Glycoside Hydrolase Family 43

Activities in Familyβ-xylosidase (EC; α-L-arabinofuranosidase (EC; xylanase (EC; α-1,2-L-arabinofuranosidase (EC 3.2.1.-); exo-α-1,5-L-arabinofuranosidase (EC 3.2.1.-); [inverting] exo-α-1,5-L-arabinanase (EC 3.2.1.-); β-1,3-xylosidase (EC 3.2.1.-); [inverting] exo-α-1,5-L-arabinanase (EC 3.2.1.-); [inverting] endo-α-1,5-L-arabinanase (EC; exo-β-1,3-galactanase (EC; β-D-galactofuranosidase (EC
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure Status5-fold β-propeller
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseAsp
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
NoteMany members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Mewis et al. (2016) Appl. Environm. Microbiol. 82:1686-1692 (PMID: 26729713).
External resourcesCAZypedia;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (22224); Uniprot accession (1416); PDB accession (108); 3D entries (47); cryst (1)
All (21529) Archaea (32) Bacteria (20526) Eukaryota (938) Viruses (5) unclassified (28) Structure (47 - 1 cryst) Characterized (183)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 JYR06_03775   Dickeya solani IPO2019 QSI96066.1     10
 BJJ98_08165   Dickeya solani PPO 9019 AUH12453.1     10
 D083_3346   Dickeya solani RNS AUC43695.1     10
 DICTH_1791   Dictyoglomus thermophilum H-6-12 ACI19652.1 B5YB77   16
 DICTH_1628   Dictyoglomus thermophilum H-6-12 ACI19803.1 B5YAH2   4
 Dtur_1729   Dictyoglomus turgidum DSM 6724 ACK43001.1 B8E3C7   4
 A6035_03795 (fragment)   Dietzia lutea YIM 80766 AWH91442.1     3
 A6048_03545   Dietzia psychralcaliphila ILA-1 AWH94729.1    
 GJR88_01151   Dietzia sp. DQ12-45-1b QGW23786.1    
 CT688_03545   Dietzia sp. JS16-p6b AVZ38694.1    
 C3V38_09640   Dietzia sp. oral taxon 368 W5195 AVM64608.1     3
 FH5T_07790   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW59526.1     7
 FH5T_02585   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58852.1     31
 FH5T_00815   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58600.1     10
 FH5T_00870   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58608.1     17
 FH5T_00945   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58621.1     24
 FH5T_02075   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58770.1     26
 FH5T_02100   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58775.1     4
 FH5T_02105   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58776.1     29
 FH5T_02110   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58777.1     5
 FH5T_02155   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58783.1     1
 FH5T_02215   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58794.1     12
 FH5T_02240   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58798.1     2
 FH5T_02320   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58812.1     17
 FH5T_02325   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58813.1     10
 FH5T_02355   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58817.1     29
 FH5T_02370   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW58820.1     12
 FH5T_11235   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW59981.1     28
 FH5T_12040   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60091.1     19
 FH5T_13225   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60254.1     31
 FH5T_13230   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60255.1     26
 FH5T_13240   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60257.1     33
 FH5T_13255   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60260.1     8
 FH5T_13265   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60261.1     34
 FH5T_13280   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60264.1     3
 FH5T_13370   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60279.1    
 FH5T_13390   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60282.1     19
 FH5T_13390   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60282.1     34
 FH5T_15585   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60576.1     2
 FH5T_15590   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60577.1     2
 FH5T_15600   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60579.1     28
 FH5T_15615   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW60581.1     2
 FH5T_02610   Draconibacterium orientale FH5 AHW61498.1    
 G0Q07_02000   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA06574.1     29
 G0Q07_10195   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA08071.1     10
 G0Q07_06580   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07413.1     3
 G0Q07_08085   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07687.1     34
 G0Q07_16100   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09145.1     28
 G0Q07_10255   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA08081.1     2
 G0Q07_06570   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07411.1     34
 G0Q07_01995   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA06573.1     5
 G0Q07_10345   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA08094.1     1
 G0Q07_04870   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07102.1     28
 G0Q07_06565   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07410.1     33
 G0Q07_10175   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA08068.1     29
 G0Q07_08040   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07680.1     19
 G0Q07_08040   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA07680.1     34
 G0Q07_01955   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09890.1     12
 G0Q07_06550   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09923.1     26
 G0Q07_01985   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09891.1     4
 G0Q07_10170   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09955.1     12
 G0Q07_19760   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09800.1     26
 G0Q07_19770   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09802.1     18
 G0Q07_07880   Draconibacterium sp. M1 QIA09940.1     24
 HH213_28940   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD93763.1     26
 HH213_24810   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD93028.1     10
 HH213_28900   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD93755.1     4
 HH213_28865   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD94339.1     29
 HH213_29275   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD94347.1     12
 HH213_28895   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD93754.1     5
 HH213_16160   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD91480.1     10
 HH213_09190   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD90254.1     9
 HH213_18190   Duganella sp. AF9R3 QJD91849.1     11
 HH212_19565   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE01946.1     26
 HH212_02010   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJD98958.1     26
 HH212_23520   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE02621.1     5
 HH212_19745   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE03484.1     18
 HH212_24240   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE03589.1     4
 HH212_01940   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJD98946.1     29
 HH212_15935   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE01338.1     9
 HH212_01975   Duganella sp. GN2-R2 QJE03126.1     5
 FDZ78_10800   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP73001.1     10
 FDZ78_04915   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP71959.1     10
 FDZ78_00815   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP71214.1     34
 FDZ78_08000   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP72518.1     12
 FDZ78_01020 (fragment)   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP71249.1     16
 FDZ78_05025   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP71977.1     10
 FDZ78_10805   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP73002.1     29
 FDZ78_10830   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP73007.1     16
 FDZ78_09930   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP72849.1     12
 FDZ78_07565   Duncaniella sp. B8 QCP72436.1     1
 E7745_07135   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD39316.1     16
 E7745_11485 (fragment)   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD40802.1     16
 E7745_04290   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD38829.1     12
 E7745_06225   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD39157.1     12
 E7745_01190   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD38271.1     10
 E7745_01300   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD38289.1     10
 E7745_07105   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD39310.1     10
 E7745_03855   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD38749.1     1
 E7745_07110   Duncaniella sp. C9 QCD39311.1     29
 Dfer_0193   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT91464.1 C6VWZ1   34
 Dfer_0650   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT91912.1 C6W155   8
 Dfer_0795   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92055.1 C6W282   1
 Dfer_0823   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92083.1 C6W2B0   29
 Dfer_1512   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92757.1 C6VRQ4   17
 Dfer_1524   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92769.1 C6VRR6   8
 Dfer_2119   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT93342.1 C6VXJ9   18
