 LM850658_05375   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS53680.1    
 LM850658_07040   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS54004.1    
 LM850658_14025 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes LM850658 AKS55310.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Listeria monocytogenes LM90 AHH02343.1    
 LMM7_1219   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH92224.1    
 LMM7_2637   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH93642.1    
 LMM7_1104   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH92109.1    
 LMM7_2800   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH93805.1    
 LMM7_2305 (FlgJ)   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH93310.1    
 LMM7_1218   Listeria monocytogenes M7 AEH92223.1    
 M643_15695   Listeria monocytogenes N1-011A AGR15472.1    
 M643_08485   Listeria monocytogenes N1-011A AGR14319.1    
 M643_06400   Listeria monocytogenes N1-011A AGR14005.1    
 M643_00525   Listeria monocytogenes N1-011A AGR13054.1    
 M643_00520   Listeria monocytogenes N1-011A AGR13053.1    
 UQ86_13600   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT46274.1    
 UQ86_06005   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT44853.1    
 UQ86_11820   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT45956.1    
 UQ86_06635   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT44975.1    
 UQ86_14135 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT46381.1    
 UQ86_06640   Listeria monocytogenes N2306 AJT44976.1    
 BN419_1425   Listeria monocytogenes N53-1 CCQ23752.1    
 BN419_1291   Listeria monocytogenes N53-1 CCQ23625.1    
 BN419_1424   Listeria monocytogenes N53-1 CCQ23751.1    
 BN419_2657   Listeria monocytogenes N53-1 CCQ24908.1    
 CQ02_05590   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN32333.1    
 CQ02_13735 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN33869.1    
 CQ02_06240   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN32458.1    
 CQ02_13190   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN33763.1    
 CQ02_06235   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN32457.1    
 CQ02_11435   Listeria monocytogenes NE dc2014 AHN33445.1    
 LMntsn_1083   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ38372.1    
 LMntsn_1210   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ38499.1    
 LMntsn_1211   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ38500.1    
 LMntsn_2212   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ39501.1    
 LMntsn_2538   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ39827.1    
 LMntsn_2643   Listeria monocytogenes NTSN AIZ39932.1    
 M641_02455 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR25087.1    
 M641_14950   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR27187.1    
 M641_07785   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR25972.1    
 M641_08445   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR26069.1    
 M641_01895   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR24994.1    
 M641_07790   Listeria monocytogenes R2-502 AGR25973.1    
 LMR479A_2829   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM18041.1    
 LMR479A_1104   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM16326.1    
 LMR479A_1236 (LytG)   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM16458.1    
 LMR479A_2726   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM17938.1    
 LMR479A_1237   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM16459.1    
 LMR479A_2316   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM17532.1    
 LMR479A_p0013 (YddH)   Listeria monocytogenes R479a CDM15146.1    
 N881_1116   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI69752.1    
 N881_0269   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI68912.1    
 N881_2389   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI70993.1    
 N881_1244   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI69880.1    
 N881_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI68812.1    
 N881_1246   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 01-1280 AHI69882.1    
 A430_0268   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF30959.1    
 A430_1280   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF31960.1    
 A430_2428   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF33072.1    
 A430_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF30860.1    
 A430_1279   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF31959.1    
 A430_1155   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6569 AHF31835.1    
 A431_2428   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF36063.1    
 A431_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF33851.1    
 A431_0268   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF33950.1    
 A431_1280   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF34951.1    
 A431_1155   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF34826.1    
 A431_1279   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 08-6997 AHF34950.1    
 A435_2428   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF39054.1    
 A435_1280   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF37942.1    
 A435_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF36842.1    
 A435_1279   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF37941.1    
 A435_1155   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF37817.1    
 A435_0268   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-0815 AHF36941.1    
 A437_0268   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF39932.1    
 A437_1237   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF40890.1    
 A437_2378   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF41995.1    
 A437_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF39833.1    
 A437_1113   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF40766.1    
 A437_1238   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 10-1047 AHF40891.1    
 A422_0268   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF42873.1    
 A422_1233   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF43827.1    
 A422_0169 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF42774.1    
 A422_1109   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF43703.1    
 A422_1234   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF43828.1    
 A422_2378   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 1/2a str. 88-0478 AHF44936.1    
 A407_1273   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF29047.1    
 A407_2699   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF30411.1    
 A407_1147   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF28922.1    
 A407_1274   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF29048.1    
 A407_2315   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF30054.1    
 A407_2804 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. 81-0861 AHF30516.1    
 Lm4b_01221   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS04987.1    
 Lm4b_01092   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS04858.1    
 Lm4b_01220   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS04986.1    
 Lm4b_02230   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS05987.1    
 Lm4b_02558   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS06313.1    
 Lm4b_02664   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. CLIP 80459 CAS06418.1    
 LMOf2365_2564   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT05329.1 Q71WI7  
 LMOf2365_2670   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT05435.1 Q71W81  
 autolysin (IspC;LMOf2365_1093) 3.2.1.- Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT03870.1 Q720Z4  
 LMOf2365_1225   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT04001.1 Q720L3  
