Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 48

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 100 residues with glycogen-binding function, appended to GH13 modules. Also found in the beta subunit (glycogen-binding) of AMP-activated protein kinases (AMPK)
Statistics GenBank accession (21121); Uniprot accession (2610); PDB accession (112); 3D entries (30); cryst (1)
All (20084) Archaea (132) Bacteria (18678) Eukaryota (1258) Viruses (2) unclassified (14) Structure (30 - 1 cryst) Characterized (169)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 ASU2_02220   Actinobacillus suis H91-0380 AFU18586.1    
 ASU2_02215   Actinobacillus suis H91-0380 AFU18585.1    
 SAMEA4504061_00456 (GlgB)   Actinobacillus suis NCTC12996 SNV27985.1    
 SAMEA4504061_00457 (GlgX)   Actinobacillus suis NCTC12996 SNV27992.1    
 BH719_02795   Actinomyces hongkongensis HKU8 AOS46924.1    
 BH719_01345   Actinomyces hongkongensis HKU8 AOS46689.1    
 ADJ76_04100   Actinomyces meyeri W712 AKU65045.1    
 ADJ76_04120   Actinomyces meyeri W712 AKU65049.1    
 ADJ76_04560   Actinomyces meyeri W712 AKU65121.1    
 ADJ76_02565   Actinomyces meyeri W712 AKU64798.1    
 AN27039_2522 (fragment)   Actinomyces naeslundii ATCC 27039 BAV85592.1    
 AN27039_1134 (fragment)   Actinomyces naeslundii ATCC 27039 BAV84204.1    
 AN27039_2000   Actinomyces naeslundii ATCC 27039 BAV85070.1    
 AN27039_2008 (fragment)   Actinomyces naeslundii ATCC 27039 BAV85078.1    
 AN27039_2525 (fragment)   Actinomyces naeslundii ATCC 27039 BAV85595.1    
 AXE84_10510   Actinomyces oris T14V AMD99794.1    
 AXE84_08560   Actinomyces oris T14V AMD99459.1    
 AXE84_05410   Actinomyces oris T14V AMD98913.1    
 AXE84_10520 (fragment)   Actinomyces oris T14V AMD99795.1    
 AXE84_08585   Actinomyces oris T14V AMD99463.1    
 AXF14_00830   Actinomyces radicidentis CCUG 36733 AMD88332.1    
 AXF14_03995   Actinomyces radicidentis CCUG 36733 AMD88412.1    
 AXF14_04000   Actinomyces radicidentis CCUG 36733 AMD86910.1    
 AXF14_00810   Actinomyces radicidentis CCUG 36733 AMD88330.1    
 SAMN04489714_0968   Actinomyces radingae DSM 9169 SDT92745.1    
 SAMN04489714_0966   Actinomyces radingae DSM 9169 SDT92719.1    
 SAMN04489714_1338   Actinomyces radingae DSM 9169 SDT97228.1    
 SAMN04489714_1330   Actinomyces radingae DSM 9169 SDT97114.1    
 CHIBA101_0107   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW91982.1    
 CHIBA101_0824   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW92690.1    
 CHIBA101_0818   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW92684.1    
 CHIBA101_0367   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW92238.1    
 CHIBA101_0794   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW92660.1    
 CHIBA101_1376   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW93232.1    
 CHIBA101_1378   Actinomyces sp. Chiba101 BAW93234.1    
 AM609_09090   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 414 F0588 ALD00685.1    
 AM609_15210   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 414 F0588 ALD00436.1    
 AM609_15085   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 414 F0588 ALD00875.1    
 AM609_09130   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 414 F0588 ALC99599.1    
 AM609_01120   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 414 F0588 ALD00481.1    
 C3V41_03950 (fragment)   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 897 F0631 AVM62828.1    
 C3V41_12445 (GlgX)   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 897 F0631 AVM62693.1    
 C3V41_12405   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 897 F0631 AVM62685.1    
 C3V41_03940 (GlgX)   Actinomyces sp. oral taxon 897 F0631 AVM62827.1    
 B6G06_00315   Actinomyces sp. pika_114 ARD41019.1    
 B6G06_04045   Actinomyces sp. pika_114 ARD41616.1    
 B6G06_04035   Actinomyces sp. pika_114 ARD41614.1    
 B6G06_06260   Actinomyces sp. pika_114 ARD41993.1    
 B6G06_06285   Actinomyces sp. pika_114 ARD42773.1    
 BK816_04630   Actinomyces sp. VUL4_3 AOZ72664.1    
 BK816_03735   Actinomyces sp. VUL4_3 AOZ72518.1    
 SAMN04489716_8240 (fragment)   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDT78122.1    
 SAMN04489716_4894   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDT61713.1    
 SAMN04489716_0499   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDS30879.1    
 SAMN04489716_0126   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDS15102.1    
 SAMN04489716_8722   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDT79284.1    
 SAMN04489716_8945   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDT79822.1    
 SAMN04489716_8720   Actinoplanes derwentensis DSM 43941 SDT79278.1    
 AFR_35155   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ45287.1    
 AFR_31595   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ44579.1    
 AFR_24665   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ43199.1    
 AFR_31585   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ44577.1    
 AFR_10940   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ40477.1    
 AFR_27110   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ43683.1    
 AFR_27730   Actinoplanes friuliensis DSM 7358 AGZ43807.1    
 GlgB   Actinoplanes missouriensis AAQ01691.1 Q7WUM2  
 AMIS_63900   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL91610.1    
 AMIS_60130   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL91233.1    
 AMIS_54580 (GlgB)   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL90678.1    
 AMIS_63880   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL91608.1    
 AMIS_68260   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL92046.1    
 AMIS_61420   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL91362.1    
 AMIS_48070   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL90027.1    
 AMIS_16540   Actinoplanes missouriensis 431 BAL86874.1    
 L083_6169   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL19679.1    
 L083_3877 (GlgX)   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL17387.1    
 L083_2217 (AcbE)   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL15727.1    
 L083_5208 (GlgB)   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL18718.1    
 L083_5332   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL18842.1    
 L083_6167 (TreZ)   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL19677.1    
 L083_6665   Actinoplanes sp. N902-109 AGL20175.1    
 ACWT_5202   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO84617.1    
 ACWT_6266   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO85681.1    
 ACWT_6491   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO85906.1    
 ACWT_4557   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO83972.1    
 ACWT_6493   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO85908.1    
 ACWT_6951 (fragment)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO86366.1    
 ACWT_5089   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO84504.1    
 ACWT_2701   Actinoplanes sp. SE50 ATO82116.1    
 ACPL_6621 (TreZ)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV87503.1
 ACPL_4688 (GlgX)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV85579.1
 ACPL_5332 (GlgB)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV86219.1
 ACPL_6399 (PulA)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV87281.1
 ACPL_6623 (GlgX)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV87505.1
 ACPL_7082 (fragment)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV87962.1
 ACPL_2845   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV83740.1
 ACPL_5219 (GlgB)   Actinoplanes sp. SE50/110 AEV86106.1
 TreX   Actinoplanes sp. SN223/29 ABV26724.1 A8QX06  
 maltooligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase (TreZ) Actinoplanes sp. SN223/29 ABV26726.1 A8QX08  
 SAMN04489717_5466   Actinopolymorpha singaporensis DSM 22024 SDT20232.1    

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