 Dfer_3298   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT94510.1 C6VRY9   28
 Dfer_4284   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT95486.1 C6W131   5
 Dfer_4703   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT95904.1 C6W4T0   3
 Dfer_0745   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92006.1 C6W1E9   31
 Dfer_1500   Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053 ACT92745.1 C6VRP2   10
 HWI92_21550   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR04296.1     28
 HWI92_03865   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR00108.1     8
 HWI92_04570   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR00228.1     1
 HWI92_04595   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR00233.1     10
 HWI92_10325   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR01273.1     26
 HWI92_00995   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRQ99587.1     34
 HWI92_01405   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR03998.1     17
 HWI92_07880   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR00834.1     31
 HWI92_04585   Dyadobacter sp. Q3-56 QRR00231.1     12
 ISN74_03490   Dyella caseinilytica DHOB09 QRN54451.1     9
 CH75_04625   Dyella jiangningensis SBZ 3-12 AHX12689.1     34
 CH75_19400   Dyella jiangningensis SBZ 3-12 AHX15139.1     12
 CH75_21410   Dyella jiangningensis SBZ 3-12 AHX15500.1     26
 CH75_20645   Dyella jiangningensis SBZ 3-12 AHX15361.1     28
 CH75_19350   Dyella jiangningensis SBZ 3-12 AHX15129.1     1
 H8F01_17070   Dyella sp. G9 QNK00779.1     34
 H8F01_20840   Dyella sp. G9 QNK01449.1     9
 H8F01_11485   Dyella sp. G9 QNJ99773.1     26
 H8F01_10310   Dyella sp. G9 QNK03465.1     28
 ATSB10_27720   Dyella thiooxydans ATSB10 AND70226.1     26
 ATSB10_09900   Dyella thiooxydans ATSB10 AND68444.1     9
 ATSB10_24940   Dyella thiooxydans ATSB10 AND69948.1     28
 ATSB10_27700   Dyella thiooxydans ATSB10 AND70224.1     26
 JS578_05065   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64925.1     4
 JS578_06000   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64779.1     12
 JS578_05090   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64619.1     5
 JS578_05025   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64924.1     19
 JS578_05025   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64924.1     34
 JS578_10430   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64989.1     29
 JS578_05015   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64606.1     24
 JS578_05055   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64613.1     4
 JS578_06555   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX64942.1     10
 JS578_10570   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63299.1     17
 JS578_10575   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63300.1     29
 JS578_10495   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63288.1     10
 JS578_10410   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63275.1     29
 JS578_08690   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX62964.1     10
 JS578_10370   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63271.1     1
 JS578_10580   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63301.1     7
 JS578_10445   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63280.1     12
 JS578_10555   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63298.1     2
 JS578_11800   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63525.1     19
 JS578_10645   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63313.1     18
 JS578_09280   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63068.1     28
 JS578_12315   Dysgonomonadaceae bacterium zrk40 QRX63623.1     17
 G7050_13975   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK60885.1     12
 G7050_02245   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58724.1     10
 G7050_02105   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58697.1     28
 G7050_00355   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58367.1     31
 G7050_15180   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK61107.1     18
 G7050_08400   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK59851.1     34
 G7050_04565   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK59153.1     24
 G7050_00385   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58373.1     3
 G7050_00360   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58368.1     31
 G7050_11130   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK61705.1     18
 G7050_00395   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK58375.1     31
 G7050_08380   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK61669.1     19
 G7050_08380   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5A QIK61669.1     34
 G7051_15610   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK55698.1     18
 G7051_11425   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK54915.1     18
 G7051_08835   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK56256.1     19
 G7051_08835   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK56256.1     34
 G7051_00730   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK52949.1     31
 G7051_02505   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK53279.1     28
 G7051_04775   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK53696.1     24
 G7051_08815   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK54434.1     34
 G7051_00755   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK52954.1     3
 G7051_00725   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK52948.1     31
 G7051_02650   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK53307.1     10
 G7051_00765   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK52956.1     31
 G7051_14315   Dysgonomonas sp. HDW5B QIK55459.1     12
 FKX85_19305   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81067.1     29
 FKX85_19300   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81066.1     29
 FKX85_19595   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81114.1     8
 FKX85_19345   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81074.1     10
 FKX85_14555   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH80194.1     10
 FKX85_19325   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81071.1     29
 FKX85_17565   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH80748.1     31
 FKX85_19295   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81065.1     12
 FKX85_19340   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81073.1     2
 FKX85_13040   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH79906.1     8
 FKX85_13100 (fragment)   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH79917.1     33
 FKX85_13045   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH79907.1     34
 FKX85_13125   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH79922.1     3
 FKX85_12885   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH79877.1     37
 FKX85_02090   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81454.1     19
 FKX85_05515   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81500.1     18
 FKX85_19265   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81637.1     1
 FKX85_19615   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81646.1     24
 FKX85_17775   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81622.1    
 FKX85_09135   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81538.1     1
 FKX85_02080   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH81453.1     17
 FKX85_02095   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77897.1     19
 FKX85_05620   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH78536.1     28
 FKX85_02085   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77896.1     29
 FKX85_02040   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77888.1     19
 FKX85_02040   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77888.1     34
 FKX85_02235   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77922.1     5
 FKX85_02100   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77898.1     18
 FKX85_04275   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH78296.1     26
 FKX85_02130   Echinicola sp. LN3S3 QDH77904.1     29
 DN752_23690   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32895.1     10
 DN752_20160 (fragment)   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32267.1     33
 DN752_20090   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32255.1     8
 DN752_23715   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32898.1     29
 DN752_08845   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33109.1     29
 DN752_22240   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32647.1     10
 DN752_08765   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33107.1     19
 DN752_08765   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33107.1     34
 DN752_10800   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33136.1     18
 DN752_20095   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32256.1     34
 DN752_23720   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32899.1     12
 DN752_23695   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32896.1     2
 DN752_20185   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW32270.1     3
 DN752_02215   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33023.1    
 DN752_23760   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW33332.1     1