 LMOf2365_2236   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT05003.1 Q71XG2  
 LMOf2365_1224   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. F2365 AAT04000.1 Q720L4  
 BN389_26590   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO65233.1    
 BN389_12340 (Lytg_2)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO63808.1    
 BN389_11050   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO63679.1    
 BN389_25510 (Lytg_4)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO65125.1    
 BN389_12330 (LytG)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO63807.1    
 BN389_22360 (Lytg_3)   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 4b str. LL195 CCO64810.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_2709   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY05230.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_1119   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY03640.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_2269   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY04790.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_2597   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY05118.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_1256   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY03777.1    
 LMOSLCC2482_1255   Listeria monocytogenes serotype 7 str. SLCC2482 CBY03776.1    
 ATE46_03540   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ24259.1    
 ATE46_11005   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ25688.1    
 ATE46_04130   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ24376.1    
 ATE46_12970   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ26042.1    
 ATE46_03545   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ24260.1    
 ATE46_10500 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC 1090 ALQ25587.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_1212   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY54547.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_2657   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY55992.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_1211   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY54546.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_1090 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY54425.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_2769   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY56104.1    
 LMOSLCC2372_2271   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2372 CBY55606.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_2488   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY64520.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_1164   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY63196.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_1165   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY63197.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_1046   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY63078.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_2161   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY64193.1    
 LMOSLCC2376_2586   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2376 CBY64618.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_2594   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY74361.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_1090   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY72857.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_1221   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY72988.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_2699   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY74466.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_2234   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY74001.1    
 LMOSLCC2378_1220   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2378 CBY72987.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_1212   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY57483.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_2768   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY59039.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_1089 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY57360.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_2657   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY58928.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_1213   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY57484.1    
 LMOSLCC2479_2268   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2479 CBY58539.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_2628   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY77269.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_1195   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY75836.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_2302   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY76943.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_1072 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY75713.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_1194   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY75835.1    
 LMOSLCC2540_2732   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2540 CBY77373.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_2598   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY50190.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_1074 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY48666.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_2710   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY50302.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_1208   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY48800.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_2271   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY49863.1    
 LMOSLCC2755_1207   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC2755 CBY48799.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_2271   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY52740.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_1204   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY51673.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_2704   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY53173.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_2597   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY53066.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_1082 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY51551.1    
 LMOSLCC5850_1205   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC5850 CBY51674.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_1182   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY60388.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_2661   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY61867.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_1057 (AuT)   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY60263.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_1183   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY60389.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_2181   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY61387.1    
 LMOSLCC7179_2561   Listeria monocytogenes SLCC7179 CBY61767.1    
 LMKH_1209 (Flgj1)   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH79168.1    
 LMKH_1092   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH79051.1    
 LMKH_1210   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH79169.1    
 LMKH_2271   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH80230.1    
 LMKH_2650   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH80609.1    
 LMKH_2750 (Mura3)   Listeria monocytogenes VIMHA007 APH80709.1    
