Glycoside Hydrolase Family 13 / Subf 20

Activities in Familyα-amylase (EC; pullulanase (EC; cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase (EC; cyclomaltodextrinase (EC; trehalose-6-phosphate hydrolase (EC; oligo-α-glucosidase (EC; maltogenic amylase (EC; neopullulanase (EC; α-glucosidase (EC; maltotetraose-forming α-amylase (EC; isoamylase (EC; glucodextranase (EC; maltohexaose-forming α-amylase (EC; maltotriose-forming α-amylase (EC; branching enzyme (EC; trehalose synthase (EC; 4-α-glucanotransferase (EC; maltopentaose-forming α-amylase (EC 3.2.1.-) ; amylosucrase (EC ; sucrose phosphorylase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase (EC; isomaltulose synthase (EC; malto-oligosyltrehalose synthase (EC; amylo-α-1,6-glucosidase (EC; α-1,4-glucan: phosphate α-maltosyltransferase (EC; 6'-P-sucrose phosphorylase (EC 2.4.1.-); amino acid transporter
Activities in Sub Family
Mechanism Retaining
3D Structure Status( β / α ) 8
Catalytic Nucleophile/BaseAsp (experimental)
Catalytic Proton DonorGlu (experimental)
NoteNew: many members have been assigned to subfamilies as described by Stam et al. (2006) Protein Eng Des Sel. 19, 555-562 (PMID: 17085431)
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Commercial Enzyme Provider(s)MEGAZYME; PROZOMIX;
Statistics GenBank accession (1884); Uniprot accession (285); PDB accession (31); 3D entries (9); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#Organism GenBankUniprotPDB/3DSubf
 CO996_01400 (BbmA)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04484.3A AUI24574.1     20
 CO997_01406 (BbmA)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.3A AUI33453.1     20
 CO998_01399 (BbmA)   Enterococcus faecium Efaecium_ER04526.5A AUI27548.1     20
 CEQ01_04615   Enterococcus faecium FDAARGOS_323 AVL44597.1     20
 AL014_06365   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_1 AOM15899.1     20
 AL024_04205   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_10 AOM36921.1     20
 AL025_08475   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_11 AON60905.1     20
 AL026_09400   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_12 APV54335.1     20
 AL015_08160   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_2 AOM19245.1     20
 AL016_01005   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_3 AOM21025.1     20
 AL017_06925   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_4 AOM25187.1     20
 AL018_08310   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_5 AOM28434.1     20
 AL020_04585   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_7 AOM30708.1     20
 AL021_11825   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_8 AOM35052.1     20
 AL023_07500   Enterococcus faecium ISMMS_VRE_9 APV57124.1     20
 B4W81_11595   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-268 AQY32584.1     20
 B4W80_05945   Enterococcus faecium isolate 2014-VREF-63 AQY28504.1     20
 cyclomaltodextrinase   Enterococcus faecium K-1 AST13114.1     20
 CNX66_07365   Enterococcus faecium K60-39 ATD78426.1     20
 CWE29_06710   Enterococcus faecium LS170308 AUC72802.1     20
 M7W_1933   Enterococcus faecium NRRL B-2354 AGE30544.1     20
 CX663_07305   Enterococcus faecium SC4 AUH47614.1     20
 M395_08645   Enterococcus faecium T110 AII39475.1     20
 AQ614_06630   Enterococcus faecium UW7606x64/3 TC1 ALL10190.1     20
 UB18_06630   Enterococcus faecium UW8175 AMP61126.1     20
 BOW68_05445   Enterococcus faecium VRE001 APJ06309.1     20
 BVA20_00848 (BbmA)   Enterococcus faecium VREF AQT56321.1     20
 CDW54_12045   Enterococcus faecium WEFA23 AUJ68148.1     20
 AL523_01975   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_163 AMG48633.1     20
 CO692_04630   Enterococcus gallinarum FDAARGOS_375 ATF71428.1     20
 EHR_11580   Enterococcus hirae ATCC 9790 AFM71193.1     20
 A6J73_09240   Enterococcus hirae FDAARGOS_234 ASV82267.1     20
 A6P53_06470   Enterococcus hirae R17 AND72519.1     20
 EM4838_06630   Enterococcus mundtii DSM 4838 AUB52671.1     20
 EMQU_1435   Enterococcus mundtii QU 25 QU25 BAO06992.1     20
