Glycoside Hydrolase Family 24

Activities in Familylysozyme (EC
Mechanism Inverting
3D Structure Status α + β
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu
External resourcesCAZypedia; PRINTS;
Statistics GenBank accession (7881); Uniprot accession (786); PDB accession (298); 3D entries (8); cryst (1)
All (7668) Bacteria (6397) Eukaryota (39) Viruses (1226) unclassified (6) Structure (8 - 1 cryst) Characterized (21)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 2AV2_71   Bacteriophage vB_NpeS-2AV2 ALY07523.1    
 BiPBO1_33   Brucella phage BiPBO1 ALJ98247.1    
 gp58   Burkholderia phage Bcep176 ABA60059.1 Q3HQU9  
 ORF   Burkholderia phage BcepB1A AAT37767.1 Q6IWQ8  
 ORF   Burkholderia phage Bp-AMP1 CDK30073.1
 ORF   Burkholderia phage Bp-AMP2 CDL65160.1    
 ORF   Burkholderia phage Bp-AMP4 CDL65241.1    
 J6068_047   Burkholderia phage JG068 AGW43629.1    
 gene79   Burkholderia virus Bcep22 AAQ55011.2 Q6V7L5  
 Gp74   Burkholderia virus Bcepil02 ACR15067.1 C5IHR6  
 BcepMigl_gp73   Burkholderia virus Bcepmigl AFN39142.1    
 DC1_00071   Burkholderia virus DC1 AEZ50888.1    
 gp24   Burkholderia virus phi1026b AAR23175.1
 BPSphi6442_0026   Burkholderia virus phi6442 ABO60862.1 A4JX20  
 gp25   Burkholderia virus phiE125 AAL40298.1
 Ccr10_gp101   Caulobacter phage Ccr10 ARB13630.1    
 Ccr2_gp100   Caulobacter phage Ccr2 ARB13975.1    
 Ccr29_gp108   Caulobacter phage Ccr29 ARB14664.1    
 Ccr32_gp101   Caulobacter phage Ccr32 ARB15019.1    
 Ccr34_gp109   Caulobacter phage Ccr34 ARB15351.1    
 Ccr5_gp101   Caulobacter phage Ccr5 ARB14319.1    
 CcrColossus_gp134   Caulobacter phage CcrColossus AFU88004.1    
 endolysin   Caulobacter phage Cd1 ADD21680.1    
 Lull_050   Caulobacter phage Lullwater ATI16357.1    
 CPT_Percy53   Caulobacter phage Percy ALF01687.1    
 CcrKarma_gp105   Caulobacter virus Karma AFU87622.1    
 CcrMagneto_gp101   Caulobacter virus Magneto AFU87271.1    
 phiCbK_215   Caulobacter virus phiCbK AFO71731.1
 CcrRogue_gp101   Caulobacter virus Rogue AFU86583.1    
 CcrSwift_gp100   Caulobacter virus Swift AFU88418.1    
 lysin   Citrobacter phage CF1 ARK07622.1    
 Cf1_00133   Citrobacter phage CF1 AUE23006.1    
 Cf1_00179 (fragment)   Citrobacter phage CF1 AUE23042.1    
 ORF   Citrobacter phage CVT22 AJT60722.1    
 baseplate hub   Citrobacter phage IME-CF2 AKR15855.1    
 CPT_Margaery198   Citrobacter phage Margaery ALF01887.1    
 CPT_Merlin135   Citrobacter phage Merlin AKU43781.1    
 CPT_Merlin174   Citrobacter phage Merlin AKU43820.1    
 CPT_Michonne96   Citrobacter phage Michonne AKU44045.1    
 CPT_Mijalis092   Citrobacter phage Mijalis ARB06587.1    
 CPTMiller_00198   Citrobacter phage Miller AIK68134.1    
 CPT_Moogle91   Citrobacter phage Moogle AIW03828.1    
 CPT_Moon133   Citrobacter phage Moon AIX12104.1    
 CPT_Moon168   Citrobacter phage Moon AIX12139.1    
 Mordin_93   Citrobacter phage Mordin ALA06909.1    
 ABCD_0194   Citrobacter phage vB_CfrM_CfP1 ANS05938.1    
 CrRp10_cds149   Citrobacter phage vB_CroM_CrRp10 AUV59520.1    
 CrRp10_cds124   Citrobacter phage vB_CroM_CrRp10 AUV59495.1    
 CPT_Stevie39   Citrobacter virus Stevie AIX12308.1    