 DN752_10855   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW30581.1     28
 DN752_08810   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW30215.1     18
 DN752_12705   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW30918.1     26
 DN752_12635   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW30905.1     8
 DN752_08955   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW30243.1     5
 DN752_15370   Echinicola strongylocentroti MEBiC08714 AWW31389.1     1
 Echvi_0486   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76770.1     19
 Echvi_0486   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76770.1     34
 Echvi_0495   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76779.1     17
 Echvi_0496   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76780.1     29
 Echvi_0497   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76781.1     19
 Echvi_0498   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76782.1     19
 Echvi_0499   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76783.1     18
 Echvi_0500   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76784.1     29
 Echvi_0519   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76803.1     4
 Echvi_0520   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA76804.1     5
 Echvi_0929   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA77202.1     18
 Echvi_1222   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA77493.1     26
 Echvi_1878   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78133.1     1
 Echvi_2664   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78904.1     10
 Echvi_2668   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78908.1     29
 Echvi_2672   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78912.1     29
 Echvi_2673   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78913.1     12
 Echvi_2678   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78918.1     1
 Echvi_2746   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78986.1     8
 Echvi_2747   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78987.1     34
 Echvi_2759   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78999.1     33
 Echvi_2765   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA79005.1     3
 Echvi_3078   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA79316.1     10
 Echvi_3730   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA79942.1     31
 Echvi_3777   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA79989.1    
 Echvi_4241   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA80437.1     8
 Echvi_4254   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA80448.1     24
 Echvi_0908   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA77181.1     28
 Echvi_2665   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78905.1     2
 Echvi_2694   Echinicola vietnamensis DSM 17526 AGA78934.1     37
 GWR55_15185   Edaphobacter sp. 12200R-103 QHS53922.1     34
 GWR55_01245   Edaphobacter sp. 12200R-103 QHS50524.1     18
 ER308_01380   Egibacter rhizosphaerae EGI 80759 QBI18353.1     5
 BBD28_17645   Elizabethkingia anophelis 0422 AQW92350.1     28
 GJV56_18355   Elizabethkingia anophelis 296-96 QGN24527.1     28
 BBD31_15775   Elizabethkingia anophelis 3375 AQW99263.1     28
 EAAG1_001550   Elizabethkingia anophelis Ag1 ATC38600.1     28
 CMV40_01550   Elizabethkingia anophelis AR4-6 ATC45956.1     28
 CMV41_01550   Elizabethkingia anophelis AR6-8 ATC42280.1     28
 A2T72_04155   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3000521207 AMX50702.1     28
 A2T74_04155   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183678 AMR40605.1     28
 A2T59_04155   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183681 AMX54093.1     28
 A4C56_04155   Elizabethkingia anophelis CSID_3015183684 AMX47241.1     28
 AYC66_13180   Elizabethkingia anophelis E6809 AQX51573.1     28
 AYC67_12600   Elizabethkingia anophelis F3543 AQX89807.1     28
 AL491_13950   Elizabethkingia anophelis FDAARGOS_132 AVF49109.1     28
 AL492_16360   Elizabethkingia anophelis FDAARGOS_134 AVF53105.1     28
 A6J37_11145   Elizabethkingia anophelis FDAARGOS_198 ASV79128.1     28
 M876_07375   Elizabethkingia anophelis FMS-007 AKH94384.1     28
 JUNP353_3741   Elizabethkingia anophelis JUNP 353 BBQ09170.1     28
 BD94_2067   Elizabethkingia anophelis NUHP1 AIL45842.1     28
 BAZ09_001550   Elizabethkingia anophelis R26 ATC34958.1     28
 JQC76_03595   Elizabethkingia anophelis SEA01 QRI50595.1     28
 EIY88_18335   Elizabethkingia anophelis SUE QNV11170.1     28
 EVD20_07280   Elizabethkingia bruuniana ATCC 33958 QDZ62606.1     28
 I6H88_18640   Elizabethkingia bruuniana FDAARGOS_1031 QQN58421.1     28
 AYC65_07920   Elizabethkingia bruuniana G0146 AQX84937.1     28
 BBD32_16810   Elizabethkingia endophytica F3201 AQX03001.1     28
 BBD30_16560   Elizabethkingia endophytica JM-87 AQW95669.1     28
 BBD33_12340   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4076 AQX05989.1     28
 BBD35_14655   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica G4120 AQX13535.1     28
 B5G46_12330   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica KC1913 AQX48035.1
 NCTC10016_03459   Elizabethkingia meningoseptica NCTC10016 SQG08497.1     28
 VO54_00651   Elizabethkingia miricola BM10 AJW62138.1     28
 CQS02_04680   Elizabethkingia miricola EM798-26 ATL42652.1     28
 FE632_18710   Elizabethkingia miricola FL160902 QHQ88715.1     28
 FCS00_00685   Elizabethkingia sp. 2-6 QCO44954.1     28
 JCR23_18375   Elizabethkingia sp. M8 QQM26773.1     28
 BBD34_18580   Elizabethkingia ursingii G4123 AQX10515.1     28
 BBD34_05125   Elizabethkingia ursingii G4123 AQX10691.1    
 FH779_07765   Empedobacter falsenii 1681-1 QLL57980.1     10
 Emtol_1064   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK02214.1     26
 Emtol_2247   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK03385.1     34
 Emtol_2703   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK03839.1     18
 Emtol_0145   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK05660.1     10
 Emtol_0146   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK05661.1     12
 Emtol_2744   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK03880.1     28
 Emtol_3352   Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 AFK04481.1     1
 FA04_08485   Ensifer adhaerens Casida A ANK72660.1     11
 DQW09_08250   Ensifer adhaerens Corn53 QHG69847.1     11
 ORF   Ensifer adhaerens CSBa BAL73160.1     11
 OV14_3137 (XynA)   Ensifer adhaerens OV14 AHK44603.1     11
 EKH55_1806   Ensifer alkalisoli YIC4027 QFI66680.1     11
 FKV68_10980   Ensifer mexicanus ITTG R7 QLL61941.1     11
 SJ05684_c18690   Ensifer sojae CCBAU 05684 ASY63311.1     11
 JVX98_11285   Ensifer sp. PDNC004 QRY68823.1     11
 EAS17NKHM_007050   Enterobacter asburiae 17Nkhm-UP2 BBJ57309.1     26
 EAS1808013_034660   Enterobacter asburiae 1808-013 BBJ64485.1     26
 EAA2563_07100   Enterobacter asburiae A2563 BBZ86095.1     26
 EAAEB30_02475   Enterobacter asburiae AEB30 QGW85608.1     11
 EAAEB30_03595   Enterobacter asburiae AEB30 QGW85817.1     26
 ACJ69_14545   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA04783.1     11
 ACJ69_13475   Enterobacter asburiae ATCC 35953 AMA04585.1     26
 AB190_12560   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL01363.1     26
 AB190_13705   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AKL01576.1     11
 EI562_09060   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AZL63127.1     26
 EI562_10260   Enterobacter asburiae CAV1043 AZL63346.1     11
 R2TS_07000   Enterobacter asburiae En30 BCT17528.1     26
 A0R60_2680 (YagH)   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX06955.1     11
 A0R60_2480   Enterobacter asburiae ENIPBJ-CG1 AMX06759.1     26
 I6I13_06095   Enterobacter asburiae FDAARGOS_1056 QQE40252.1     11
 I6I13_07220   Enterobacter asburiae FDAARGOS_1056 QQE40461.1     26
 DI57_14825   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW95624.1     26
 DI57_16030   Enterobacter asburiae L1 AHW95856.1     11
 Entas_0710   Enterobacter asburiae LF7a AEN63461.1     26
 MRY18106EAS_06830   Enterobacter asburiae MRY18-106 BBI94151.1     26
 HV233_04170   Enterobacter asburiae RHBSTW-00542 QLV58103.1     26
 HV233_02970   Enterobacter asburiae RHBSTW-00542 QLV57883.1     11
 INS04_18605   Enterobacter asburiae SD4L QOV78470.1     11
 INS04_17555   Enterobacter asburiae SD4L QOV78275.1     26
 FAI37_04025   Enterobacter bugandensis 1367 QCE26655.1     11
 FAI37_02875   Enterobacter bugandensis 1367 QCE26441.1     26
 FAI36_22285   Enterobacter bugandensis 220 QCE25415.1     11
 FAI36_21085   Enterobacter bugandensis 220 QCE25189.1     26
 STN0717ENT56_07120   Enterobacter bugandensis STN0717-56 BBW25556.1     26
 STN0717ENT56_04840   Enterobacter bugandensis STN0717-56 BBW25328.1     11
 CWI88_18410   Enterobacter cancerogenus CR-Eb1 AUJ82910.1     26
 CWI88_19610   Enterobacter cancerogenus CR-Eb1 AUJ83131.1     11
 GH771_12700   Enterobacter cancerogenus MiY-F QGG09554.1     26
 ENTER_0819   Enterobacter cancerogenus UPC1 CAD5352701.1     26
 ENTER_0565 (YagH)   Enterobacter cancerogenus UPC1 CAD5352193.1     11
 FY206_04395   Enterobacter chengduensis WCHECl-C4 = WCHECh050004 QEL34705.1     26
 ECLTO80_00887   Enterobacter cloacae VAV77026.1     26
 ECLTO80_00659 (XynB)   Enterobacter cloacae VAV76809.1     11
 AO413_02555   Enterobacter cloacae 109 AVU18550.1     11
 AO413_03755   Enterobacter cloacae 109 AVU18772.1     26
