Glycoside Hydrolase Family 19

Activities in Familychitinase (EC; lysozyme (EC
Mechanism Inverting
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseNot known
Catalytic Proton DonorNot known
NoteContains chitinases of classes I, II, and IV.
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Statistics GenBank accession (9949); Uniprot accession (968); PDB accession (28); 3D entries (16); cryst (0)
All (9139) Bacteria (6696) Eukaryota (1116) Viruses (1201) unclassified (126) Structure (16) Characterized (174)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 NCTC13529_01463   Chryseobacterium nakagawai NCTC13529 VEH19385.1    
 NCTC13529_01831   Chryseobacterium nakagawai NCTC13529 VEH19751.1    
 NCTC13529_02014   Chryseobacterium nakagawai NCTC13529 VEH19933.1    
 NCTC13529_01745 (fragment)   Chryseobacterium nakagawai NCTC13529 VEH19666.1    
 NCTC13529_00939   Chryseobacterium nakagawai NCTC13529 VEH18900.1    
 EG349_11945   Chryseobacterium shandongense G0207 AZA87452.1    
 EG349_17530   Chryseobacterium shandongense G0207 AZA88444.1    
 EG350_05510   Chryseobacterium shandongense G0239 AZA56665.1    
 EG353_16230 (fragment)   Chryseobacterium shandongense H5143 AZA96988.1    
 EG353_10410   Chryseobacterium shandongense H5143 AZA95953.1    
 EG344_04770   Chryseobacterium sp. G0162 AZB08219.1    
 EG344_03610   Chryseobacterium sp. G0162 AZB08002.1    
 EG348_10575   Chryseobacterium sp. G0201 AZA53422.1    
 ATE47_04230 (fragment)   Chryseobacterium sp. IHB B 17019 ALR29777.1    
 ATE47_02290   Chryseobacterium sp. IHB B 17019 ALR29433.1    
 SAMEA4412677_00121   Chryseobacterium taklimakanense NCTC13490 SNV32226.1    
 SAMEA4412677_00118   Chryseobacterium taklimakanense NCTC13490 SNV32205.1    
 F384_04130   Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 AKE58389.1    
 F384_11175   Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 AKE59108.1    
 F384_10720   Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 AKE59024.1    
 F384_22540   Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 AKE61143.1    
 CEP69_03865   Citrobacter braakii FDAARGOS_290 ASE41975.1    
 CI104_09460   Citrobacter farmeri AUSMDU00008141 AST79291.1    
 E4174_24535   Citrobacter freundii 154 QGJ53848.1    
 E4174_12265   Citrobacter freundii 154 QGJ51630.1    
 E4174_05345   Citrobacter freundii 154 QGJ50349.1    
 E4177_15695   Citrobacter freundii 565 QGJ46991.1    
 E4177_13530   Citrobacter freundii 565 QGJ46594.1    
 E4177_25980   Citrobacter freundii 565 QGJ48876.1    
 E4177_12065   Citrobacter freundii 565 QGJ46322.1    
 GZS04_17040   Citrobacter freundii 62 QHX03665.1    
 GZS04_15635   Citrobacter freundii 62 QHX03409.1    
 E4179_18220   Citrobacter freundii 680 QGJ42120.1    
 E4179_11915   Citrobacter freundii 680 QGJ40963.1    
 E4179_08295   Citrobacter freundii 680 QGJ40291.1    
 E4179_09770   Citrobacter freundii 680 QGJ40565.1    
 CES93_12680   Citrobacter freundii 705SK3 ASG44429.1    
 AM348_14695   Citrobacter freundii AR_0021 ATX92777.1    
 AM349_09780   Citrobacter freundii AR_0022 ATX96359.1    
 AM350_16540   Citrobacter freundii AR_0023 AVD79158.1    
 CfB38_1887   Citrobacter freundii B38 ANZ86808.1    
 CfB38_1070   Citrobacter freundii B38 ANZ85996.1    
 CfB38_2017   Citrobacter freundii B38 ANZ86938.1    
 CfB38_1718   Citrobacter freundii B38 ANZ86639.1    
 FR753_10310   Citrobacter freundii C50 QFH75042.1    
 AB180_08385   Citrobacter freundii CAV1321 AKL17028.1    
