Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 5

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 60 residues found in bacterial enzymes. Chitin-binding described in several cases. Distantly related to the CBM12 family.
NotePreviously known as cellulose-binding domain family V (CBD V).
Statistics GenBank accession (6865); Uniprot accession (540); PDB accession (40); 3D entries (6); cryst (0)
All (10050) Archaea (141) Bacteria (9893) Eukaryota (8) Viruses (1) unclassified (7) Structure (6) Characterized (142)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 WQO_18700   Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 ALU95169.1    
 DIJ69_15165   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL87118.1    
 DIJ69_29365   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL89486.1    
 DIJ69_15170   Streptomyces globisporus TFH56 AWL87119.1    
 C0216_18225   Streptomyces globosus LZH-48 AXE27591.1    
 C0216_26350   Streptomyces globosus LZH-48 AXE26507.1    
 C0216_20620   Streptomyces globosus LZH-48 AXE25527.1    
 chitinase (ChiF) Streptomyces griseobrunneus S3 AAQ24634.1 Q6V8K4  
 AVL59_18245   Streptomyces griseochromogenes ATCC 14511 ANP51304.1    
 ELQ87_37890 (fragment)   Streptomyces griseoviridis F1-27 AZS90254.1    
 chitinase C (ChiC) Streptomyces griseus HUT 6037 BAA23739.1
O50152 1WVU[B]
 SGR_3400 (ChiC)   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG20229.1 B1VMB9  
 SGR_3401   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG20230.1 B1VMC0  
 SGR_6088   Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350 BAG22917.1 B1W4A0  
 DWB77_04869 (Chia1_3)   Streptomyces hundungensis BH38 AYG82684.1    
 DWB77_06696 (Chia2_3)   Streptomyces hundungensis BH38 AYG84482.1    
 DWB77_06304   Streptomyces hundungensis BH38 AYG84095.1    
 DWB77_01017   Streptomyces hundungensis BH38 AYG78908.1    
 DWB77_00662 (Chia_1)   Streptomyces hundungensis BH38 AYG78554.1    
 ABB07_02320   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ08901.1    
 CP970_37985   Streptomyces kanamyceticus ATCC 12853 QEU95947.1    
 CP970_03475   Streptomyces kanamyceticus ATCC 12853 QEU90093.1    
 CP970_36645   Streptomyces kanamyceticus ATCC 12853 QEU95730.1    
 D0C37_01120   Streptomyces koyangensis VK-A60T AXQ53373.1    
 SLA_0949   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU81900.1    
 SLA_6807   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU87673.1    
 SLA_2564   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU83489.1    
 SLAV_30485   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ27874.1    
 SLAV_23740 (Chia4)   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ26553.1    
 SLAV_33540   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ28479.1    
 Sle_56510   Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii C34 (= DSM 42122 = NRRL B-24963) CQR65108.1    
 SLIV_08075   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ12629.1    
 SLIV_30545   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ17001.1    
 SLIV_03170   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ11660.1    
 SLIV_06430   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ12301.1    
 SLUN_14445   Streptomyces lunaelactis MM109 AVZ73206.1    
 EKH77_05320   Streptomyces luteoverticillatus CGMCC 15060 AZQ70721.1    
 SL103_15935   Streptomyces lydicus 103 AOP51233.1    
 CP967_18305   Streptomyces nitrosporeus ATCC 12769 QEU73686.1    
 CP967_03495   Streptomyces nitrosporeus ATCC 12769 QEU71143.1    
 CP967_10205   Streptomyces nitrosporeus ATCC 12769 QEU72307.1    
 CP967_18310   Streptomyces nitrosporeus ATCC 12769 QEU73687.1    
 CP967_29165   Streptomyces nitrosporeus ATCC 12769 QEU75510.1    
 BBN63_33130   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU70305.1    
 SNOUR_36020   Streptomyces noursei ATCC 11455 ANZ20432.1    
 SNOUR_04375   Streptomyces noursei ATCC 11455 ANZ14195.1    
 chitinase (Chi92) Streptomyces olivaceoviridis ATCC 11238 CAB83055.1 Q9L3E8  
 B1H29_30370   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS70628.1    
 Spa2297_05440   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ06480.1    
 Family 19 chitinase (Chi1)   Streptomyces plicatus BAK52489.1    
 LK06_000660   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135 ARP68699.1    
 LK06_031515   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135 ARP73744.1    
 LK07_32715   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 137 ASN27990.1    
 LK07_01740   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 137 ASN22954.1    
 Sfla_3368   Streptomyces pratensis ATCC 33331 ADW04789.1 C9NH04  
 SPRI_4722   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC23028.1    
 SPRI_6115   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC24421.1    
 BFF78_03115   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR30187.1    
 FQU76_10525   Streptomyces qinzhouensis SSL-25 QDY76890.1    
 FQU76_19885   Streptomyces qinzhouensis SSL-25 QDY81169.1    
 FQU76_21275   Streptomyces qinzhouensis SSL-25 QDY78625.1    
 CP984_01810   Streptomyces rimosus ATCC 10970 QEV73978.1    
 CP984_01810   Streptomyces rimosus ATCC 10970 QEV73978.1    
 V519_025815   Streptomyces rimosus R6-500 QGY68864.1    
 CTZ40_01830   Streptomyces rimosus WT5260 QDA02707.1    
 SRO_0586   Streptomyces rochei 7434AN4 BBC91762.1    
 A4G23_02970   Streptomyces rubrolavendulae MJM4426 AOT60106.1    
 A4G23_00695   Streptomyces rubrolavendulae MJM4426 AOT57899.1    
 chitinase, partial   Streptomyces sampsonii KJ40 AVP27269.1    
 D0Z67_28095   Streptomyces seoulensis KCTC 9819 QBJ93750.1    
 A7J05_29795   Streptomyces silaceus ACCC40021 APY89333.1    
 A7J05_04530   Streptomyces silaceus ACCC40021 APY85098.1
 SAMN05428941_6468   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDT78628.1    
 SAMN05428941_7177   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDT80842.1    
 SAMN05428941_6133   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDT77547.1    
 SAMN05428941_1489   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDS93879.1    
 GZL_00924   Streptomyces sp. 769 AJC53528.1    
 GZL_07884   Streptomyces sp. 769 AJC60434.1    
 GZL_00970   Streptomyces sp. 769 AJC53574.1    
 ChiN   Streptomyces sp. ABRIINW 18 ADQ43777.1 E5G3R8  
 EES41_14210 (Chia2)   Streptomyces sp. ADI95-16 AYV27879.1    
 EES41_08035   Streptomyces sp. ADI95-16 AYV26671.1    
 EES41_05065   Streptomyces sp. ADI95-16 AYV26082.1    
 chitinase IS (ChiIS)   Streptomyces sp. AJ9463 BAC57931.1 Q845Z9  
 C2142_09745   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY54101.1    
 C2142_27025   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY51964.1    
 C2142_32960   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY52925.1    
 C2142_24735   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY51610.1    
 C4J65_03970   Streptomyces sp. CB09001 AXL87563.1    
 C4J65_28715   Streptomyces sp. CB09001 AXL91833.1    
 C4J65_27105   Streptomyces sp. CB09001 AXL91550.1    
 C4J65_27265   Streptomyces sp. CB09001 AXL91578.1    
 C4J65_32070   Streptomyces sp. CB09001 AXL92400.1    
 NI25_09305   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV33666.1    
 NI25_06305   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV33190.1    
 NI25_31985   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV37565.1    
 NI25_34475   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV38004.1    
 AS200_05380   Streptomyces sp. CdTB01 ALV31543.1    
 ABE83_30795   Streptomyces sp. CFMR 7 ALC30962.1    
 ABE83_19820   Streptomyces sp. CFMR 7 ALC29073.1    
 CAC01_04010   Streptomyces sp. CLI2509 CLI2905 ASY31960.1    
 CXR04_17545   Streptomyces sp. CMB-StM0423 AUH41775.1    
 CXR04_15235   Streptomyces sp. CMB-StM0423 AUH41417.1    
 AA958_16785   Streptomyces sp. CNQ-509 AKH83592.1    
 B1K54_04085   Streptomyces sp. fd1-xmd AQT70992.1    
 B1K54_07390   Streptomyces sp. fd1-xmd AQT71531.1    
 B1K54_14010   Streptomyces sp. fd1-xmd AQT72640.1    
 SFR_0259   Streptomyces sp. FR-008 ALM36874.1    
 GR131_30725   Streptomyces sp. GF20 QHC19459.1    
 GR130_23795   Streptomyces sp. GS7 QHC23940.1    
 GR129_33230   Streptomyces sp. HF10 QHC33823.1    
 DRB96_15005   Streptomyces sp. ICC1 AWZ13408.1    
 DRB96_10530   Streptomyces sp. ICC1 AWZ17855.1    
 DRB89_21880   Streptomyces sp. ICC4 AWZ10449.1    
 DRB89_14840   Streptomyces sp. ICC4 AWZ05717.1    
 chitinase (ChiA)   Streptomyces sp. J-13-3 BAC99074.1 Q764N6  
 D1J63_33355   Streptomyces sp. KPB2 AZM79295.1    
 D1J63_06245   Streptomyces sp. KPB2 AZM74600.1    
 D1J63_30585   Streptomyces sp. KPB2 AZM78802.1    
 D1J63_08085   Streptomyces sp. KPB2 AZM74917.1    
 M444_13525   Streptomyces sp. Mg1 AKL66258.1    
 M444_05380   Streptomyces sp. Mg1 AKL64911.1    
 M444_07385   Streptomyces sp. Mg1 AKL65240.1    
 chitinase IS (ChiIS) Streptomyces sp. MG3 AAT27430.1 Q5J1K1  
 STRMOE7_03700   Streptomyces sp. MOE7 ARH95061.1    
 F750_3371   Streptomyces sp. PAMC 26508 AGJ55838.1    
 GPZ77_16130   Streptomyces sp. QHH-9511 QGZ49697.1    
 GPZ77_05710   Streptomyces sp. QHH-9511 QGZ47948.1    
 GPZ77_12535   Streptomyces sp. QHH-9511 QGZ49099.1    
 GFH48_06125 (fragment)   Streptomyces sp. QMT-28 QFZ78573.1    
 FNV59_05470   Streptomyces sp. RLB1-8 QDO57691.1    
 FNV58_05480   Streptomyces sp. RLB1-9 QDN95605.1    
 FNV62_03875   Streptomyces sp. RLB3-17 QDO37461.1    