 Sequence 9307 from patent US 7041814   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH79464.1     11
 Sequence 9623 from patent US 7041814   Enterobacter cloacae 15842 ABH79780.1     26
 AXJ76_03945   Enterobacter cloacae 174 AVU49301.1     26
 AXJ76_02810   Enterobacter cloacae 174 AVU49094.1     11
 DPF84_06830   Enterobacter cloacae 20710 AWX01477.1     11
 DPF84_05585   Enterobacter cloacae 20710 AWX01246.1     26
 BET69_02630   Enterobacter cloacae 234 AWQ41931.1     11
 BET69_03790   Enterobacter cloacae 234 AWQ42146.1     26
 C3B80_01960   Enterobacter cloacae 339389L QAZ61332.1     26
 C3B80_25050   Enterobacter cloacae 339389L QAZ65494.1     11
 HJI43_06055   Enterobacter cloacae 3849 QJP75379.1     11
 HJI43_07140   Enterobacter cloacae 3849 QJP75582.1     26
 CAL61_03790   Enterobacter cloacae 388 AWQ56359.1     26
 CAL61_02630   Enterobacter cloacae 388 AWQ56144.1     11
 β-xylosidase, partial   Enterobacter cloacae 62J AMP81963.1     11
 CES92_14645   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG40116.1     11
 CES92_13500   Enterobacter cloacae 704SK10 ASG39903.1     26
 AM329_14235   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR43142.1     11
 AM329_13035   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0002 APR42922.1     26
 AM429_07920   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB73834.1     26
 AM429_06730   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0050 ASB73613.1     11
 AM432_21525   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA06220.1     26
 AM432_20280   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0053 ASA05994.1     11
 AM439_13260   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0060 AVE73319.1     11
 AM439_14700   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0060 AVE73583.1     26
 AM444_08270   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA26464.1     26
 AM444_09450   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0065 ARA26688.1     11
 AM451_17085   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0072 AVF18189.1     26
 AM451_15985   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0072 AVF17991.1     11
 AM452_02055   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0073 AYA10337.1     26
 AM452_00395   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0073 AYA10048.1     11
 AM472_07085   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0093 AVO82212.1     11
 AM472_08355   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0093 AVO82443.1     26
 AM383_20865   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB85698.1     26
 AM383_19630   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0136 ASB85470.1     11
 AM401_13855   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0154 AWS79469.1     26
 AM401_15015   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0154 AWS79682.1     11
 AM409_08935   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ78375.1     11
 AM409_07810   Enterobacter cloacae AR_0163 ARZ78164.1     26
 CSB67_5003   Enterobacter cloacae AR_038 AXA00234.1     26
 CSB67_0237 (XynB)   Enterobacter cloacae AR_038 AWZ99027.1     11
 ABY62_09115   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK76808.1     11
 ABY62_07830   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1311 AKK76566.1     26
 ABY65_22210   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK93908.1     26
 ABY65_23485   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1411 AKK94147.1     11
 ABY64_02790   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK94950.1     26
 ABY64_01515   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1668 AKK94710.1     11
 AB285_01470   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL50101.1     11
 AB285_02625   Enterobacter cloacae CAV1669 AKL50319.1     26
 GJ694_03685   Enterobacter cloacae CBG15936 QGN41331.1     26
 GJ694_02575   Enterobacter cloacae CBG15936 QGN41122.1     11
 NF29_01805   Enterobacter cloacae colR/S AMY63494.1     11
 NF29_00475   Enterobacter cloacae colR/S AMY63259.1     26
 LI67_003580   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ71834.1     11
 LI67_004745   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. 35734 AKZ72059.1     26
 WM95_02760   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD57516.1     11
 WM95_04055   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. ECNIH7 ASD57760.1     26
 AM379_11715   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0132 AVP01023.1     26
 AM379_10505   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0132 AVP00797.1     11
 AM410_04355   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0164 AWC83699.1     11
 AM410_03125   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDA-CDC-AR_0164 AWC83467.1     26
 MC67_09235   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDAARGOS_77 AVG34973.1     26
 MC67_17070   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. FDAARGOS_77 AVG36375.1     11
 E2E36_03785   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. N13-01531 QBN09142.1     26
 E2E36_02540   Enterobacter cloacae complex sp. N13-01531 QBN08911.1     11
 EWI30_19625   Enterobacter cloacae CZ-1 QBC04158.1     26
 HWQ17_08800   Enterobacter cloacae D41-sc-1712200 QLA67735.1     26
 HWQ17_09930   Enterobacter cloacae D41-sc-1712200 QLA67938.1     11
 SAMN04487932_2767   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF88732.1     26
 SAMN04487932_2542   Enterobacter cloacae DG6 SMF88123.1     11
 HWQ14_02165   Enterobacter cloacae DSM 26481 QKZ96582.1     11
 HWQ14_00920   Enterobacter cloacae DSM 26481 QKZ96363.1     26
 HWQ16_04260   Enterobacter cloacae DSM 30054 QLA61678.1     26
 HWQ16_05385   Enterobacter cloacae DSM 30054 QLA61883.1     11
 EEI76_11790   Enterobacter cloacae E3442 AYU95717.1     26
 EEI76_12935   Enterobacter cloacae E3442 AYU95925.1     11
 ECNIH2_04685   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE62687.1     26
 ECNIH2_03540   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH2 AIE62468.1     11
 ECNIH4_19040   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX56217.1     26
 ECNIH4_20250   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH4 AIX56444.1     11
 ECNIH5_02715   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX57729.1     11
 ECNIH5_03770   Enterobacter cloacae ECNIH5 AIX57927.1     26
 EcWSU1_00478 (YagH)   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW71918.1     11
 EcWSU1_00724   Enterobacter cloacae EcWSU1 AEW72164.1     26
 E7739_24385   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_2 QCC98969.1     11
 E7739_23015   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_2 QCC98712.1     26
 E7735_23320   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_3 QCC93710.1     26
 E7735_24690   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_3 QCC93967.1     11
 E7729_00175   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_4 QCD09095.1     11
 E7729_01545   Enterobacter cloacae Effluent_4 QCD09352.1     26
 EVV94_01685   Enterobacter cloacae EN3600 QBB03765.1     26
 R1TS_07090   Enterobacter cloacae En37 BCT12681.1     26
 R1TS_04770   Enterobacter cloacae En37 BCT12449.1     11
 B1023_03770   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ75664.1     26
 B1023_02640   Enterobacter cloacae FRM ASQ75462.1     11
 EC036_05000   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV28147.1     11
 EC036_07390   Enterobacter cloacae GGT036 AIV28386.1     26
 AW879_19845   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ72060.1     26
 AW879_21130   Enterobacter cloacae isolate MBRL1077 AMJ72302.1     11
 BFJ73_03485   Enterobacter cloacae isolate SBP-8 AOE94319.1     26
 BFJ73_02460   Enterobacter cloacae isolate SBP-8 AOE94127.1     11
 BJM06_00721   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ16544.1     26
 BJM06_00504 (XynB)   Enterobacter cloacae M12X01451 ASQ16331.1     11
 MS7884_0978   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASO99286.1     26
 MS7884_1185   Enterobacter cloacae MS7884A ASO99489.1     11
 NCTC11571_00514 (YagH)   Enterobacter cloacae NCTC11571 VEB12514.1     11
 NCTC11571_00791   Enterobacter cloacae NCTC11571 VEB13036.1     26
 FGL54_09315   Enterobacter cloacae NH77 QCZ38538.1     26
 FGL54_10485   Enterobacter cloacae NH77 QCZ38731.1     11
 M942_23445   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE71969.1     11
 M942_21835   Enterobacter cloacae P101 AHE71766.1     26
 B1H21_20780   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT90835.1     11
 B1H21_19615   Enterobacter cloacae R11 AQT90623.1     26
 B2J95_04340   Enterobacter cloacae Res2010EC27 AVL17332.1     26
 B2J95_03000   Enterobacter cloacae Res2010EC27 AVL17087.1     11
 HV216_02680   Enterobacter cloacae RHBSTW-00489 QLO46066.1     11
 HV217_02590   Enterobacter cloacae RHBSTW-00490 QLU70303.1     11
 HV217_03660   Enterobacter cloacae RHBSTW-00490 QLU70501.1     26
 C1N69_03640   Enterobacter cloacae SGAir0282 QFQ07834.1     26
 C1N69_02570   Enterobacter cloacae SGAir0282 QFQ07632.1     11
 STN0717ENT60_07560   Enterobacter cloacae STN0717-60 BBW29833.1     26
 STN0717ENT60_05390   Enterobacter cloacae STN0717-60 BBW29616.1     11
 STN0717ENT73_07130   Enterobacter cloacae STN0717-73 BBW44399.1     26
 ECL_00676   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF60240.1 D5CF46   11
 ECL_00908   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ATCC 13047 ADF60471.1 D5CH93   26
 ECENHK_03950   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP68677.1     26