 LMVM_2712   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH77692.1    
 LMVM_1222 (Flgj1)   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH76202.1    
 LMVM_2233   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH77213.1    
 LMVM_1101   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH76081.1    
 LMVM_2812 (Mura3)   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH77792.1    
 LMVM_1223 (Flgj2)   Listeria monocytogenes VIMVR081 APH76203.1    
 AX10_07625 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ04348.1    
 AX10_05310   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ03916.1    
 AX10_14580   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ05697.1    
 AX10_14585   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ05698.1    
 AX10_07075   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ04241.1    
 AX10_13960   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1001 AHJ05575.1    
 AX24_10965   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ36626.1    
 AX24_03465   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ35278.1    
 AX24_11525 (MurA)   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ36734.1    
 AX24_02780   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ35150.1    
 AX24_03460   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ35277.1    
 AX24_08925   Listeria monocytogenes WSLC1042 AHJ36271.1    
 lse_0966   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH27117.1 D3ULY4  
 lse_2494   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH28645.1 D3USJ6  
 lse_1098   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH27249.1 D3UMB6  
 lse_1097   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH27248.1 D3UMB5  
 lse_2183   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH28334.1 D3UQJ1  
 lse_2596 (AcmA)   Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954 CBH28747.1 D3USU8  
 UE46_11545   Listeria weihenstephanensis WS 4560 AQY51602.1    
 UE46_11540   Listeria weihenstephanensis WS 4560 AQY52550.1    
 UE46_11775   Listeria weihenstephanensis WS 4560 AQY51643.1    
 MurA/NamA   Listeria welshimeri CAJ01786.1 Q2WCN2  
 SAMEA4534872_01106 (Lytg_1)   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV22310.1    
 SAMEA4534872_02331 (Lytg_4)   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV27935.1    
 SAMEA4534872_02780   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV30289.1    
 SAMEA4534872_01225 (Lytg_3)   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV22838.1    
 SAMEA4534872_02678 (Lytg_5)   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV29665.1    
 SAMEA4534872_01224 (Lytg_2)   Listeria welshimeri NCTC11857 SNV22833.1    
 lwe1056   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK20474.1 A0AHJ2  
 lwe1171   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK20589.1 A0AHV7  
 lwe1172   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK20590.1 A0AHV8  
 lwe2220   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK21638.1 A0AKV6  
 lwe2541   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK21959.1 A0ALS7  
 lwe2639   Listeria welshimeri serovar 6b str. SLCC5334 CAK22057.1 A0AM25  
 BJI69_02045   Luteibacter rhizovicinus LJ96T APG02810.1    
 CNR27_09780 (FlgJ)   Luteimonas sp. 100111 ATD67685.1    
 BGP89_12240   Luteimonas sp. JM171 AOH37022.1    
 Lupro_11420   Lutibacter profundi LP1 AMC11836.1    
 LPB138_13790   Lutibacter sp. LPB0138 AOW21686.1    
 HR49_14805   Lysinibacillus fusiformis RB-21 AJK88311.1    
 HR49_20830   Lysinibacillus fusiformis RB-21 AJK89408.1    
 HR49_12355   Lysinibacillus fusiformis RB-21 AJK87879.1    
 HR49_20765   Lysinibacillus fusiformis RB-21 AJK89398.1    
 BN1050_01092 (LytB)   Lysinibacillus saudimassiliensis 13S34_air CEA01982.1    
 A2J09_07305   Lysinibacillus sphaericus 2362 ANA45370.1    
 A2J09_04740   Lysinibacillus sphaericus 2362 ANA48147.1    
 A2J09_21925   Lysinibacillus sphaericus 2362 ANA47949.1    
 A2J09_21565   Lysinibacillus sphaericus 2362 ANA47886.1    
 Bsph_1040   Lysinibacillus sphaericus C3-41 ACA38652.1 B1HM80  
 Bsph_1125   Lysinibacillus sphaericus C3-41 ACA38735.1 B1HN18  
 Bsph_2291   Lysinibacillus sphaericus C3-41 ACA39854.1 B1HW06  
 Bsph_2876   Lysinibacillus sphaericus C3-41 ACA40407.1 B1HMP1  
 AbpA   Lysinibacillus sphaericus CCM2177 AAZ81556.1 Q3Y678  
 A1T07_12070   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR92882.1    
 A1T07_06725   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR89879.1    
 A1T07_06355   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR89815.1    
 A1T07_14645   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR91322.1    
 A1T07_12070   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR92882.1    
 A1T07_06725   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR89879.1    
 A1T07_06355   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR89815.1    
 A1T07_14645   Lysinibacillus sphaericus III(3)7 AMR91322.1    
 Slp4, partial   Lysinibacillus sphaericus JG-B53 AGG82439.1    
 BI350_15255   Lysinibacillus sphaericus LMG 22257 AOV08766.1    
 AR327_00320   Lysinibacillus sphaericus OT4b.25 AMO31078.1    
 AR327_17140   Lysinibacillus sphaericus OT4b.25 AMO34031.1    
 AR327_14570   Lysinibacillus sphaericus OT4b.25 AMO33571.1    
 AR327_22485   Lysinibacillus sphaericus OT4b.25 AMO35006.1    
 T479_03115   Lysinibacillus varians GY32 AHN20549.1    
 T479_09365   Lysinibacillus varians GY32 AHN21626.1    
 GLE_2803   Lysobacter enzymogenes C3 ALN58151.1    
 LEN_2228 (FlgJ)   Lysobacter enzymogenes M497-1 BAV97715.1    
 LG3211_2796   Lysobacter gummosus 3.2.11 ALN91763.1    
 MCCS_08730 (Atl_1)   Macrococcus canis KM45013 ARQ06520.1    
 MCCS_18860 (Atl_2)   Macrococcus canis KM45013 ARQ07513.1    
 CA207_18120 (Atl_2)   Macrococcus caseolyticus IMD0819 ARQ05044.1    
 CA207_08210 (Atl_1)   Macrococcus caseolyticus IMD0819 ARQ04075.1    
 MCCL_0643   Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 BAH17350.1 B9EAT9  
 MCCL_1466   Macrococcus caseolyticus JCSC5402 BAH18173.1 B9E7K5  
 BHM04_06205   Macrococcus sp. IME1552 ATD30804.1    
 BHM04_07525   Macrococcus sp. IME1552 ATD31045.1    
 BHM04_01570   Macrococcus sp. IME1552 ATD29933.1    
 HMPREF0868_1565   Mageeibacillus indolicus UPII9-5 ADC90782.1    
 HMPREF0868_0111   Mageeibacillus indolicus UPII9-5 ADC91124.1 D3QZV6  
 MGMAQ_1351   Magnetospira sp. QH-2 CCQ73272.1    
 MGMAQ_3899   Magnetospira sp. QH-2 CCQ75698.1    
 MGMSR_3199   Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 v2 CDL00414.1    
 amb4402   Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1 BAE53206.1 Q2VYW9  
 WV31_11650   Magnetospirillum sp. ME-1 ARJ66266.1    
 XM1_0551   Magnetospirillum sp. XM-1 CUW37620.1    
 CJ263_12635   Maribacter cobaltidurans B1 ASV30994.1    
 YQ22_04740   Maribacter sp. 1_2014MBL_MicDiv APA63679.1    
 FB2170_08889   Maribacter sp. HTCC2170 EAR00609.1 A4AUF8  
 SAMN05192545_0193   Maribacter sp. MAR_2009_60 SDR81124.1    
 BTR34_04920   Maribacter sp. T28 APQ16700.1    
 MARPU_07170   Marichromatium purpuratum 984 987 AHF03666.1    
 ALGA_3983   Marinifilaceae bacterium SPP2 BAX82275.1    
 ALGA_0892   Marinifilaceae bacterium SPP2 BAX79279.1    
 BKP56_11545   Marinilactibacillus sp. 15R API89855.1    
 BKP56_12025   Marinilactibacillus sp. 15R API89943.1    
 BKP56_06275   Marinilactibacillus sp. 15R API90277.1    
 HP15_1475   Marinobacter adhaerens HP15 ADP97239.1 E4PKE2  
 HP15_2419   Marinobacter adhaerens HP15 ADP98183.1 E4PH80  
 MARHY2172 (FlgJ)   Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus ATCC 49840 CCG95646.1    
 MARHY2575   Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus ATCC 49840 CCG96039.1    
 Maqu_1110   Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus VT8 ABM18202.1 A1TZN3  
 Maqu_2691   Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus VT8 ABM19766.1 A1U447  