 FNV60_03230   Streptomyces sp. RLB3-5 QDO47452.1    
 FNV61_04705   Streptomyces sp. RLB3-6 QDN85054.1    
 FNV63_04035   Streptomyces sp. S1A1-3 QDO27450.1    
 FNV65_04045   Streptomyces sp. S1A1-8 QDO17327.1    
 FNV66_04990   Streptomyces sp. S1D4-14 QDN65045.1    
 FNV67_05375   Streptomyces sp. S1D4-20 QDN54865.1    
 FNV68_06070   Streptomyces sp. S1D4-23 QDO05902.1    
 D7Y56_15670   Streptomyces sp. S501 QBR07226.1    
 EQG64_03830   Streptomyces sp. S6 QCW76963.1    
 A6E92_17150   Streptomyces sp. S8 ARI53715.1    
 A6E92_27895   Streptomyces sp. S8 ARI55566.1    
 A8713_29835   Streptomyces sp. SAT1 ANH94857.1    
 A8713_24745   Streptomyces sp. SAT1 ANH93979.1    
 A8713_27475   Streptomyces sp. SAT1 ANH94462.1    
 A8713_21515   Streptomyces sp. SAT1 ANH93417.1    
 A8713_036160   Streptomyces sp. SAT1 ANO42685.1    
 C1N79_07205   Streptomyces sp. SGAir0924 QCR46523.1    
 C1N79_04590   Streptomyces sp. SGAir0924 QCR46064.1    
 B6R96_29220   Streptomyces sp. Sge12 ARE77515.1    
 B6R96_22500   Streptomyces sp. Sge12 ARE76372.1    
 B6R96_32795   Streptomyces sp. Sge12 ARE78138.1    
 SACTE_5764   Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E AEN13553.1    
 SACTE_0860   Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E AEN08789.1    
 SACTE_3064   Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E AEN10932.1    
 SACTE_3065   Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E AEN10933.1    
 B9S66_29590   Streptomyces sp. SM17 AWL36085.1    
 B9S64_15045   Streptomyces sp. SM18 AWL39283.1    
 B9S64_15030   Streptomyces sp. SM18 AWL39280.1    
 B9S64_03800   Streptomyces sp. SM18 AWL37320.1    
 B9S64_29330   Streptomyces sp. SM18 AWL41733.1    
 B9S64_22625   Streptomyces sp. SM18 AWL40580.1    
 E5N77_04365   Streptomyces sp. SS52 QCB21142.1    
 E5N77_06915   Streptomyces sp. SS52 QCB21581.1    
 GEV49_32105   Streptomyces sp. SYP-A7193 QFX85044.1    
 GEV49_09035   Streptomyces sp. SYP-A7193 QFX81046.1    
 GEV49_07200   Streptomyces sp. SYP-A7193 QFX80730.1    
 GEV49_34795   Streptomyces sp. SYP-A7193 QFX85528.1    
 GQF42_02605   Streptomyces sp. T44 QHA09365.1    
 GQF42_39990   Streptomyces sp. T44 QHA08629.1    
 SAMN05216371_2228   Streptomyces sp. TLI_053 SDT41895.1    
 SAMN05216371_6578   Streptomyces sp. TLI_053 SDT81224.1    
 SAMN05216371_5040   Streptomyces sp. TLI_053 SDT75832.1    
 SAMN05216371_5420   Streptomyces sp. TLI_053 SDT77391.1    
 BSL84_12175   Streptomyces sp. TN58 APU40410.1    
 BSL84_02745   Streptomyces sp. TN58 APU38842.1    
 BSL84_05840   Streptomyces sp. TN58 APU39363.1    
 TK78_15610   Streptomyces sp. Tue 6075 Tue6075 APS20224.1    
 TK78_15605   Streptomyces sp. Tue 6075 Tue6075 APS20223.1    
 TK78_29920   Streptomyces sp. Tue 6075 Tue6075 APS22685.1    
 D1J60_03390   Streptomyces sp. W1SF4 AZM87656.1    
 D1J60_13035   Streptomyces sp. W1SF4 AZM89299.1    
 D1J60_06515   Streptomyces sp. W1SF4 AZM88178.1    
 DLM49_30865   Streptomyces sp. WAC 01438 AZM63383.1    
 DMA15_05505   Streptomyces sp. WAC 01529 AZM57475.1    
 DMA15_33850   Streptomyces sp. WAC 01529 AZM56943.1    
 DMB38_19880   Streptomyces sp. WAC 06738 AZM47739.1    
 DMB38_17680   Streptomyces sp. WAC 06738 AZM47380.1    
 C5L38_21725   Streptomyces sp. WAC00288 AVH97358.1    
 C5L38_28185   Streptomyces sp. WAC00288 AVH98464.1    
 C5L38_17880   Streptomyces sp. WAC00288 AVH96707.1    
 C9F11_42435 (Chia4)   Streptomyces sp. YIM 121038 QCX82067.1    
 C9F11_07600   Streptomyces sp. YIM 121038 QCX75216.1    
 C9F11_00245 (Chia1)   Streptomyces sp. YIM 121038 QCX73752.1    
 C9F11_16215   Streptomyces sp. YIM 121038 QCX76905.1    
 C9F11_03365   Streptomyces sp. YIM 121038 QCX74376.1    
 D9753_01150   Streptomyces sp. Z022 AYN37803.1    
 D9753_02235   Streptomyces sp. Z022 AYN43431.1    
 D9753_01140   Streptomyces sp. Z022 AYN43401.1    
 DN051_31435   Streptomyces sp. ZFG47 AWW40632.1    
 CP982_03915   Streptomyces spectabilis ATCC 27465 QEV57961.1    
 CP982_08565   Streptomyces spectabilis ATCC 27465 QEV58767.1    
 FH965_03380   Streptomyces spectabilis NRRL 2792 QDQ16101.1    
 FH965_07345   Streptomyces spectabilis NRRL 2792 QDQ10402.1    
 FH965_01470   Streptomyces spectabilis NRRL 2792 QDQ09400.1    
 DDQ41_17175   Streptomyces spongiicola HNM0071 AWK10344.1    
 CP968_33075   Streptomyces subrutilus ATCC 27467 QEU83330.1    
 CP968_30770   Streptomyces subrutilus ATCC 27467 QEU83271.1    
 CP968_21195   Streptomyces subrutilus ATCC 27467 QEU80469.1    
 CP968_27380   Streptomyces subrutilus ATCC 27467 QEU81515.1    
 DDW44_05535   Streptomyces tirandamycinicus HNM0039 AWI28314.1    
 GBW32_00250   Streptomyces tsukubensis AT3 QFR91765.1    
 GBW32_02870   Streptomyces tsukubensis AT3 QFR92188.1    
 B7R87_10180   Streptomyces tsukubensis NRRL 18488 AZK94193.1    
 B7R87_20955   Streptomyces tsukubensis NRRL 18488 AZK98566.1    
 DEJ45_23130   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10595 QES14992.1    
 DEJ45_19510   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10595 QES14364.1    
 DEJ45_30245   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10595 QES16240.1    
 SVEN_1042   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10712 CCA54329.1
 SVEN_2605   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10712 CCA55891.1    
 SVEN_3388   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 10712 CCA56674.1
 DEJ47_05700   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14583 QES26019.1    
 DEJ47_33905   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14583 QES30754.1    
 DEJ48_05470   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14584 QES32919.1    
 DEJ48_32980   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14584 QES39431.1    
 DEJ48_04150   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14584 QES32699.1    
 DEJ49_32800   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14585 QES46415.1    
 DEJ49_32670   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14585 QES45116.1    
 DEJ49_05090   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 14585 QES40442.1    
 DEJ46_25445   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15068 QES22035.1    
 DEJ46_21230   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15068 QES24724.1    
 DEJ46_32830   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15068 QES23322.1    
 BN2537_9315   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 CUM40175.1    
 BN2537_10959   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 CUM40997.1    
 BN2537_14279   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 CUM42657.1    
 AQF52_3817   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 ALO09411.1    
 AQF52_1443   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 ALO07039.1    
 AQF52_3035   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 15439 ALO08629.1    
 DEJ51_01440   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21018 QES53087.1    
 DEJ51_11815   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21018 QES54826.1    
 DEJ51_05135   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21018 QES53704.1    
 DEJ44_15700   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21113 QES06912.1    
 DEJ44_04975   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21113 QES05024.1    
 DEJ44_11950   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21113 QES06268.1    
 DEJ50_28105   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21782 QES51129.1    
 DEJ50_31475   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21782 QES52792.1    
 DEJ50_11785   Streptomyces venezuelae ATCC 21782 QES48403.1    
 SVTN_06630   Streptomyces vietnamensis GIM4.0001 AJF64132.1    
 SVTN_13930   Streptomyces vietnamensis GIM4.0001 AJF65348.1    
 SVTN_21305   Streptomyces vietnamensis GIM4.0001 AJF66537.1    
 CP980_30555   Streptomyces vinaceus ATCC 27476 QEV48848.1    
 CP980_27735   Streptomyces vinaceus ATCC 27476 QEV48372.1    
 CP980_21375   Streptomyces vinaceus ATCC 27476 QEV47289.1    
 B1H20_15570   Streptomyces violaceoruber S21 ARF62654.1    
 B1H20_15565   Streptomyces violaceoruber S21 ARF62653.1    
 B1H20_04160   Streptomyces violaceoruber S21 ARF60673.1    
 CP971_07350   Streptomyces viridifaciens ATCC 11989 QEU99136.1    
 CP971_28575   Streptomyces viridifaciens ATCC 11989 QEV02664.1    
 CP971_23625   Streptomyces viridifaciens ATCC 11989 QEV01827.1    
 CP969_12515   Streptomyces viridosporus T7A ATCC 39115 QEU85452.1    
 Sros_3558   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ86492.1 D2AQU5  
 Sros_1920   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ84908.1 D2AUP6  
 Sros_5452   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ88209.1 D2BDW7  
 Sros_6846   Streptosporangium roseum DSM 43021 ACZ89552.1 D2B727  
 DKM19_42125   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS49117.1    
 DKM19_42125   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS49117.1    
 DKM19_39615   Streptosporangium sp. caverna AWS46507.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 N840_3391 (ChiA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX35299.1    
 B9C57_05720   Tenacibaculum maritimum TM-KORJJ QCD62077.1    
 TERTU_2895 (CelA)   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR12145.1 C5BNA9  
 TERTU_2893   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR11240.1 C5BNA7  
