Carbohydrate-Binding Module Family 16

Activities in FamilyCarbohydrate-binding module 16. Binding to cellulose and glucomannan demonstrated [B. Bae et al (2008) J Biol Chem. 283:12415-25 (PMID: 18025086)]
3D Structure Statusβ-sandwich
Statistics GenBank accession (453); Uniprot accession (67); PDB accession (6); 3D entries (2); cryst (0)
All (461) Archaea (4) Bacteria (457) Structure (2) Characterized (19)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 SHL15_6450   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ALO97483.1    
 SHL15_5404   Streptomyces hygroscopicus subsp. limoneus KCTC 1717 ALO96473.1    
 SHXM_06534   Streptomyces hygroscopicus XM201 AQW53071.1    
 ABB07_14020   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ11096.1    
 ABB07_01960   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ08839.1    
 ABB07_05345   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ09466.1    
 ABB07_34080   Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL 8089 AKJ14906.1    
 SIRAN3898   Streptomyces iranensis CDR07094.1    
 SLA_4857   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU85741.1    
 SLA_0131   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU81086.1    
 SLA_5544   Streptomyces laurentii ATCC 31255 BAU86417.1    
 SLAV_03875 (Chia2)   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ22683.1    
 SLAV_14575   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ24769.1    
 SLAV_11455   Streptomyces lavendulae subsp. lavendulae CCM 3239 ATZ24155.1    
 Sle_26990   Streptomyces leeuwenhoekii C34 (= DSM 42122 = NRRL B-24963) CQR62160.1    
 SLINC_5394   Streptomyces lincolnensis NRRL 2936 ANS67618.1    
 chitinase B (ChiB) Streptomyces lividans 1326 BAA25139.1 O69311  
 SLIV_13370   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ13662.1    
 SLIV_10260 (Chi01)   Streptomyces lividans TK24 AIJ13052.1    
 chitinase A (ChiA) Streptomyces lividans TK64 BAA02918.1 Q59924  
 SLUN_28760   Streptomyces lunaelactis MM109 AVZ77698.1    
 SLUN_25465   Streptomyces lunaelactis MM109 AVZ77640.1    
 SL103_28365   Streptomyces lydicus 103 AOP49641.1    
 SMALA_4852   Streptomyces malaysiensis DSM 4137 ATL85082.1    
 BBN63_08440   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU66276.1    
 BBN63_11560   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU66788.1    
 SNOD_21165   Streptomyces nodosus ATCC 14899 AJE42265.1    
 SNOD_28330   Streptomyces nodosus ATCC 14899 AJE43490.1    
 exo-chitinase (Chi01;ChiO1) 3.2.1.- Streptomyces olivaceoviridis ATCC 11238 CAA50398.1 Q05638  
 B1H29_13525   Streptomyces pactum ACT12 AQS67808.1    
 BC342_25725   Streptomyces pactum KLBMP 5084 AOW89359.1    
 Spa2297_24035   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ09772.1    
 Spa2297_21150   Streptomyces parvulus 2297 ANJ09254.1    
 CGZ69_22590   Streptomyces peucetius subsp. caesius ATCC 27952 ATW50261.1    
 LK06_000495   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135 ARP68671.1    
 LK06_021170   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135 ARP72046.1    
 LK06_024570   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 135 ARP72604.1    
 LK07_25740   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 137 ASN26861.1    
 LK07_01570   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 137 ASN22929.1    
 LK07_22330   Streptomyces pluripotens MUSC 137 ASN26294.1    
 Sfla_1663   Streptomyces pratensis ATCC 33331 ADW03100.1 C9N9Y0  
 Sfla_2271   Streptomyces pratensis ATCC 33331 ADW03701.1 C9NDF7  
 SPRI_2863   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC21169.1    
