Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 31

Activities in FamilyBinding to β-1,3-xylan has been demonstrated for the C-terminal module of the β-1,3-xylanase of Alcaligenes sp. XY234.
Statistics GenBank accession (5); Uniprot accession (3); PDB accession (1); 3D entries (1); cryst (0)
Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBankUniprot
PDB/3D Carbohydrate Ligands Resolution (Å)
 β-1,3-xylanase (TxyA;3xynAlc) Alcaligenes sp. XY-234 BAB88993.1 Q8RS40
2COV[D,E,F,G,H,I] 1.25

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