Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 2

Activities in FamilyModules of approx. 100 residues and which are found in a large number of bacterial enzymes. The cellulose-binding function has been demonstrated in many cases. Several of these modules have been shown to also bind chitin or xylan.
3D Structure Statusβ-sandwich
NotePreviously known as cellulose-binding domain family II (CBD II).
External resourcesCAZypedia; HOMSTRAD; PROSITE;
Statistics GenBank accession (3998); Uniprot accession (776); PDB accession (16); 3D entries (8); cryst (0)
All (3897) Archaea (17) Bacteria (3670) Eukaryota (152) Viruses (47) unclassified (11) Structure (8) Characterized (169)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 B0D95_08185   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60073.1    
 B0D95_17805   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT61752.1    
 B0D95_11365   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60604.1    
 B0D95_07975   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60034.1    
 B0D95_02785   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT59129.1    
 B0D95_08190   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60074.1    
 B0D95_17080   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT61630.1    
 B0D95_19335   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT62023.1    
 B0D95_05110   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT59533.1    
 B0D95_19485   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT62048.1    
 B0D95_08175   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60071.1    
 B0D95_05115   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT59534.1    
 B0D95_02165   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT59026.1    
 B0D95_08170   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60070.1    
 B0D95_08180   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT60072.1    
 Cagg_3435   Chloroflexus aggregans DSM 9485 ACL26277.1 B8G902  
 NIES4102_25120   Chondrocystis sp. NIES-4102 BAZ45488.1    
 NIES4102_25120   Chondrocystis sp. NIES-4102 BAZ45488.1    
 NIES4102_27570   Chondrocystis sp. NIES-4102 BAZ45731.1    
 NIES4102_27570   Chondrocystis sp. NIES-4102 BAZ45731.1    
 NIES4102_37880   Chondrocystis sp. NIES-4102 BAZ46748.1    
 CMC5_029080   Chondromyces crocatus Cm c5 AKT38762.1    
 CMC5_079670   Chondromyces crocatus Cm c5 AKT43732.1    
 AES38_11775 (CelB)   Clavibacter capsici PF008 ALD13503.1    
 BEH62_15190   Clavibacter insidiosus ATCC 10253 AWG02938.1    
 VO01_15470   Clavibacter insidiosus R1-1 AJW80648.1    
 VO01_11370   Clavibacter insidiosus R1-1 AJW79649.1    
 BEH61_03535   Clavibacter insidiosus R1-3 AWF97569.1    
 BEH61_15105   Clavibacter insidiosus R1-3 AWF99834.1    
 CelA   Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis BT0505 AHN16207.1    
 CMM_2443 (CelB)   Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis NCPPB 382 CAN02524.1 A5CTT9  
 bifunctional cellulase / expansin (CelA;pCM1_0020) Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis NCPPB 382 CAA44467.2
 CMN_00144   Clavibacter nebraskensis NCPPB 2581 CCE74122.1    
 CMN_02390 (CeL)   Clavibacter nebraskensis NCPPB 2581 CCE76326.1    
 cellulase (CelA;pCS0061) Clavibacter sepedonicus ATCC33113 AAK16222.1
 CCDG5_0326   [Clostridium] cellulosi CDZ23468.1    
 CCDG5_0326   [Clostridium] cellulosi CDZ23468.1    
 Clocel_3242   Clostridium cellulovorans 743B ADL52928.1 P28623  
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase / xylanase D (EngD)
Clostridium cellulovorans ATCC 35269 AAA23233.1 P28623 3ICG[A,B,C,D]
 Clocl_4158 (ScaM)   [Clostridium] clariflavum DSM 19732 AEV70589.1    
 Clocl_4158 (ScaM)   [Clostridium] clariflavum DSM 19732 AEV70589.1    
 Clocl_4211   [Clostridium] clariflavum DSM 19732 AEV70637.1    
 Clocl_4212 (ScaM) (fragment)   [Clostridium] clariflavum DSM 19732 AEV70638.1    
 A7L45_18475   Clostridium estertheticum subsp. estertheticum DSM 8809 APC41907.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (CelA) Clostridium longisporum AAC37035.1 P54937  
 CSACC_09830 (Cel5A)   Clostridium saccharobutylicum BAS/B3/SW/136 AQR99180.1    
 CLSA_c09900 (EglA)   Clostridium saccharobutylicum DSM 13864 AGX42001.1    
 CLOSACC_09830 (Cel5A)   Clostridium saccharobutylicum NCP 195 AQS13168.1    
 CLOSC_09760 (Cel5A)   Clostridium saccharobutylicum NCP 200 AQR89279.1    
 CLOBY_10270 (Cel5A)   Clostridium saccharobutylicum NCP 258 AQS08912.1    
 B5808_07170   Cnuibacter physcomitrellae XA(T) ARJ05010.1    
 Cwoe_0159   Conexibacter woesei DSM 14684 ADB48595.1 D3F517  
 CCU_25500   Coprococcus sp. ART55/1 CBK83877.1 D5HG44  
 PA27867_1343   Cryobacterium arcticum PAMC 27867 ANP72304.1    
 PA27867_1437   Cryobacterium arcticum PAMC 27867 ANP72394.1    
 Cyan10605_2560   Cyanobacterium aponinum PCC 10605 AFZ54640.1    
 Cyan10605_2560   Cyanobacterium aponinum PCC 10605 AFZ54640.1    
 Cyan10605_2560   Cyanobacterium aponinum PCC 10605 AFZ54640.1    
 Cyagr_2021   Cyanobium gracile PCC 6307 AFY29144.1    
 CYFUS_001058   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB35644.1    
 CYFUS_003189   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB37764.1    
 CYFUS_008670   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB43190.1    
 CYFUS_007540   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB42064.1    
 CYFUS_003000   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB37578.1    
 CYFUS_007542   Cystobacter fuscus DSM 52655 ATB42066.1    
 Deima_2470   Deinococcus maricopensis DSM 21211 ADV68105.1    
 Deima_3131   Deinococcus maricopensis DSM 21211 ADV68760.1    
 endo-β-1,4-xylanase (Mxyn10) Demequina sp. JK4 ACM41799.1 B9VSZ3  
 Desde_0709   Desulfitobacterium dehalogenans ATCC 51507 AFL99156.1    
 DPCES_4857   Desulfitobacterium hafniense CDX04743.1    
 Dhaf_0840   Desulfitobacterium hafniense DCB-2 ACL18903.1 B8FX17  
 DSY4481   Desulfitobacterium hafniense Y51 BAE86270.1 Q24NX2  
 Desmer_2134   Desulfosporosinus meridiei DSM 13257 AFQ44073.1    
 Desor_2093   Desulfosporosinus orientis DSM 765 AET67701.1    
 EUBELI_20587   [Eubacterium] eligens ATCC 27750 ACR73731.1 C4Z6Y9  
 EUBREC_0268   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR74072.1 C4ZAL1  
 EUBREC_0268   [Eubacterium] rectale ATCC 33656 ACR74072.1 C4ZAL1  
 ERE_12690   [Eubacterium] rectale M104/1 CBK93270.1 D4JI23  
 ERE_12690   [Eubacterium] rectale M104/1 CBK93270.1 D4JI23  
 EUS_00270   [Eubacterium] siraeum 70/3 CBK95395.1 D4JQM6  
 EUS_18130   [Eubacterium] siraeum 70/3 CBK96886.1 D4JUW7  
 ES1_04480   [Eubacterium] siraeum V10Sc8a CBL33590.1 D4MIK7  
 ES1_23790   [Eubacterium] siraeum V10Sc8a CBL35203.1 D4MN70  
 AALO17_05740 (fragment)   Faecalibaculum rodentium Alo17 AMK53708.1    
 endoglucanase (partial) Fibrobacter succinogenes subsp. succinogenes S85 AAC06197.1 O66065  
 FraEuI1c_1711   Frankia inefficax EuI1c ADP79768.1 E3JA66  
 Franean1_6988   Frankia sp. EAN1pec ABW16319.1 A8L3Q9  
 SAMN04488543_1663   Friedmanniella luteola DSM 21741 SDS40102.1    
 SAMN04488544_1121 (fragment)   Friedmanniella sagamiharensis DSM 21743 SDU86229.1    
 AX769_09960   Frondihabitans sp. PAMC 28766 AMM20415.1    
 GM3709_2278   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ65513.1    
 GM3709_2278   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ65513.1    
 GM3709_2278   Geminocystis sp. NIES-3709 BAQ65513.1    
 chitinase (fragment)   Geobacillus stearothermophilus JM-1 AEO12133.1    
 chitinase (fragment)   Geobacillus stearothermophilus JW1 AEO12132.1    
 Glo7428_3546   Gloeocapsa sp. PCC 7428 AFZ32015.1    
 glucuronoxylanase (YC6258_04184)   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AHM95442.1
 YC6258_04979 (fragment)   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ97011.1    
 YC6258_00276   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ92327.1    
 YC6258_01260   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ93308.1    
 YC6258_04181   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96215.1    
 YC6258_04043   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96079.1    
 YC6258_05674   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ97702.1    
 YC6258_03975   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96011.1    
 YC6258_04180   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96214.1    
 YC6258_04161   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96197.1    
 YC6258_01195   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ93243.1    
 YC6258_02995   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ95033.1    
 YC6258_04182 (fragment)   Gynuella sunshinyii YC6258 AJQ96216.1    
 HCH_00085   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC27006.1 Q2SQR8  
 HCH_00086   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC27007.1 Q2SQR7  
 HCH_00087   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC27008.1 Q2SQR6  
 lytic cellulose monooxygenase (HcAA10-2;HCH_00807) 1.-.-.- Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC27701.1 Q2SNS3  
 HCH_02464   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC29271.1 Q2SJA3  
 cellulase (HCH_02465) 3.2.1.- Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC29272.1 Q2SJA2  
 HCH_06791   Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396 ABC33415.1 Q2S7F9  
 Hoch_3317   Haliangium ochraceum DSM 14365 ACY15819.1 D0LTX5  
 A9404_07265   Halothiobacillus sp. LS2 ANJ67208.1    
 A9404_07265   Halothiobacillus sp. LS2 ANJ67208.1    
 SD1D_1780   Herbinix luporum SD1D CUH93325.1    
 SD1D_1785   Herbinix luporum SD1D CUH93330.1    
 SD1D_0238 (Celb2)   Herbinix luporum SD1D CUH91791.1    
 SD1D_0239 (EglA)   Herbinix luporum SD1D CUH91792.1    
 SD1D_0139 (CelB)   Herbinix luporum SD1D CUH91693.1    
 HVS_12990 (Licb3)   Herbivorax saccincola GGR1 AUG58471.1    
 HVS_09260 (Xyna8)   Herbivorax saccincola GGR1 AUG57756.1    
 Haur_1666   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 EAU19577.1