 ATZ35_06500   Enterococcus rotai LMG 26678 ALS36817.1     20
 ATZ33_14915   Enterococcus silesiacus LMG 23085 ALS02619.1     20
 ENT_07900   Enterococcus sp. 7L76 CBL31508.1 D4MB14   20
 CXM95_14910   Enterococcus sp. CR-Ec1 AUJ86686.1     20
 CK496_06785   Enterococcus thailandicus a523 ASZ07628.1     20
 GJ12_11915   Escherichia coli 09-00049 ANP18414.1     20
 EC725_12220   Escherichia coli 13E0725 AQZ86098.1     20
 EC780_12755   Escherichia coli 13E0780 ARA02311.1     20
 BWI85_19790   Escherichia coli 13TMH22 AUY87650.1     20
 A9X72_10585   Escherichia coli 190 AVU65655.1     20
 AL551_04660   Escherichia coli 268-78-1 AMF87641.1     20
 HW43_13130   Escherichia coli 94-3024 AIZ87367.1     20
 EC95JB1_00841 (NplT)   Escherichia coli 95JB1 ART16929.1     20
 EC95NR1_00840 (NplT)   Escherichia coli 95NR1 ART24722.1     20
 RG28_12730   Escherichia coli C5 APJ77088.1     20
 RG34_23320   Escherichia coli D1 APK03430.1     20
 RG36_12600   Escherichia coli D3 APK11055.1     20
 C6C13_20855   Escherichia coli EC11 AVL10861.1     20
 E1470_c18960 (NplT)   Escherichia coli ECC-1470 AJG08835.1     20
 LI75_12335   Escherichia coli FAP1 AIT35022.1     20
 FORC28_2360   Escherichia coli FORC_028 AOM45344.1     20
 FORC41_1969   Escherichia coli FORC_041 APE91796.1     20
 FORC42_2002   Escherichia coli FORC_042 AUX02276.1     20
 CO57_11625   Escherichia coli GB089 ANO78219.1     20
 RG51_09005   Escherichia coli H10 APK80139.1     20
 RG52_16200   Escherichia coli H14 APK86025.1     20
 ECIAI1_1931   Escherichia coli IAI1 CAQ98784.1 B7M2D5   20
 RG60_06595   Escherichia coli M11 APL22475.1     20
 RG61_10510   Escherichia coli M15 APL28251.1     20
 RG63_06560   Escherichia coli M19 APL37327.1     20
 RG56_09320   Escherichia coli M6 APL03498.1     20
 RG58_09310   Escherichia coli M9 APL13283.1     20
 I3Q_06795   Escherichia coli O103 str. RM8385 AWJ31647.1     20
 AWA97_14105   Escherichia coli O104:H21 str. CFSAN002236 ATG62267.1     20
 I3O_12240   Escherichia coli O111 str. RM9322 AWJ44029.1     20
 ECO111_2366   Escherichia coli O111:H- str. 11128 BAI36230.1 C8UBV8   20
 I3U_15945   Escherichia coli O26 str. RM10386 AWJ54922.1     20
 I3M_15265   Escherichia coli O26 str. RM8426 AWJ38810.1     20
 ECO26_2696   Escherichia coli O26:H11 str. 11368 BAI25935.1 C8TT85   20
 I3W_12305   Escherichia coli O43 str. RM10042 AWJ49227.1     20
 HW42_13490   Escherichia coli RM9387 AIZ82873.1     20
 RG67_06985   Escherichia coli S21 APL55905.1     20
 RG72_22915   Escherichia coli S50 APL82470.1     20
 DL800_09835   Escherichia coli SD134209 AWS36128.1     20
 EUBREC_1186   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR74948.1 C4ZHD6   20
 EUBREC_3295   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR77021.1 C4ZDP5   20
 EUR_05180   [Eubacterium] rectale DSM 17629 CBK89717.1 D6E2S7   20
 EUR_14770   [Eubacterium] rectale DSM 17629 CBK90567.1 D6E577   20
 ERE_14300   [Eubacterium] rectale M104/1 CBK93414.1 D4JIG7   20
 ERE_28930   [Eubacterium] rectale M104/1 CBK94700.1 D4JNN1   20
 Eab7_1553   Exiguobacterium antarcticum B7 Eab7 AFS70664.1     20
 Eab7_0721   Exiguobacterium antarcticum B7 Eab7 AFS69867.1     20
 A0126_03775   Exiguobacterium oxidotolerans N4-1P ASI34716.1     20
 A0126_08275   Exiguobacterium oxidotolerans N4-1P ASI35556.1     20
 Exig_0749   Exiguobacterium sibiricum 255-15 ACB60230.1
B1YKP7   20
 Exig_1692   Exiguobacterium sibiricum 255-15 ACB61145.1
B1YHH2   20
 EAT1b_2501   Exiguobacterium sp. AT1b ACQ71422.1 C4L3S7   20
 U719_03955   Exiguobacterium sp. MH3 AHA29055.1     20
 U719_09655   Exiguobacterium sp. MH3 AHA29932.1     20
 ESP131_11755   Exiguobacterium sp. U13-1 AOT00901.1     20
 ESP131_06375   Exiguobacterium sp. U13-1 AOS99902.1     20
 NA23_01670   Fervidobacterium islandicum AW-1 AMW32144.1     20
 Fnod_0586   Fervidobacterium nodosum Rt17-B1 ABS60443.1 A7HKL0   20
 Ferpe_0279   Fervidobacterium pennivorans DSM 9078 AFG34420.1     20
 JM64_05185   Fervidobacterium pennivorans DYC ANE41432.1     20

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