 ECENHK_02590   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae ENHKU01 AFP68411.1     11
 ENC_43830   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394 CBK87506.1 D6DS93   11
 ENC_46230   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. cloacae NCTC 9394 CBK87703.1 D6DTH3   26
 A3UG_02650   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM58277.1     11
 A3UG_03775   Enterobacter cloacae subsp. dissolvens SDM AFM58502.1     26
 ABT55_05715   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM86124.1     26
 ABT55_04530   Enterobacter cloacae UW5 AKM85895.1     11
 WP5S18C02_06480   Enterobacter cloacae WP5-S18-CRE-02 BBS30442.1     11
 WP5S18C02_08820   Enterobacter cloacae WP5-S18-CRE-02 BBS30676.1     26
 WP5S18E01_06610   Enterobacter cloacae WP5-S18-ESBL-01 BBS35814.1     26
 WP8W18C04_06230   Enterobacter cloacae WP8-W18-CRE-04 BBT43465.1     26
 WP8W19C02_07010   Enterobacter cloacae WP8-W19-CRE-02 BBT89081.1     26
 WP8W19C02_04670   Enterobacter cloacae WP8-W19-CRE-02 BBT88847.1     11
 JJL14_18330   Enterobacter hormaechei 1575 QQW42145.1     26
 JJL14_19345   Enterobacter hormaechei 1575 QQW42335.1     11
 GUY47_04560   Enterobacter hormaechei 189 QOX69317.1     26
 GUY47_03185   Enterobacter hormaechei 189 QOX69061.1     11
 IT786_02585   Enterobacter hormaechei 3804 QPD66726.1     11
 IT786_03740   Enterobacter hormaechei 3804 QPD66937.1     26
 D6T76_18560   Enterobacter hormaechei AKB48 QJQ17326.1     26
 D6T76_17315   Enterobacter hormaechei AKB48 QJQ17113.1     11
 CSC19_3698 (XynB)   Enterobacter hormaechei AR432 AWF30814.1     11
 CSC19_3942   Enterobacter hormaechei AR432 AWF33121.1     26
 FR808_04295   Enterobacter hormaechei C15 QFH53754.1     26
 FR808_03030   Enterobacter hormaechei C15 QFH53524.1     11
 FR758_03835   Enterobacter hormaechei C4 QFH99251.1     26
 FR758_02685   Enterobacter hormaechei C4 QFH99034.1     11
 FR837_03835   Enterobacter hormaechei C44 QFH34667.1     26
 FR837_02685   Enterobacter hormaechei C44 QFH34450.1     11
 FR772_04350   Enterobacter hormaechei C45 QFI20937.1     26
 AB284_21200   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS19025.1     26
 AB284_22480   Enterobacter hormaechei CAV1176 ANS19266.1     11
 HS967_00605   Enterobacter hormaechei CEent1 QMV76039.1     11
 HS967_22325   Enterobacter hormaechei CEent1 QMV80036.1     26
 HBK83_17700   Enterobacter hormaechei CM18-216 QQH03382.1     26
 HBK83_18855   Enterobacter hormaechei CM18-216 QQH03597.1     11
 HCU35_18855   Enterobacter hormaechei CM18-242-2 QQH08669.1     11
 HCU35_17700   Enterobacter hormaechei CM18-242-2 QQH08454.1     26
 FR760_02940   Enterobacter hormaechei E5 QFH83915.1     11
 FR760_04050   Enterobacter hormaechei E5 QFH84121.1     26
 F1867_12700   Enterobacter hormaechei EB_P6_L3_02.19 QEQ45899.1     11
 F1867_11570   Enterobacter hormaechei EB_P6_L3_02.19 QEQ45696.1     26
 F1597_12150   Enterobacter hormaechei EB_P9_L5_03.19 QFI32814.1     11
 JW293_09635   Enterobacter hormaechei EC48293 QSB73754.1     26
 JW293_08485   Enterobacter hormaechei EC48293 QSB73539.1     11
 GMA21_02580   Enterobacter hormaechei ECL69214 QGR11293.1     11
 GMA21_03690   Enterobacter hormaechei ECL69214 QGR11500.1     26
 GVI62_02650   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-1 QPO91057.1     11
 GVI62_03740   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-1 QPO91260.1     26
 GVI71_14120   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-10 QPP02648.1     26
 GVI71_13050   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-10 QPP02451.1     11
 GVI72_07430   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-11 QPO61774.1     11
 GVI72_08500   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-11 QPO61971.1     26
 GVI63_03905   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-2 QPO85396.1     26
 GVI63_02730   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-2 QPO85178.1     11
 GVI64_07920   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-3 QPO80975.1     26
 GVI64_06745   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-3 QPO80758.1     11
 GVI65_02730   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-4 QPO74871.1     11
 GVI65_03905   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-4 QPO75089.1     26
 GVI66_03905   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-5 QPO70250.1     26
 GVI66_02730   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-5 QPO70033.1     11
 GVI67_02745   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-6 QPO65392.1     11
 GVI67_03815   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-6 QPO65590.1     26
 GVI74_03820   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E2 QPO56510.1     26
 GVI74_02750   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E2 QPO56312.1     11
 GVI75_05310   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E3 QPO51510.1     26
 GVI75_03635   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E3 QPO51209.1     11
 GVI76_05325   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E4 QPO46242.1     26
 GVI76_03640   Enterobacter hormaechei Eho-E4 QPO45942.1     11
 H1D56_22420   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL48212 QMI65520.1     11
 H1D56_21300   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL48212 QMI65312.1     26
 H1D58_04965   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL48880 QMI61756.1     11
 H1D58_06050   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL48880 QMI61958.1     26
 H1Z82_03935   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL49790 QMI71513.1     26
 H1Z82_02815   Enterobacter hormaechei ENCL49790 QMI71305.1     11
 GTQ93_17025   Enterobacter hormaechei F2 QHI59039.1     26
 GTQ93_18170   Enterobacter hormaechei F2 QHI59254.1     11
 FOB50_01405   Enterobacter hormaechei FDAARGOS_642 QEU13061.1     26
 FOB50_02515   Enterobacter hormaechei FDAARGOS_642 QEU13271.1     11
 ISU86_02585   Enterobacter hormaechei IR5283 QSS35512.1     11
 ISU86_03740   Enterobacter hormaechei IR5283 QSS35723.1     26
 D8768_20595   Enterobacter hormaechei L51 QGU38172.1     26
 D8768_21700   Enterobacter hormaechei L51 QGU38374.1     11
 JDC97_04255   Enterobacter hormaechei MSB1_8J QQA68009.1     26
 JDC97_03015   Enterobacter hormaechei MSB1_8J QQA67782.1     11
 IFJ76_03740   Enterobacter hormaechei NJGLYY90-CR QOD35744.1     26
 IFJ76_02585   Enterobacter hormaechei NJGLYY90-CR QOD35533.1     11
 FYA22_03855   Enterobacter hormaechei PG20180049 QEI70345.1     26
 FYA22_02660   Enterobacter hormaechei PG20180049 QEI70125.1     11
 FYA23_03855   Enterobacter hormaechei PG20180056 QEI61096.1     26
 FYA23_02660   Enterobacter hormaechei PG20180056 QEI60875.1     11
 HV047_03595   Enterobacter hormaechei RHBSTW-00056 QLO96820.1     26
 HV047_02555   Enterobacter hormaechei RHBSTW-00056 QLO96628.1     11
 HV163_02480   Enterobacter hormaechei RHBSTW-00333 QLT97928.1     11
 HV163_03550   Enterobacter hormaechei RHBSTW-00333 QLT98126.1     26
 JQL77_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C010068 QSH03178.1     11
 JQL77_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C010068 QSH03396.1     26
 JQL72_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C012369 QSH26348.1     26
 JQL72_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C012369 QSH26130.1     11
 JQL79_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C017238 QSH07899.1     26
 JQL79_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C017238 QSH07680.1     11
 JQL74_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C017834 QSH21516.1     11
 JQL74_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C017834 QSH21734.1     26
 JQL75_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C019072 QSG98573.1     11
 JQL75_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C019072 QSG98791.1     26
 JQL71_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C019181 QSH16908.1     11
 JQL71_03695   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C019181 QSH17125.1     26
 JQL76_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C033144 QSH12512.1     26
 JQL76_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C033144 QSH12294.1     11
 JQL78_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C034177 QSG93951.1     11
 JQL78_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C034177 QSG94169.1     26
 JQL73_03700   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C034192 QSH30965.1     26
 JQL73_02520   Enterobacter hormaechei RIVM_C034192 QSH30746.1     11
 EQ802_03595   Enterobacter hormaechei S11_16 QAV59964.1     26
 EQ802_02555   Enterobacter hormaechei S11_16 QAV59775.1     11
 AXA59_07625   Enterobacter hormaechei S13 AXO44636.1     11
 AXA59_06465   Enterobacter hormaechei S13 AXO44426.1     26
 AXA51_19810   Enterobacter hormaechei S5 AXO42081.1     11
 AXA51_18630   Enterobacter hormaechei S5 AXO41871.1     26
 AXA52_10060   Enterobacter hormaechei S6 AXO50118.1     26
 AXA52_08920   Enterobacter hormaechei S6 AXO49910.1     11
 DBP88_04995   Enterobacter hormaechei SCEH020042 AVZ12816.1     11
 DBP88_06235   Enterobacter hormaechei SCEH020042 AVZ13038.1     26
 STN0717ENT64_06130   Enterobacter hormaechei STN0717-64 BBW34212.1     11
 STN0717ENT64_08380   Enterobacter hormaechei STN0717-64 BBW34437.1     26
 CSC02_4714   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii AR_0365 AVJ83077.1     26
 CSC02_4451 (XynB)   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii AR_0365 AVJ82818.1     11
 BFV65_02490   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii DSM 14563 AOP98516.1     11
