Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 6

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 120 residues. The cellulose-binding function has been demonstrated in one case on amorphous cellulose and β-1,4-xylan. Some of these modules also bind β-1,3-glucan, β-1,3-1,4-glucan, and β-1,4-glucan.
3D Structure Statusβ-sandwich
NotePreviously known as cellulose-binding domain family VI (CBD VI).
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Statistics GenBank accession (2278); Uniprot accession (400); PDB accession (35); 3D entries (10); cryst (0)
All (2517) Archaea (81) Bacteria (2402) Eukaryota (16) unclassified (18) Structure (10) Characterized (106)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 BAGQ_1978 (XynD) (fragment)   Bacillus velezensis GQJK49 ARZ58212.1    
 B9C53_00935   Bacillus velezensis GYL4 AWD12142.1    
 B7L90_08285   Bacillus velezensis Hx05 AWM83218.1    
 CJP14_07200   Bacillus velezensis J01 ASZ03665.1    
 AAV29_08965   Bacillus velezensis JJ-D34 AKF30675.1    
 NG74_01891 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis JS25R AIU81971.1    
 BAJT_09265   Bacillus velezensis JTYP2 ARB33462.1    
 CK238_09705   Bacillus velezensis K26 AXS60927.1    
 CRH11_14700   Bacillus velezensis L-1 ATO11168.1    
 CQJ38_09345   Bacillus velezensis LABIM40 ATL41700.1    
 DDE72_07425   Bacillus velezensis LM23DO2 AWE16026.1    
 A8142_08900   Bacillus velezensis LS69 ANU30284.1    
 CXP43_10475   Bacillus velezensis Lzh-a42 AUG38224.1    
 BBJ33_09435   Bacillus velezensis M75 AOO61746.1    
 BAPNAU_1929 (Xynd1)   Bacillus velezensis NAU-B3 CDH95710.1    
 AW02_018490   Bacillus velezensis NJN-6 AKD29999.1    
 D0U03_09325   Bacillus velezensis OSY-GA1 AXT12605.1    
 CS301_09355   Bacillus velezensis OSY-S3 ATV02733.1    
 BVQ_09605   Bacillus velezensis QST713 AWD87704.1    
 BVS141_18900   Bacillus velezensis S141 BBA76414.1    
 A5891_09035   Bacillus velezensis S3-1 ANS38524.1    
 A6R78_07900   Bacillus velezensis SB1216 ANB83931.1    
 CHN56_00333 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SCDB 291 ASS60877.1    
 CLI97_03914 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SCGB 1 ATC53138.1    
 CLI98_03749 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SCGB 574 ATD76971.1    
 C1N92_00785   Bacillus velezensis SGAir0473 AWQ17153.1    
 V529_17840 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SQR9 AHZ15810.1    
 S100072_01978 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SRCM100072 ASB53314.1    
 S101413_02139 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis SRCM101413 ASB65586.1    
 BLL65_09600   Bacillus velezensis sx01604 AQZ73212.1    
 CEG11_09440   Bacillus velezensis T20E-257 ASF55310.1    
 CG798_14970   Bacillus velezensis TB1501 ASP26393.1    
 AJ82_10315   Bacillus velezensis TrigoCor1448 AHK49361.1    
 RBAU_1790 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis UCMB5033 CDG29758.1    
 BAM5036_1751 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis UCMB5036 CCP21791.1    
 BASU_1770 (XynD)   Bacillus velezensis UCMB5113 CDG26063.1    
 C6P48_09805   Bacillus velezensis VCC-2003 AVM08498.1    
 BANAU_1940 (Xynd3)   Bacillus velezensis YAU B9601-Y2 CCG49961.1    
 AAV30_10295   Bacillus velezensis YJ11-1-4 AKF76520.1    
 D3N19_09325   Bacillus velezensis ZF2 AXY70427.1    
 BK049_18070   Bacillus xiamenensis VV3 AOZ90460.1    
 CGC64_08390   Bacteroides caccae ATCC 43185 ASM65976.1    
 A4V03_00170   Bacteroides caecimuris I48 ANU56181.1    
 A4V03_00200   Bacteroides caecimuris I48 ANU56185.1    
 BcellWH2_02849 (Xynd_7)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ60088.1    
 BcellWH2_02099 (Xynd_4)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ59342.1    
 BcellWH2_04221 (Xynd_8)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ61438.1    
 BcellWH2_02098 (Xynd_3)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ59341.1    