 SPRI_2211   Streptomyces pristinaespiralis HCCB 10218 ALC20517.1    
 BFF78_02760   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR30133.1    
 BFF78_12735   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR31799.1    
 BFF78_16065   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR32382.1    
 BFF78_38220   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR36117.1    
 BFF78_06845   Streptomyces puniciscabiei TW1S1 AOR30805.1    
 TUE45_06175   Streptomyces reticuli CUW31432.1    
 TUE45_05529   Streptomyces reticuli CUW30794.1    
 A4G23_03664   Streptomyces rubrolavendulae MJM4426 AOT60789.1    
 A4G23_04210   Streptomyces rubrolavendulae MJM4426 AOT61327.1    
 SCAB_33851 (ChiA)   Streptomyces scabiei 87.22 CBG70482.1 C9ZGN8  
 CGL27_29865   Streptomyces sp. 11-1-2 ASQ96689.1    
 SAMN05428941_5132   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDT73472.1    
 SAMN05428941_5760   Streptomyces sp. 2114.2 SDT76097.1    
 SAMN06272775_2004   Streptomyces sp. 2323.1 SOE10987.1    
 SAMN05444521_1474   Streptomyces sp. 3214.6 SHH69737.1    
 SAMN05444521_3242   Streptomyces sp. 3214.6 SHI01355.1    
 DC008_22280   Streptomyces sp. 452 AWE52147.1    
 DC008_25475   Streptomyces sp. 452 AWE52716.1    
 ASR50_25630   Streptomyces sp. 4F ALV52461.1    
 ASR50_22835   Streptomyces sp. 4F ALV51961.1    
 chitinase S (ChiS) (fragment)   Streptomyces sp. AJ9463 BAC57930.1 Q846A0  
 C2142_25875   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY54479.1    
 C2142_25090   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY51662.1    
 C2142_02690   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY48056.1    
 C2142_08765   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY49022.1    
 C2142_29430   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY52366.1    
 C2142_09770   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY49179.1    
 C2142_08195   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY48938.1    
 C2142_15090   Streptomyces sp. CB01881 AUY50028.1    
 NI25_13960   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV34463.1    
 NI25_10910   Streptomyces sp. CCM_MD2014 AIV33935.1    
 AS200_13795   Streptomyces sp. CdTB01 ALV33011.1    
 AS200_09900   Streptomyces sp. CdTB01 ALV32315.1    
 AS200_18755   Streptomyces sp. CdTB01 ALV38641.1    
 ABE83_09055   Streptomyces sp. CFMR 7 ALC27215.1    
 ABE83_12440   Streptomyces sp. CFMR 7 ALC27812.1    
 CAC01_29065   Streptomyces sp. CLI2509 CLI2905 ASY36244.1    
 CAC01_29345   Streptomyces sp. CLI2509 CLI2905 ASY36295.1    
 CXR04_08915   Streptomyces sp. CMB-StM0423 AUH40355.1    
 CXR04_12295   Streptomyces sp. CMB-StM0423 AUH40930.1    
 AA958_22485   Streptomyces sp. CNQ-509 AKH84507.1    
 B1K54_26155   Streptomyces sp. fd1-xmd AQT74671.1    
 B1K54_23150   Streptomyces sp. fd1-xmd AQT74156.1    
 DDW44_19435   Streptomyces sp. HNM0039 AWI30710.1    
 DRB96_19205   Streptomyces sp. ICC1 AWZ14056.1    
 DRB96_17790   Streptomyces sp. ICC1 AWZ13841.1    
 DRB89_10725   Streptomyces sp. ICC4 AWZ10188.1    
 CFP59_03712   Streptomyces sp. M56 AUA11597.1    
 M444_21890   Streptomyces sp. Mg1 AKL67620.1    
 STRMOE7_27005   Streptomyces sp. MOE7 ARH93328.1    
 C6376_31140   Streptomyces sp. P3 AVV45175.1    
 C6376_31140   Streptomyces sp. P3 AVV45175.1    
 C6376_33910   Streptomyces sp. P3 AVV45615.1    
 F750_4534   Streptomyces sp. PAMC 26508 AGJ56975.1    
 F750_5190   Streptomyces sp. PAMC 26508 AGJ57623.1    
 QR97_17125   Streptomyces sp. PBH53 AKN71299.1    

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