Glycoside Hydrolase Family 19

Activities in Familychitinase (EC; lysozyme (EC
Mechanism Inverting
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorNot known
NoteContains chitinases of classes I, II, and IV.
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Statistics GenBank accession (8122); Uniprot accession (970); PDB accession (28); 3D entries (16); cryst (0)
All (7293) Bacteria (5300) Eukaryota (1009) Viruses (982) unclassified (2) Structure (16) Characterized (176)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 AHIS1_p088   Acaryochloris phage A-HIS1 CBA17800.1    
 AHIS2_p097   Acaryochloris phage A-HIS2 CBA17904.1    
 PJWF_00032   Achromobacter phage JWF AJD82926.1    
 endolysin   Achromobacter phage Motura QDH83710.1    
 chitinase   Achromobacter phage Motura QDH83648.1    
 lysozyme   Acidovorax phage ACPWH AXY83360.1    
 AB1-73   Acinetobacter phage AB1 ADO14444.1 E2GM11  
 AB3_002   Acinetobacter phage AB3 AGC35303.1    
 AB3_0028 (fragment)   Acinetobacter phage AB3 AGC35329.1    
 carboxypeptidase   Acinetobacter phage AbKT21phiIII AZU98503.1    
 ORF   Acinetobacter phage ABP-01 AHG30899.1    
 ORF   Acinetobacter phage ABP-04 AHG30900.1    
 Abp1_0050   Acinetobacter phage Abp1 AFV51025.1    
 ABPK482_gp51   Acinetobacter phage ABPK48-2 AYR04396.1    
 AJO2_18   Acinetobacter phage AJO2 AYJ76508.1    
 Fri1_51   Acinetobacter phage Fri1 AKQ06856.1    
 carboxypeptidase   Acinetobacter phage IME200 ALJ97637.1    
 IME_AB3_43 (fragment)   Acinetobacter phage IME_AB3 AHI60042.1    
 endolysin (Lysab2)   Acinetobacter phage phiAB2 ADX62345.1    
 phiAB6_gp42   Acinetobacter phage phiAB6 ALA12266.1    
 phiAC-1_0071   Acinetobacter phage phiAC-1 AFU62320.1    
 519_00043   Acinetobacter phage SH-Ab 15519 APD19438.1    
 SHAb15599_00155   Acinetobacter phage SH-Ab 15599 AXF41509.1    
 TAC_0069   Acinetobacter phage TAC1 AZF88457.1    
 Aci011_057   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaM_B09_Aci01-1 AYD85566.1    
 Aci022_058   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaM_B09_Aci02-2 AYD85729.1    
 Aci05_056   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaM_B09_Aci05 AYD82354.1    
 AB9_068   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaM_B9 AWD93229.1    
 phiAbaA1_057   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaM_phiAbaA1 AJK27160.1    
 Aci07_47   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_46-62_Aci07 AYD85879.1    
 vB_AbaP_Acibel007_48   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_Acibel007 AHY26819.1    
 AS11_gp47   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_AS11 AQN32699.1    
 AS12_gp44   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_AS12 APW79832.1    
 Aci08_48   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_B09_Aci08 AYD82886.1    
 B1_47   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_B1 ASN73355.1    
 B3_44   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_B3 ASN73403.1    
 B5_49   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_B5 ASN73457.1    
 endolysin   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_CEB1 ALC76575.1    
 vBAbaPD2_04   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_D2 AVP40474.1    
 vBAbaPPD6A3_16   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_PD-6A3 ALM01856.1    
 vBAbaPPDAB9_5   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaP_PD-AB9 ALM01893.1    
 vBAbaSD0_07   Acinetobacter phage vB_AbaS_D0 QBG78701.1    
 P1_45   Acinetobacter phage vB_ApiP_P1 ASN73506.1    
 P2_50   Acinetobacter phage vB_ApiP_P2 ASN73560.1    