 TERTU_3603   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR11748.1 C5BRL9  
 TERTU_1483   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR10769.1 C5BT62  
 TERTU_2195   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR11579.1 C5BJH7  
 TERTU_2898   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR12723.1 C5BNB1  
 TERTU_3256   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR12737.1 C5BPZ6  
 TERTU_0428   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR12792.1 C5BMU2  
 TERTU_2311   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR12863.1 C5BK65  
 TERTU_0427   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR13327.1 C5BMU1  
 TERTU_2567   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR13708.1 C5BLQ7  
 TERTU_3447   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACR14261.1 C5BQU7  
 TERTU_0285   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACS93532.1 C6AQZ0  
 TERTU_0285   Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ACS93532.1 C6AQZ0  
 bifunctional β-1,4-endoglucanase / cellobiohydrolase (CelAB)
Teredinibacter turnerae T7901 ABS72374.1 A9Q634  
 BW730_13425   Tessaracoccus aquimaris NSG39 AQP48354.1    
 BW730_13425   Tessaracoccus aquimaris NSG39 AQP48354.1    
 BW733_16820   Tessaracoccus flavescens SST-39T AQP52235.1    
 BW733_16820   Tessaracoccus flavescens SST-39T AQP52235.1    
 KTA_39380   Thermogemmatispora argillosa A3-2 BBH95739.1    
 KTC_02670   Thermosporothrix sp. COM3 BBH85516.1    
 Carbohydrate binding domain (fragment)   uncultured bacterium APO30190.1    
 Carbohydrate binding domain (fragment)   uncultured bacterium APO30226.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured bacterium APO30172.1    
 chitinase   uncultured bacterium AHW42588.1    
 chitinase   uncultured bacterium AHW42588.1    
 AKSOIL_0045 (fragment)   uncultured bacterium BLR5 ACN18098.1 C0INW9  
 AKSOIL_0045 (fragment)   uncultured bacterium BLR5 ACN18098.1 C0INW9  
 UNDKW_3953   Undibacterium sp. KW1 BBB62226.1    
 UNDKW_3953   Undibacterium sp. KW1 BBB62226.1    
 UNDKW_3953   Undibacterium sp. KW1 BBB62226.1    
 UNDKW_3953   Undibacterium sp. KW1 BBB62226.1    
 LPB138_02310   Urechidicola croceus LPB0138 AOW19580.1    
 LPB138_14225   Urechidicola croceus LPB0138 AOW21764.1    
 E4Z98_08360   Vagococcus sp. CF-49 QCA29328.1    
 E4Z98_08360   Vagococcus sp. CF-49 QCA29328.1    
 D1115_18375   Vibrio alfacsensis CAIM 1831 AXY02932.1    
 D1115_06670   Vibrio alfacsensis CAIM 1831 AXY00959.1    
 D1115_06670   Vibrio alfacsensis CAIM 1831 AXY00959.1    
 AT730_17970   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR94216.1    
 AT730_17970   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR94216.1    
 AT730_14035   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR93406.1    
 AT730_03825   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR91560.1    
 AT730_21605   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR94886.1    
 AT730_07370   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR92228.1    
 AT730_21710   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR94905.1    
 AL539_12505   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF74566.1    
 AL539_16130   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF75205.1    
 AL539_23640   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF76507.1    
 AL539_00905   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF72369.1    
 AL539_00905   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF72369.1    
 AL539_04455   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33868 AVF73013.1    
 AL545_00540   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF67652.1    
 AL545_00435   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF67633.1    
 AL545_05070   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF68512.1    
 AL545_05070   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF68512.1    
 AL545_12020   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF69796.1    
 AL545_16005   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF70513.1    
 AL545_21315   Vibrio alginolyticus FDAARGOS_114 AVF71481.1    
 chitinase B (VacB) Vibrio alginolyticus H-8 BAB21607.1
 K04M3_06070   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP07356.1    
 K04M3_42130   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP10791.1    
 K04M3_42130   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP10791.1    
 K04M3_24250 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP09116.1    
 K04M3_49140 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP11483.1    
 K04M3_17010   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP08404.1    
 K04M3_48910 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus isolate K04M3 ARP11460.1    
 AL541_02360   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF63228.1    
 AL541_15630   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF65707.1    
 AL541_02465   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF63247.1    
 AL541_06090   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF63908.1    
 AL541_06090   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF63908.1    
 AL541_20215   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF66506.1    
 AL541_10250   Vibrio alginolyticus J207 AVF64747.1    
 K01M1_41550   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARP00980.1    
 K01M1_41550   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARP00980.1    
 K01M1_48320 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARP01648.1    
 K01M1_06060   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARO97595.1    
 K01M1_48550 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARP01671.1    
 K01M1_24090 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARO99342.1    
 K01M1_16860   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARO98629.1    
 K04M1_16980   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP03346.1    
 K04M1_41480   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP05680.1    
 K04M1_41480   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP05680.1    
 K04M1_48320 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP06355.1    
 K04M1_24240 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP04058.1    
 K04M1_48550 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP06378.1    
 K04M1_06400   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP02323.1    
 K04M5_24150 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP14193.1    
 K04M5_48890 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP16541.1    
 K04M5_06070   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP12442.1    
 K04M5_48660 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP16518.1    
 K04M5_41880   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP15849.1    
 K04M5_41880   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP15849.1    
 K04M5_16660   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP13466.1    
 K05K4_06320   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP17503.1    
 K05K4_48740 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP21583.1    
 K05K4_41710   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP20891.1    
 K05K4_41710   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP20891.1    
 K05K4_17040   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP18540.1    
 K05K4_24280 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP19252.1    
 K05K4_48510 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP21560.1    
 K06K5_48640 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP26664.1    
 K06K5_41450   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP25964.1    
 K06K5_41450   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP25964.1    
 K06K5_24210 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP24342.1    
 K06K5_16990   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP23630.1    
 K06K5_48410 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP26641.1    
 K06K5_06410   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP22607.1    
 K08M3_48680 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP36476.1    
 K08M3_16890   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP33427.1    
 K08M3_48450 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP36453.1    
 K08M3_24150 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP34141.1    
 K08M3_06070   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP32387.1    
 K08M3_41400   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP35764.1    
 K08M3_41400   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP35764.1    
 K08M4_42710 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP40923.1    
 K08M4_13210 (GbpA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP38077.1    
 K08M4_35090   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP40182.1    
 K08M4_35090   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP40182.1    
 K08M4_23640   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP39096.1    
 K09K1_07730 (Gbpa_1)   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP45422.1    
 K09K1_27190   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP47308.1    
 K09K1_07960 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP45445.1    
 K09K1_41470 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP48610.1    