 Haur_0294 (H9)   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX02946.1 A9B7H3  
 Haur_0295   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX02947.1 A9B7H4  
 Haur_0296 (H11)   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX02948.1 A9B7H5  
 Haur_0324   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX02976.1 A9B7K3  
 Haur_2136   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX04776.1 A9AWC6  
 Haur_2138   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX04778.1 A9AWC8  
 Haur_2372   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX05012.1 A9AYN4  
 Haur_2512   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX05150.1 A9AZK6  
 Haur_2646 (H13)   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX05284.1 A9B106  
 cellulase (H4;Haur_2820)   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX05458.1 A9B2K7  
 Haur_3461   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX06097.1 A9B3W1  
 Haur_3462   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX06098.1 A9B3W2  
 Haur_4805   Herpetosiphon aurantiacus DSM 785 ABX07436.1 A9B286  
 YM304_21560 (UgpQ)   Ilumatobacter coccineus YM16-304 BAN02470.1    
 I598_1144 (CelB)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30711.1    
 I598_1952 (XlnA)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC31499.1    
 I598_1952 (XlnA)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC31499.1    
 I598_1166 (CbhB)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30733.1    
 I598_1172   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30739.1    
 I598_3138 (CenA)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC32653.1    
 I598_0787 (CelD)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30363.1    
 I598_1170 (CeX)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30737.1    
 I598_1980 (Mana_1)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC31527.1    
 I598_1169 (CbhA)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC30736.1    
 I598_0211 (CenC)   Isoptericola dokdonensis DS-3 ANC29802.1    
 BN2497_11097   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI23773.1    
 BN2497_13421   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI24935.1    
 BN2497_4323   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI20386.1    
 BN2497_13425   Janthinobacterium sp. CG23_2 CUI24937.1    
 Jden_2383   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV10017.1 C7R2M6  
 Jden_2383   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV10017.1 C7R2M6  
 Jden_0538   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08202.1 C7R0P5  
 Jden_2447   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV10079.1 C7R331  
 Jden_0733   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08397.1 C7R1S9  
 Jden_2229   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV09866.1 C7R1N1  
 Jden_0731   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08395.1 C7R1S7  
 Jden_0732   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08396.1 C7R1S8  
 Jden_0734   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08398.1 C7R1T0  
 Jden_0735   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08399.1 C7R1T1  
 Jden_1134   Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603 ACV08790.1 C7R3T3  
 CEP80_02515   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE08126.1    
 CEP80_05770   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE08692.1    
 CEP80_01500   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07954.1    
 CEP80_01495   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07953.1    
 CEP80_06105   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE10086.1    
 CEP80_06105   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE10086.1    
 CEP80_01510   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07956.1    
 CEP80_01490   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07952.1
 CEP80_01505   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07955.1    
 CEP80_07170   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE08941.1    
 CEP80_12690   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE09888.1    
 CEP80_01505   Jonesia denitrificans FDAARGOS_301 ASE07955.2    
 NCTC10816_00754 (Cex_3)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20375.1    
 NCTC10816_00755 (EngxcA)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20376.1    
 NCTC10816_00756 (CbhA)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20377.1    
 NCTC10816_00752   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20373.1    
 NCTC10816_02527 (Cex_4)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH22924.1    
 NCTC10816_01170 (CbhB)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20779.1    
 NCTC10816_02458 (Xynd_3)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH22804.1    
 NCTC10816_02458 (Xynd_3)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH22804.1    
 NCTC10816_00753 (Cex_2)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20374.1    
 NCTC10816_00551 (CenA)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH20183.1    
 NCTC10816_02301 (Mana_3)   Jonesia denitrificans NCTC10816 SQH22544.1    
 xyloglucanase (Xeg) Jonesia DSM 14140 CAD58415.1    
 endoglucanase, partial (Cel5A)   Jonesia quinghaiensis Y2 API85532.1    
 AOZ06_35680   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG11501.1    
 AOZ06_15695   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG08162.1    
 AOZ06_33550   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG11156.1    
 AOZ06_36590   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG11658.1    
 AOZ06_51460   Kibdelosporangium phytohabitans KLBMP1111 ALG14179.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ96890.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ98742.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ93585.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ89842.1    
 ORF   Kibdelosporangium sp. MJ126-NF4 CTQ89652.1    
 B7C62_00585   Kitasatospora albolonga YIM 101047 ARF70910.1    
 B7C62_25820   Kitasatospora albolonga YIM 101047 ARF75286.1    
 KSE_03900   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ26237.1 E4N4V6  
 KSE_11390 (Xyna2)   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ26973.1 E4N6Z2  
 KSE_12140   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ27047.1 E4N766  
 KSE_16860   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ27511.1 E4N8I0  
 KSE_56690   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ31442.1 E4N0B4  
 KSE_56700   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ31443.1 E4N0B5  
 KSE_59340   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ31704.1 E4N0M0  
 xylanase (XynB;KSE_59480) Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ31718.1 E4N0N4  
 KSE_64640   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ32223.1 E4N239  
 KSE_69000   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ32658.1 E4N3C4  
 KSE_70200   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ32778.1 E4MYU5  
 KSE_73970   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ33152.1 E4NJK4  
 KSE_74220   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ33177.1 E4NJM9  
 KSE_28610   Kitasatospora setae KM-6054 BAJ28672.1 E4NBU1  
 CFP65_7302   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81888.1    
 CFP65_7265   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81852.1    
 CFP65_7267   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81854.1    
 CFP65_7284   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81870.1    
 CFP65_7209   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81803.1    
 CFP65_6674   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81319.1    
 CFP65_6606   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81254.1    
 CFP65_2655   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG77477.1    
 CFP65_7266   Kitasatospora sp. MMS16-BH015 AUG81853.1    
 Kfla_0552   Kribbella flavida DSM 17836 ADB29673.1 D2PW16  
 KALB_7445   Kutzneria albida DSM 43870 AHI00803.1    
 KALB_8521   Kutzneria albida DSM 43870 AHI01878.1    
 KALB_8521   Kutzneria albida DSM 43870 AHI01878.1    
 KALB_4351   Kutzneria albida DSM 43870 AHH97713.1    
 Cphy_3202 (Cel5B)   Lachnoclostridium phytofermentans ISDg ABX43556.1 A9KRR2  
 Lxx22675 (CelA)   Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli str. CTCB07 AAT89935.1 Q6ACF8  
 BBK82_16165   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ42784.1    
 BBK82_39680   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41191.1    
 BBK82_39370   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41146.1    
 BBK82_39880   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41221.1    
 BBK82_29210   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ39521.1    
 BBK82_28980   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ39483.1    
 BBK82_39405   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41148.1    
 BBK82_43480   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41787.1    
 BBK82_39450   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41154.1    
 BBK82_39340   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41141.1    
 BBK82_39200   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41121.1    
 BBK82_39605   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41179.1    
 BBK82_39430   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41151.1    
 BBK82_34055   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ40309.1    
 BBK82_26370   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ39076.1    
 BBK82_39420   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41149.1    
 BBK82_42255   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41596.1    
 BBK82_39385   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ43393.1    
 BBK82_34060   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ40310.1    
 BBK82_39465   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41157.1    