 BcellWH2_02907 (Xsa_3)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ60146.1    
 BcellWH2_02317 (Xynb_3)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ59557.1    
 BcellWH2_02845 (Xynd_5)   Bacteroides cellulosilyticus WH2 ALJ60084.1    
 BF638R_0359   Bacteroides fragilis 638R CBW20958.1 E1WMB5  
 BF638R_0821   Bacteroides fragilis 638R CBW21394.1 E1WLN0  
 MB0529_00761 (XynZ)   Bacteroides fragilis BE1 CUA17417.1    
 MB0529_00294 (Xynd_1)   Bacteroides fragilis BE1 CUA16959.1    
 VU15_03530   Bacteroides fragilis BOB25 AKA50869.1    
 VU15_01085   Bacteroides fragilis BOB25 AKA50443.1    
 BF0302   Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 CAH06075.1 Q5LIF1  
 BF0763   Bacteroides fragilis NCTC 9343 CAH06509.1 Q5LH76  
 BUN20_01105   Bacteroides fragilis Q1F2 AUI45333.1    
 AE940_18610   Bacteroides fragilis S14 ANQ62626.1    
 AE940_01020   Bacteroides fragilis S14 ANQ59507.1    
 BF0838   Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 BAD47589.1 Q64Y37  
 BF0354   Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 BAD47103.1 Q64ZH3  
 C3V43_08980   Bacteroides heparinolyticus F0111 AVM57873.1    
 Bovatus_03720 (Xynd_6)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ48325.1    
 Bovatus_04382 (Xynb_9)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ48975.1    
 Bovatus_04990   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ49575.1    
 Bovatus_02573 (Xynd_4)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ47198.1    
 Bovatus_03732 (Xynd_7)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ48337.1    
 Bovatus_02513 (Xynd_1)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ47138.1    
 Bovatus_02539 (Xynd_2)   Bacteroides ovatus ATCC 8483 ALJ47164.1    
 BACOV975_02792   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV08998.1    
 BACOV975_02180   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV08393.1    
 BACOV975_00354   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV06605.1    
 BACOV975_00297   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV06548.1    
 BACOV975_01517   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV07745.1    
 BACOV975_00323   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV06574.1    
 BACOV975_01505   Bacteroides ovatus V975 SCV07733.1    
 Bacsa_2803   Bacteroides salanitronis DSM 18170 ADY37336.1    
 Btheta7330_03237   Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron 7330 ALJ42773.1    
 BT0127   Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron VPI-5482 AAO75234.1
 BVU_0032   Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482 ABR37762.1 A6KWF6  
 BvMPK_3734   Bacteroides vulgatus mpk ALK86294.1    
 BXY_29230   Bacteroides xylanisolvens XB1A CBK67946.1 D6D0J4  
 BXY_29340   Bacteroides xylanisolvens XB1A CBK67957.1 D6D0K5  
 C4H11_06925   Bacteroides zoogleoformans ATCC 33285 AVM52698.1    
 Belba_2175   Belliella baltica DSM 15883 AFL84742.1    
 Belba_2168   Belliella baltica DSM 15883 AFL84735.1    
 BL105A_1708   Bifidobacterium longum 105-A BAP84319.1    
 B624_1600   Bifidobacterium longum 35624 AOL11044.1    
 BBG7_1842 (fragment)   Bifidobacterium longum BG7 ALE37029.1    
 BLD_1660   Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A ACD99105.1 B3DPW6  
 BL1543 (XynD)   Bifidobacterium longum NCC2705 AAN25334.1
 SAMN04489749_0377   Bifidobacterium longum Su859 SDO35630.1    
 BLIF_1789   Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis 157F BAJ71924.1    
 BL1206_1860   Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum AH1206 AOP01895.1    
 BBMN68_1572   Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum BBMN68 ADQ02610.1 E4R2W7  
 DVB78_08690   Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum BORI AXF99192.1    
 BBL306_1527   Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum CCUG30698 ALO75056.1    

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