 K09K1_48700   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP49323.1    
 K09K1_00920   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP44754.1    
 K09K1_00920   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP44754.1    
 K10K4_48820 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP31730.1    
 K10K4_23970 (ChiD)   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP29385.1    
 K10K4_06060   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP27639.1    
 K10K4_16740   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP28672.1    
 K10K4_42040   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP31061.1    
 K10K4_42040   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP31061.1    
 K10K4_49050 (ChiA)   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP31753.1    
 N646_3531   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV19341.1    
 N646_1453   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV17286.1    
 N646_0707   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV16540.1    
 N646_2775   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV18585.1    
 N646_3510   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV19320.1    
 N646_4225   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV20034.1    
 N646_4225   Vibrio alginolyticus NBRC 15630 = ATCC 17749 AGV20034.1    
 BAU10_02065   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP63840.1    
 BAU10_10770   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP65455.1    
 BAU10_07670   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP64870.1    
 BAU10_23765   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP67950.1    
 BAU10_23870   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP67970.1    
 BAU10_19300   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP67108.1    
 BAU10_19300   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP67108.1    
 PO26_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM25032.1    
 PO26_13125   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM27551.1    
 PO26_15265   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM27957.1    
 PO26_10555   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM26998.1    
 PO26_14310   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM27776.1    
 PO26_09145   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM26732.1    
 PN39_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL62709.1    
 PN39_13940   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL65374.1    
 PN39_15110   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL65599.1    
 PN39_10815   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL64716.1    
 PN39_16050   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL65775.1    
 PN39_09445   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL64458.1    
 B5S57_03410   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT66243.1    
 B5S57_15155   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT68467.1    
 B5S57_02040   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT65996.1    
 B5S57_04400   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT66434.1    
 B5S57_16615   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT68742.1    
 B5S57_19330   Vibrio anguillarum 425 AVT69201.1    
 AA407_08400   Vibrio anguillarum 4299 AQM13126.1    
 AA407_09645   Vibrio anguillarum 4299 AQM13352.1    
 AA407_14085   Vibrio anguillarum 4299 AQM14221.1    
 AA407_15875   Vibrio anguillarum 4299 AQM14550.1    
 DD610_13815   Vibrio anguillarum 4299-E1-R1 AXN05346.1    
 DD610_09725   Vibrio anguillarum 4299-E1-R1 AXN04527.1    
 DD610_15590   Vibrio anguillarum 4299-E1-R1 AXN05675.1    
 DD610_08455   Vibrio anguillarum 4299-E1-R1 AXN04294.1    
 PN46_14845   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL82772.1    
 PN46_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL79938.1    
 PN46_09100   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL81624.1    
 PN46_13645   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL82545.1    
 PN46_10510   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL81891.1    
 PN46_15785   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL82953.1    
 PL15_13965   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL93022.1    
 PL15_15145   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL93246.1    
 PL15_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL90349.1    
 PL15_16115   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL93426.1    
 PL15_10890   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL92381.1    
 PL15_09495   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL92114.1    
 PN38_10475   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM06555.1    
 PN38_13575   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM07202.1    
 PN38_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM04612.1    
 PN38_09060   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM06288.1    
 PN38_15745   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM07608.1    
 PN38_14780   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM07426.1    
 VAA_02321   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH33577.1    
 VAA_01569   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH34545.1    
 VAA_01311   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH34785.1    
 VAA_00625   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH31611.1    
 VAA_00498   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH33873.1    
 VAA_02862   Vibrio anguillarum 775 AEH34990.1    
 PO30_09360   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL85144.1    
 PO30_13885   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL86062.1    
 PO30_15045   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL86284.1    
 PO30_10775   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL85412.1    
 PO30_16015   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL86467.1    
 PO30_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL83399.1    
 CEA93_19745   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF94209.1    
 CEA93_01060   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF93224.1    
 CEA93_03945   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF91214.1    
 CEA93_05430   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF91494.1    
 CEA93_18380   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF93956.1    
 CEA93_15190   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF93385.1    
 PO31_14775   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL89729.1    
 PO31_13605   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL89506.1    
 PO31_10495   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL88852.1    
 PO31_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL86898.1    
 PO31_15745   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL89912.1    
 PO31_09090   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL88585.1    
 PL14_04895   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ22569.1    
 PL14_14300   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ24388.1    
 PL14_03365   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ22279.1    
 PL14_17185   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ24932.1    
 PL14_16230   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ24748.1    
 QR76_16155   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM35896.1    
 QR76_09440   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM34551.1    
 QR76_15190   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM35712.1    
 QR76_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM32791.1    
 QR76_13995   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM35483.1    
 QR76_10840   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM34819.1    
 PO28_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL73025.1    
 PO28_14060   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL75710.1    
 PO28_09595   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL74798.1    
 PO28_10990   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL75066.1    
 PO28_16230   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL76121.1    
 PO28_15255   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL75938.1    
 PL84_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQL97545.1    
 PL84_10570   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQL99516.1    
 PL84_13645   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQM00164.1    
 PL84_14830   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQM00388.1    
 PL84_15800   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQM00570.1    
 PL84_09160   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQL99249.1    
 PN47_10485   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL68129.1    
 PN47_00085   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL66177.1    
 PN47_09080   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL67861.1    
 PN47_15775   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL69194.1    
 PN47_13640   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL68786.1    
 PN47_14810   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL69010.1    
 PN41_09065   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL71343.1    