 BBK82_39585 (fragment)   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ43401.1    
 BBK82_39410   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ43396.1    
 BBK82_33585   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ40233.1    
 BBK82_20060   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ38011.1    
 BBK82_39460   Lentzea guizhouensis DHS C013 ANZ41156.1    
 O77CONTIG1_02914   Leptolyngbya sp. O-77 BAU43092.1    
 CR152_25170   Massilia violaceinigra B2 ATQ77423.1    
 CR152_25160   Massilia violaceinigra B2 ATQ77421.1    
 CR152_31710   Massilia violaceinigra B2 ATQ78576.1    
 C6568_02270   Melaminivora sp. SC2-9 AVO48212.1    
 MEBOL_007551   Melittangium boletus DSM 14713 ATB34050.1    
 MEBOL_004235   Melittangium boletus DSM 14713 ATB30773.1    
 DK389_16305   Methylobacterium sp. 17SD2-17 AWN41780.1    
 DK389_16305   Methylobacterium sp. 17SD2-17 AWN41780.1    
 MCA2747   Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath AAU91165.1
 MCA0049   Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath AAU90816.1 Q60CV2  
 MCA1493 (partial)   Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath AAU92474.1 Q608J7  
 MCA1493 (partial)   Methylococcus capsulatus str. Bath AAU92474.1 Q608J7  
 SAMN04489810_3464   Microbacterium pygmaeum DSM 23142 SDH61822.1    
 BJP65_02895   Microbacterium sp. BH-3-3-3 AOX44867.1    
 SAMN05216488_1924   Microbacterium sp. LKL04 SCY46623.1    
 MTES_0141   Microbacterium testaceum StLB037 BAJ73105.1    
 Orf-27   Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420 ADK32571.1 E2IHD3  
 Orf-28   Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420 ADK32572.1 E2IHD4  
 Orf-32   Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420 ADK32576.1 E2IHD8  
 Orf-29   Microbispora corallina NRRL 30420 ADK32573.1 E2IHD5  
 BTJ40_12585   Microbulbifer sp. A4B17 AWF81594.1    
 BTJ40_12585   Microbulbifer sp. A4B17 AWF81594.1    
 BTJ40_15365   Microbulbifer sp. A4B17 AWF82098.1    
 BTJ40_15365   Microbulbifer sp. A4B17 AWF82098.1    
 A3224_13315   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX03423.1    
 A3224_13320   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX03424.1    
 A3224_03320   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX01740.1    
 A3224_03320   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX01740.1    
 A3224_13230   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX03411.1    
 A3224_13305   Microbulbifer thermotolerans DAU221 AMX03421.1    
 Mic7113_4470   Microcoleus sp. PCC 7113 AFZ20162.1    
 Micau_0727   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL44291.1 D9T9S5  
 Micau_1146   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL44708.1 D9TD70  
 Micau_1324   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL44886.1 D9TEF7  
 Micau_1546   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45104.1 D9SYR9  
 Micau_1630   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45185.1 D9SZQ3  
 Micau_1708   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45263.1 D9SZY1  
 Micau_1936   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45484.1 D9T207  
 Micau_1946   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45494.1 D9T217  
 Micau_1958   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45506.1 D9T229  
 Micau_1960   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45508.1 D9T231  
 Micau_2188   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45733.1 D9T4M2  
 Micau_2689   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46225.1 D9T903  
 Micau_2690   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46226.1 D9T904  
 Micau_2972   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46503.1 D9TB98  
 Micau_2979   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46510.1 D9TBA5  
 Micau_3000   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46531.1 D9TBC6  
 Micau_3001   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46532.1 D9TBC7  
 Micau_3007   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46538.1 D9TBD3  
 Micau_3337   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46865.1 D9TEI1  
 Micau_3623   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47149.1 D9SZ13  
 Micau_3624   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47150.1 D9SZ14  
 Micau_3684   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47210.1 D9SZ74  
 Micau_3702   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47228.1 D9SZ92  
 Micau_3729   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47255.1 D9T019  
 Micau_3813   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47337.1 D9T0A1  
 Micau_3814   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47338.1 D9T0A2  
 Micau_3825   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47349.1 D9T0B3  
 Micau_3953   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47477.1 D9T1F0  
 Micau_4167   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47680.1 D9T3K1  
 Micau_4255   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47768.1 D9T4V8  
 Micau_4398   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL47911.1 D9T606  
 Micau_4514   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL48027.1 D9T6C2  
 Micau_5066   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL48574.1 D9TBM7  
 Micau_5185   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL48692.1 D9TCQ5  
 Micau_5197   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL48703.1 D9TCR6  
 Micau_6007   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL49509.1 D9T1Q0  
 Micau_0620   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL44187.1 D9T8R0  
 Micau_1672   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL45227.1 D9SZU5  
 Micau_2574   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL46112.1 D9T7Y7  
 Micau_5607   Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 ADL49113.1 D9SYD2  
 GA0070611_2308   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43408.1    
 GA0070611_2831   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT44857.1    
 GA0070611_1781   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT41892.1    
 GA0070611_2703   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT44485.1    
 GA0070611_4338   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT49247.1    
 GA0070611_0099   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT37134.1    
 GA0070611_2250   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43221.1    
 GA0070611_5150   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT51381.1    
 GA0070611_3430   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT46577.1    
 GA0070611_2565   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT44106.1    
 GA0070611_3960   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT48127.1    
 GA0070611_5914   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT53023.1    
 GA0070611_4397   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT49384.1    
 GA0070611_5722   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT52643.1    
 GA0070611_2248   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43216.1    
 GA0070611_5712   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT52622.1    
 GA0070611_0048   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT37009.1    
 GA0070611_3525   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT46859.1    
 GA0070611_0724   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT38933.1    
 GA0070611_0101   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT37139.1    
 GA0070611_0362   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT37878.1    
 GA0070611_2337   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43485.1    
 GA0070611_1764   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT41840.1    
 GA0070611_2833   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT44864.1    
 GA0070611_4381   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT49348.1    
 GA0070611_2306   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43401.1    
 GA0070611_0718   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT38914.1    
 GA0070611_1992   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT42462.1    
 GA0070611_3076   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT45569.1    
 GA0070611_6160   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT53509.1    
 GA0070611_2670   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT44386.1    
 GA0070611_1262   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT40439.1    
 GA0070611_2473   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43825.1    
 GA0070611_2342   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT43499.1    
 GA0070611_4382   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT49350.1    
 GA0070611_0003   Micromonospora auratinigra DSM 44815 SBT36889.1    
 endo-β-1,4-glucanase (CenA;MCenA) Micromonospora cellulolyticum AAC60491.1 Q53488  
 GA0070612_5895   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF28637.1    
 GA0070612_4821   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF20680.1    
 GA0070612_5795   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF27982.1    
 GA0070612_5445   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF25646.1    
 GA0070612_4908   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF21417.1    
 GA0070612_5968   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF29198.1    
 GA0070612_5846   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF28346.1    
 GA0070612_4916   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF21485.1    
 GA0070612_3293   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF04716.1    
 GA0070612_5720   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF27498.1    
 GA0070612_3891   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF11197.1    
 GA0070612_2923   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF00488.1    
