Glycoside Hydrolase Family 18

Activities in Familychitinase (EC; lysozyme (EC; endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (EC; peptidoglycan hydrolase with endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase specificity (EC 3.2.1.-); Nod factor hydrolase (EC 3.2.1.-); xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/Basecarbonyl oxygen of C-2 acetamido group of substrate
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteContains chitinases of classes III and V. Contains non-catalytic proteins such as xylanase inhibitor; concanavalin B; narbonin
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)NZYTech; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (16888); Uniprot accession (3282); PDB accession (326); 3D entries (86); cryst (3)
All (15333) Archaea (62) Bacteria (11365) Eukaryota (3356) Viruses (313) unclassified (237) Structure (86 - 3 cryst) Characterized (481)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 Strvi_8139   Streptomyces violaceusniger Tu 4113 AEM87462.1    
 Strvi_1322   Streptomyces violaceusniger Tu 4113 AEM81071.1    
 Strvi_1358   Streptomyces violaceusniger Tu 4113 AEM81107.1    
 SXIM_41460   Streptomyces xiamenensis 318 AKG45530.1    
 SXIM_54020   Streptomyces xiamenensis 318 AKG46786.1    
 Sros_7591   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ90265.1 D2BFV4  
 Sros_4993   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ87793.1 D2B8I3  
 Sros_8171   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ90822.1 D2AX95  
 Sros_7134   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ89829.1 D2BAJ9  
 Sros_1917   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ84905.1 D2AUP3  
 Sros_1919   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ84907.1 D2AUP5  
 Sros_2284   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ85265.1 D2AZM0  
 Sros_3559   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ86493.1 D2AQU6  
 Sros_6846   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ89552.1 D2B727  
 Sros_7432   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ90115.1 D2BE69  
 Sros_1918   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ84906.1 D2AUP4  
 DKM19_07815 (fragment)   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS48251.1    
 DKM19_39560   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS49057.1    
 DKM19_09180   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS48289.1    
 DKM19_17735   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS42935.1    
 DKM19_29500   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS44843.1    
 DKM19_07820   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS41281.1    
 DKM19_07805   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS41279.1    
 DKM19_04115   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS40648.1    
 DKM19_07810   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS41280.1    
 Sulac_1848   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW05341.1    
 Sulac_0234   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW03805.1    
 Sulac_1920   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW05412.1    
 Sulac_0928   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW04430.1    
 Sulac_2390   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW05853.1    
 Sulac_3324   Sulfobacillus acidophilus DSM 10332 AEW06770.1    
 TPY_0254   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ38469.1    
 TPY_1648   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ39829.1    
 TPY_2962   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ41120.1    
 TPY_1262   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ39452.1    
 TPY_1720   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ39901.1    
 TPY_2576   Sulfobacillus acidophilus TPY AEJ40736.1    
 BXT84_06810   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW93686.1    
 BXT84_14900   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW95081.1    
 BXT84_07285   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW93769.1    
 BXT84_11855   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW94552.1    
 BXT84_01115   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW95323.1    