 PN41_15735   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL72668.1    
 PN41_10475   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL71614.1    
 PN41_00085   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL69666.1    
 PN41_14785   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL72492.1    
 PN41_13610   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL72266.1    
 PN48_10830   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL61296.1    
 PN48_16095   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL62365.1    
 PN48_13975   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL61960.1    
 PN48_09430   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL61028.1    
 PN48_15130   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL62182.1    
 PN48_00085   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL59287.1    
 DEA53_14170   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN08608.1    
 DEA53_10915   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN07950.1    
 DEA53_00085   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN08414.1    
 DEA53_09475   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN07679.1    
 DEA53_16305   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN09015.1    
 DEA53_15345   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-2 AXN08830.1    
 DEB11_13970   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN18817.1    
 DEB11_09245   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN17886.1    
 DEB11_10705   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN18158.1    
 DEB11_16105   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN19224.1    
 DEB11_00085   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN18622.1    
 DEB11_15145   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R1 AXN19039.1    
 DEB26_09260   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN11082.1    
 DEB26_10710   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN11354.1    
 DEB26_00085   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN11814.1    
 DEB26_15095   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN12233.1    
 DEB26_13920   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN12010.1    
 DEB26_16055   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R3 AXN12416.1    
 DEB41_00085   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN15222.1    
 DEB41_09270   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN14485.1    
 DEB41_10720   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN14759.1    
 DEB41_15140   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN15633.1    
 DEB41_16100   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN15816.1    
 DEB41_13965   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35-E2-R4 AXN15412.1    
 CEQ50_19400   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG09632.1    
 CEQ50_04120   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG06777.1    
 CEQ50_05570   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG07044.1    
 CEQ50_01265   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG08707.1    
 CEQ50_18135   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG09393.1    
 CEQ50_14985   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG08875.1    
 PL85_14680   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM03901.1    
 PL85_10550   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM03071.1    
 PL85_08995   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM02769.1    
 PL85_16875   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM04319.1    
 PL85_15875   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM04130.1    
 PO29_16885   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM17971.1    
 PO29_08825   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM16415.1    
 PO29_10145   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM16658.1    
 PO29_14785   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM17579.1    
 DYL72_11365   Vibrio anguillarum J360 AZS25555.1    
 DYL72_17170   Vibrio anguillarum J360 AZS26721.1    
 DYL72_13275   Vibrio anguillarum J360 AZS25895.1    
 DYL72_20105   Vibrio anguillarum J360 AZS27186.1    
 CEJ46_03770   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG02993.1    
 CEJ46_17670   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG05606.1    
 CEJ46_14860   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG05136.1    
 CEJ46_05460   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG03307.1    
 CEJ46_19265   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG05906.1    
 PN43_13620   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM24188.1    
 PN43_09075   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM23267.1    
 PN43_15770   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM24600.1    
 PN43_00085   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM21584.1    
 PN43_14805   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM24417.1    
 PN43_10480   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM23534.1    
 N175_17485   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU59546.1    
 N175_11620   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU58263.1    
 N175_15235   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU59149.1    
 N175_00095   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU56330.1    
 N175_10100   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU58008.1    
 N175_16450   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU59365.1    
 CG015_15230   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO30616.1    
 CG015_16435   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO30829.1    
 CG015_15190   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO30608.1    
 CG015_15190   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO30608.1    
 CG015_06090   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO28882.1    
 CG015_04575   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO28594.1    
 CG015_14260   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO30439.1    
 A6A12_2975   Vibrio anguillarum MVAV6203 ARV28066.1    
 A6A12_0819   Vibrio anguillarum MVAV6203 ARV26545.1    
 A6A12_0516   Vibrio anguillarum MVAV6203 ARV27506.1    
 VANGNB10_cI0181   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ49099.1    
 VANGNB10_cI0683   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ49597.1    
 VANGNB10_cI0958 (ChiA)   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ49872.1    
 VANGNB10_cII0680c   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ48577.1    
 VANGNB10_cII0099   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ47996.1    
 VANGNB10_cII0922c   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ48819.1    
 PN49_16335   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP34548.1    
 PN49_13600   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP34033.1    
 PN49_08785   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP33056.1    
 PN49_14935   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP34289.1    
 PN49_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP31423.1    
 PN49_10090   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP33305.1    
 CKY00_03370   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB86367.1    
 CKY00_00610   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB85846.1    
 CKY00_14730   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB88529.1    
 CKY00_01970   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB86104.1    
 CKY00_01590   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB86030.1    
 CKY00_04560   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB89082.1    
 CKY00_13380   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB88278.1    
 DD616_03275   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM50138.1    
 DD616_04390   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM52806.1    
 DD616_14530   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM52283.1    
 DD616_13190   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM52031.1    
 DD616_00590   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM49631.1    
 DD616_01565   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM49813.1    
 DD616_01940   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-1 AXM49887.1    
 DD731_14215   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM62167.1    
 DD731_04370   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM62700.1    
 DD731_12875   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM61916.1    
 DD731_01940   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM59827.1    
 DD731_00585   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM59569.1    
 DD731_03280   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM60079.1    
 DD731_01565   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-2 AXM59753.1    
 DD758_12935   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM55367.1    
 DD758_00595   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM53017.1    
 DD758_03285   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM53528.1    
 DD758_01945   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM53275.1    