 GA0070612_3618   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF08082.1    
 GA0070612_3699   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF08921.1    
 GA0070612_2340   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE93888.1    
 GA0070612_4438   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF17223.1    
 GA0070612_5967   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF29189.1    
 GA0070612_0671   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE74163.1    
 GA0070612_0114   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE67032.1    
 GA0070612_3877   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF11040.1    
 GA0070612_1829   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE87913.1    
 GA0070612_5588   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF26519.1    
 GA0070612_5707   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF27409.1    
 GA0070612_0672   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE74176.1    
 GA0070612_2248   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCE92627.1    
 GA0070612_3889   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF11176.1    
 GA0070612_4029   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF12777.1    
 GA0070612_3677   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF08723.1    
 GA0070612_3510   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF06808.1    
 GA0070612_5089   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF22919.1    
 GA0070612_3888   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF11163.1    
 GA0070612_3064   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF01770.1    
 GA0070612_3196   Micromonospora chokoriensis DSM 45160 SCF03497.1    
 GA0070607_3586   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE95113.1    
 GA0070607_2744   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE88203.1    
 GA0070607_4236   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF00278.1    
 GA0070607_0553   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE70305.1    
 GA0070607_1055   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE74509.1    
 GA0070607_0969   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE73772.1    
 GA0070607_6327   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF16357.1    
 GA0070607_3178   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE91636.1    
 GA0070607_5067   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF06271.1    
 GA0070607_0868   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE72877.1    
 GA0070607_1951   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE81917.1    
 GA0070607_5042   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF06092.1    
 GA0070607_5315   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF08358.1    
 GA0070607_1436   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE77676.1    
 GA0070607_4912   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF05233.1    
 GA0070607_5316   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF08367.1    
 GA0070607_4582   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF02628.1    
 GA0070607_0702   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE71635.1    
 GA0070607_4482   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF01804.1    
 GA0070607_3674   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE95838.1    
 GA0070607_4362   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCF01024.1    
 GA0070607_0918   Micromonospora coriariae DSM 44875 SCE73303.1    
 GA0070614_5170   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG73199.1    
 GA0070614_3056   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG59454.1    
 GA0070614_1208   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG44390.1    
 GA0070614_4899   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG71853.1    
 GA0070614_5781   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG75831.1    
 GA0070614_0094   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG34747.1    
 GA0070614_0017   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG34242.1    
 GA0070614_3010   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG59139.1    
 GA0070614_3821   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG64564.1    
 GA0070614_5151   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG73108.1    
 GA0070614_1551   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG47449.1    
 GA0070614_2093   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG52198.1    
 GA0070614_1096   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG43539.1    
 GA0070614_5611   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG75130.1    
 GA0070614_2627   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG56360.1    
 GA0070614_4950   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG72161.1    
 GA0070614_2196   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG53108.1    
 GA0070614_1553   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG47468.1    
 GA0070614_0880   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG41552.1    
 GA0070614_1290   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG45139.1    
 GA0070614_0636   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG39453.1    
 GA0070614_1777   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG49361.1    
 GA0070614_1056 (fragment)   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG43173.1    
 GA0070614_0406   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG37545.1    
 GA0070614_5782   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG75834.1    
 GA0070614_4776   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG71042.1    
 GA0070614_5708   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG75604.1    
 GA0070614_0384   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG37348.1    
 GA0070614_1410   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG46229.1    
 GA0070614_0383   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG37339.1    
 GA0070614_0019   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG34253.1    
 GA0070614_0385   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG37356.1    
 GA0070614_4389   Micromonospora coxensis DSM 45161 SCG68428.1    
 GA0070609_3931   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG64092.1    
 GA0070609_6575   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG80672.1    
 GA0070609_4089   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG65882.1    
 GA0070609_3773   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG62086.1    
 GA0070609_1391   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG43916.1    
 GA0070609_4193   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG66883.1    
 GA0070609_0336   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG36893.1    
 GA0070609_0435   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG37553.1    
 GA0070609_2200   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG49242.1    
 GA0070609_1940   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG47536.1    
 GA0070609_1036   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG41483.1    
 GA0070609_1175   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG42449.1    
 GA0070609_4151   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG66516.1    
 GA0070609_4691   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG72344.1    
 GA0070609_1293   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG43274.1    
 GA0070609_1885   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG47160.1    
 GA0070609_1298   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG43311.1    
 GA0070609_1737   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG46183.1    
 GA0070609_3788   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG62240.1    
 GA0070609_1675   Micromonospora echinaurantiaca DSM 43904 SCG45758.1    
 GA0070610_2976   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG16704.1    
 GA0070610_3645   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17334.1    
 GA0070610_3036   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG16762.1    
 GA0070610_4471   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG18134.1    
 GA0070610_1605   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15374.1    
 GA0070610_3973   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17653.1    
 GA0070610_3661   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17350.1    
 GA0070610_1695   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15464.1    
 GA0070610_4046   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17725.1    
 GA0070610_0722   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG14517.1    
 GA0070610_2978   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG16706.1    
 GA0070610_1108   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG14889.1    
 GA0070610_3929   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17609.1    
 GA0070610_1990   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15747.1    
 GA0070610_1919   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15676.1    
 GA0070610_3872   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17558.1    
 GA0070610_3306   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG17005.1    
 GA0070610_2186   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15934.1    
 GA0070610_2981   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG16709.1    
 GA0070610_0631   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG14428.1    
 GA0070610_3016   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG16743.1    
 GA0070610_1358   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15129.1    
 GA0070610_1934   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15691.1    
 GA0070610_0215   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG14022.1    