 BXT84_02025   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW92881.1    
 STH478   Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM 14863 BAD39463.1    
 STH537   Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM 14863 BAD39522.1    
 STH1982   Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM 14863 BAD40967.1    
 STH1790   Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM 14863 BAD40775.1    
 KR100_14975 (probable fragment)   Synechococcus sp. KORDI-100 AII44647.1    
 KR49_07720   Synechococcus sp. KORDI-49 AII46333.1    
 KR52_03955 (probable fragment)   Synechococcus sp. KORDI-52 AII48310.1    
 Syn6312_2030   Synechococcus sp. PCC 6312 AFY61162.1    
 SynRCC307_0902   Synechococcus sp. RCC307 CAK27805.1 A5GSE6  
 SynWH7803_2068   Synechococcus sp. WH 7803 CAK24494.1 A5GNH9  
 WB44_01500   Synechococcus sp. WH 8020 AKN60018.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 Sgly_2998   Syntrophobotulus glycolicus DSM 8271 ADY57267.1    
 Swol_1871   Syntrophomonas wolfei subsp. wolfei str. Goettingen G311 ABI69169.1 Q0AVT5  
 Slip_1146   Syntrophothermus lipocalidus DSM 12680 ADI01921.1 D7CMI6  
 Slip_1942   Syntrophothermus lipocalidus DSM 12680 ADI02694.1 D7CPR6  
 LMI_2794   Tatlockia micdadei ATCC33218 CEG62045.1    
 B6V88_02240   Tatlockia micdadei NZ2016 ARG99339.1    
 TJEJU_0922   Tenacibaculum jejuense KCTC 22618 SNR14685.1    
 BTO06_12245   Tenacibaculum sp. SZ-18 AUC15874.1    
 BK010_06155   Tenericutes bacterium MO-XQ AUD63190.1    
 BK011_05930 (fragment)   Tenericutes bacterium MZ-XQ AUD65244.1    
 TepiRe1_1822   Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Re1 CCP26620.1    
 TepiRe1_0411   Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Re1 CCP25086.1    
 TepRe1_0369   Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Re1 AEE90571.1    
 TepRe1_1690   Tepidanaerobacter acetatoxydans Re1 AEE91826.1    
 TERTU_0285   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACS93532.1 C6AQZ0  
 GZ22_13525   Terribacillus aidingensis MP602 AIF67552.1    
 GZ22_11580   Terribacillus aidingensis MP602 AIF67219.1    
 Terro_0494   Terriglobus roseus DSM 18391 AFL86835.1    
 Terro_3391   Terriglobus roseus DSM 18391 AFL89606.1    
 SAMN05444167_2043   Terriglobus roseus GAS232 SDF31656.1    
 SAMN05444167_4092   Terriglobus roseus GAS232 SDG04761.1    
 AciPR4_0423   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV81258.1 E1MZZ6  
 AciPR4_0959   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV81792.1 E1N5W7  
 AciPR4_3327   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV84081.1 E1MYY0  
 AciPR4_0403   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV81238.1 E1MZX6  
 AciPR4_0404   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV81239.1 E1MZX7  
 AciPR4_1196   Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 ADV82022.1 E1N6W0  
 BW730_02810   Tessaracoccus aquimaris NSG39 AQP46622.1    
 CSC3H3_01600   Thalassospira sp. CSC3H3 AUG51542.1    
 Tph_c23030   Thermacetogenium phaeum DSM 12270 AFV12493.1    
 Tph_c26870 (YdhD)   Thermacetogenium phaeum DSM 12270 AFV12852.1    
 Tph_c24640   Thermacetogenium phaeum DSM 12270 AFV12641.1    
 Tmar_0433   Thermaerobacter marianensis DSM 12885 ADU50554.1    
 Tmar_1042   Thermaerobacter marianensis DSM 12885 ADU51155.1    
 Tmar_1047   Thermaerobacter marianensis DSM 12885 ADU51160.1    
 SAMN00808754_2946   Thermanaeromonas toyohensis ToBE SMB99536.1    
 Taci_0242   Thermanaerovibrio acidaminovorans DSM 6589 ACZ18480.1 D1B877  
 TherJR_1389   Thermincola potens JR ADG82246.1 D5XF25  
 Thebr_1512   Thermoanaerobacter brockii subsp. finnii Ako-1 ADV80078.1 C5UBI0  
 Thit_0805   Thermoanaerobacter italicus Ab9 ADD02083.1 D3T801  
 Thit_2291   Thermoanaerobacter italicus Ab9 ADD03498.1 D3T6A4  
 Thit_1372   Thermoanaerobacter italicus Ab9 ADD02631.1 D3T329  
 Tmath_0844   Thermoanaerobacter mathranii subsp. mathranii str. A3 ADH60581.1 D7AN15  
 Tmath_2202   Thermoanaerobacter mathranii subsp. mathranii str. A3 ADH61868.1 D7ATJ1  
 Tmath_2187   Thermoanaerobacter mathranii subsp. mathranii str. A3 ADH61857.1 D7AT61  

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