Glycoside Hydrolase Family 18

Activities in Familychitinase (EC; lysozyme (EC; endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-); Nod factor hydrolase (EC 3.2.1.-); xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/Basecarbonyl oxygen of C-2 acetamido group of substrate
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteContains chitinases of classes III and V. Contains non-catalytic proteins such as xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (17087); Uniprot accession (3282); PDB accession (327); 3D entries (87); cryst (3)
All (15534) Archaea (62) Bacteria (11560) Eukaryota (3361) Viruses (313) unclassified (238) Structure (87 - 3 cryst) Characterized (482)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98687.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98688.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98689.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98690.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98691.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98692.1    
 Chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma orientale CDM98693.1    
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma parareesei C.P.K. 3692 ADQ89772.1 E5F5K8  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma parareesei CBS 125925 ADQ89773.1 E5F5K9  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma parareesei TUB F-430 ADQ89778.1 E5F5L4  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma parareesei TUB F-733 ADQ89777.1 E5F5L3  
 chitinase (ChI) (fragment)   Trichoderma piluliferum CBS 224.84 ADX98513.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pinnatum GJS 02-120 AEV54183.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pinnatum GJS 04-100 AEV54182.1    
 endochitinase (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma placentula CBS 120924 ACL81028.1 B8X9T7  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pleuroticola TRS120 AJD86791.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pleuroticola TRS70 AJD86790.1    
 endochitinase (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum C.P.K. 1989 ACL81025.1 B8X9T4  
 42 kDa endochitinase (Ech42) (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum CBS 820.68 AAL96584.1 Q8TG33  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 86-540 AAQ79787.1 Q6XCJ9  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 88-59 AAQ79788.1 Q6XCJ8  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 89-135 AAQ79789.1 Q6XCJ7  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 90-126 AAQ79791.1 Q6XCJ5  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 90-63 AAQ79790.1 Q6XCJ6  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 99-207 AAQ79793.1 Q6XCJ3  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 99-221 AAQ79794.1 Q6XCJ2  
 endochitinase (fragment)   Trichoderma polysporum GJS 99-90 AAQ79792.1 Q6XCJ4  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pseudokoningii GJS 81-300 AEV54204.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pseudokoningii GJS 99-149 AEV54206.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma pseudokoningii GJS NS 19 AEV54205.1    
 endochitinase (Chit-P) Trichoderma pseudokoningii TMI-60683 BAB40594.1 Q9C1T4  
 endochitinase 42 (fragment)   Trichoderma pubescens CBS 345.93 AAV98520.1 Q5IS08  
 ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma pubescens DAOM 166162 ABA64417.1 Q5IS08  
 chitinase (Chi46) Trichoderma reesei BAD44715.1 Q65YQ7  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei ATCC 208851 ADQ89785.1 E5F5M1  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei CBS 383.78 ADQ89779.1 E5F5L5  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei G.J.S. 86-404 ADQ89780.1 E5F5L6  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei G.J.S. 96-401 ADQ89790.1 E5F5M6  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 00-09 AEV54219.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 00-89 AEV54218.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 04-115 AEV54223.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 09-74 AEV54220.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 10-189 AEV54221.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma reesei GJS 97-38 AEV54222.1    
 mannosyl-glycoprotein endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase T (EndoT;Endo T;ENGase;Eng18A) Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30 CAZ16624.1
C4RA89 4AC1[X]
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma rossicum DAOM 230010 ADP37572.1 E3W1Z4  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma rossicum DAOM 230011 ADP37571.1 E3W1Z3  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma rossicum GJS 07-72 ADP37568.1 E3W1Z0  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma rossicum GJS 98-89 ADP37573.1 E3W1Z5  
 42kDa endochitinase (EndoChi42)   Trichoderma saturnisporum ADB89219.1
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma saturnisporum ATCC 28023 AEV54191.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi-18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma saturnisporum C.P.K. 3406 AFS60182.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma saturnisporum GJS 99-17 AEV54193.1    
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma saturnisporum IMI 146852 ADQ89794.1 E5F5N0  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma saturnisporum S19 AEV54192.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sinense DAOM 230004 AEV54198.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma solani GJS 08-81 AEV54216.1    
 ChiA (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. 04-001 02-001 AAY24420.1 Q4ZIM6  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011a GJS 01-355 AEV54202.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011a GJS 09-62 AEV54203.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011a GJS 90-140 AEV54201.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011c GJS 10-263 AEV54217.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011d GJS 81-264 AEV54195.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011d GJS 81-265 AEV54194.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. AAI-2011d GJS 99-113 AEV54196.1    
 chitinase Chit36   Trichoderma sp. BTM-T3 ABQ53133.1 A5JV26  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. C.P.K. 1837 IMI 146852 ADQ89795.1 E5F5N1  
 Chi18-5 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. C.P.K. 524 TUB F-1034 ADQ89791.1 E5F5M7  
 chi18-13 (partial)   Trichoderma sp. CBS 816.68 CBS 275.78 ADF57305.1 D6N0Y3  
 endochitinase Trichoderma sp. HZ012 ABU41786.1 A7UGE4  
 chitenase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. IL-2016a PPRI19281 ANJ88949.1    
 chitenase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. IL-2016b PPRI19363 ANJ88950.1    
 chitenase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. IL-2016c PPRI19367 ANJ88952.1    
 chitenase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. IL-2016d PPRI19365 ANJ88951.1    
 endochitinase (Chit42)   Trichoderma sp. MJH2005 / Trichoderma tansarum AAZ66857.1
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. MKZ-2007a ZD 56-2 ABV02939.1 A9LDS2  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. MKZ-2007b SZMC 3005 ABV02940.1 A9LDS3  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. MKZ-2007b SZMC 3205 ABV02941.1 A9LDS4  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. MKZ-2007b SZMC 3208 ABV02942.1 A9LDS5  
 Ech42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. PPRC J11 ACD46761.1 B7SLA7  
 42 kDa endochitinase (Ech42) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. PPRI 3559 AAL96587.1 Q8TG30  
 endochitinase (Chi) (short fragment)   Trichoderma sp. RV-2006 / S17-TH CAJ87103.2    
 endochitinase 42 (Ech42) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. THSoW29508 ADJ56405.1 D9MWV9  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. TRS29 AJD86883.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. TRS33 AJD86884.1    
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. TRS4 AJD86882.1    
 chitinase (ech-42)   Trichoderma sp. w512 ABE96638.1 Q1KPW0  
 endochitinase (chit42) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. YMF1.01693 ABF81828.1 Q19AT2  
 endochitinase (chit42) (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. YMF1.01694 ABF81829.1 Q19AT1  
 endochitinase 42 (fragment)   Trichoderma sp. zd 56 AAU84850.1 Q53AR8  
 endochitinase (Ech42) (fragment)   Trichoderma spirale CBS 346.93 AAM90609.1 Q8NK27  
 chitinase 18-5, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma spirale TRS111 AJD86811.1    
 endochitinase (Ech42) (fragment)   Trichoderma strictipile CBS 347.93 AAM90610.1 Q8NK26  
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosellum CPK 3599 AFM97020.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosellum CPK 3600 AFM97026.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosellum CPK 3603 AFM97023.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosellum CPK 3604 AFM97024.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosellum CPK 3605 AFM97025.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Cit18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosum ATCC 28031 AFM97027.1    
 endochitinase, partial (Chi18-5) (fragment)   Trichoderma strigosum CPK 3601 AFM97021.1    

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