 BFV65_03565   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii DSM 14563 AOP98719.1     26
 ECNIH3_03765   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii ECNIH3 AIN21454.1     26
 ECNIH3_02715   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii ECNIH3 AIN21255.1     11
 ECR091_02705   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii ECR091 AIN26597.1     11
 ECR091_03745   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii ECR091 AIN26796.1     26
 EM861_02540   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii MYJARB-EH1 QHC75986.1     11
 EM861_03730   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii MYJARB-EH1 QHC76207.1     26
 OIPHN069_04840   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii OIPH-N069 BBM23969.1     11
 OIPHN069_07180   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hoffmannii OIPH-N069 BBM24203.1     26
 LI64_02735   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB69534.1     11
 LI64_03845   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. hormaechei 34983 AJB69740.1     26
 LI66_02555   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB80293.1     11
 LI66_03780   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34399 AJB80518.1     26
 LI63_004985   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA00649.1     11
 LI63_006185   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae 34978 ALA00878.1     26
 BFV66_03810   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP81173.1     26
 BFV66_02720   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. oharae DSM 16687 AOP80967.1     11
 LI62_03040   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB61080.2     11
 LI62_03040   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB61080.1     11
 LI62_04275   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34977 AJB61310.1     26
 LI65_003760   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ82711.1     11
 LI65_004895   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii 34998 AKZ82932.1     26
 IE977_02790   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii BD-50-Eh QPD71634.1     11
 IE977_03960   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii BD-50-Eh QPD71855.1     26
 BFV68_02635   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP76572.1     11
 BFV68_03780   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii DSM 16691 AOP76788.1     26
 FO617_02640   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii ME-1 QDQ75351.1     11
 FO617_03930   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. steigerwaltii ME-1 QDQ75590.1     26
 HLA96_02725   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis Ec61 QOR49400.1     11
 HLA96_03945   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis Ec61 QOR49622.1     26
 BFV63_02545   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP89832.1     11
 BFV63_03740   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis LMG27195 AOP90056.1     26
 CUN65_20640   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis OSUKPC4_L AWR70605.1     11
 CUN65_19390   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis OSUKPC4_L AWR70378.1     26
 DF208_19310   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis OSUVMCKPC4-2 AXM01174.1     26
 DF208_20565   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis OSUVMCKPC4-2 AXM01402.1     11
 DN066_21415   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis Pb204 AWV77813.1     11
 DN066_20225   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis Pb204 AWV77594.1     26
 CLM87_02970   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis UM_CRE-14 AZU65738.1     11
 CLM87_04200   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis UM_CRE-14 AZU65962.1     26
 EKN98_008885   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis WCHEX045001 QEL30992.1     11
 EKN98_007450   Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis WCHEX045001 QEL30740.1     26
 D0Z05_20235   Enterobacter hormaechei WCHEH020038 AXQ35586.1     26
 D0Z05_19065   Enterobacter hormaechei WCHEH020038 AXQ35373.1     11
 EKN58_018455   Enterobacter hormaechei WCHEH090011 QBH64709.1     26
 EKN58_019695   Enterobacter hormaechei WCHEH090011 QBH64935.1     11
 G5577_17345   Enterobacter hormaechei Y2152 QIF32563.1     26
 G5577_16135   Enterobacter hormaechei Y2152 QIF32348.1     11
 G5B34_13785   Enterobacter hormaechei Y233 QIE65096.1     26
 G5B34_14955   Enterobacter hormaechei Y233 QIE65309.1     11
 G5C52_08935   Enterobacter hormaechei Y323 QIF26414.1     26
 G5C52_10150   Enterobacter hormaechei Y323 QIF26635.1     11
 H2678_02640   Enterobacter hormaechei ZHH QMV97657.1     11
 H2678_03755   Enterobacter hormaechei ZHH QMV97868.1     26
 HA514_02450   Enterobacter kobei 070 QIP18538.1     11
 HA514_03615   Enterobacter kobei 070 QIP18754.1     26
 FR825_03695   Enterobacter kobei C16 QFH88900.1     26
 FR825_02455   Enterobacter kobei C16 QFH88675.1     11
 BFV64_02265   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP85249.1     11
 BFV64_03480   Enterobacter kobei DSM 13645 AOP85479.1     26
 FZO55_20970   Enterobacter kobei EB_P8_L5_01.19 QEO03047.1     11
 FZO55_19925   Enterobacter kobei EB_P8_L5_01.19 QEO02859.1     26
 H1R18_20620   Enterobacter kobei IB2020 QMT05651.1     26
 H1R18_22105   Enterobacter kobei IB2020 QMT05918.1     11
 STN0717ENT53_05050   Enterobacter kobei STN0717-53 BBW20170.1     11
 STN0717ENT53_07850   Enterobacter kobei STN0717-53 BBW20450.1     26
 STW0522ENT51_04720   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-51 BBV69470.1     11
 STW0522ENT51_07170   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-51 BBV69715.1     26
 STW0522ENT60_08740   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-60 BBV80196.1     26
 STW0522ENT60_06440   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-60 BBV79966.1     11
 STW0522ENT62_06120   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-62 BBV85166.1     11
 STW0522ENT62_08560   Enterobacter kobei STW0522-62 BBV85410.1     26
 D9T11_08275   Enterobacter kobei WCHEK045523 AYL04773.1     11
 D9T11_09420   Enterobacter kobei WCHEK045523 AYL04983.1     26
 E5283_18715   Enterobacter ludwigii CEB04 QIN40895.1     11
 E5283_20130   Enterobacter ludwigii CEB04 QIN41157.1     26
 HWQ18_06705   Enterobacter ludwigii D42-sc-1712201 QLA06213.1     11
 HWQ18_05535   Enterobacter ludwigii D42-sc-1712201 QLA05998.1     26
 BH714_17050   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT44834.1     11
 BH714_18470   Enterobacter ludwigii EN-119 AOT45089.1     26
 ECI140_03645   Enterobacter ludwigii I140 QDE48839.1     26
 ECI140_02450   Enterobacter ludwigii I140 QDE48616.1     11
 ELLBI42_02450   Enterobacter ludwigii I42 QCV78441.1     11
 ELLBI42_03645   Enterobacter ludwigii I42 QCV78664.1     26
 ELJP6_03610   Enterobacter ludwigii JP6 QCR91830.1     26
 ELJP9_02405   Enterobacter ludwigii JP9 QCU04488.1     11
 ELJP9_03605   Enterobacter ludwigii JP9 QCU04707.1     26
 IDM36_03835   Enterobacter mori HSW1412 QPK01287.1     26
 E4005_12605   Enterobacter roggenkampii BP10374 QBX85499.1     26
 E4005_11385   Enterobacter roggenkampii BP10374 QBX85284.1     11
 BFV67_03600   Enterobacter roggenkampii DSM 16690 AOP94306.1     26
 BFV67_02490   Enterobacter roggenkampii DSM 16690 AOP94094.1     11
 G3T53_02900   Enterobacter roggenkampii Ecl_20_981 QNR09843.1     11
 G3T53_04100   Enterobacter roggenkampii Ecl_20_981 QNR10061.1     26
 D8675_06450   Enterobacter roggenkampii ECY546 QBA37715.1     11
 D8675_05225   Enterobacter roggenkampii ECY546 QBA37490.1     26
 H9W86_03740   Enterobacter roggenkampii Ed-982 QNQ25809.1     26
 H9W86_02425   Enterobacter roggenkampii Ed-982 QNQ25573.1     11
 ED5_0732   Enterobacter roggenkampii ED5 QLC81410.1     26
 ED5_0505   Enterobacter roggenkampii ED5 QLC81187.1     11
 EGY04_13590   Enterobacter roggenkampii FDAARGOS_523 AYY05981.1     11
 EGY04_12040   Enterobacter roggenkampii FDAARGOS_523 AYY05700.1     26
 HZL08_12730   Enterobacter roggenkampii KQ-01 QLG84878.1     26
 HZL08_13920   Enterobacter roggenkampii KQ-01 QLG85099.1     11
 OIPHN260_05960   Enterobacter roggenkampii OIPH-N260 BCL41094.1     11
 OIPHN260_08640   Enterobacter roggenkampii OIPH-N260 BCL41362.1     26
 HV027_02365   Enterobacter roggenkampii RHBSTW-00002 QLP21228.1     11
 HV027_03425   Enterobacter roggenkampii RHBSTW-00002 QLP21412.1     26
 HV081_02590   Enterobacter roggenkampii RHBSTW-00123 QLN66905.1     11
 HV150_03680   Enterobacter roggenkampii RHBSTW-00309 QLV13925.1     26
 STW0522ENT66_05140   Enterobacter roggenkampii STW0522-66 BBV90087.1     11
 STW0522ENT66_07330   Enterobacter roggenkampii STW0522-66 BBV90306.1     26
 GBN88_05155   Enterobacter roggenkampii WCHER090065 QFQ82287.1     26
 GBN88_06280   Enterobacter roggenkampii WCHER090065 QFQ82489.1     11
 ECC18A13_007120   Enterobacter sp. 18A13 BBJ66147.1     26
 ECC18A13_004800   Enterobacter sp. 18A13 BBJ65915.1     11
 Ent638_0457   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP59145.1 A4W615   11
 Ent638_0656   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP59343.1 A4W6L3   26
 Ent638_2996   Enterobacter sp. 638 ABP61660.1 A4WD80   11
 B7P19_03540   Enterobacter sp. Crenshaw AUM02296.1     26
 CU081_01010   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW90346.1     11
 CU081_23800   Enterobacter sp. CRENT-193 ATW94513.1     26
 HWQ15_11045   Enterobacter sp. DSM 30060 QLA02580.1     11
 HWQ15_12190   Enterobacter sp. DSM 30060 QLA02789.1     26