 AB183_25535   Citrobacter freundii CAV1741 AKL59123.1    
 AB183_13965   Citrobacter freundii CAV1741 AKL56985.1    
 E1A41_10005   Citrobacter freundii CAV1857 QBK98653.1    
 CFNIH1_11350   Citrobacter freundii CFNIH1 AHY12083.1    
 CFNIH1_22435   Citrobacter freundii CFNIH1 AHY14185.1    
 C2U38_24035   Citrobacter freundii complex sp. CFNIH3 AUV28371.1    
 C2U41_13710   Citrobacter freundii complex sp. CFNIH4 AUZ70325.1    
 CU079_22695   Citrobacter freundii CRCB-101 ATX04219.1    
 FR815_05980   Citrobacter freundii E33 QFH79414.1    
 EGY10_06335   Citrobacter freundii FDAARGOS_550 AYY43590.1    
 MC47_020400   Citrobacter freundii FDAARGOS_61 AUT97513.1    
 CUC52_11225   Citrobacter freundii HM38 AYL75993.1    
 CUC52_10485   Citrobacter freundii HM38 AYL75862.1    
 CFOXA204_0145   Citrobacter freundii N16-03880 AVX50979.1    
 P10159_4093   Citrobacter freundii P10159 ALD78838.1    
 FGF61_21975   Citrobacter freundii R47 QCW56711.1    
 CUC47_23985   Citrobacter freundii UMH15 AYL54352.1    
 CUC47_14450   Citrobacter freundii UMH15 AYL52647.1    
 CUC47_26770   Citrobacter freundii UMH15 AYL54851.1    
 BN1086_00825   Citrobacter koseri CDZ82738.1    
 BN1086_02053   Citrobacter koseri CDZ83920.1    
 AM351_17220   Citrobacter koseri AR_0024 AVE69425.1    
 AM352_18420   Citrobacter koseri AR_0025 AVE61290.1    
 AM352_16990   Citrobacter koseri AR_0025 AVE59948.1    
 CKO_02215   Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895 ABV13338.1 A8AIM5  
 CEP66_15720   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_287 ASE83919.1    
 CEP66_23410   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_287 ASE85222.1    
 CO700_07240   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_393 ATF96854.1    
 CO700_14720   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_393 ATF98205.1    
 EGX86_19995   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_530 AYY76530.1    
 FOB54_06070   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_646 QEU23204.1    
 NCTC11075_05233 (Chia_2)   Citrobacter koseri NCTC11075 VEB94316.1    
 HH197_09065   Citrobacter koseri SCAID URN1-2019 QJI78412.1    
 FOB25_21030   Citrobacter portucalensis FDAARGOS_617 QET58770.1    
 FOC46_22375   Citrobacter portucalensis FDAARGOS_738 QGS16108.1    
 CITRO92_4576   Citrobacter sp. 92 SBA30562.1    
 CITRO92_0861   Citrobacter sp. 92 SAZ04968.1    
 E6P06_20665   Citrobacter sp. CF971 QDE45471.1    
 E6P06_05290   Citrobacter sp. CF971 QDE42692.1    
 AN232_15090   Citrobacter sp. CRE-46 AR_0156 AWS96438.1    
 E1B03_07675   Citrobacter sp. LY-1 QBM22323.1    
 GBC03_19360   Citrobacter sp. NMI7904_11 QFS72210.1    
 GFB57_14140   Citrobacter sp. S39 QFX89661.1    
 C3B53_10370   Citrobacter sp. SL156 QAR64987.1    
 FD428_13895   Citrobacter sp. TBCP-5362 QCQ72038.1    
 HF677_005765   Citrobacter sp. TSA-1 QKE19208.1    
 FOB24_17865   Citrobacter werkmanii FDAARGOS_616 QET67342.1    
 NCTC13709_01790   Citrobacter youngae NCTC13709 VEI41187.1    
 CIBE_4083   Clostridium beijerinckii CUU49179.1    
 Cbs_3373   Clostridium beijerinckii ATCC 35702 SA-1 AIU03043.1    
 CLBIJ_35830   Clostridium beijerinckii BAS/B3/I/124 AQS06140.1    
 LF65_03860   Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 14988 AJH00412.1    
 Cbei_3373   Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052 ABR35499.1 A6LYR9  
 X276_09285   Clostridium beijerinckii NRRL B-598 ALB45455.1    

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