Glycoside Hydrolase Family 30 / Subf 2

Activities in Familyendo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC; β-glucosidase (; β-glucuronidase (EC; β-xylosidase (EC; β-fucosidase (EC; glucosylceramidase (EC; β-1,6-glucanase (EC; glucuronoarabinoxylan endo-β-1,4-xylanase (EC; endo-β-1,6-galactanase (EC:; [reducing end] β-xylosidase (EC 3.2.1.-)
Activities in Sub Family
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseGlu (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (inferred)
NoteFollowing St John et al. [FEBS Letters 584:4435-4441 (2010); PMID: 20932833] several GH5 subfamilies have been reassigned to GH30. The subfamilies in GH30 are now indicated.
External resourcesCAZypedia; Gaucher Disease; PRINTS;
Statistics GenBank accession (149); Uniprot accession (23);
All (148) Bacteria (148) Characterized (3)
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Protein Name EC#Organism GenBankUniprotPDB/3DSubf
 LK13_16310   Paenibacillus polymyxa CF05 AIY10009.1     2
 X809_03005   Paenibacillus polymyxa CR1 AHC18285.1     2
 PPE_00621   Paenibacillus polymyxa E681 ADM68475.1 E0RFE0   2
 C1A50_0702 (SrfJ)   Paenibacillus polymyxa HY96-2 AUS24890.1     2
 AOU00_15855   Paenibacillus polymyxa J AOK91166.1     2
 PPM_0644 (Srfj1)   Paenibacillus polymyxa M1 CCC83581.1     2
 RE92_08470   Paenibacillus polymyxa Sb3-1 AJE51099.1     2
 PPSC2_c0694   Paenibacillus polymyxa SC2 ADO54677.1 E3EGN8   2
 PPSQR21_006730   Paenibacillus polymyxa SQR-21 SQR21 AHM64336.1     2
 PPYC1_21115   Paenibacillus polymyxa YC0136 APB72722.1     2
 PPYC2_23345   Paenibacillus polymyxa YC0573 APB77704.1     2
 PRIO_1977   Paenibacillus riograndensis SBR5 CQR54387.1     2
 BBD42_27220   Paenibacillus sp. BIHB4019 ANY69773.1     2
 H70357_08790   Paenibacillus sp. FSL H7-0357 AIQ16743.1     2
 P40081_25820   Paenibacillus sp. FSL P4-0081 AIQ31202.1     2
 ASL14_08635   Paenibacillus sp. IHB B 3084 ALP36222.1     2
 C0638_04445   Paenibacillus sp. lzh-N1 AUO05873.1     2
 HPL003_10925   Paenibacillus terrae HPL-003 AET58944.1     2
 BS614_02285   Paenibacillus xylanexedens PAMC 22703 APO43005.1     2
 BDI_3785   Parabacteroides distasonis ATCC 8503 ABR45472.1 A6LIF8   2
 CI960_02385   Parabacteroides sp. CT06 AST52304.1     2
 plu2272   Photorhabdus luminescens subsp. laumondii TTO1 CAE14565.1
Q7N4Q0   2
 BWO91_00460   Plantibacter flavus 251 AQX78682.1     2
 BW723_05925   Polaribacter reichenbachii 6Alg 8T APZ45859.1     2
 BTO17_13940   Polaribacter reichenbachii KCTC 23969 AUC19721.1     2
 BTO15_15535   Polaribacter sejongensis KCTC 23670 AUC23425.1     2
 BTO15_16375   Polaribacter sejongensis KCTC 23670 AUC23579.1     2
 BTO15_16450   Polaribacter sejongensis KCTC 23670 AUC23591.1     2
 NXC24_PC02087   Rhizobium sp. NXC24 AVA26513.1     2
 Sked_34530   Sanguibacter keddieii DSM 10542 ACZ23342.1 D1BEQ6   2
 SCIP_1055   Scardovia inopinata JCM 12537 BAR07122.1     2
 ADP73_11095   Serratia plymuthica 3Re4-18 ANJ98456.1     2
 ADP72_25145   Serratia plymuthica 3Rp8 ANJ96104.1     2
 SOD_c20540   Serratia plymuthica 4Rx13 AGO55028.1     2
 SerAS9_2178   Serratia plymuthica AS9 AEF45304.1     2
 M621_11290   Serratia plymuthica S13 AGP44319.1     2
 SerAS12_2178   Serratia sp. AS12 AEF50255.1     2
 SerAS13_2179   Serratia sp. AS13 AEG27962.1     2
 sce1832   Sorangium cellulosum So ce56 CAN91990.1 A9FJP0   2
 SCE1572_39610   Sorangium cellulosum So0157-2 AGP40077.1     2
 SpiGrapes_0572   Sphaerochaeta pleomorpha str. Grapes AEV28423.1     2
 TF3313_2450   Tannerella forsythia 3313 BAR49889.1     2
 BFO_2803   Tannerella forsythia 92A2 ATCC 43037 AEW22095.1     2
 TFKS16_2528   Tannerella forsythia KS16 BAR52714.1     2
 Theco_0462   Thermobacillus composti KWC4 AGA56679.1     2
 ORF   uncultured bacterium Contig1514 AHF25038.1     2
 β-xylosidase (RuXyn2) uncultured rumen bacterium ADO20355.1 E3TBJ4   2
 AXE80_03600   Wenyingzhuangia fucanilytica CZ1127 ANW95419.1     2

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