 GA0070610_1475   Micromonospora echinofusca DSM 43913 SCG15245.1    
 GA0070618_2931   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF06021.1    
 GA0070618_4227   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF22793.1    
 GA0070618_0295   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE70545.1    
 GA0070618_0266   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE70183.1    
 GA0070618_5322   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF32885.1    
 GA0070618_4121   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF21615.1    
 GA0070618_3636   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF16354.1    
 GA0070618_0797   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE77089.1    
 GA0070618_5067   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF30627.1    
 GA0070618_0392   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE71858.1    
 GA0070618_5943   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF37656.1    
 GA0070618_5015   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF30160.1    
 GA0070618_5384   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF33320.1    
 GA0070618_0706   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE76002.1    
 GA0070618_0252   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE69983.1    
 GA0070618_5944   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF37662.1    
 GA0070618_2748   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF03394.1    
 GA0070618_0597   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE74500.1    
 GA0070618_4986   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF29942.1    
 GA0070618_6564   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF41762.1    
 GA0070618_5917   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF37480.1    
 GA0070618_3167   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF09377.1    
 GA0070618_3270   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF10885.1    
 GA0070618_3844   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF18583.1    
 GA0070618_3990   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF20134.1    
 GA0070618_0026   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCE66845.1    
 GA0070618_5666   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF35569.1    
 GA0070618_4208   Micromonospora echinospora DSM 43816 SCF22584.1    
 GA0070613_2470   Micromonospora inositola DSM 43819 SCG54826.1    
 GA0070613_3624   Micromonospora inositola DSM 43819 SCG62999.1    
 GA0070613_2921   Micromonospora inositola DSM 43819 SCG58196.1    
 GA0070620_5544   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV29957.1    
 GA0070620_0592   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV25122.1    
 GA0070620_3722   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV28188.1    
 GA0070620_6339   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV30738.1    
 GA0070620_2435   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV26938.1    
 GA0070620_3176   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV27650.1    
 GA0070620_6090   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV30493.1    
 GA0070620_1412   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV25930.1    
 GA0070620_6375   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV30774.1    
 GA0070620_6490   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV30884.1    
 GA0070620_0783   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV25311.1    
 GA0070620_2655   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV27148.1    
 GA0070620_2251   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV26757.1    
 GA0070620_5033   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV29461.1    
 GA0070620_2240   Micromonospora krabiensis DSM 45344 SBV26746.1    
 GA0070621_0691   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT39484.1    
 GA0070621_4203   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT51819.1    
 GA0070621_0505   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT38821.1    
 GA0070621_1600   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT42754.1    
 GA0070621_1875   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT43741.1    
 GA0070621_1393   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT42013.1    
 GA0070621_3164   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT48416.1    
 GA0070621_0342   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT38231.1    
 GA0070621_0508   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT38834.1    
 GA0070621_3685   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT50251.1    
 GA0070621_1602   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT42765.1    
 GA0070621_3044   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT47953.1    
 GA0070621_3362   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT49139.1    
 GA0070621_5869   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT55047.1    
 GA0070621_0419   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT38533.1    
 GA0070621_2918   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT47491.1    
 GA0070621_1948   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT44029.1    
 GA0070621_1390   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT42002.1    
 GA0070621_3776   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT50578.1    
 GA0070621_2319   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT45356.1    
 GA0070621_5881   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT55060.1    
 GA0070621_2924   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT47510.1    
 GA0070621_3162   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT48407.1    
 GA0070621_1883   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT43763.1    
 GA0070621_0461   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT38672.1    
 GA0070621_2658   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT46588.1    
 GA0070621_2813   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT47120.1    
 GA0070621_2535   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT46148.1    
 GA0070621_0120   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT37413.1    
 GA0070621_2553   Micromonospora narathiwatensis DSM 45248 SBT46217.1    
 GA0074696_1639   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCE91649.1    
 GA0074696_5473   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF40982.1    
 GA0074696_2547   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF07156.1    
 GA0074696_1198   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCE84575.1    
 GA0074696_2643   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF08735.1    
 GA0074696_2300   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF02865.1    
 GA0074696_2740   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF10202.1    
 GA0074696_1638   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCE91633.1    
 GA0074696_4903   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF36577.1    
 GA0074696_4730   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF35182.1    
 GA0074696_2553   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF07238.1    
 GA0074696_5003   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF37399.1    
 GA0074696_1742   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCE93371.1    
 GA0074696_4466   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF32701.1    
 GA0074696_3702   Micromonospora purpureochromogenes DSM 43821 SCF24260.1    
 GA0070623_1257   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45498.1    
 GA0070623_1540   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG48083.1    
 GA0070623_5215   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG80803.1    
 GA0070623_1261   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45534.1    
 GA0070623_1162   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG44638.1    
 GA0070623_2371   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG55773.1    
 GA0070623_5187   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG80740.1    
 GA0070623_1130   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG44351.1    
 GA0070623_5102   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG80541.1    
 GA0070623_5705   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG81331.1    
 GA0070623_4389   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG78373.1    
 GA0070623_3131   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG65517.1    
 GA0070623_1255   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45479.1    
 GA0070623_0853   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG42059.1    
 GA0070623_2556   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG57797.1    
 GA0070623_1224   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45208.1    
 GA0070623_1299   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45882.1    
 GA0070623_2551   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG57761.1    
 GA0070623_2128   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG53221.1    
 GA0070623_1258   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45506.1    
 GA0070623_2127   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG53214.1    
 GA0070623_1109   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG44177.1    
 GA0070623_2454   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG56747.1    
 GA0070623_1240   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45346.1    
 GA0070623_5639   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG81265.1    
 GA0070623_0270   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG37044.1    
 GA0070623_1165   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG44665.1    
 GA0070623_1214   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45116.1    
 GA0070623_3913   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG74681.1    
