Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 57

Activities in FamilyCreated from reading Schallus et al (2008) Mol Biol Cell. 19:3404-3414 [PMID: 18524852] and finding related domains attached to various glycosidases.
Statistics GenBank accession (855); Uniprot accession (70); PDB accession (8); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 ACYPI002193   Acyrthosiphon pisum LSR1 BAH72286.1 C4WWL6  
 ORF   Amblyomma maculatum AEO36624.1    
 CB5_LOCUS8483 (fragment)   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus VUW57904.1
 CB5_LOCUS23113 (fragment)   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1839902.1    
 CB5_LOCUS2328 (fragment)   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1819117.1    
 CB5_LOCUS25609   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1842398.1    
 CB5_LOCUS2327 (fragment)   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1819116.1    
 CB5_LOCUS2317   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1819106.1    
 CB5_LOCUS25808   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1842597.1    
 CB5_LOCUS25442   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1842231.1    
 CB5_LOCUS27707   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1844496.1    
 CB5_LOCUS25410   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1842199.1    
 CB5_LOCUS10956   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1827745.1    
 CB5_LOCUS10912   Ananas comosus var. bracteatus CAD1827701.1    
 malectin, partial (MleC)   Apalone spinifera ATP07242.1    
 AT1G28340 (Rlp4)   Arabidopsis thaliana AEE30960.1    
 AT9943_LOCUS20794   Arabidopsis thaliana CAD5333438.1    
 DS421_17g571610   Arachis hypogaea QHN91053.1    
 DS421_20g680450   Arachis hypogaea QHN80705.1
 DS421_20g682910   Arachis hypogaea QHN80981.1
 DS421_3g94840   Arachis hypogaea QHO58937.1    
 DS421_3g97270   Arachis hypogaea QHO59213.1    
 DS421_18g618680   Arachis hypogaea QHN96462.1    
 DS421_13g429000   Arachis hypogaea QHO03047.1    
 DS421_18g618870   Arachis hypogaea QHN96482.1    
 DS421_18g618660   Arachis hypogaea QHN96460.1    
 DS421_15g506700   Arachis hypogaea QHO12413.1    
 DS421_13g426820   Arachis hypogaea QHO02794.1    
 DS421_18g618620   Arachis hypogaea QHN96456.1    
 DS421_18g618860   Arachis hypogaea QHN96481.1    
 DS421_18g618940   Arachis hypogaea QHN96489.1    
 DS421_18g618960   Arachis hypogaea QHN96491.1
 DS421_9g282040   Arachis hypogaea QHO36229.1    
 DS421_5g170950   Arachis hypogaea QHO44424.1
 DS421_5g165510   Arachis hypogaea QHO43774.1    
 DS421_7g221740   Arachis hypogaea QHO29025.1    
 DS421_10g311150   Arachis hypogaea QHO17319.1    
 DS421_10g311150   Arachis hypogaea QHO17319.1    
 DS421_7g221700   Arachis hypogaea QHO29021.1    
 DS421_7g221940   Arachis hypogaea QHO29047.1    
 DS421_7g221710   Arachis hypogaea QHO29022.1    
 DS421_7g221900   Arachis hypogaea QHO29043.1    
 DS421_7g202610   Arachis hypogaea QHO26795.1    
 DS421_7g216440   Arachis hypogaea QHO28410.1    
 DS421_7g216440   Arachis hypogaea QHO28410.1    
 DS421_7g221950   Arachis hypogaea QHO29048.1    
 DS421_7g221750   Arachis hypogaea QHO29026.1
 DS421_10g289530   Arachis hypogaea QHO14817.1
 DS421_7g221970   Arachis hypogaea QHO29053.1    
 DS421_7g221920   Arachis hypogaea QHO29045.1    
 DS421_10g287890   Arachis hypogaea QHO14626.1    
 ORF   Ascaris suum ADY46158.1    
 malectin   Azumapecten farreri AYB71126.1    
 MleC   Bos taurus Crossbred x Angus AAI46165.1 A6H797  
 malectin   Brachionus plicatilis AUX81344.1    
 BRAFLDRAFT_264500   Branchiostoma floridae S238N-H82 EEN55537.1 C3YVX3  
 BOLC6T39485H   Brassica oleracea VDD64032.1    
 BOLC6T36182H   Brassica oleracea VDD60729.1    
 BOLC6T37696H   Brassica oleracea VDD62243.1    
 BOLC1T04919H   Brassica oleracea VDD52530.1    
 BOLC6T36671H   Brassica oleracea VDD61218.1    
 BOLC7T42075H (fragment)   Brassica oleracea VDD36515.1    
 BOLC7T42073H   Brassica oleracea VDD36513.1    
 BOLC5T31574H   Brassica oleracea VDD44027.1    
 BOLC5T31572H   Brassica oleracea VDD44025.1    
 BOLC7T42069H   Brassica oleracea VDD36509.1    
 BOLC7T43502H (fragment)   Brassica oleracea VDD37942.1    
 BOLC5T29336H   Brassica oleracea VDD41789.1    
 BOLC7T43107H   Brassica oleracea VDD37547.1    
 BOLC5T32468H   Brassica oleracea VDD44921.1    
 BOLC5T33924H   Brassica oleracea VDD46377.1    
 BOLC9T55468H (fragment)   Brassica oleracea VDD30145.1    
 BOLC5T33922H (fragment)   Brassica oleracea VDD46375.1    
 BOLC7T42085H   Brassica oleracea VDD36525.1    
 BOLC7T42080H   Brassica oleracea VDD36520.1    
 BOLC3T16994H   Brassica oleracea VDC93652.1    
 BOLC3T21639H   Brassica oleracea VDD01645.1    
 BOLC2T08810H   Brassica oleracea VDD22632.1    
 BOLC2T10430H   Brassica oleracea VDD24896.1    
 BOLC3T21640H   Brassica oleracea VDD01647.1    
 BOLC3T16995H   Brassica oleracea VDC93653.1    
 BOLC3T19871H   Brassica oleracea VDC98102.1    
 BOLC3T16991H   Brassica oleracea VDC93649.1    
 BOLC3T19861H   Brassica oleracea VDC98082.1    
 BOLC3T19861H   Brassica oleracea VDC98082.1    
 BOLC3T19861H   Brassica oleracea VDC98082.1    
 BOLC2T08523H   Brassica oleracea VDD22259.1    
 BRAA09T39190Z   Brassica rapa VDC61579.1    
 BRAA09T39189Z   Brassica rapa VDC61578.1    
 BRAA06T23685Z   Brassica rapa VDC65145.1    
 BRAA06T27061Z   Brassica rapa VDC68521.1    
 BRAA03T13047Z   Brassica rapa VDC81829.1    
 BRAA02T07811Z   Brassica rapa VDC90417.1    
 BRAA02T06704Z   Brassica rapa VDC88204.1    
 BRAA02T06704Z   Brassica rapa VDC88204.1    
 BRAA02T06543Z   Brassica rapa VDC87882.1    
 BRAA01T03947Z   Brassica rapa VDC77445.1    
 BRAA05T20720Z   Brassica rapa VDC71006.1    
 BRAA01T02245Z   Brassica rapa VDC75743.1    
 BRAA02T08054Z   Brassica rapa VDC90902.1    

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