 DD758_04415   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM56079.1    
 DD758_14285   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM55619.1    
 DD758_01570   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-3 AXM53201.1    
 DD760_00585   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM46286.1    
 DD760_03270   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM46795.1    
 DD760_01560   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM46470.1    
 DD760_01935   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM46544.1    
 DD760_14260   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM48885.1    
 DD760_04410   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM49413.1    
 DD760_12920   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-4 AXM48633.1    
 DD765_04400   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM74397.1    
 DD765_14230   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM73918.1    
 DD765_01950   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM71572.1    
 DD765_01575   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM71498.1    
 DD765_12895   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM73667.1    
 DD765_03290   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM71825.1    
 DD765_00600   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E1-5 AXM71315.1    
 DD770_14740   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM80631.1    
 DD770_08555   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM79411.1    
 DD770_14365   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM80558.1    
 DD770_16080   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM80885.1    
 DD770_13390   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM80375.1    
 DD770_09900   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM79661.1    
 DD770_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-2 AXM80166.1    
 DD785_08570   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM86020.1    
 DD785_09905   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM86271.1    
 DD785_14315   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM87147.1    
 DD785_14315   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM87147.1    
 DD785_13310   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM86958.1    
 DD785_14285   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM87141.1    
 DD785_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM86756.1    
 DD785_16000   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM87467.1    
 DD785_14660   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-3 AXM87214.1    
 DD828_16070   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM84186.1    
 DD828_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM83467.1    
 DD828_13385   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM83675.1    
 DD828_14735   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM83933.1    
 DD828_14360   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM83859.1    
 DD828_09930   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM82971.1    
 DD828_08590   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-5 AXM82721.1    
 DEA41_09925   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM64672.1    
 DEA41_08585   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM64420.1    
 DEA41_14785   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM65641.1    
 DEA41_16120   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM65894.1    
 DEA41_13435   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM65385.1    
 DEA41_14410   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM65567.1    
 DEA41_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-6 AXM65176.1    
 DEB03_14675   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM58994.1    
 DEB03_16015   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM59247.1    
 DEB03_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM58532.1    
 DEB03_08570   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM57791.1    
 DEB03_13325   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM58738.1    
 DEB03_09910   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM58042.1    
 DEB03_14300   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R1 AXM58920.1    
 DEB08_14755   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM77323.1    
 DEB08_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM76861.1    
 DEB08_14380   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM77249.1    
 DEB08_13405   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM77067.1    
 DEB08_09935   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM76365.1    
 DEB08_08595   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM76113.1    
 DEB08_16085   Vibrio anguillarum PF4-E2-R4 AXM77575.1    
 PN51_10135   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM20129.1    
 PN51_00085   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM18234.1    
 PN51_14835   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM21085.1    
 PN51_15780   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM21267.1    
 PN51_08820   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM19879.1    
 PN51_13500   Vibrio anguillarum PF430-3 AQM20829.1    
 AA909_13570   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP37397.1    
 AA909_15045   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP37674.1    
 AA909_15905   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP37842.1    
 AA909_10190   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP36704.1    
 AA909_08770   Vibrio anguillarum PF7 AQP36435.1    
 PO25_08805   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM30059.1    
 PO25_15765   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM31455.1    
 PO25_14805   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM31269.1    
 PO25_13745   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM31068.1    
 PO25_10155   Vibrio anguillarum S2 2/9 AQM30314.1    
 CEG15_14025   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASG01296.1    
 CEG15_03525   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASF99262.1    
 CEG15_04935   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASF99526.1    
 CEG15_17610   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASG01915.1    
 CEG15_19015   Vibrio anguillarum S3 4/9 ASG02179.1    
 PN44_10795   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL78503.1    
 PN44_15100   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL79391.1    
 PN44_13940   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL79168.1    
 PN44_00085   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL76498.1    
 PN44_16070   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL79573.1    
 PN44_09390   Vibrio anguillarum T265 AQL78236.1    
 PL83_16070   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL97105.1    
 PL83_15100   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL96930.1    
 PL83_10765   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL96040.1    
 PL83_00085   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL94038.1    
 PL83_13925   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL96706.1    
 PL83_09375   Vibrio anguillarum VA1 AQL95782.1    
 AA405_15840   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM64555.1    
 AA405_10590   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM63506.1    
 AA405_09170   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM63231.1    
 AA405_13705   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM64153.1    
 AA405_14875   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM64372.1    
 AA405_00085   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 18 AQM61537.1    
 AA406_09590   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM09887.1    
 AA406_10990   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM10155.1    
 AA406_16235   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM11211.1    
 AA406_14065   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM10800.1    
 AA406_15260   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM11028.1    
 AA406_00085   Vibrio anguillarum VIB 93 AQM08115.1    
 CMV05_09510   Vibrio anguillarum VIB12 ATC57831.1    
 CMV05_16145   Vibrio anguillarum VIB12 ATC59088.1    
 CMV05_20590   Vibrio anguillarum VIB12 ATC59784.1    
 CMV05_20345   Vibrio anguillarum VIB12 ATC59740.1    
 CK207_15695   Vibrio anguillarum VIB43 ASW82530.1    
 CK207_18600   Vibrio anguillarum VIB43 ASW83007.1    
 CK207_06060   Vibrio anguillarum VIB43 ASW80690.1    
 CK207_04035   Vibrio anguillarum VIB43 ASW80328.1    
 VEA_000907   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY53593.1 A7JY10  
 VEA_002720   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY50882.1 A7K3L1  
 VEA_000945   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY53630.1 A7JXX1  
 VEA_000210   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY52898.1 A7K2M5  
 VEA_000210   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY52898.1 A7K2M5  
 VEA_003394   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY51554.1 D0M218  
 VEA_004329   Vibrio antiquarius EX25 ACY52487.1 A7K170  
 BS333_14395   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI87601.1    
