Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 43

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 90-100 residues found at the C-terminus of GH17 or GH72 enzymatic modules and also sometimes isolated. CBM43 modules sometimes carry a C-terminal membrane anchor. The β-1,3-glucan binding function has been demonstrated with the olive pollen protein Ole e 10.
NoteCreated after Barral, Suarez, Batanero, Alfonso, Alche, Rodríguez-García, Villalba, Rivas and Rodríguez (2005) Biochem. J. 390, 77-84 (PMID: 15882149). Formerly known as X8 modules.
Statistics GenBank accession (1711); Uniprot accession (394); PDB accession (5); 3D entries (3); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 PHR2   Candida dubliniensis CBS 7987 AAG16996.1 Q9HG18  
 PHR1   Candida dubliniensis CBS 7987 AAG16995.1 Q9HG19  
 CD36_44230 (Phr1)   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX42294.1 B9WGC1  
 CD36_00220 (Phr2)   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX44284.1 B9W6I1  
 CD36_02200   Candida dubliniensis CD36 CAX44480.1 B9W722  
 Gas1   Candida glabrata ATCC 90876 CAC83344.1 Q8X0Z7  
 Gas2   Candida glabrata ATCC 90876 CAC83345.1 Q8X0Z6  
 Gas3   Candida glabrata ATCC 90876 CAC83346.1 Q8X0Z5  
 CAGL0G00286g (Gas1)   Candida glabrata CBS 138 CAG59304.1 Q6FTR7  
 CAGL0M13849g (Gas2)   Candida glabrata CBS 138 CAG62926.1 F2Z613  
 CAGL0G01056g (Gas3)   Candida glabrata CBS 138 CAG59334.1 Q6FTN7  
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000001390   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ52462.1    
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000005149   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ53289.1    
 SAMEA4029010_CIC11G00000005933   [Candida] intermedia CBS 141442 SGZ47718.1    
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000002298   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ48989.1    
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000002197   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ58467.1    
 SAMEA4029009_CIC11G00000005202   [Candida] intermedia PYCC 4715 SGZ48560.1    
 EPD1   Candida maltosa BAA21103.1 P56092  
 EPD2   Candida maltosa BAA32730.1 O74137  
 CORT_0B07580   Candida orthopsilosis Co 90-125 CCG22464.1    
 CORT_0B10750   Candida orthopsilosis Co 90-125 CCG22776.1    
 CORT_0E04260   Candida orthopsilosis Co 90-125 CCG24013.1    
 CPAR2_106340   Candida parapsilosis CDC317 CCE40599.1    
 CPAR2_109660   Candida parapsilosis CDC317 CCE40929.1    
 CPAR2_302140   Candida parapsilosis CDC317 CCE41225.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella grandiflora AEN83351.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella grandiflora AEN83352.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella grandiflora AEN83353.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella rubella AEN83356.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella rubella AEN83358.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Capsella rubella AEN83359.1    
 CC2920 (fragment)   Chamaecyparis formosensis BAF46042.1 A2PZ88  
 CC2920 (fragment)   Chamaecyparis obtusa BAF46045.1 A2PZ91  
 CC2920 (fragment)   Chamaecyparis obtusa BAF46046.1 A2PZ92  
 CC2920 (fragment)   Chamaecyparis obtusa BAF46047.1
 CC2920 (fragment)   Chamaecyparis pisifera BAF46043.1
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93901.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93902.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93903.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93907.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93908.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93909.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93910.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93913.1    