 ABA45_04555   Marinobacter psychrophilus 20041 AKO51779.1    
 ABA45_07885   Marinobacter psychrophilus 20041 AKO52356.1    
 AU15_01030   Marinobacter salarius R9SW1 AHI30473.1    
 AU15_06865   Marinobacter salarius R9SW1 AHI31157.1    
 MARSALSMR5_01420   Marinobacter salarius SMR5 ARM83512.1    
 MARSALSMR5_02395 (FlgJ)   Marinobacter salarius SMR5 ARM84462.1    
 BKP64_02330   Marinobacter salinus Hb8 AOY87109.1    
 BKP64_06955   Marinobacter salinus Hb8 AOY87928.1    
 AU14_03190   Marinobacter similis A3d10 AHI28001.1    
 MRBBS_0873 (BaX)   Marinobacter sp. BSs20148 AFP29811.1    
 MRBBS_1660 (FlgJ)   Marinobacter sp. BSs20148 AFP30598.1    
 ACP86_02450   Marinobacter sp. CP1 AKV95115.1    
 ACP86_18385   Marinobacter sp. CP1 AKV97961.1    
 SAMN04487880_0570   Marinobacter sp. es.042 SNB54853.1    
 SAMN04487880_1422   Marinobacter sp. es.042 SNB56052.1    
 ASQ50_02465   Marinobacter sp. LQ44 AMQ87630.1    
 ASQ50_04740   Marinobacter sp. LQ44 AMQ88041.1    
 SAMN04488490_4317   Marinobacter sp. LV10R510-11A SOB78443.1    
 SAMN04488490_1409   Marinobacter sp. LV10R510-11A SOB75770.1    
 A8C75_04055   Marinobacterium aestuarii ST58-10 ANG61728.1    
 Marme_3296   Marinomonas mediterranea MMB-1 ADZ92512.1    
 Marme_3360   Marinomonas mediterranea MMB-1 ADZ92576.1    
 Mar181_0760   Marinomonas posidonica IVIA-Po-181 AEF53815.1    
 Mar181_2793   Marinomonas posidonica IVIA-Po-181 AEF55823.1    
 Mmwyl1_3575   Marinomonas sp. MWYL1 ABR72477.1 A6W198  
 Mmwyl1_3496   Marinomonas sp. MWYL1 ABR72399.1 A6W120  
 Ga0123461_0250   Mariprofundus aestuarium CP-5 ATX78702.1    
 Ga0123462_2015   Mariprofundus ferrinatatus CP-8 ATX82852.1    
 CR152_14660 (FlgJ)   Massilia sp. B2 ATQ75626.1    
 CR152_09010   Massilia sp. B2 ATQ74646.1    
 ACZ75_03005   Massilia sp. NR 4-1 AKU24634.1    
 ACZ75_25155 (FlgJ)   Massilia sp. NR 4-1 AKU24261.1    
 AM586_22375 (FlgJ)   Massilia sp. WG5 ALK98530.1    
 AM586_06850   Massilia sp. WG5 ALK96042.1    
 MHY_19770   Megamonas hypermegale ART12/1 CBL06682.1 D4KE85  
 SAMEA4364220_01408   Megamonas hypermegale NCTC10570 SNV01267.1    
 AZ49_10855   Megasphaera elsdenii 14-14 ALG42989.1    
 MELS_1420   Megasphaera elsdenii DSM 20460 CCC73641.1    
 MPTP_1365   Melissococcus plutonius ATCC 35311 BAK21795.1    
 MPTP_1663   Melissococcus plutonius ATCC 35311 BAK22090.1    
 MPTP_1670   Melissococcus plutonius ATCC 35311 BAK22096.1    
 MPD5_0596   Melissococcus plutonius DAT561 BAL61862.1    
 MPD5_0384   Melissococcus plutonius DAT561 BAL61662.1    
 MPD5_0392   Melissococcus plutonius DAT561 BAL61668.1    
 MEPL_c015250   Melissococcus plutonius S1 AIM25955.1    
 MEPL_c015320   Melissococcus plutonius S1 AIM25957.1    
 MEPL_c013060 (LytG)   Melissococcus plutonius S1 AIM25196.1    
 Mpe_A3065   Methylibium petroleiphilum PM1 ABM96018.1 A2SKC9  
 Mfla_1962   Methylobacillus flagellatus KT ABE50229.1 Q1GZV8  
 sS8_0632   Methylocaldum marinum S8 BBA32597.1    
 MEALZ_0998   Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum 20Z CCE22692.1    
 JT25_013900   Methylomonas denitrificans FJG1 AMK77562.1    
 MKLM6_3692   Methylomonas koyamae LM6 ATG91877.1    
 Metme_1034   Methylomonas methanica MC09 AEF99470.1    
 AYM39_18235   Methylomonas sp. DH-1 ANE56922.1    
 Q7C_2334   Methylophaga frappieri AFJ03468.1    
 Q7A_2397   Methylophaga nitratireducenticrescens AFI85197.1    
 ACJ67_08840   Methylophilus sp. TWE2 AKR43518.1    
 Mmol_0942   Methylotenera mobilis JLW8 ACT47851.1 C6WVA2  
 M301_1713   Methylotenera versatilis 301 ADI30093.1 D7DJ58  
 BSY238_743 (FlgJ)   Methyloversatilis sp. RAC08 AOF83552.1    
 Msip34_0771   Methylovorus glucosetrophus SIP3-4 ACT50019.1 C6XAT7  
 MPQ_0808 (FlgJ)   Methylovorus sp. MP688 ADQ83980.1 E4QKL2  
 Mic7113_5151   Microcoleus sp. PCC 7113 AFZ20807.1    
 Mic7113_5410   Microcoleus sp. PCC 7113 AFZ21048.1    
 Mic7113_3550   Microcoleus sp. PCC 7113 AFZ19274.1    
 MAE_03240   Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-843 BAG00146.1 B0JMY2  
 ABE85_14830   Mitsuaria sp. 7 ANH68528.1    
 AXF17_06280   Mogibacterium pumilum ATCC 700696 ASS38067.1    
 BJP36_18465   Moorea producens JHB AOY81605.1    
 BJP36_27475   Moorea producens JHB AOY83104.1    
 BJP34_18265   Moorea producens PAL-8-15-08-1 AOX01128.1    
 BJP34_27550   Moorea producens PAL-8-15-08-1 AOX02698.1    
 Moth_1790   Moorella thermoacetica ATCC 39073 ABC20091.1 Q2RHJ8  
 Maut_02103   Moorella thermoacetica DSM 103132 AOQ24537.1    
 MOTHA_c18870   Moorella thermoacetica DSM 2955 AKX97232.1    
 MOTHE_c18040   Moorella thermoacetica DSM 512 AKX94596.1    
 AL531_04390   Morganella morganii FDAARGOS_172 AMG69640.1    
 CO693_00350   Morganella morganii FDAARGOS_365 ATF52252.1    
 CO693_09890   Morganella morganii FDAARGOS_365 ATF55822.1    
 MU9_1785   Morganella morganii subsp. morganii KT AGG30831.1    
 MU9_3519   Morganella morganii subsp. morganii KT AGG32563.1    
 MVIS_3453 (FlgJ)   Moritella viscosa CED61359.1    
 MVIS_4369   Moritella viscosa CED62246.1    
 SAMN05216490_4587   Mucilaginibacter mallensis MP1X4 SDT64914.1    
 SAMN05216490_4588   Mucilaginibacter mallensis MP1X4 SDT64925.1    
 MuYL_0578   Mucilaginibacter sp. BJC16-A31 ASU32481.1    
 MuYL_0577   Mucilaginibacter sp. BJC16-A31 ASU32480.1    
 A0256_05675   Mucilaginibacter sp. PAMC 26640 AMR30951.1    
 A0256_05670   Mucilaginibacter sp. PAMC 26640 AMR30950.1    
 BN938_2205   Mucinivorans hirudinis M3 CDN32277.1    
 VC82_888   Muricauda lutaonensis CC-HSB-11 AKA34541.1    
 Murru_0801   Muricauda ruestringensis DSM 13258 AEM69850.1    
 Mycsm_03803   Mycobacterium sp. JS623 AGB24074.1    
 AS202_03050   Myroides odoratimimus PR63039 ALU28267.1    
 MPR_3249   Myroides profundi D25 AJH16371.1    
 MYRA21_0726   Myroides sp. A21 AJA67914.1    
 BK054_03160   Myroides sp. ZB35 APA91239.1    
 NAMH_0062   Nautilia profundicola AmH ACM93783.1 B9L796  
 A8C56_03215   Niabella ginsenosidivorans BS26 ANH80126.1    
 NIASO_09925   Niabella soli DSM 19437 AHF15387.1    
 Niako_5507   Niastella koreensis GR20-10 AEW01742.1    
 NIS_0103   Nitratiruptor sp. SB155-2 BAF69220.1 A6Q161  
 Nhal_2332   Nitrosococcus halophilus Nc 4 ADE15420.1 D5BV70  
 Noc_2370   Nitrosococcus oceani ATCC 19707 ABA58828.1 Q3J8L8  
 Nwat_2216   Nitrosococcus watsonii C-113 ADJ29048.1 D8K8C8  
 Nwat_3015   Nitrosococcus watsonii C-113 ADJ29738.1 D8KC67  
 NE0310 (FlgJ)   Nitrosomonas europaea ATCC 19718 CAD84221.1
 Neut_0343   Nitrosomonas eutropha C91 ABI58623.1 Q0AJ48  
 NAL212_1734   Nitrosomonas sp. AL212 ADZ26606.1    
 Nit79A3_2212   Nitrosomonas sp. Is79A3 AEJ01995.1    
 ATY38_11410 (FlgJ)   Nitrosomonas ureae Nm10 ALQ51776.1    
 SAMN06296273_0602   Nitrosomonas ureae Nm15 SNX59162.1    
 EBAPG3_009755   Nitrosospira lacus APG3 ARO88031.1    
 Nmul_A1329   Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 ABB74632.1 Q2Y9D9  
 Y958_00110   Nitrospirillum amazonense CBAmc ASG19401.1    
 O3I_021670   Nocardia brasiliensis ATCC 700358 HUJEG-1 AFU02293.1    
 CEQ30_08115   Nocardia brasiliensis FDAARGOS_352 ASF07321.1    
 NSP_49030   Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 AHJ31195.1    
 DDD_2212   Nonlabens dokdonensis DSW-6 AGC77339.1    
 NMS_1655   Nonlabens marinus S1-08 BAO55664.1    
 BST91_08205   Nonlabens sediminis NBRC 100970 ARN71625.1    
 SAMN05192588_0216   Nonlabens sp. Hel1_33_55 SCX90942.1    
 CW736_00840   Nonlabens sp. MB-3u-79 AUC78048.1    
 AAT17_10595   Nonlabens sp. MIC269 ALM21650.1    
 BST97_07670   Nonlabens spongiae JCM 13191 ARN77890.1    
 Aazo_3687   Nostoc azollae 0708 ADI65242.1 D7E424  
 NIES2107_26310   Nostoc carneum NIES-2107 BAY30783.1    
 COO91_03345   Nostoc flagelliforme CCNUN1 AUB37400.1    
 COO91_01764   Nostoc flagelliforme CCNUN1 AUB35871.1    
 NIES25_03720   Nostoc linckia NIES-25 BAY73964.1    
 ACX27_22940   Nostoc piscinale CENA21 ALF55036.1    