 NI40_003615   Enterobacter sp. E20 ALL16273.1     26
 β-xylosidase (Xyl43) Enterobacter sp. enrichment culture clone nf1B6 AFZ78871.1     11
 AKI40_4004   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO50381.1     11
 AKI40_4170   Enterobacter sp. FY-07 AMO50547.1     26
 EnteroDNA1_03512   Enterobacter sp. HK169 AOL14654.1     26
 HF679_15790   Enterobacter sp. JUb54 RIT712 QNK06266.1     11
 HF679_14405   Enterobacter sp. JUb54 RIT712 QNK06012.1     26
 FZF21_06260   Enterobacter sp. LU1 QEL47030.1     26
 FZF21_07385   Enterobacter sp. LU1 QEL47242.1     11
 ELK40_04405   Enterobacter sp. N18-03635 AZV04403.1     26
 ELK40_03220   Enterobacter sp. N18-03635 AZV04185.1     11
 A4308_00270   Enterobacter sp. ODB01 AMZ75522.1     11
 H650_19380   Enterobacter sp. R4-368 AGN87198.1     26
 HV107_14255   Enterobacter sp. RHBSTW-00175 QMR76696.1     26
 HV189_03840   Enterobacter sp. RHBSTW-00422 QLW24865.1     26
 HV189_02555   Enterobacter sp. RHBSTW-00422 QLW24625.1     11
 HV340_02495   Enterobacter sp. RHBSTW-00975 QLO87536.1     11
 HV340_03605   Enterobacter sp. RHBSTW-00975 QLO87743.1     26
 GXP72_03775   Enterobacter sp. SES19 QIR21583.1     26
 GXP72_02655   Enterobacter sp. SES19 QIR21372.1     11
 G0034_02440   Enterobacter sp. T2 QIB80632.1     11
 G0034_03755   Enterobacter sp. T2 QIB80867.1     26
 H2Z33_04200   Enterobacter sp. YSU QPX98542.1     26
 H2Z33_05355   Enterobacter sp. YSU QPX98758.1     11
 CRX67_02635   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium A-F18 QIH62133.1     11
 CRX67_24190   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium A-F18 QIH65897.1     10
 CRX67_20190   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium A-F18 QIH65203.1     26
 CRX67_21425   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium A-F18 QIH65429.1     11
 F652_2554   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium bta3-1 AJR00543.1     26
 C2U51_18365   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH1 AUV02810.1     11
 C2U51_17090   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH1 AUV02580.1     26
 C2U52_07840   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH2 AUV06191.1     10
 C2U52_14535   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH2 AUV07406.1     11
 C2U52_02820   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH2 AUV05288.1     26
 C2U55_27570   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH3 AUU92550.1     11
 C2U55_09890   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH3 AUU89375.1     26
 C2U55_08675   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH3 AUU89153.1     11
 C2U55_05120   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium ENNIH3 AUU88517.1     10
 GE278_02665   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium Kacie_13 QLK59756.1     10
 GE278_03635   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium Kacie_13 QLK59935.1     26
 CUC76_12460   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium S05 AWB62345.1     11
 CUC76_11065   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium S05 AWB62090.1     26
 D782_3760   Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57 AGB79668.1     26
 CGC65_11900   Enterocloster bolteae ATCC BAA-613 ASN95323.1     10
 HLY09_06460   Enterocloster bolteae CBBP-2 QJU19072.1     11
 HLY09_14055   Enterocloster bolteae CBBP-2 QJU20451.1     10
 I6J61_02535   Enterocloster bolteae FDAARGOS_1231 QRP39989.1     10
 FOC47_26345   Enterocloster clostridioformis FDAARGOS_739 QIX93751.1     10
 I5Q83_04370   Enterocloster clostridioformis YL32 QQR01614.1     11
 I5Q83_01755   Enterocloster clostridioformis YL32 QQR01186.1     10
 EH197_06445   Enterococcus avium 352 QCQ11837.1     12
 D8N35_07245   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ44889.1     11
 D8N35_07315   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ44903.1     12
 D8N35_00400   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ43637.1     11
 D8N35_04555   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ44408.1     11
 D8N35_01600   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ43853.1     4
 D8N35_01605   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ43854.1     26
 D8N35_01585   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ43850.1     4
 D8N35_10875   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC-369 AYJ45556.1     11
 ECBG_01573   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV39304.1     4
 ECBG_01574   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV39305.1     26
 ECBG_01577   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV39308.2     4
 ECBG_02111   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV39842.1     11
 ECBG_02611   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV40342.1     12
 ECBG_02600   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC20 EEV40331.2     11
 GFU50_02090   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN28381.1     26
 GFU50_02095   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN28382.1     4
 GFU50_03380   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN28603.1     27
 GFU50_03360   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN28599.1     12
 GFU50_14535   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN30658.1     12
 GFU50_03450   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN28615.1     10
 GFU50_10330   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN29881.1     11
 GFU50_17030   Enterococcus casseliflavus EC291 QGN31106.1     11
 EGM182_03005   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG29859.1     26
 EGM182_16900   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG32390.1     11
 EGM182_14375   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG31932.1     11
 EGM182_14305   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG31919.1     12
 EGM182_00515   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG29386.1    
 EGM182_10560   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG31222.1     11
 EGM182_00595   Enterococcus casseliflavus EGM182 QOG29399.1     28
 LIU_03500   Enterococcus durans KLDS 6.0930 AKZ47581.1     11
 LIANG_08575   Enterococcus durans KLDS6.0933 AKX86210.1     11
 FS851_03860   Enterococcus durans VREdu QED60948.1     11
 FS851_03865   Enterococcus durans VREdu QED59088.1     24
 EFE1002_2129   Enterococcus faecium CUX99607.1     26
 EFE1165_2549   Enterococcus faecium CVH53701.1     26
 EFE1002_2263   Enterococcus faecium CUX99741.1     11
 Sequence 5122 from patent US 6583275   Enterococcus faecium AAQ44564.1     26
 Sequence 4149 from patent US 6583275   Enterococcus faecium AAQ43591.1
 CXH17_03405   Enterococcus faecium 13-009 AVJ41771.1     11
 CXH17_04325   Enterococcus faecium 13-009 AVJ41938.1     26
 CXR19_01875   Enterococcus faecium 13-022 AVJ44389.1     26
 CXR19_01170   Enterococcus faecium 13-022 AVJ44263.1     11
 CWC51_012770   Enterococcus faecium 15-307-1 QKL19344.1     11
 CWC51_012065   Enterococcus faecium 15-307-1 QKL19219.1     26
 CDL00_12555   Enterococcus faecium 16-346 ATU31029.1     26
 CDL00_13310   Enterococcus faecium 16-346 ATU31162.1     11
 NCTC7173_02269 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium 3012STDY6244127 VFA49348.1     11
 NCTC7173_02125 (XsA)   Enterococcus faecium 3012STDY6244127 VFA49212.1     26
 AMR85_05240   Enterococcus faecium 64/3 ALF49449.1     26
 AMR85_05935   Enterococcus faecium 64/3 ALF49579.1     11
 AWJ25_01660   Enterococcus faecium 6E6 ALZ51012.1     26
 AWJ25_13030   Enterococcus faecium 6E6 ALZ53104.1     11
 HI839_011080   Enterococcus faecium A10290 QMX43227.1     26
 HI839_011790   Enterococcus faecium A10290 QMX43357.1     11
 HI861_011845   Enterococcus faecium A11051 QMX46365.1     11
 HI861_011160   Enterococcus faecium A11051 QMX46239.1     26
 HI843_011215   Enterococcus faecium A15023 QMX49051.1     26
 HI843_011895   Enterococcus faecium A15023 QMX49174.1     11
 H4J14_11025   Enterococcus faecium A3895 QMV92985.1     26
 H4J14_11705   Enterococcus faecium A3895 QMV93110.1     11
 H4J15_11260   Enterococcus faecium A4694 QMV87453.1     11
 H4J15_10545   Enterococcus faecium A4694 QMV87322.1     26
 HI837_011425   Enterococcus faecium A6521 QOE36542.1     26
 H4J16_11155   Enterococcus faecium A7214 QMV90166.1     26
 H4J16_11870   Enterococcus faecium A7214 QMV90297.1     11
 BXT96_07870   Enterococcus faecium AALTL AUO61564.1     11
 BXT96_08650   Enterococcus faecium AALTL AUO61706.1     26
 AX771_12560   Enterococcus faecium ATCC 700221 AMQ98218.1     11
 EFAU004_02344   Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 AFC64427.1     26
 EFAU004_02534   Enterococcus faecium Aus0004 AFC64616.1     11
 EFAU085_02408   Enterococcus faecium Aus0085 AGS76362.1     26
 EFAU085_02615   Enterococcus faecium Aus0085 AGS76568.1     11
 J0K77_11270   Enterococcus faecium AUSMDU00011555 QSP99453.1     26
 J0K77_12645   Enterococcus faecium AUSMDU00011555 QSP99681.1     11
 HI828_011495   Enterococcus faecium BA17124 QMX51973.1     11
 HI828_010785   Enterococcus faecium BA17124 QMX51843.1     26
 HC353_12470   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 ALE QIT59624.1     26
 HC353_00920   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 ALE QIT57544.1     11
 HC353_01795   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 ALE QIT57684.1     11
 HC354_11790   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 WT QIT62007.1     26
 HC354_01120   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 WT QIT60070.1     11