 GA0070623_5534   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG81161.1    
 GA0070623_4019   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG75605.1    
 GA0070623_1298   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45873.1    
 GA0070623_0452   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG38540.1    
 GA0070623_0065   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG35256.1    
 GA0070623_1302   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45909.1    
 GA0070623_1484   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG47572.1    
 GA0070623_3936   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG74880.1    
 GA0070623_4894   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG80084.1    
 GA0070623_3097   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG64968.1    
 GA0070623_2463   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG56839.1    
 GA0070623_0126   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG35776.1    
 GA0070623_1716   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG49547.1    
 GA0070623_0990   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG43257.1    
 GA0070623_0157   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG36061.1    
 GA0070623_2059   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG52628.1    
 GA0070623_1301   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45900.1    
 GA0070623_0634   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG40159.1    
 GA0070623_5518   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG81145.1    
 GA0070623_4811   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG79896.1    
 GA0070623_1215   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45124.1    
 GA0070623_0399   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG38120.1    
 GA0070623_2451   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG56726.1    
 GA0070623_5101   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG80540.1    
 GA0070623_2017   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG52235.1    
 GA0070623_1979   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG51897.1    
 GA0070623_1259   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG45516.1    
 GA0070623_4574   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG79159.1    
 GA0070623_3866   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG74204.1    
 GA0070623_3926   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG74785.1    
 GA0070623_5400   Micromonospora rifamycinica DSM 44983 SCG81027.1    
 GA0074704_2216   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG48664.1    
 GA0074704_2351   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG49475.1    
 GA0074704_2690   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG51761.1    
 GA0074704_4246   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG67004.1    
 GA0074704_0356 (fragment)   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG36342.1    
 GA0074704_5199   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG75598.1    
 GA0074704_1799   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG45839.1    
 GA0074704_3372   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG57304.1    
 GA0074704_2434   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG50027.1    
 GA0074704_4812   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG72793.1    
 GA0074704_4129   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG65654.1    
 GA0074704_4330   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG67906.1    
 GA0074704_5704   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG78677.1    
 GA0074704_1807   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG45894.1    
 GA0074704_4585   Micromonospora siamensis DSM 45097 SCG70740.1    
 ML5_5380   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10851.1 D3C5V4  
 ML5_1409   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU06947.1 D3CAR1  
 ML5_4602   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10078.1 D3C4T5  
 ML5_5415   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10884.1 D3C5R7  
 ML5_3906   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU09417.1 D3C4E0  
 ML5_5820   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU11277.1 D3CB12  
 ML5_1968   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07496.1 D3CFW4  
 ML5_4714   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10190.1 D3C4H3  
 ML5_4468   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU09944.1 D3CDP6  
 ML5_3245   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU08761.1 D3C3F3  
 ML5_5387   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10858.1 D3C5U7  
 ML5_3789   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU09300.1 D3C9S2  
 ML5_2300   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07822.1 D3C6Q5  
 ML5_0971   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU06511.1 D3CGB3  
 ML5_1932   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07460.1 D3CJ30  
 ML5_2891   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU08409.1 D3CHB7  
 ML5_1889   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07417.1 D3C6F7  
 ML5_5705   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU11162.1 D3C5N1  
 ML5_4774   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10250.1 D3C8J7  
 ML5_3104   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU08621.1 D3C4Z7  
 ML5_4135   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU09645.1 D3CKK4  
 ML5_1807   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07338.1 D3C675  
 ML5_4697   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10173.1 D3C4J0  
 ML5_5055   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10528.1 D3CK27  
 ML5_4603   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10079.1 D3C4T4  
 ML5_0815   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU06362.1 D3CJ10  
 ML5_4048   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU09558.1 D3C3Z5  
 ML5_1570   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07106.1 D3C9D8  
 ML5_2042   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07568.1 D3C708  
 ML5_2053   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07579.1 D3C719  
 ML5_2064   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07590.1 D3C730  
 ML5_2066   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU07592.1 D3C732  
 ML5_3095   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU08612.1 D3C506  
 ML5_4670   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10146.1 D3C4L7  
 ML5_4775   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10251.1    
 ML5_5386   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10857.1 D3C5U8  
 ML5_5408   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10877.1 D3C5S4  
 ML5_5706   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU11163.1 D3C5N0  
 ML5_6091   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU11535.1 D3CCW0  
 ML5_4591 (fragment)   Micromonospora sp. L5 ADU10067.1 D3C4U6  
 CO540_05395   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13333.1    
 CO540_09875   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14100.1    
 CO540_08705   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13900.1    
 CO540_00405   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12490.1    
 CO540_13740   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14757.1    
 CO540_00015   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12423.1    
 CO540_11385   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14339.1    
 CO540_00185   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12449.1    
 CO540_06930   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13600.1    
 CO540_05365   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13327.1    
 CO540_00775   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12555.1    
 CO540_05390   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13332.1    
 CO540_10510   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14192.1    
 CO540_05510   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13355.1    
 CO540_15930   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO15138.1    
 CO540_01625   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12697.1    
 CO540_00195   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12451.1    
 CO540_10765   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14231.1    
 CO540_00585   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12522.1    
 CO540_10995   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14275.1    
 CO540_20895 (fragment)   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO15971.1    
 CO540_05550   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13363.1    
 CO540_00645   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12533.1    
 CO540_05400   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO13334.1    
 CO540_09920   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO14108.1    
 CO540_16480   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO15234.1    
 CO540_00190   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO12450.1    
 CO540_28045   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17209.1    
 CO540_28690   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17318.1    
 CO540_29960   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17536.1    
 CO540_10200   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17768.1    
 CO540_22710   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO16299.1    
 CO540_29350   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17435.1    
 CO540_29380   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO18166.1    
 CO540_25225   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO16738.1    
 CO540_29795   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO17510.1    