 Npun_F3584   Nostoc punctiforme PCC 73102 ACC81980.1    
 Npun_F6437   Nostoc punctiforme PCC 73102 ACC84706.1 B2IYA7  
 NIES2111_10830   Nostoc sp. NIES-2111 BAY36752.1    
 NOS3756_29010   Nostoc sp. NIES-3756 BAT53938.1    
 NOS3756_44710   Nostoc sp. NIES-3756 BAT55484.1    
 NIES4103_27670   Nostoc sp. NIES-4103 BAZ50153.1    
 NIES4103_31180   Nostoc sp. NIES-4103 BAZ50502.1    
 Nos7107_4896   Nostoc sp. PCC 7107 AFY45414.1    
 Nos7524_5558   Nostoc sp. PCC 7524 AFY51269.1    
 BZZ01_13385   Nostocales cyanobacterium HT-58-2 ARV59487.1    
 B0W44_16550   Novibacillus thermophilus SG-1 AQS57118.1    
 DSM2777_22485 (FlgJ)   Obesumbacterium proteus DSM 2777 AMO83560.1    
 DSM2777_10865 (FlgJ)   Obesumbacterium proteus DSM 2777 AMO81487.1    
 BST96_19050   Oceanicoccus sagamiensis NBRC 107125 ARN76504.1    
 BST96_02400   Oceanicoccus sagamiensis NBRC 107125 ARN76268.1    
 GU3_13535   Oceanimonas sp. GK1 AEY02460.1    
 CBP31_12610   Oceanisphaera profunda SM1222 ART83359.1    
 CBP12_05935   Oceanisphaera sp. AMac2203 ART79746.1    
 OB2911   Oceanobacillus iheyensis HTE831 BAC14867.1
 Odosp_1770   Odoribacter splanchnicus DSM 20712 ADY32787.1    
 SAMEA44545918_01807 (LytG)   Odoribacter splanchnicus NCTC10825 SNV35390.1    
 OEOE_0416   Oenococcus oeni PSU-1 ABJ56375.1 Q04GP7  
 OEOE_1199   Oenococcus oeni PSU-1 ABJ57092.1 Q04EN0  
 OEOE_1247   Oenococcus oeni PSU-1 ABJ57123.1 Q04EJ9  
 OEOE_1734   Oenococcus oeni PSU-1 ABJ57578.1 Q04D94  
 OLMES_3056   Oleiphilus messinensis ME102 ARU57099.1    
 OLEAN_C12000 (FlgJ)   Oleispira antarctica RB-8 CCK75376.1    
 OLEAN_C23330   Oleispira antarctica RB-8 CCK76509.1    
 CW732_00070   Olleya sp. Bg11-27 AUC74156.1    
 Olsu_0604   Olsenella uli DSM 7084 ADK67719.1 E1QZA5  
 SAMN04489857_1218   Olsenella umbonata DSM 22620 SDR79947.1    
 SAMN04489857_0887   Olsenella umbonata DSM 22620 SDR72935.1    
 Ornrh_0654   Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale DSM 15997 AFL96852.1    
 Q785_06450   Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale ORT-UMN 88 AIP99392.1    
 ODI_R2144   Orrella dioscoreae SOE49543.1    
 Oscil6304_0369   Oscillatoria acuminata PCC 6304 AFY80119.1    
 Oweho_1853   Owenweeksia hongkongensis DSM 17368 AEV32832.1    
 PAEH1_00130   Paenalcaligenes hominis 15S00501 AQS50344.1    
 SAMN05444162_4638   Paenibacillaceae bacterium GAS479 SDT50484.1    
 PBOR_16775   Paenibacillus borealis DSM 13188 AIQ58403.1    
 LPB68_21650 (fragment)   Paenibacillus crassostreae LPB0068 AOZ94871.1    
 B9T62_02665   Paenibacillus donghaensis KCTC 13049 ASA19805.1    
 A3958_04525   Paenibacillus glucanolyticus 5162 ANA79302.1    
 BBD41_19275   Paenibacillus ihbetae IHBB 9852 ANY74539.1    
 BXP28_17190   Paenibacillus larvae subsp. larvae ATCC 9545 AQR78741.1    
 B7C51_25255   Paenibacillus larvae subsp. pulvifaciens SAG 10367 ARF70781.1    
 B7C51_08400   Paenibacillus larvae subsp. pulvifaciens SAG 10367 ARF70445.1    
 B7C51_11785   Paenibacillus larvae subsp. pulvifaciens SAG 10367 ARF68343.1    
 B2K_06685   Paenibacillus mucilaginosus K02 AFH60408.1    
 KNP414_03415   Paenibacillus mucilaginosus KNP414 AEI41973.1    
 PODO_13355   Paenibacillus odorifer DSM 15391 AIQ74154.1    
 RE92_13305   Paenibacillus polymyxa Sb3-1 AJE51953.1    
 BBD42_27990 (fragment)   Paenibacillus sp. BIHB4019 ANY69914.1    
 BBD42_27110   Paenibacillus sp. BIHB4019 ANY69754.1    
 H70357_16220   Paenibacillus sp. FSL H7-0357 AIQ18052.1    
 H70357_08350   Paenibacillus sp. FSL H7-0357 AIQ21388.1    
 H70737_12875   Paenibacillus sp. FSL H7-0737 AIQ23675.1    
 P40081_17040   Paenibacillus sp. FSL P4-0081 AIQ29670.1    
 R50345_13525   Paenibacillus sp. FSL R5-0345 AIQ35543.1    
 R50912_15905   Paenibacillus sp. FSL R5-0912 AIQ41348.1    
 R70723_14695   Paenibacillus sp. FSL R7-0273 AIQ46987.1    
 R70331_14230   Paenibacillus sp. FSL R7-0331 AIQ52557.1    
 Pjdr2_2748   Paenibacillus sp. JDR-2 ACT01401.1 C6CYW0  
 Pjdr2_3505   Paenibacillus sp. JDR-2 ACT02138.1 C6D321  
 CIC07_04755   Paenibacillus sp. RUD330 ASS65513.1    
 GYMC10_5370   Paenibacillus sp. Y412MC10 ACX67579.1 D3EHA6  
 PSTEL_13025   Paenibacillus stellifer DSM 14472 AIQ63870.1    
 SY83_21090   Paenibacillus swuensis DY6 ANE49094.1    
 SAMN05661091_0886   Paenibacillus uliginis N3/975 SMF72576.1    
 AWM70_11080   Paenibacillus yonginensis DCY84 ANS75079.1    
 ATCC9714_07771   Paeniclostridium sordellii ATCC 9714 CEJ72889.1    
 ATCC9714_12921   Paeniclostridium sordellii ATCC 9714 CEJ73404.1    
 ATCC9714_16781   Paeniclostridium sordellii ATCC 9714 CEJ73790.1    
 ATCC9714_32021   Paeniclostridium sordellii ATCC 9714 CEJ75314.1    
 ATCC9714_06711 (EntD)   Paeniclostridium sordellii ATCC 9714 CEJ72783.1    
 JGS6382_05881 (EntD)   Paeniclostridium sordellii JGS6382 CEK37256.1    
 JGS6382_12261   Paeniclostridium sordellii JGS6382 CEK37894.1    
 JGS6382_15981   Paeniclostridium sordellii JGS6382 CEK38266.1    
 JGS6382_31051   Paeniclostridium sordellii JGS6382 CEK39773.1    
 Palpr_0985   Paludibacter propionicigenes WB4 ADQ79135.1 E4T341  
 AA956_00845 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea apista AU2161 AKI60630.1    
 AT395_16250 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea apista DSM 16535 ALS66324.1    
 AT395_00220   Pandoraea apista DSM 16535 ALS63630.1    
 XM39_08345 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea apista TF80G25 AKH72199.1    
 SG18_08330 (FlgJ) (fragment)   Pandoraea apista TF81F4 AJF00849.1
 AB870_10915 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea faecigallinarum DSM 23572 AKM30504.1    
 AT302_07535 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea norimbergensis DSM 11628 ALS59627.1    
 MB84_04005 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea oxalativorans DSM 23570 AKC68800.1    
 U875_24080 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea pnomenusa 3kgm AHB08052.1
 LV28_13930 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea pnomenusa DSM 16536 AIU27484.2    
 A6P55_10910 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea pnomenusa MCB032 ANC44626.1    
 X636_10055 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea pnomenusa RB-44 AHB75751.1    
 DA70_16820   Pandoraea pnomenusa RB38 AHN75930.1    
 RO07_13370   Pandoraea pulmonicola DSM 16583 APD13341.1    
 RO07_07990 (FlgJ) (fragment)   Pandoraea pulmonicola DSM 16583 AJC23156.1
 NA29_03775   Pandoraea sputorum DSM 21091 AJC18537.2    
 NA29_03775 (FlgJ) (fragment)   Pandoraea sputorum DSM 21091 AJC18537.1    
 SAMEA4530655_04997 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea sputorum NCTC13161 SNU90499.1    
 PATSB16_41190   Pandoraea thiooxydans ATSB16 APR97453.1    
 ABW99_17400 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea thiooxydans DSM 25325 AKJ69717.1    
 UC34_23995 (FlgJ)   Pandoraea vervacti NS15 AJP60087.1
 BEE12_14170   Pantoea agglomerans C410P1 AOE40896.1    
 AL522_11760 (FlgJ)   Pantoea agglomerans FDAARGOS_160 AMG58254.1    
 B1H58_07330   Pantoea alhagi LTYR-11Z ARJ41852.1    
 B1H58_19830   Pantoea alhagi LTYR-11Z ARJ44074.1    
 PAJ_0818 (FlgJ)   Pantoea ananatis AJ13355 BAK10898.1    
 PAJ_1649 (fragment)   Pantoea ananatis AJ13355 BAK11729.1    
 PANA_1472 (FlgJ)   Pantoea ananatis LMG 20103 ADD76639.1 D4GC36  
 N454_00608 (TssI-1)   Pantoea ananatis LMG 2665 AHG23324.1    
 PANA5342_2753 (FlgJ)   Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342 CCF10146.1    
 PANA5342_1749 (VgrG3)   Pantoea ananatis LMG 5342 CCF09142.1    
 N455_00505 (TssI)   Pantoea ananatis PA-4 AHG23371.1    
 PAGR_g2674   Pantoea ananatis PA13 AER33172.1    
 PAGR_g1684   Pantoea ananatis PA13 AER32207.1    
 AW734_11975 (FlgJ)   Pantoea ananatis R100 AMB75403.1    
 B7764_10950 (FlgJ)   Pantoea ananatis YJ76 ASN15693.1    
 LH22_14825 (FlgJ)   Pantoea rwandensis AIR86672.1    
 Pat9b_1471   Pantoea sp. At-9b ADU68788.1 C8Q6B2  