 HC354_00245   Enterococcus faecium BIOPOP-3 WT QIT59931.1     11
 DPR13_11100   Enterococcus faecium BM4105-RF AWX48421.1     26
 DPR13_11855   Enterococcus faecium BM4105-RF AWX48558.1     11
 HI838_003800   Enterococcus faecium BP3378 QMX55705.1     26
 HI838_004520   Enterococcus faecium BP3378 QMX55833.1     11
 HI834_010780   Enterococcus faecium BP5067 QMX57525.1     26
 HI834_011490   Enterococcus faecium BP5067 QMX57656.1     11
 HI829_011205   Enterococcus faecium BP657 QMX60252.1     26
 HI829_011925   Enterococcus faecium BP657 QMX60384.1     11
 C0649_11305   Enterococcus faecium CBA7134 QAA20552.1     26
 B6S05_12775   Enterococcus faecium CFSAN059070 AWV59401.1     11
 B6S05_12015   Enterococcus faecium CFSAN059070 AWV59266.1     26
 B6S06_12790   Enterococcus faecium CFSAN059071 AWV62423.1     11
 B6S06_12030   Enterococcus faecium CFSAN059071 AWV62287.1     26
 CVT45_10320   Enterococcus faecium Com15 AZV37206.1     11
 CVT45_09675   Enterococcus faecium Com15 AZV37090.1     26
 I7089_12045   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 1 QPQ42450.1     11
 I7089_11350   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 1 QPQ42323.1     26
 JCP67_08670   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 5 QQA38513.1     11
 JCP67_09375   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 5 QQA38640.1     26
 JCP78_12510   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 71_1 QQJ92163.1     11
 JCP78_11815   Enterococcus faecium Dallas 71_1 QQJ92038.1     26
 FHJ99_00725   Enterococcus faecium DB-1 QDA50861.1     26
 FHJ99_01425   Enterococcus faecium DB-1 QDA50987.1     11
 FZP47_10675   Enterococcus faecium DMEA02 QEN53040.1     26
 HMPREF0351_12337 (XsA)   Enterococcus faecium DO AFK59961.1     26
 HMPREF0351_12476 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium DO AFK60100.1     11
 F0186_10745   Enterococcus faecium DT1-1 QJS44031.1     26
 F0186_11700   Enterococcus faecium DT1-1 QJS43750.1     11
 BO233_01540   Enterococcus faecium E1 APE39201.1     11
 BO233_02220   Enterococcus faecium E1 APE39327.1     26
 BK413_12115   Enterococcus faecium E232 ATW37152.1     11
 BK413_11395   Enterococcus faecium E232 ATW37017.1     26
 BK695_11360   Enterococcus faecium E240 ATU01044.1     26
 BK695_12075   Enterococcus faecium E240 ATU01178.1     11
 BK696_12070   Enterococcus faecium E243 ATU04129.1     11
 BK696_11355   Enterococcus faecium E243 ATU03995.1     26
 XM37_11615   Enterococcus faecium E39 ANB94757.1     11
 XM37_10900   Enterococcus faecium E39 ANB94623.1     26
 EfmE745_02468 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium E745 AOT79728.1     11
 EfmE745_00817   Enterococcus faecium E745 AOT78151.1     26
 CO994_02433 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04120.3A AUI19640.1     11
 CO994_02288   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04120.3A AUI19498.1     26
 CO995_02286   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04462.3A AUI22466.1     26
 CO995_02431 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04462.3A AUI22608.1     11
 CO996_02287   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04484.3A AUI25438.1     26
 CO996_02432 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04484.3A AUI25580.1     11
 CO997_02295   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.3A AUI34314.1     26
 CO997_02444 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.3A AUI34457.1     11
 CO998_02286   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.5A AUI28412.1     26
 CO998_02431 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.5A AUI28554.1     11
 FHK66_11715   Enterococcus faecium F17E0263 QDA39094.1     11
 FHK66_12465   Enterococcus faecium F17E0263 QDA39227.1     26
 JG556_11185   Enterococcus faecium fac90 QQV80624.1     11
 JG556_10490   Enterococcus faecium fac90 QQV80499.1     26
 CEQ01_07675   Enterococcus faecium FDAARGOS_323 AVL45154.1     11
 CEQ01_13365   Enterococcus faecium FDAARGOS_323 AVL46158.1     26
 CEQ01_12325   Enterococcus faecium FDAARGOS_323 AVL45965.1     11
 HPK29_10765   Enterococcus faecium FS 86 QKE88611.1     26
 HPK29_11720   Enterococcus faecium FS 86 QKE88331.1     11
 EA467_06390   Enterococcus faecium Gr17 AYQ60075.1     26
 FGF98_07885   Enterococcus faecium HOU503 QCW97156.1     11
 FGF98_07150   Enterococcus faecium HOU503 QCW97029.1     26
 CTI32_12695   Enterococcus faecium HY07 AYA35165.1     26
 CTI32_13445   Enterococcus faecium HY07 AYA35301.1     11
 AL014_14770   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM17431.1     26
 AL014_14100   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM17304.1     11
 AL024_13020   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM38529.1     11
 AL024_13735   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM38665.1     26
 AL025_04085   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON60099.1     26
 AL025_03395   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON59973.1     11
 AL026_13865   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV55158.1     26
 AL026_14650   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV55299.1     11
 AL015_12650   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_2 AOM20082.1     26
 AL015_01905   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_2 AOM18112.1     11
 AL016_05380   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM21841.1     26
 AL016_06095   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM21976.1     11
 AL017_11660   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM26065.1     26
 AL017_12335   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM26190.1     11
 AL018_03190   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM27481.1     11
 AL018_03900   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM27612.1     26
 AL020_00195   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM29895.1     26
 AL020_13395   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM32300.1     11
 AL021_07510   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM34249.1     11
 AL021_08190   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM34377.1     26
 AL023_11970   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV57948.1     26
 AL023_12755   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV58089.1     11
 B4W81_07680   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-268 AQY31867.1     26
 B4W81_06270   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-268 AQY31612.1     11
 B4W80_10965   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-63 AQY29409.1     26
 B4W80_12055   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-63 AQY29605.1     11
 D9Z05_12220   Enterococcus faecium JE1 AYM73970.1     11
 D9Z05_11415   Enterococcus faecium JE1 AYM73823.1     26
 D9Z05_13140   Enterococcus faecium JE1 AYM74114.1     11
 CNX66_12245   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD79296.1     11
 CNX66_11480   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD79164.1     26
 I4Q37_10870   Enterococcus faecium KCCM 12118 QPL57506.1     11
 I4Q37_10170   Enterococcus faecium KCCM 12118 QPL57380.1     26
 EfmKUHS13_22140 (XsA)   Enterococcus faecium KUHS13 BBU66596.1     26
 EfmKUHS13_23520   Enterococcus faecium KUHS13 BBU66734.1     11
 F6447_10750   Enterococcus faecium LAC7.2 QIS84381.1     26
 F6447_11430   Enterococcus faecium LAC7.2 QIS84506.1     11
 CWE29_12450   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC73837.1     26
 CWE29_12445   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC73836.1     4
 CWE29_02165   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC72000.1     26
 CWE29_12430   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC73833.1     4
 CWE29_01430   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC71869.1     11
 EI543_02995   Enterococcus faecium ME3 QHQ47196.1     11
 EI543_00955   Enterococcus faecium ME3 QHQ46834.1     26
 FHK65_10375   Enterococcus faecium N56454 QDB91041.1     26
 FHK65_11135   Enterococcus faecium N56454 QDB91174.1     11
 NCTC7174_02176 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium NCTC7174 VEF86093.1     11
 NCTC7174_02040 (XsA)   Enterococcus faecium NCTC7174 VEF85966.1     26
 EO217_11645   Enterococcus faecium NM213 QCK23847.1     11
 EO217_12385   Enterococcus faecium NM213 QCK23978.1     26
 M7W_2492   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE31088.1     11
 M7W_2356   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE30954.1     26
 EFQU50X_00196   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI25615.1     4
 EFQU50X_00192 (Abfa_1)   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI25611.1     26
 EFQU50X_00193   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI25612.1     4
 EFQU50X_02224   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI27597.1     11
 EFQU50X_00923   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI26335.1     10
 EFQU50X_02078 (Abfa_4)   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI27456.1     26
 EFQU50X_00907 (Abfa_3)   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI26319.1     27
 EFQU50X_00902   Enterococcus faecium QU 50 BBI26314.1     12
 EBB55_11840   Enterococcus faecium RBWH1 AZQ18371.1     26
 EBB55_12565   Enterococcus faecium RBWH1 AZQ18502.1     11
 CX663_12440   Enterococcus faecium SC4 AUH48561.1     11
 CX663_11685   Enterococcus faecium SC4 AUH48423.1     26
 SMVRE20_02349 (XynB)   Enterococcus faecium SMVRE20 BBI40004.1     11

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