Glycoside Hydrolase Family 18

Activities in Familychitinase (EC; lysozyme (EC; endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-); Nod factor hydrolase (EC 3.2.1.-); xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/Basecarbonyl oxygen of C-2 acetamido group of substrate
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteContains chitinases of classes III and V. Contains non-catalytic proteins such as xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (16535); Uniprot accession (3282); PDB accession (322); 3D entries (84); cryst (3)
All (14978) Archaea (62) Bacteria (11108) Eukaryota (3259) Viruses (312) unclassified (237) Structure (84 - 3 cryst) Characterized (481)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 AN10838 / ANIA_10838 (ChiC2-3) (formerly AN6662)   Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 CBF71201.1
 AN0541.2   Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 EAA66640.1 C8VSN0
 AN7886.2 (fragment)   Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 EAA59540.1 C8V4I4
 chitinase C (ChiC;AN9390.2) Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4 EAA66457.1
 chitinase A (ChiA) Aspergillus nidulans FGSC89 BAA36223.1 Q92223  
 chitinase B (ChiB) Aspergillus nidulans FGSC89 BAA35140.2 Q92222  
 An01g05360   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK43705.1 A2Q8S2  
 chitinase (starvation-induced) (ChiB;CfcA;An02g07020) Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK44246.1 A5AA94  
 exo-chitinase (CfcI;An02g13580) 3.2.1.- Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK47771.1 A2QF78  
 An04g04670   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK38731.1 A2QIT7  
 An08g09030   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK96682.1 A5AB48  
 chitinase (CtcB;An09g05920)   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK40399.1 A2QUK1  
 An09g06340 (fragment)   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK40426.1 A2QUP6  
 An09g06400 Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK40432.1 A2QUQ2  
 An11g01160 (fragment)   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK45853.1 A2QVE9  
 An11g05860 (fragment)   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK40742.1 A2QWN8  
 An12g05330   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK46246.1 A2QZL4  
 An14g07420   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK46733.1 A2R4D3  
 An15g00840   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK42254.1 A2R4L6  
 An19g00100   Aspergillus niger CBS 513.88 CAK47333.1 A2RBJ5  
 AO090005000244   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE55334.1 Q2USY1  
 AO090005000815 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE55830.1 Q2URI5  
 AO090003000464   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE57641.1 Q2ULC4  
 AO090003000680   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE57828.1 Q2UKT7  
 AO090003000987 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE58096.1 Q2UK19  
 AO090003000988 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE58097.1 Q2UK18  
 AO090023000367   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE58924.1 Q2UHP1  
 AO090003001358 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE58416.1 Q2UJ49  
 AO090003001359 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE58417.1 Q2UJ48  
 AO090012000041   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE60282.1 Q2UDT3  
 AO090102000563 (fragment)   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE61581.1 Q2UA34  
 AO090102000586   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE61604.1 Q2UA11  
 AO090102000591   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE61608.1 Q2UA07  
 AO090113000019   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE63084.1 Q2U5T1  
 AO090020000207   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE63426.1 Q2U4T9  
 AO090020000231   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE63448.1 Q2U4R7  
 AO090103000180   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE65642.1 Q2TYN1  
 AO090103000218   Aspergillus oryzae RIB40 BAE65677.1 Q2TYJ6  
 chitinase domain-containing protein, partial (fragment)   Asterochloris glomerata AJF48470.1    
 Chitinase enzyme, partial   Aurelia aurita SJX71975.1    
 AURANDRAFT_66375 (fragment)   Aureococcus anophagefferens CCMP1984 EGB05504.1    
 AURANDRAFT_61551 (fragment)   Aureococcus anophagefferens CCMP1984 EGB11218.1    