 PSNIH1_11850 (FlgJ)   Pantoea sp. PSNIH1 AIX50877.1    
 PSNIH2_10325 (FlgJ)   Pantoea sp. PSNIH2 AIX74137.1    
 DSJ_10595   Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii DC283 ARF49743.1    
 Pvag_0883 (FlgJ)   Pantoea vagans C9-1 ADO09080.1 E1SJM9  
 BDI_1293   Parabacteroides distasonis ATCC 8503 ABR43053.1 A6LBI9  
 BDI_1513   Parabacteroides distasonis ATCC 8503 ABR43268.1 A6LC54  
 BDI_2100   Parabacteroides distasonis ATCC 8503 ABR43831.1 A6LDR7  
 CI960_11820   Parabacteroides sp. CT06 AST53983.1    
 CI960_14065   Parabacteroides sp. CT06 AST54389.1    
 CI960_16935   Parabacteroides sp. CT06 AST54914.1    
 CI960_10635   Parabacteroides sp. CT06 AST53769.1    
 ATN79_15480 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia caribensis Bcrs1W AMV44073.1    
 K788_0008616   Paraburkholderia caribensis MBA4 ALL63664.1    
 AN416_02880 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia caribensis MWAP64 ALP61640.1    
 OI25_1637 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia fungorum ATCC BAA-463 AJZ60045.1    
 BUPH_03740   Paraburkholderia phenoliruptrix BR3459a AFT87472.1    
 Bphy_2956   Paraburkholderia phymatum STM815 ACC72126.1 B2JJ24  
 Bphyt_3786   Paraburkholderia phytofirmans PsJN ACD18174.1 B2T793  
 CJU94_06120 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia sp. BN5 ASV97784.1    
 BTO02_19915   Paraburkholderia sp. SOS3 APR37292.1    
 BJG93_13440   Paraburkholderia sprentiae WSM5005 APA86292.1    
 Bxe_A0148   Paraburkholderia xenovorans LB400 ABE32783.1 Q13T06  
 DR64_2322 (FlgJ)   Paraburkholderia xenovorans LB400 AIP30214.1    
 Geoth_0340   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius C56-YS93 AEH46384.1    
 AOT13_01275   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius DSM 2542 ALF08782.1    
 BCV53_01285   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius NCIMB 11955 ANZ28865.1    
 BCV53_19685   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius NCIMB 11955 ANZ32316.1    
 BCV54_01290   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius TM242 APM79602.1    
 BCV54_19705   Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius TM242 APM83051.1    
 C427_2839   Paraglaciecola psychrophila 170 AGH44948.1    
 C427_3707   Paraglaciecola psychrophila 170 AGH45815.1    
 NW74_05935   Parvimonas micra KCOM 1535; ChDC B708 AIZ36906.1    
 AT984_04710   Paucibacter sp. KCTC 42545 ALT76595.1    
 GZ59_28930 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium atrosepticum 21A AIK14675.1    
 CVS35_14130 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium atrosepticum 36A ATY91415.1    
 EV46_08165 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium atrosepticum JG10-08 AIA70559.1    
 ECA1710 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium atrosepticum SCRI1043 CAG74616.1    
 BJJ97_18105   Pectobacterium carotovorum Polaris ASY77705.1    
 SCC1_2802 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium carotovorum SCC1 ASN86229.1    
 BJK05_08250   Pectobacterium carotovorum SK-992-20-13 ASY79991.1    
 NC16_13410 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense BC1 APS30664.1    
 CTV95_01125 (FlgJ)   Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense BZA12 ATV42131.1    
 B5S52_08405   Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliense SX309 ARA75887.1    
 PC1_2590   Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum PC1 ACT13621.1 C6D994  
 PCC21_026950   Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum PCC21 AFR04098.1    
 A8F97_09455   Pectobacterium parmentieri RNS08.42.1A AOR59136.1    
 Pecwa_1876   Pectobacterium parmentieri WPP163 ACX87657.1 D0KAX1  
 W5S_1787   Pectobacterium sp. SCC3193 AFI89878.1    
 A7983_22150   Pectobacterium wasabiae CFBP 3304 AOR65918.1    
 bifunctional peptidoglycan hydrolase (fragment)   Pediococcus acidilactici ATCC 8042 AKD44141.1    
 BTW26_07865   Pediococcus acidilactici BCC1 APR28928.1    
 BTW26_02125   Pediococcus acidilactici BCC1 APR27882.1    
 S100313_00450 (CwlA)   Pediococcus acidilactici SRCM100313 ARW25915.1    
 S100313_01580   Pediococcus acidilactici SRCM100313 ARW26999.1    
 S100424_00435 (CwlA)   Pediococcus acidilactici SRCM100424 ARW23901.1    
 S100424_01513   Pediococcus acidilactici SRCM100424 ARW24933.1    
 A4V11_09050   Pediococcus acidilactici ZPA017 AOW75163.1    
 A4V11_04070   Pediococcus acidilactici ZPA017 AOW74237.1    
 PECL_1271   Pediococcus claussenii ATCC BAA-344 AEV95503.1    
 AYR57_01345   Pediococcus claussenii TMW 2.53 ANZ69027.1    
 AYR58_01345   Pediococcus claussenii TMW 2.54 ANZ70843.1    
 ADU69_1517   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1532 AMV61168.1    
 ADU69_0314   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1532 AMV59992.1    
 ADU70_0292   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1533 AMV61792.1    
 ADU70_1036   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1533 AMV62530.1    
 ADU71_0313   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1534 AMV64236.1    
 ADU71_1637   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1534 AMV65527.1    
 ADU72_0384   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1535 AMV66333.1    
 ADU72_1667   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1535 AMV67592.1    
 ADU73_0656   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1536 AMV69064.1    
 ADU73_0223   Pediococcus damnosus TMW 2.1536 AMV68633.1    
 PEPE_0453   Pediococcus pentosaceus ATCC 25745 ABJ67549.1 Q03GX3  
 PEPE_1375   Pediococcus pentosaceus ATCC 25745 ABJ68413.1 Q03EF9  
 T256_02375   Pediococcus pentosaceus SL4 AHA04690.1    
 T256_06800   Pediococcus pentosaceus SL4 AHA05449.1    
 S100194_01380 (CwlA)   Pediococcus pentosaceus SRCM100194 ASC08890.1    
 S100194_00518   Pediococcus pentosaceus SRCM100194 ASC08073.1    
 S100892_00690   Pediococcus pentosaceus SRCM100892 ARW19279.1    
 S100892_01708   Pediococcus pentosaceus SRCM100892 ARW20251.1    
 AN278_003330   Pediococcus pentosaceus wikim20 ANI98522.1    
 AN278_007380   Pediococcus pentosaceus wikim20 ANI98297.1    
 AY601_4140   Pedobacter cryoconitis PAMC 27485 AMQ00991.1    
 AY601_4141   Pedobacter cryoconitis PAMC 27485 AMQ00992.1    
 CPT03_18940   Pedobacter ginsengisoli T01R-27 ATP58389.1    
 CPT03_18935   Pedobacter ginsengisoli T01R-27 ATP58388.1    
 Phep_0071   Pedobacter heparinus DSM 2366 ACU02297.1 C6XXP3  
 Phep_0072   Pedobacter heparinus DSM 2366 ACU02298.1 C6XXP4  
 AQ505_00080   Pedobacter sp. PACM 27299 ALL04027.1    
 AQ505_00085   Pedobacter sp. PACM 27299 ALL04028.1    
 BFS30_04915   Pedobacter steynii DX4 AOM76553.1    
 BFS30_04920   Pedobacter steynii DX4 AOM76554.1    
 A7E78_05705   Pelobacter sp. SFB93 APG27379.1    
 Ppha_1112   Pelodictyon phaeoclathratiforme BU-1 ACF43391.1 B4SG80  
 JBW_01356   Pelosinus fermentans JBW45 AJQ26708.1    
 UFO1_3224   Pelosinus sp. UFO1 AIF52767.1    
 EAL2_c09120   Peptoclostridium acidaminophilum DSM 3953 AHM56211.1    
 EAL2_808p07060   Peptoclostridium acidaminophilum DSM 3953 AHM58209.1    
 ING2D1G_0728   Peptoniphilus sp. 1-1 CDZ74887.1    
 ING2D1G_1561   Peptoniphilus sp. 1-1 CDZ75698.1    
 PERMA_0942   Persephonella marina EX-H1 ACO03242.1 C0QPY3  
 ING2E5A_1318 (LytG)   Petrimonas mucosa DSM 28695 SCM57395.1    
 PEIBARAKI_1155   Petrimonas sp. IBARAKI BBA15028.1    
 CAY62_03470   Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae KC-Na-1 ARR48716.1    
 CAY62_09445   Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae KC-Na-1 ARR49773.1    
 PDPUS_1_02351   Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida 91-197 BAX53725.1    
 PDPUS_1_00893   Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida 91-197 BAX52267.1    
 H744_2c2923   Photobacterium gaetbulicola Gung47 AJR09576.1    
 H744_2c2051   Photobacterium gaetbulicola Gung47 AJR08715.1    
 PBPRA0909   Photobacterium profundum SS9 CAG19320.1    