 CPS1_13   Clostridium phage CPS1 ARW58303.1    
 lysozyme-peptidase   Clostridium phage CpV1 ADR30490.1 E5G070  
 phi24R_gp12   Clostridium phage phi24R AEW47844.1    
 Gp15 protein   Clostridium phage phi3626 AAL96785.1
 phiCP7R_0020   Clostridium phage phiCP7R AFH27100.1    
 phiCPV4_0020   Clostridium phage phiCPV4 AFH27126.1    
 gp15   Clostridium phage PhiS63 AFJ96073.1    
 phiZP2_0021   Clostridium phage phiZP2 AFH27155.1    
 COPG_00042   Colwellia phage 9A AFK66638.1    
 Phage endolysin (Gp46)   Cronobacter phage Dev-CD-23823 CUH74621.1    
 lysozyme   Cronobacter phage ES2 AEM24706.1    
 ORF   Cronobacter phage Pet-CM3-4 SCN45845.1    
 ORF   Cronobacter phage Pet-CM3-4 SCN45808.1    
 phiES15_024   Cronobacter phage phiES15 AFH14946.1    
 S13_157   Cronobacter phage S13 AIA64956.1    
 S13_190   Cronobacter phage S13 AIA64987.1    
 GAP161_188   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_GAP161 AFC22298.1    
 GAP32_233   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_GAP32 GAP-32 AFC21683.1    
 GAP32_234   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_GAP32 GAP-32 AFC21684.1    
 GAP32_180   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_GAP32 GAP-32 AFC21630.1    
 B_197   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_leB AOG16323.1    
 E_200   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_leE AON97208.1    
 N_202   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_leN AOG16607.1    
 GAP227_45   Cronobacter phage vB_CskP_GAP227 AFY63164.1    
 endolysin   Cronobacter virus Esp2949-1 AEM24793.1    
 BF2512_08   Dickeya phage BF25/12 ALA46465.1    
 lysozyme (Gp72)   EBPR siphovirus 1 AEI71236.1    
 lysozyme (Gp67)   EBPR siphovirus 2 AEI71083.1    
 ORF   Edwardsiella phage GF-2 BAP28949.1    
 ORF   Edwardsiella phage MSW-3 BAM68865.1    
 PEi2_ORF-48   Edwardsiella phage PEi2 BAN16787.1    
 Lysozyme murein hydrolase   Edwardsiella phage PEi20 BAQ22778.1    
 baseplate hub subunit and tail lysozyme (5)   Edwardsiella phage PEi20 BAQ22818.1    
 PEi21_ORF-48   Edwardsiella phage PEi21 BAN16858.1    
 baseplate hub subunit and tail lysozyme (5)   Edwardsiella phage PEi26 BAQ23121.1    
 Lysozyme murein hydrolase   Edwardsiella phage PEi26 BAQ23080.1    
 ORF   Enterobacter phage Arya ANN86170.1    
 CC31p132 (E)   Enterobacter phage CC31 ADB81628.1 E5DIE3  
 CC31p154 (5)   Enterobacter phage CC31 ADB81650.1 E5DIG5  
 PG7_128 (E)   Enterobacter phage PG7 AHI61031.1    
 PG7_168   Enterobacter phage PG7 AHI61071.1    
 ABY59_00026   Enterobacter phage phiEap-2 ALA45575.1    
 ADS69_00197   Enterobacter phage phiEap-3 ALA45302.1    
 phiKDA1_60   Enterobacter phage phiKDA1 AFE86153.1    
 ORF   Enterobacter virus F20 AEQ39188.1    
 EP2851_45 (LyS)   Enterobacteria phage 2851 CAQ82032.1 B6ETD7  
 endolysin (fragment)   Enterobacteria phage 2851 CAE53954.1 Q5TJL0  
 ORF28 (fragment)   Enterobacteria phage 933W CAB39308.1 Q9ZWW1  
 endolysin   Enterobacteria phage 933W AAD25450.1
 R protein   Enterobacteria phage BP-4795 CAD32223.1
 EpBp7_0018 (E)   Enterobacteria phage Bp7 AEN93735.1    

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