Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 2

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 100 residues and which are found in a large number of bacterial enzymes. The cellulose-binding function has been demonstrated in many cases. Several of these modules have been shown to also bind chitin or xylan.
3D Structure Statusβ-sandwich
NotePreviously known as cellulose-binding domain family II (CBD II).
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Statistics GenBank accession (6524); Uniprot accession (775); PDB accession (19); 3D entries (10); cryst (0)
All (6498) Archaea (18) Bacteria (6263) Eukaryota (156) Viruses (50) unclassified (11) Structure (10) Characterized (166)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase precursor   Achatina fulica ATS91249.1    
 glycoside hydrolase 9 (Eng-5)   Adineta ricciae AKC91349.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65a;AC-EG65;Eg65-a1) Ampullaria crossean ABD24274.1 A0SGJ5  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65-c4)   Ampullaria crossean ABD24281.1 A0SGK2  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65-c3)   Ampullaria crossean ABD24280.1 A0SGK1  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65-c2)   Ampullaria crossean ABD24279.1 A0SGK0  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65c;Eg65-c1) Ampullaria crossean ABD24278.1
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65-b3)   Ampullaria crossean ABD24277.1 A0SGJ8  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65-b2)   Ampullaria crossean ABD24276.1 A0SGJ7  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eg65b;Eg65-b1) Ampullaria crossean ABD24275.1 A0SGJ6  
 β-1,4-endoglucanase / cellulase (Eng-1;Afr-ENG-1) (fragment)   Aphelenchoides fragariae AFD33557.1    
 endo-1,4-β-glucanase (Bc-eg70A)   Bellamya sp. UM-2014 BAS18736.1    
 endo-1,4-β-glucanase (Bc-eg70B)   Bellamya sp. UM-2014 BAU45387.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Bc-eg70C)   Bellamya sp. UM-2014 BAU45388.1    
 chitinase (hChti-1) (fragment)   Chlorella sp. NC64A BAF40429.1 A0ZSK1  
 cellulase (CjCel9A) (Cel9A) Corbicula japonica BAF38757.1 A0ZT16  
 endoglucanase (Eng1;Dα-Eng1) Ditylenchus africanus ABY52965.1 B6CI25  
 Exp1 (Dα-EXP1)   Ditylenchus africanus ADJ57307.1 D8WJ43  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eng-1B)   Ditylenchus destructor ACJ60676.1 D1FVA4  
 Exp-1 (DdExp1)   Ditylenchus destructor ADC79632.1    
 Exp-2 (DdExp2)   Ditylenchus destructor ADC79633.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eng-1A)   Ditylenchus destructor ADW77528.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Popocatepetl AEU04811.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Popocatepetl AEU04812.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Popocatepetl AEU04813.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Santa Ana AEU04814.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Santa Ana AEU04815.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera mexicana Santa Ana AEU04816.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Ballo ballo AEU04804.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Ballo ballo AEU04805.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Ballo ballo AEU04806.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chamancalla AEU04800.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chamancalla AEU04801.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chamancalla AEU04802.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chavornay AEU04781.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chavornay AEU04782.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Chavornay AEU04783.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Colque cachi AEU04795.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Colque cachi AEU04796.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Duddingston AEU04785.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Duddingston AEU04786.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Duddingston AEU04787.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Duddingston AEU04788.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04789.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04790.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04791.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04792.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04793.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Guiclan AEU04794.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Lacaya AEU04797.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Lacaya AEU04798.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Lacaya AEU04799.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Otuzco AEU04807.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Otuzco AEU04808.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Pukekoe AEU04784.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Tierra del Fuego AEU04809.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Tierra del Fuego AEU04810.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera pallida Yana yacu AEU04803.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04826.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04828.1
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04829.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04830.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04831.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04832.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04833.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04834.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04835.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04836.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04837.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04838.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04839.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04840.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04841.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis AEU04842.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (Eng1)   Globodera rostochiensis AHW98760.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Hannover AEU04819.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Hannover AEU04820.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Hermerz AEU04825.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Obersteibach AEU04821.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Obersteibach AEU04822.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Obersteibach AEU04823.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Obersteibach AEU04824.1    
 endoglucanase 1 (Eng1;Eng-1;Gr-eng1;Gr-eng-1) Globodera rostochiensis RO-1 AAC63988.1
 expansin (Expb1;Exp1)   Globodera rostochiensis RO1 CAC83611.1
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Sedan AEU04817.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera rostochiensis Sedan AEU04818.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum 75117 AEU04768.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum 75117 AEU04769.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum GV2 AEU04766.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum GV3 AEU04767.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase 1 (Eng1)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum AAD56392.1 Q9U6M5  
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum 75140 AEU04774.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum 75140 AEU04775.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum GS1 AEU04770.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum GS1 AEU04771.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum GS2 AEU04772.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum solanacearum GS2 AEU04773.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum ssp. azteca 75128 AEU04779.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum ssp. azteca 75181 AEU04776.1    
 Expb3 (fragment)   Globodera tabacum ssp. azteca 75181 AEU04777.1    

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