 glucanase   Cicer arietinum AIR93914.1    
 1,3-β-glucanosyltransferase 3   Coccidioides posadasii Silveira ACY64759.1
 pr2 (fragment)   Cocos nucifera CAK18899.1 Q1JR81  
 acidic β-1,3-glucanase (Bgl)   Coffea arabica AAQ90287.1 Q6TQD7  
 CGB_N3350C   Cryptococcus gattii WM276 ADV25841.1    
 CNAG_06501   Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii H99 AFR98731.1
 CNN02260   Cryptococcus neoformans var. neoformans JEC21 AAW47197.1 Q5K6U3  
 CC2920 (fragment)   Cryptomeria japonica BAF46038.1
 CC2920 (fragment)   Cryptomeria japonica BAF46039.1 A2PZ85  
 endo-β-1,3-glucanase   Cucumis melo subsp. melo ADN33707.1 E5GB65  
 endo-β-1,3-glucanase   Cucumis melo subsp. melo ADN34059.1 E5GC60  
 glucan endo-β-1,3-glucosidase (partial)   Cucumis melo subsp. melo ADN34155.1 E5GCF6  
 ORF   Cucumis sativus CCM43977.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07285.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07286.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07283.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07287.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07289.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07288.1    
 CC2290 (fragment)   Cupressus chengiana AOR07284.1    
 CYFA0S_05e05138g   Cyberlindnera fabianii YJS4271 CDR40845.1    
 CYFA0S_09e04478g   Cyberlindnera fabianii YJS4271 CDR42479.1    
 CYFA0S_09e04500g   Cyberlindnera fabianii YJS4271 CDR42480.1    
 ORF   Cyberlindnera mrakii AEI59387.1    
 DEHA0A07480g   Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767 CAG84602.1 Q6BYS3  
 DEHA0C12441g   Debaryomyces hansenii CBS767 CAG86251.1 Q6BUE2  
 glucan endo-1,3-β-glucosidase (Glc5-1;EcGlc5-1)   Elaeis guineensis AFS50098.1    
 glucan endo-1,3-β-glucosidase (Glc5-2;EgGlc5-2)   Elaeis guineensis AFS50099.1    
 Ecym_5665   Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215 AET40398.1    
 Ecym_5666   Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215 AET40399.1    
 Ecym_6155   Eremothecium cymbalariae DBVPG#7215 AET40545.1    
 AGL352W   Eremothecium gossypii ATCC 10895 AAS54139.1
 AGL351W   Eremothecium gossypii ATCC 10895 AAS54140.1
 ACL182C   Eremothecium gossypii ATCC 10895 AAS51046.1 Q75CX3  
 FAGOS_FACL182C   Eremothecium gossypii FDAG1 AEY95336.1    
 FAGOS_FAGL352W   Eremothecium gossypii FDAG1 AEY98465.1    
 FAGOS_FAGL351W   Eremothecium gossypii FDAG1 AEY98466.1    
 AW171_hschr63816   Eremothecium sinecaudum ATCC 58844 AMD21838.1    
 AW171_hschr63981   Eremothecium sinecaudum ATCC 58844 AMD21982.1    
 AW171_hschr63980   Eremothecium sinecaudum ATCC 58844 AMD21981.1    
 Fra e 10.01 allergen   Fraxinus excelsior AHL24662.1    
 Fra e 9.01 allergen   Fraxinus excelsior AHL24654.1    
 Fra e 9.02 allergen   Fraxinus excelsior AHL24655.1    
 FFUJ_13752   Fusarium fujikuroi IMI 58289 CCT72239.1    
 unnamed protein product   Fusarium graminearum PH-1 CEF74249.1    
 β-1,3-glucanosyltransferase (Gas1)   Fusarium oxysporum AAX78216.1 Q2KN79  
 β-1,3-glucanosyltransferase (fragment)   Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lactucae ABR67242.1 B2BE49  
 β-1,3-glucanosyltransferase (Glt1)   Fusarium verticillioides ABE72866.1 A2CIZ5  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU14573.1 C6SZA0  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU14756.1 C6SZT3  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU14839.1 C6T016  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU17215.1 C6T613  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU19899.1 C6TDJ7  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU24477.1 C6TNI5  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU14053.1 C6SXT0  
 unknown   Glycine max ACU17645.1 C6T743  

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