 BS333_15240   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI87755.1    
 BS333_10415   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI86771.1    
 BS333_16855   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI88043.1    
 BS333_16855   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI88043.1    
 BS333_18170   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI88270.1    
 BS333_20550   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI88678.1    
 BS333_19280   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI88468.1    
 BS333_02875   Vibrio azureus LC2-005 AUI85411.1    
 Vca1114GL_00546 (Gbpa_1)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM67069.1    
 Vca1114GL_04812   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM71229.1    
 Vca1114GL_01379   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM67888.1    
 Vca1114GL_00529   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM67052.1    
 Vca1114GL_04385   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM70803.1    
 Vca1114GL_04385   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM70803.1    
 Vca1114GL_03267 (Gbpa_2)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM69693.1    
 Vca1114GL_02712 (Chid_1)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM69144.1    
 Vca1114GL_00340   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM66863.1    
 Vca1114GL_03314 (Chia_1)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM69740.1    
 Vca1114GL_00530 (Stce_1)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM67053.1    
 Vca1114GL_00530 (Stce_1)   Vibrio campbellii 1114GL AQM67053.1    
 D0784_17300   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO11108.1    
 D0784_23900   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO12345.1    
 D0784_25700   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO12681.1    
 D0784_25950   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO12726.1    
 D0784_21525   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO11901.1    
 D0784_21525   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO11901.1    
 D0784_07355   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO09243.1    
 D0784_03000   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO08443.1    
 D0784_08195   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO09395.1    
 D0784_12420   Vibrio campbellii 170502 AYO10153.1    
 Vc3S01_A1047   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR09020.1    
 Vc3S01_A1047   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR09020.1    
 Vc3S01_1771   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06533.1    
 Vc3S01_1771   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06533.1    
 Vc3S01_A0137 (CpbD)   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR08110.1    
 Vc3S01_1596   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06358.1    
 Vc3S01_2618   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR07379.1    
 Vc3S01_0760   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR05522.1    
 Vc3S01_A0497   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR08470.1    
 Vc3S01_A0087   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR08060.1    
 Vc3S01_1770   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06532.1    
 Vc3S01_1786 (CpbD)   Vibrio campbellii 20130629003S01 ARR06548.1    
 M892_01460   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU96007.1    
 M892_18100 (fragment)   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU98185.1    
 M892_02370   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU96056.1    
 M892_25425   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU97874.1    
 VIBHAR_02194   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU71157.1    
 VIBHAR_02194   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU71157.1    
 VIBHAR_02195   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU71158.1    
 VIBHAR_05170   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU73076.1    
 VIBHAR_00548   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU69551.1
 VIBHAR_01081   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU94504.1
 VIBHAR_02190   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 AGU93966.1
 VIBHAR_03258   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU72206.1
 VIBHAR_05899   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU73792.1
 VIBHAR_05945   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU73838.1
 VIBHAR_05945   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU73838.1
 VIBHAR_06955   Vibrio campbellii ATCC BAA-1116 ABU74829.1
 C1N50_25300   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV89422.1    
 C1N50_09135   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV86299.1    
 C1N50_17925   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV88051.1    
 C1N50_20095   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV88457.1    
 C1N50_20095   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV88457.1    
 C1N50_13410   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV87083.1    
 C1N50_09125   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV86297.1    
 C1N50_09125   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV86297.1    
 C1N50_24275   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV89234.1    
 C1N50_09120   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV86296.1    
 C1N50_25075   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV89380.1    
 C1N50_04055   Vibrio campbellii BoB-53 AUV85391.1    
 C1N51_03535   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW02902.1    
 C1N51_16280   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW05130.1    
 C1N51_25680   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW07009.1    
 C1N51_16365   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW05144.1    
 C1N51_26570   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW07165.1    
 C1N51_11150   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW04216.1    
 C1N51_16285   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW05131.1    
 C1N51_16285   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW05131.1    
 C1N51_15425   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW04974.1    
 C1N51_26825   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW07211.1    
 C1N51_20990   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW06142.1    
 C1N51_20990   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW06142.1    
 C1N51_18825   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW05735.1    
 C1N51_27205   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW07355.1    
 C1N51_27205   Vibrio campbellii BoB-90 AUW07355.1    
 A8140_21915   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV75266.1    
 A8140_07275   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV72529.1    
 A8140_17855   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV74515.1    
 A8140_17855   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV74515.1    
 A8140_21755   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV75236.1    
 A8140_11590   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV73332.1    
 A8140_03315   Vibrio campbellii CAIM 519 = NBRC 15631 ATCC 25920, CAIM 519T ARV71802.1    
 DSB67_19610   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB33631.1    
 DSB67_19440   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB33600.1    
 DSB67_06985   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB31336.1    
 DSB67_18520   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB33441.1    
 DSB67_11840   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB32192.1    
 DSB67_23890   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB34396.1    
 DSB67_23890   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB34396.1    
 DSB67_02920   Vibrio campbellii DS40M4 AXB30603.1    
 CAY59_04695   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR43701.1    
 CAY59_22690   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR47025.1    
 CAY59_08865   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44446.1    
 CAY59_14145   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR45389.1    
 CAY59_09760   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44612.1    
 CAY59_09760   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44612.1    
 CAY59_22450   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR46982.1    
 CAY59_20280   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR46594.1    
 CAY59_09755   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44611.1    
 CAY59_18175   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR46214.1    
 CAY59_18175   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR46214.1    
 CAY59_09775   Vibrio campbellii LA16-V1 ARR44615.1    
 BWP24_08455   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06181.1    
 BWP24_24045   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX09232.1    
 BWP24_09425   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06365.1    
 BWP24_09340   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06350.1    
 BWP24_26035   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX09600.1    
 BWP24_25800   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX09554.1    