 PBPRA1850 (Bax)   Photobacterium profundum SS9 CAG20254.1    
 PAU_02643 (FlgJ)   Photorhabdus asymbiotica subsp. asymbiotica ATCC 43949 CAQ84735.1    
 PAU_03861 (BaX)   Photorhabdus asymbiotica subsp. asymbiotica ATCC 43949 CAQ85949.1    
 plu1923 (Flgj)   Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii TTO1 CAE14216.1
 plu0503 (Bax)   Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii TTO1 CAE12798.1
 FlgJ   Photorhabdus luminescens TT01 AAQ97870.1 Q6TFK7  
 VY86_21410   Photorhabdus temperata subsp. thracensis DSM 15199 AKH65540.1    
 VY86_11090   Photorhabdus temperata subsp. thracensis DSM 15199 AKH63795.1    
 L21SP3_01561   Phycisphaerae bacterium L21-RPul-D3 AQQ09749.1    
 STSP1_00863   Phycisphaerae bacterium ST-PulAB-D4 ARN56481.1    
 AVM72_06725   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY3800B AOS35056.1    
 AVM72_07095   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY3800B AOS35121.1    
 AVM73_07080   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY3864B APS79832.1    
 AVM73_06710   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY3864B APS79767.1    
 AVI55_07085   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6297B APS66824.1    
 AVI55_06715   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6297B APS66759.1    
 AVI48_00295   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6492A APS42972.1    
 AVI48_11835   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6492A APS44994.1    
 AVI56_09650   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6532B APS70549.1    
 AVI56_10020   Piscirickettsia salmonis AY6532B APS70614.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ca19-G3-As-I AJO71907.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ca20-G3-As-I AJO71908.1    
 AWJ11_09960   Piscirickettsia salmonis CGR02 AMA42651.1    
 AWJ11_09585   Piscirickettsia salmonis CGR02 AMA42586.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch1-G1-LF89-Cs AJO71891.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch10-G2-As-I AJO71898.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch11-G2-As-I AJO71899.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch12-G2-As-I AJO71900.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch13-G2-As-I AJO71901.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch14-G2-As-I AJO71902.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch15-G2-As-I AJO71903.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch16-G2-As-I AJO71904.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch17-G2-As-I AJO71905.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch18-G2-As-I AJO71906.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch2-G1-As-I AJO71892.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch3-G1-Rt-L AJO71893.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch4-G1-Rt-L AJO71894.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch5-G1-As-I AJO71895.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch6-G1-Rt-L AJO71896.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch7-G2-As-L AJO71929.1    
 Bax, partial   Piscirickettsia salmonis Ch8-G2-Rt-K AJO71897.1    
 PSLF89_2550 (FlgJ)   Piscirickettsia salmonis LF-89 = ATCC VR-1361 AKP74200.1    
 PSLF89_2630 (BaX)   Piscirickettsia salmonis LF-89 = ATCC VR-1361 AKP74261.1    
 KW89_1185   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM15972A1 ALA24653.1    
 KW89_1990   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM15972A1 ALA25456.1    
 AVI49_12440   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM21567A APS48354.1    
 AVI49_00890   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM21567A APS46320.1    
 AVM70_09810   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM22180B APS73798.1    
 AVM70_09440   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM22180B APS73732.1    
 AVI50_01140   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM23019A APS49614.1    
 AVI50_05030   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM23019A APS50271.1    
 AVM71_10055   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM25344B APS83472.1    
 AVM74_03660   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM31429B APS76002.1    
 AVM74_04030   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM31429B APS76067.1    
 KU39_1912 (FlgJ)   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM32597B1 ALB23092.1    
 KU39_1985   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM32597B1 ALB23165.1    
 AVI51_01105   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM37984A APS52795.1    
 AVI51_04970   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM37984A APS53470.1    
 AVI53_04030   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM49811B APS59829.1    
 AVI53_03660   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM49811B APS59765.1    
 AVI52_03465   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM51819A APS56376.1    
 AVI52_15595   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM51819A APS58521.1    
 AVI54_04005   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM58386B APS63060.1    
 AVI54_03635   Piscirickettsia salmonis PM58386B APS62995.1    
 AWE47_09380   Piscirickettsia salmonis PSCGR01 ALY03028.1    
 AWE47_09755   Piscirickettsia salmonis PSCGR01 ALY03093.1    
 BBH88_07115   Planococcus antarcticus DSM 14505 ANU10087.1    
 BBH88_02015   Planococcus antarcticus DSM 14505 ANU09194.1    
 BCM40_03385   Planococcus donghaensis DSM 22276 ANU22453.1    
 BCM40_15140   Planococcus donghaensis DSM 22276 ANU24607.1    
 AJGP001_01020   Planococcus faecalis AJ003 AQU77970.1    
 AJGP001_13720   Planococcus faecalis AJ003 AQU80266.1    
 BBI08_13500   Planococcus halocryophilus DSM 24743 ANU14802.1    
 BBI08_09050   Planococcus halocryophilus DSM 24743 ANU13989.1    
 AUO94_16080   Planococcus kocurii HK 701 ALS80044.1    
 AUO94_03820   Planococcus kocurii HK 701 ALS77827.1    
 BBI11_01965   Planococcus maritimus DSM 17275 ANU15902.1    
 B0X71_14840   Planococcus maritimus Y42 AQQ54247.1    
 B0X71_14235   Planococcus maritimus Y42 AQQ54150.1    
 B0X71_20670   Planococcus maritimus Y42 AQQ55589.1    
 BBI15_12750   Planococcus plakortidis DSM 23997 ANU20988.1    
 AUC31_09220   Planococcus rifietoensis M8 ALS75390.1    
 I858_010975   Planococcus sp. L10.15 ANU27510.1    
 I858_006845   Planococcus sp. L10.15 ANU26743.1    
 CW734_02275   Planococcus sp. MB-3u-03 AUD12690.1    
 Plano_0108   Planococcus sp. PAMC 21323 AIY04073.1    
 Plano_2362   Planococcus sp. PAMC 21323 AIY06327.1    
 E05_36930   Plautia stali symbiont BAN98459.1    
 SAMEA2665130_00038 (Flgj_1)   Plesiomonas shigelloides NCTC10360 SBT59624.1    
 SAMEA2665130_01497   Plesiomonas shigelloides NCTC10360 SBT61019.1    
 SAMEA2665130_00839 (Flgj_2)   Plesiomonas shigelloides NCTC10360 SBT60377.1    
 Ple7327_2098   Pleurocapsa sp. PCC 7327 AFY77426.1    
 LG71_02095   Pluralibacter gergoviae FB2 AIQ98764.2    
 LG71_02095   Pluralibacter gergoviae FB2 AIQ98764.1    
 LG71_07380 (FlgJ)   Pluralibacter gergoviae FB2 AIQ99723.1    
 LG71_18980 (FlgJ)   Pluralibacter gergoviae FB2 AIR01854.1    
 BW723_02265   Polaribacter reichenbachii 6Alg 8T APZ45190.1    
 BTO17_10265   Polaribacter reichenbachii KCTC 23969 AUC19052.1    
 BTO15_01565   Polaribacter sejongensis KCTC 23670 AUC20880.1    
 CW731_12995   Polaribacter sp. ALD11 AUC86141.1    
 BXQ17_12985   Polaribacter sp. BM10 AQS94940.1    
 SAMN04487762_2540   Polaribacter sp. Hel1_33_78 SDU22336.1    
 SAMN05216503_0323   Polaribacter sp. KT25b SDR67771.1    
 MED152_11334   Polaribacter sp. MED152 EAQ40623.1    
 BTO04_11875   Polaribacter sp. SA4-10 ARV07343.1    
 BTO07_15260   Polaribacter sp. SA4-12 ARV16409.1    
 LPB03_13865   Polaribacter vadi LPB0003 AOW18474.1    
 AAW51_3664 (FlgJ)   [Polyangium] brachysporum DSM 7029 AKJ30355.1    