 CO540_24660   Micromonospora sp. WMMA2032 ATO18052.1    
 GA0074695_2220   Micromonospora viridifaciens DSM 43909 SCE92838.1    
 GA0074695_2002   Micromonospora viridifaciens DSM 43909 SCE89980.1    
 GA0074695_0953   Micromonospora viridifaciens DSM 43909 SCE76861.1    
 GA0074695_6329   Micromonospora viridifaciens DSM 43909 SCF37952.1    
 GA0074695_3410   Micromonospora viridifaciens DSM 43909 SCF09176.1    
 GA0070619_0900   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG40064.1    
 GA0070619_2057   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG47813.1    
 GA0070619_3064   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG54231.1    
 GA0070619_0847   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG39718.1    
 GA0070619_3408   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG56217.1    
 GA0070619_3745   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG58065.1    
 GA0070619_2463   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG50478.1    
 GA0070619_1138   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG41640.1    
 GA0070619_1997   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG47384.1    
 GA0070619_4662   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG62889.1    
 GA0070619_4001   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG59469.1    
 GA0070619_3054   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG54173.1    
 GA0070619_1252   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG42437.1    
 GA0070619_3065   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG54238.1    
 GA0070619_4563   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG62374.1    
 GA0070619_3650   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG57566.1    
 GA0070619_0769   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG39192.1    
 GA0070619_0948   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG40320.1    
 GA0070619_3022   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG53995.1    
 GA0070619_3869   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG58743.1    
 GA0070619_3053   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG54166.1    
 GA0070619_0351   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG36477.1    
 GA0070619_1410   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG43554.1    
 GA0070619_3473   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG56621.1    
 GA0070619_5095   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG65063.1    
 GA0070619_2003   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG47424.1    
 GA0070619_3259   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG55385.1    
 GA0070619_3272   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG55464.1    
 GA0070619_6362   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG71515.1    
 GA0070619_3387   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG56083.1    
 GA0070619_3221   Micromonospora zamorensis DSM 45600 SCG55151.1    
 carbohydrate-binding family CBM2 protein (Cbd2)   Mycobacterium africanum ADG63150.1 D6MNR0  
 MAF_19980   Mycobacterium africanum GM041182 CCC27068.1    
 AZ248_10685   Mycobacterium africanum UT307 AMQ38819.1    
 MAV_2710   Mycobacterium avium 104 ABK66902.1 A0QG62  
 BBJ32_21050   Mycobacterium avium RCAD0278 ANR93536.1    
 LA63_12190   Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium 2285 (R) AIR56727.1    
 LA64_12185   Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium 2285 (S) AIR23909.1    
 NF84_12055   Mycobacterium avium subsp. avium DJO-44271 AIV25230.1    
 BS641_11290   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis H87 APT10781.1    
 BEP52_13670   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis HP17 ATO63227.1    
 KV38_11045   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis OCU464 APA75884.1    
 BJP74_12155   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis OCU873s_P7_4s ATO72095.1    
 BJP78_13270   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis OCU901s_S2_2s ATO67737.1    
 MAH_2570   Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis TH135 BAN31644.1    
 RC58_10595   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis E1 AJK75412.1    
 RE97_10605   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis E93 AJK79578.1    
 CEP84_17580   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis FDAARGOS_305 ASE15372.1    
 CEG92_08920   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis JII-1961 ASF95898.1    
 MAP1706   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis K-10 AAS04023.1
 A0V42_08700   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis MAP/TANUVAS/TN/India/2008 ANH28457.1    
 MAP4_2126   Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis MAP4 AGL37032.1    
 Mb1595_p2218   Mycobacterium bovis 1595 AKR01741.1    
 C1D11_06030 (fragment)   Mycobacterium bovis 2002/0476 AVK89358.1    
 C1D11_10800   Mycobacterium bovis 2002/0476 AVK90180.1    
 Mb2009   Mycobacterium bovis AF2122/97 SIU00615.1
 BCGM_1988   Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Moreau RDJ CCC64581.1    
 JTY_1998   Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Tokyo 172 BAH26283.1 C1APQ4  
 AZH48_10245   Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Tokyo 172 substrain TRCS AMO10462.1    
 AA885_10340   Mycobacterium bovis BCG-1 ALE43693.1    
 BOVR_10265   Mycobacterium bovis BCG-1 (Russia) ALV11055.1    
 SZ58_005155   Mycobacterium bovis SP38 ANG87792.1    
 cellulose binding domain protein (Cbd2) (fragment)   Mycobacterium canettii CIP140010059 ACR15963.1 D0Q167  
 MCAN_20071   Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140010059 CCC44339.1    
 BN44_40270   Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140060008 CCK51934.1    
 BN43_31152   Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140070008 CCK55977.1    
 BN42_30285   Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140070010 CCK60079.1    
 BN45_50263   Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140070017 CCK64120.1    
 carbohydrate-binding family CBM2 protein (Cbd2)   Mycobacterium caprae ADG63151.1 D6MNR1  
 BBG46_10395   Mycobacterium caprae Allgaeu APU26015.1    
 AN480_13180   Mycobacterium chimaera AH16 AOS92177.2    
 AN480_13285   Mycobacterium chimaera AH16 APD84129.1    
 MYCODSM44623_02821   Mycobacterium chimaera DSM 44623 ASL09537.1    
 CKJ58_12180   Mycobacterium chimaera FLAC0070 ASX00584.1    
 CE197_13265   Mycobacterium chimaera SJ42 ASQ86442.1    
 MYCOZU1_02932   Mycobacterium chimaera ZUERICH-1 ASL21340.1    
 MYCOZU2_02827   Mycobacterium chimaera ZUERICH-2 ASL15226.1    
 BTO20_16890   Mycobacterium dioxanotrophicus PH-06 ART73679.1    
 B586_11100   Mycobacterium haemophilum DSM 44634 ATCC 29548 AKN16971.1    
 OCU_25070   Mycobacterium intracellulare ATCC 13950 AFC43726.1    
 CKJ61_12565   Mycobacterium intracellulare FLAC0133 ASW85648.1    
 CKJ67_12280   Mycobacterium intracellulare FLAC0181 ASW95460.1    
 B1T51_19920   Mycobacterium kansasii 10MK ARG76359.1    
 B1T51_19920   Mycobacterium kansasii 10MK ARG76359.1    
 B1T51_01335   Mycobacterium kansasii 10MK ARG73409.1    
 B1T51_09130   Mycobacterium kansasii 10MK ARG74614.1    
 B1T52_09330   Mycobacterium kansasii 11MK ARG83570.1    
 B1T52_20365   Mycobacterium kansasii 11MK ARG81895.1    
 B1T52_20365   Mycobacterium kansasii 11MK ARG81895.1    
 B1T52_15980   Mycobacterium kansasii 11MK ARG81172.1    
 B1T43_27580   Mycobacterium kansasii 1MK ARG58922.1    
 B1T43_08285   Mycobacterium kansasii 1MK ARG55862.1    
 B1T43_08285   Mycobacterium kansasii 1MK ARG55862.1    
 B1T43_19460   Mycobacterium kansasii 1MK ARG59655.1    
 B1T45_19865   Mycobacterium kansasii 4MK ARG65120.1    
 B1T45_12895   Mycobacterium kansasii 4MK ARG62050.1    
 B1T45_08480   Mycobacterium kansasii 4MK ARG61325.1    
 B1T45_08480   Mycobacterium kansasii 4MK ARG61325.1    
 LG40_01400   Mycobacterium kansasii 662 AIR16979.1    
 LG40_09555   Mycobacterium kansasii 662 AIR18333.1    
 B1T47_27550   Mycobacterium kansasii 6MK ARG72092.1    
 B1T47_08120   Mycobacterium kansasii 6MK ARG69011.1    
 B1T47_08120   Mycobacterium kansasii 6MK ARG69011.1    
 B1T47_19195   Mycobacterium kansasii 6MK ARG70810.1    
 LH54_01410   Mycobacterium kansasii 824 AIR26530.1    
 B1T50_09790   Mycobacterium kansasii 9MK ARG95673.1    
 B1T50_20805   Mycobacterium kansasii 9MK ARG93983.1    
 B1T50_20805   Mycobacterium kansasii 9MK ARG93983.1    
 B1T50_01345   Mycobacterium kansasii 9MK ARG90895.1    
 MKAN_01385   Mycobacterium kansasii ATCC 12478 AGZ49101.1    
 MKAN_09720   Mycobacterium kansasii ATCC 12478 AGZ50529.1    
 MULP_02876   Mycobacterium liflandii 128FXT AGC62628.1    
 MMRN_30980   Mycobacterium marinum ATCC 927 BBC66202.1    
 MMRN_45720   Mycobacterium marinum ATCC 927 BBC67676.1    
 MMRN_45720   Mycobacterium marinum ATCC 927 BBC67676.1    
 MMRN_51490   Mycobacterium marinum ATCC 927 BBC68253.1    
 MMRN_51490   Mycobacterium marinum ATCC 927 BBC68253.1    
 BN939_28730   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM77019.1    
 BN939_40930   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM78230.1    
 BN939_40930   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM78230.1    
 BN939_46320   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM78769.1    
 BN939_46320   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM78769.1    
 BN939_33120 (fragment)   Mycobacterium marinum E11 CDM77454.1    
 MMAR_2951   Mycobacterium marinum M ACC41390.1 B2HEX2  
 MMAR_4278   Mycobacterium marinum M ACC42687.1 B2HSA9  
 MMAR_4278   Mycobacterium marinum M ACC42687.1 B2HSA9  
 MMAR_4802   Mycobacterium marinum M ACC43206.1 B2HG94  
 MMAR_4802   Mycobacterium marinum M ACC43206.1 B2HG94  
 CKJ54_11430   Mycobacterium marseillense FLAC0026 ASW90416.1    
 carbohydrate-binding family CBM2 protein (Cbd2)   Mycobacterium microti ADG63153.1 D6MNR3  