 BWP24_09345   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06351.1    
 BWP24_09345   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX06351.1    
 BWP24_21690   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX08787.1    
 BWP24_21690   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX08787.1    
 BWP24_13735   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX07161.1    
 BWP24_03835   Vibrio campbellii LMB29 APX05351.1    
 chitinase A (ChiA) Vibrio cholerae AAC72236.1 Q9ZFP7  
 VAB027_476   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB06609.1    
 VAB027_892   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB07473.1    
 VAB027_1756   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB06896.1    
 VAB027_1425   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB05619.1    
 VAB027_2592   Vibrio cholerae 10432-62 AKB06416.1    
 VAA049_2928   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB04629.1    
 VAA049_2250   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB04867.1    
 VAA049_190   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB03491.1    
 VAA049_925   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB03500.1    
 VAA049_1871   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB03317.1    
 VAA049_2664   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB02278.1    
 VAA049_1771   Vibrio cholerae 1154-74 AKB02587.1    
 EZZ25_14410   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ30517.1    
 EZZ25_13865   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ30410.1    
 EZZ25_12935   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ30193.1    
 EZZ25_17080   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ30971.1    
 EZZ25_00615   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ27923.1    
 EZZ25_08645   Vibrio cholerae 20000 QBJ29374.1    
 EN18_01860   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT31561.1    
 EN18_12870   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT29929.1    
 EN18_04415   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT32052.1    
 EN18_07235   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT28842.1    
 EN18_08695   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT29122.1    
 EN18_03905   Vibrio cholerae 2012EL-2176 AIT31953.1    
 NH62_20583   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY46837.1    
 NH62_21343   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY47589.1    
 NH62_10646   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY45868.1    
 NH62_11055   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY46274.1    
 NH62_20287   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY46546.1    
 NH62_10099   Vibrio cholerae 2012Env-9 AOY45322.1    
 BBB50_10725   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR88132.1    
 BBB50_09250   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR87861.1    
 BBB50_04965   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR87058.1    
 BBB50_17165   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR89390.1    
 BBB50_14055   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR89767.1    
 BBB50_14580   Vibrio cholerae 2740-80 ANR88904.1    
 SAMEA4374365_02805   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534200 SPM24539.1    
 SAMEA4374365_02979 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534200 SPM24711.1    
 SAMEA4374365_03279   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534200 SPM25002.1    
 SAMEA4374366_02878   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM22707.1    
 SAMEA4374366_01763   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM13763.1    
 SAMEA4374366_02051   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM14039.1    
 SAMEA4374366_00922 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM12940.1    
 SAMEA4374366_02980 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM22808.1    
 SAMEA4374366_03388   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534216 SPM23426.1    
 SAMEA4374367_03396   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM24136.1    
 SAMEA4374367_02947   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM23231.1    
 SAMEA4374367_03498 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM24260.1    
 SAMEA4374367_00922 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM15587.1    
 SAMEA4374367_02051   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM16686.1    
 SAMEA4374367_01763   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534232 SPM16410.1    
 SAMEA4374368_01764   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM21684.1    
 SAMEA4374368_03294   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM25956.1    
 SAMEA4374368_02844   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM25511.1    
 SAMEA4374368_02052   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM21960.1    
 SAMEA4374368_00922 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM20860.1    
 SAMEA4374368_03700 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae 4295STDY6534248 SPM26351.1    
 A1552VC_01727 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB74461.1    
 A1552VC_00529   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB73294.1    
 A1552VC_A02820 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB75484.1    
 A1552VC_A02922 (CbpD)   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB75585.1    
 A1552VC_A03403   Vibrio cholerae A1552 AWB76062.1    
 ASZ80_01938   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF49479.1    
 ASZ80_02834   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF50330.1    
 ASZ80_02941   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF50437.1    
 ASZ80_00810   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF48364.1    
 ASZ80_03586   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF51081.1    
 ASZ80_01099   Vibrio cholerae C5 APF48648.1    
 ASZ81_00803   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF55956.1    
 ASZ81_02941   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF58031.1    
 ASZ81_02834   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF57924.1    
 ASZ81_01935   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF57075.1    
 ASZ81_01094   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF56242.1    
 ASZ81_03566   Vibrio cholerae CRC1106 APF58655.1    
 ASZ82_00803   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF52218.1    
 ASZ82_03463   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF54821.1    
 ASZ82_02824   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF54183.1    
 ASZ82_02929   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF54288.1    
 ASZ82_01092   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF52502.1    
 ASZ82_01934   Vibrio cholerae CRC711 APF53336.1    
 ASZ87_03010 (CbpD)   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF65676.1    
 ASZ87_02609 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF65286.1    
 ASZ87_00970   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF63758.1    
 ASZ87_00687   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF63481.1    
 ASZ87_03540   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF66205.1    
 ASZ87_02908 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae E1162 APF65574.1    
 ASZ88_03094 (CbpD)   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF69434.1    
 ASZ88_01065   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF67454.1    
 ASZ88_01884 (ChiD)   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF68265.1    
 ASZ88_00782   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF67177.1    
 ASZ88_02993 (ChiA)   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF69333.1    
 ASZ88_03679   Vibrio cholerae E1320 APF70018.1    
 EEL44_17065   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV10655.1    
 EEL44_02350   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV07852.1    
 EEL44_15580   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV10381.1    
 EEL44_04965   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV08353.1    
 EEL44_02880   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV07951.1    
 EEL44_11210   Vibrio cholerae E4 AYV09541.1    
 ASZ84_00374   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF59398.1    
 ASZ84_03477   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF62401.1    
 ASZ84_02898   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF61823.1    
 ASZ84_01506   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF60517.1    
 ASZ84_02795   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF61720.1    
 ASZ84_00664   Vibrio cholerae E506 APF59683.1    
 CSW01_09760   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ46975.1    
 CSW01_05460   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ46144.1    
 CSW01_03990   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ45867.1    
 CSW01_14710   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ47948.1    
 CSW01_17685   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ48475.1    
 CSW01_14185   Vibrio cholerae E7946 ATQ47847.1    
 ASZ79_00863   Vibrio cholerae E9120 APF70891.1    
 ASZ79_01957   Vibrio cholerae E9120 APF71972.1    
 ASZ79_01124   Vibrio cholerae E9120 APF71147.1    

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