 ABP12_00019   Acinetobacter phage WCHABP12 ARB06760.1    
 WCHABP5_00004   Acinetobacter phage WCHABP5 ARQ94871.1    
 2L372D_202   Aeromonas phage 2-L372D QDB74116.1    
 ORF   Aeromonas phage AsXd-1 AXC33139.1    
 cf8_156   Aeromonas phage CF8 QDB70398.1    
 cf8_151   Aeromonas phage CF8 QDB70393.1    
 D3_0063   Aeromonas phage D3 QDJ96963.1    
 D6_0225   Aeromonas phage D6 QDJ97392.1    
 LAh10_147   Aeromonas phage LAh10 QDH47008.1    
 PS1_0085   Aeromonas phage PS1 QDJ96737.1    
 D11S_2240   Aggregatibacter phage S1249 ACX80313.1 D0UIK2  
 BcepSaruman_282   Burkholderia phage BcepSaruman QBX06695.1    
 BcepSauron_283   Burkholderia phage BcepSauron QBQ74663.1    
 BcepF1.094   Burkholderia virus BcepF1 ABL96825.1 A1YZZ8  
 lytic enzyme   Caulobacter phage Cr30 AGS81164.1    
 CPT_Sansa50   Caulobacter phage Sansa AKU43454.1    
 Phi14:2_gp088   Cellulophaga phage phi14:2 AGO48966.1    
 Phi19:1_gp113   Cellulophaga phage phi19:1 AGO47403.1    
 SEA_ADELAIDE_21   Corynebacterium phage Adelaide QDH94100.1    
 SEA_BRAN_21   Corynebacterium phage Bran QDF20220.1    
 SEA_C3PO_36   Corynebacterium phage C3PO ATW58493.1    
 CRUELLA_36   Corynebacterium phage Cruella AYQ98336.1    
 SEA_DARWIN_39   Corynebacterium phage Darwin ATW58605.1    
 KIMCHI1738_36   Corynebacterium phage Kimchi1738 AYQ98428.1    
 lysin   Corynebacterium phage P1201 ABF57506.1 A7IYC3  
 PETEYPAB_38   Corynebacterium phage PeteyPab AYR03372.1    
 phi673_gp22   Corynebacterium phage phi673 ATW62884.1    
 phi674_gp20   Corynebacterium phage phi674 ATW62938.1    
 SEA_POTATOCHIP_39   Corynebacterium phage PotatoChip ATW58708.1    
 SEA_STICKYNOTE_38   Corynebacterium phage Stickynote QDF19235.1    
 SEA_ZION_39   Corynebacterium phage Zion ATW58861.1    
 endolysin   Cronobacter phage ENT39118 ADZ13601.1    
 ORF   Cronobacter phage ENT47670 ADZ13641.1    
 GAP31_135   Cronobacter phage vB_CsaM_GAP31 AFC21317.1    
 CPKG_00008   Cyanophage KBS-S-2A AGH57639.1    
 ORF 11   Delftia phage PhiW-14 ACV50034.1 C9DFY3  
 baseplate hub subunit / tail lysozyme (82)   Delftia phage PhiW-14 ACV50104.1 C9DG53  
 DVVG_00014   Dunaliella viridis virus SI2 AGH16000.1    
 pETSU_197   Edwardsiella virus pEt-SU QBZ70778.1    
 ORF   Enterobacter phage Tyrion ANN86198.1    
 mEp390_050   Enterobacterial phage mEp390 AFM76146.1    
 Ea357_161   Erwinia phage Ea35-70 AHI60312.1    
 glycoside hydrolase family protein   Erwinia phage PhiEaH1 AGX01869.1    
 REBECCA_164   Erwinia phage Rebecca QBP07271.1    
 BOSOLAPHORUS_164   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Bosolaphorus AUG85951.1    
 DM_168   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Deimos-Minion ANH52266.1    
 DESERTFOX_163   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Desertfox AUG86270.1    
 JOAD_230   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Joad ASU03685.1    
 MADMEL_164   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_MadMel AUG86592.1    
 MORTIMER_167   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Mortimer AUG86916.1    
 RAY_162   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_RAY ANH51943.1    
 RISINGSUN_228   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_RisingSun ASU03442.1    
 SIMMY50_165   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Simmy50 ANH51627.1    
 SPECIALG_164   Erwinia phage vB_EamM_Special G ANJ64974.1    
 vBEliSR6L_74   Erythrobacter phage vB_EliS_R6L APZ81839.1    
 ECTP10_01625   Escherichia coli O157 typing phage 10 AKE46454.1    

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