 chitinase 3 (Chi3)   Avicennia marina AFK26308.1    
 chitinase   Azumapecten farreri AMQ67292.1    
 chitin-binding protein (ORF3)   Babjeviella inositovora NRRL Y-18709 CAD91890.1 Q7Z8R6  
 chitinase 11   Bactrocera dorsalis AQR60113.1    
 chitinase 8   Bactrocera dorsalis AQR60114.1    
 imaginal disc growth factor 6   Bactrocera dorsalis AQR60115.1    
 chitinase   Bactrocera dorsalis AEN03038.1
 chitinase, partial (fragment)   Bactrocera dorsalis AEN03033.1    
 chitinase 2 (Cht2;BdCht2)   Bactrocera dorsalis AGX31935.1    
 class III chitinase (Chi3-2)   Bambusa oldhamii ABW75910.1 C6ZCT0  
 class III chitinase (Chi3-3)   Bambusa oldhamii ABW75911.1 C6ZCT1  
 class III chitinase (Chi3-1;BoCHI3-1) Bambusa oldhamii ABW75909.1 C6ZCS9  
 Bathy16g01660   Bathycoccus prasinos RCC1105 CCO20321.1    
 chitin deacetylase (fragment)   Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis ABK58011.1 A7YHA4  
 endochitinase (Chit2) Beauveria bassiana AAN41260.1
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ALG AAX19147.1 Q4KUR6  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ALGK AAX19148.1 Q4KUR3  
 chitinase (Chi-15)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18882.1    
 chitinase (Chi-2)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18869.1    
 chitinase (Chi-3)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18870.1    
 chitinase (Chi-4)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18871.1    
 chitinase (Chi-5)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18872.1    
 chitinase (Chi-6)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18873.1    
 chitinase (Chi-7)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18874.1    
 chitinase (Chi-8)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18875.1    
 chitinase (Chi-9)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18876.1    
 chitinase (Chi-11)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18878.1    
 chitinase (Chi-13) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18880.1    
 chitinase (Chi-16)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18883.1    
 chitinase (Chi-17)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18884.1    
 chitinase (Chi-18)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18885.1    
 glycoside hydrolase family 18 (Gh18-1)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18925.1    
 glycoside hydrolase family 18 (Gh18-2)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18926.1    
 chitinase (Chi-1) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18868.1    
 chitinase (Chi-10) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18877.1    
 chitinase (Chi-12) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18879.1    
 chitinase (Chi-14)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18881.1    
 chitinase (Chi-19)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18886.1    
 chitinase (Chi-20)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18887.1    
 glycoside hydrolase family 18 (Gh18-3) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF 2860 AIT18927.1    
 endochitinase (ChiB)   Beauveria bassiana ARSEF#252 AAX19143.1 Q4KUS0  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana B14 AAX19155.1 Q4KUR6  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana B3 AAX19149.1 Q4KUR4  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana B4 AAX19150.1 Q4KUR3  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana BB0015 AAX19156.1 Q4KUQ7  
 chitinase (Chit1;BbChit1) Beauveria bassiana Bb0062 AAN41259.1
 Chit (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana E-174 AHA93892.1    
 chitinase (Chit1;HFWBbCHIT1)   Beauveria bassiana HFW-05 ADO63821.1    
 chitinase (Chit1)   Beauveria bassiana JYBb201-11 ADP44708.1 E5LEW9  
 endochitinase (Ch1)   Beauveria bassiana MTCC 2028 ACZ28129.1 D1MGZ8  
 chitinase (Chit1;BbChit1) Beauveria bassiana NCIM1216 ACF32998.1 Q8J1Y3  
 bacterial-type endochitinase (ChiB) (fragment)   Beauveria bassiana VIZR#13 AAX19144.1 Q4KUR4  
 chitinase (Chib1) Benincasa hispida AAD56239.1 Q9SP41  
 chitinase (SE2) Beta vulgaris AAB28479.1
 acidic endochitinase (Pr3A) (fragment)   Betula pendula CAB66334.1 Q9M3T4  
 chitinase (fragment)   Biston betularia ADO33002.1 E3UKJ3  
 IdgF (fragment)   Biston betularia ADO33018.1 E3UKK9  
 chitinase (Cts1) Blastomyces dermatitidis AAF80371.1 Q9P4Q0  

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