 carbohydrate-binding family CBM2 protein (Cbd2)   Mycobacterium pinnipedii ADG63152.1 D6MNR2  
 MPSD_44050   Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii JCM 15466 BBA89755.1    
 MPSD_44050   Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii JCM 15466 BBA89755.1    
 MPSD_49800 (fragment)   Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii JCM 15466 BBA90254.1    
 MPSD_49800 (fragment)   Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii JCM 15466 BBA90254.1    
 MPSD_30610   Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii JCM 15466 BBA88531.1    
 MSG_02061   Mycobacterium shigaense UN-152 BAX92210.1    
 VC42_25185   Mycobacterium simiae MO323 AMP26464.1    
 CP498_06115 (fragment)   Mycobacterium sp. 3/86Rv ATI67028.1    
 Chelonae_p2309   Mycobacterium sp. QIA-37 AMW20060.1    
 G155_15625   Mycobacterium sp. VKM Ac-1817D AIY46753.1
 MSTE_02479   [Mycobacterium] stephanolepidis NJB0901 BAX97790.1    
 IU21_08050   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A005DS AIH99034.1    
 IU23_07775   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A012DS AIH95733.1    
 IU20_07775   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A029DS AIH91974.1    
 IU19_07840   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A033DS AIH88277.1    
 IU15_08075   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A036DS AIH85227.1    
 IU22_07795   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A087DS AIH81875.1    
 IU14_07720   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A092DS AIH78137.1    
 IU24_07755   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A093DS AIH74394.1    
 IU18_07775   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A094DS AIH70679.1    
 IU17_07815   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A115DS AIH67235.1    
 IU16_07845   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0A117DS AIH63884.1    
 IU13_07900   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B026XDR AIH60595.1    
 IQ41_07665   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B070XDR AIH54998.1    
 IQ38_08100   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B076XDR AIH52048.1    
 IQ39_07575   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B123ND AIH48728.1    
 IQ48_07815   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B218DS AIH42251.1    
 IQ42_07870   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B222DS AIH38920.1    
 IQ47_07775   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B228DS AIH35515.1    
 IQ45_07790   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B229DS AIH32045.1    
 T209_07780   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B235DS AIH28549.1    
 IQ46_07685   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B259XDR AIH24825.1    
 IQ43_07685   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0B329XDR AIH21029.1    
 BTB1458_1213 (Pe10) (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 1458 AOZ42217.1    
 MT18B_5233   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 18b AJK61999.1    
 RN10_1250 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2242 AMC67796.1    
 RN15_1174 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 26105 AMC89406.1    
 MT49_2157   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 49-02 CDM10308.1    
 MT49_1185 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 49-02 CDM09348.1    
 IQ44_07750   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 6A024XDR AIH17227.1    
 MT7199_2016   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 7199-99 CCG11864.1    
 LJ70_05925 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 96075 AIQ03725.1    
 LJ70_10715   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 96075 AIQ04621.1    
 LJ80_10870   Mycobacterium tuberculosis 96121 AIQ08641.1    
 AH03002_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03002 APQ45777.1    
 AH03009_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03009 APQ45846.1    
 AH03019_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03019 APQ45856.1    
 AH03026_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03026 APQ45864.1    
 AH03029_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03029 APQ45874.1    
 AH03031_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03031 APQ45882.1    
 AH03032_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03032 APQ45889.1    
 AH03035_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03035 APQ45898.1    
 AH03037_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03037 APQ45907.1    
 AH03039_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03039 APQ45778.1    
 AH03040_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH03040 APQ45785.1    
 AH04125_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis AH04125 APQ45795.1    
 TM57_05360   Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing AOT76972.1    
 TM57_09975 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing AOT75071.1    
 UB21_10475   Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing-like AJW49422.1    
 UB21_05815 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing-like AJW48655.1    
 BJ05012_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05012 APQ45858.1    
 BJ05013_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05013 APQ45859.1    
 BJ05015_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05015 APQ45860.1    
 BJ05016_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05016 APQ45861.1    
 BJ05024_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05024 APQ45862.1    
 BJ05025_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05025 APQ45863.1    
 BJ05028_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05028 APQ45865.1    
 BJ05029_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05029 APQ45866.1    
 BJ05030_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05030 APQ45867.1    
 BJ05052_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BJ05052 APQ45868.1    
 HKBT1_2090   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BT1 AHJ51036.1    
 HKBT2_2092   Mycobacterium tuberculosis BT2 AHJ46889.1    
 J113_13690   Mycobacterium tuberculosis CAS/NITR204 AGL27441.1    
 CFBS_2094   Mycobacterium tuberculosis CCDC5079 AGM00527.1    
 CFBR_2097   Mycobacterium tuberculosis CCDC5180 AHJ55182.1    
 MT2041   Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551 AAK46316.1
 MTCTRI2_2020   Mycobacterium tuberculosis CTRI-2 AEN00440.1    
 BTU11_10825   Mycobacterium tuberculosis DK9897 APR57374.1    
 BTU11_05960 (fragment)   Mycobacterium tuberculosis DK9897 APR56525.1    
 M943_10310   Mycobacterium tuberculosis EAI5 AGQ35341.1    
 J114_10615   Mycobacterium tuberculosis EAI5/NITR206 AGL31466.1    
 TBFG_12018   Mycobacterium tuberculosis F11 ABR06353.1 A1QSY7
 FJ05009_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05009 APQ45869.1    
 FJ05047_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05047 APQ45764.1    
 FJ05063_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05063 APQ45870.1    
 FJ05086_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05086 APQ45871.1    
 FJ05132_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05132 APQ45872.1    
 FJ05159_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05159 APQ45873.1    
 FJ05161_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05161 APQ45875.1    
 FJ05199_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05199 APQ45876.1    
 FJ05357_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05357 APQ45765.1    
 FJ05395_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05395 APQ45877.1    
 FJ05406_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05406 APQ45878.1    
 FJ05413_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05413 APQ45879.1    
 FJ05425_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05425 APQ45880.1    
 FJ05484_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05484 APQ45881.1    
 FJ05490_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05490 APQ45883.1    
 FJ05554_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ05554 APQ45884.1    
 FJ06025_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ06025 APQ45920.1    
 FJ06038_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ06038 APQ45886.1    
 FJ06057_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ06057 APQ45887.1    
 FJ06068_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ06068 APQ45885.1    
 FJ07031_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ07031 APQ45888.1    
 FJ07033_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ07033 APQ45766.1    
 FJ07042_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ07042 APQ45890.1    
 FJ07049_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ07049 APQ45891.1    
 FJ07061_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis FJ07061 APQ45892.1    
 GS05040_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05040 APQ45893.1    
 GS05111_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05111 APQ45894.1    
 GS05112_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05112 APQ45895.1    
 GS05113_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05113 APQ45767.1    
 GS05114_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05114 APQ45896.1    
 GS05116_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05116 APQ45897.1    
 GS05121_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05121 APQ45899.1    
 GS05125_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05125 APQ45900.1    
 GS05127_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05127 APQ45901.1    
 GS05129_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05129 APQ45902.1    
 GS05130_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05130 APQ45903.1    
 GS05138_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GS05138 APQ45768.1    
 GX06002_Rv1987   Mycobacterium tuberculosis GX06002 APQ45904.1    

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