 AAW51_4277 (FlgJ)   [Polyangium] brachysporum DSM 7029 AKJ30968.1    
 AOC25_06640   Polynucleobacter asymbioticus MWH-RechtKol4 APC01308.1    
 A4F89_06540   Polynucleobacter asymbioticus MWH-RechtKolB APB99006.1    
 Poras_0721   Porphyromonas asaccharolytica DSM 20707 AEE12668.1    
 PGF_00019920   Porphyromonas gingivalis 381 ALJ26404.1    
 PGA7_00000730   Porphyromonas gingivalis A7436 AKV63321.1    
 PGS_00019210   Porphyromonas gingivalis A7A1-28 ALO30578.1    
 PGJ_00000660   Porphyromonas gingivalis AJW4 ALA92709.1    
 PGN_2024   Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC 33277 BAG34542.1 B2RME7  
 EG14_01870   Porphyromonas gingivalis HG66 AIJ34881.1    
 CS059_03820   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2796 ATS02204.1    
 CS374_04730   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2798 ATS04357.1    
 CS387_07290   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2799 ATS06785.1    
 CS388_05305   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2800 ATS08490.1    
 CS543_01820   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2801 ATS09725.1    
 CS544_06195   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2802 ATR90704.1    
 CS545_00145   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2803 ATR91638.1    
 CS546_06360   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2804 ATR94673.1    
 CS548_01485   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 2805 ATR95871.1    
 CS550_09705   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 3001 ATR99394.1    
 CS549_04525   Porphyromonas gingivalis KCOM 3131 ATS00402.1    
 PGTDC60_0356   Porphyromonas gingivalis TDC60 BAK24525.1    
 PG0076   Porphyromonas gingivalis W83 AAQ65325.1
 QQ39_03305   Pragia fontium 24613 AKJ41232.1    
 Prede_1946   Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 AGB29226.1    
 HMPREF9137_1394   Prevotella denticola F0289 AEA20031.1    
 AS203_08380   Prevotella enoeca F0113 ALO49101.1    
 AS203_08355   Prevotella enoeca F0113 ALO49096.1    
 AS203_08670   Prevotella enoeca F0113 ALO49150.1    
 ADJ77_02855   Prevotella fusca JCM 17724 AKU68789.1    
 PIN17_0356   Prevotella intermedia 17 AFJ07878.1    
 PI172_2425   Prevotella intermedia 17-2 BAR97153.1    
 BWX39_10295   Prevotella intermedia ATCC 25611 = DSM 20706 APW33080.1    
 CUB95_10890   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1741 ATV39114.1    
 CTM44_10100   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1933 ATV34164.1    
 CUC00_10960   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1944 ATV41622.1    
 CTM46_10540   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 1949 ATV31942.1    
 CTM50_03750   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2033 ATV52239.1    
 CTM61_09340   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2836 ATV55604.1    
 CTM62_11835   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2837 ATV27433.1    
 CTM63_10000   Prevotella intermedia KCOM 2838 ATV29556.1    
 PIOMA14_II_0006   Prevotella intermedia OMA14 BAU18511.1    
 BWX40_11815   Prevotella intermedia strain 17 APW35546.1    
 HMPREF0659_A5889   Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC 25845 ADK95534.1 D9RS61  
 CEP85_04720   Prevotella melaninogenica FDAARGOS_306 ASE17433.1    
 PMEL1_00878   Prevotella melaninogenica GAI 07411 BBA28958.1    
 PRU_0979   Prevotella ruminicola 23 ADE83099.1 D5ERR0  
 AXF22_04810   Prevotella scopos JCM 17725 ANR72782.1    
 HMPREF0669_01635   Prevotella sp. oral taxon 299 str. F0039 EFC70334.1    
 BMR99_00275   Propionibacterium freudenreichii P.UF1 ARO11183.1    
 RM25_0066   Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. freudenreichii DSM 20271 AJQ89801.1    
 PFREUDJS001_000386   Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii CUW07964.1    
 PFREUD_00560   Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii CIRM-BIA1 CBL55556.1 D7GHI4  
 PSM36_0701   Proteiniphilum saccharofermentans SCD19529.1    
 PSM36_0701   Proteiniphilum saccharofermentans SCD19529.1    
 Sequence 8017 from patent US 6605709   Proteus mirabilis AAR44747.1    
 Sequence 6480 from patent US 6605709   Proteus mirabilis AAR43210.1    
 AOUC001_07340   Proteus mirabilis AOUC-001 AND12692.1    
 AOUC001_02160   Proteus mirabilis AOUC-001 AND11729.1    
 AM438_08165   Proteus mirabilis AR_0059 ARA22469.1    
 AM438_13205   Proteus mirabilis AR_0059 ARA23387.1    
 AM402_04290   Proteus mirabilis AR_0155 ARX33401.1    
 AM402_09730   Proteus mirabilis AR_0155 ARX34410.1    
 AM403_01660   Proteus mirabilis AR_0156 ASB00447.1    
 AM403_13340   Proteus mirabilis AR_0156 ASB02596.1    
 AM405_13705   Proteus mirabilis AR_0159 ARX09869.1    
 AM405_18705   Proteus mirabilis AR_0159 ARX10795.1    
 BB2000_1739 (FlgJ)   Proteus mirabilis BB2000 AGS60222.1    
 BB2000_2667   Proteus mirabilis BB2000 AGS61121.1    
 AOC00_14535   Proteus mirabilis CYPM1 ALE23340.1    
 AOC00_10155   Proteus mirabilis CYPM1 ALE22581.1    
 PMI1646   Proteus mirabilis HI4320 CAR43435.1 B4EYN1  
 PMI2667   Proteus mirabilis HI4320 CAR45253.1 B4EY35  
 BG029_13000   Proteus mirabilis T18 ATC79317.1    
 BG029_18175   Proteus mirabilis T18 ATC80260.1    
 BG257_13240   Proteus mirabilis T21 ATC75519.1    
 BG257_08055   Proteus mirabilis T21 ATC74573.1    
 AOB99_14570   Proteus vulgaris CYPV1 ALE26506.1    
 AOB99_10185   Proteus vulgaris CYPV1 ALE25723.1    
 CRN77_06315   Proteus vulgaris FDAARGOS_366 ATM99359.1    
 CRN77_10665   Proteus vulgaris FDAARGOS_366 ATN00157.1    
 CO695_02525   Providencia alcalifaciens FDAARGOS_408 ATG15231.1    
 CO695_16635   Providencia alcalifaciens FDAARGOS_408 ATG17849.1    
 RB151_004710   Providencia rettgeri RB151 APC10181.1    
 RB151_014930 (FlgJ)   Providencia rettgeri RB151 APC11173.1    
 DR96_1531   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN63615.1    
 DR96_2584 (FlgJ)   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN63050.1    
 BGK56_00485   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG49513.1    
 BGK56_11280   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG51497.1    
 AL507_16675   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG68110.1    
 AL507_07265   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG66395.1    
 S70_08250   Providencia stuartii MRSN 2154 AFH93513.1    
 S70_18240 (FlgJ)   Providencia stuartii MRSN 2154 AFH95454.1    
 Pse7367_1100   Pseudanabaena sp. PCC 7367 AFY69397.1    
 Pse7367_1365   Pseudanabaena sp. PCC 7367 AFY69657.1    
 Achl_1152   Pseudarthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6 ACL39143.1 B8HEA8  
 PAGA_a1076 (FlgJ)   Pseudoalteromonas agarivorans DSM 14585 ATC81540.1    
 PAGA_a1637 (BaX)   Pseudoalteromonas agarivorans DSM 14585 ATC82018.1    
 B0W48_12370   Pseudoalteromonas aliena EH1 AQQ00525.1    
 B0W48_17905   Pseudoalteromonas aliena EH1 AQQ01483.1    
 PARC_a1644 (BaX)   Pseudoalteromonas arctica A 37-1-2 ATC86235.1    
 PARC_a1064 (FlgJ)   Pseudoalteromonas arctica A 37-1-2 ATC85723.1    
 Patl_2061   Pseudoalteromonas atlantica T6c ABG40579.1 Q15U59  
 Patl_3092   Pseudoalteromonas atlantica T6c ABG41598.1 Q15R90  
 PESP_a2281 (BaX)   Pseudoalteromonas espejiana ATCC 29659 ASM50274.1    
 PESP_a2865 (FlgJ)   Pseudoalteromonas espejiana ATCC 29659 ASM50776.1    
 PSHAa0777 (FlgJ)   Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 CAI85859.1 Q3IDV9  
 PSHAa1275   Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis TAC125 CAI86350.1 Q3IKV3  
 CPA52_06875   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii ECSMB14103 ATG59680.1    
 CPA52_11815   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii ECSMB14103 ATG58864.1    
 PI2015_2225   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii KCTC 12958 ALQ55504.1    
 PI2015_1673   Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii KCTC 12958 ALQ54967.1    

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