Auxiliary Activity Family 6

Activities in Family1,4-benzoquinone reductase (EC.
NoteAll experimentally characterized proteins in this family are 1,4-benzoquinone reductases. These are intracellular enzymes involved in the biodegradation of aromatic compounds and in the protection of fungal cells from reactive quinone compounds.
Statistics GenBank accession (3440); Uniprot accession (31); PDB accession (15); 3D entries (5); cryst (0)
All (3419) Archaea (38) Bacteria (2927) Eukaryota (453) unclassified (1) Structure (5) Characterized (4)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 BTN_2480 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis E254 AIT20485.1    
 DR63_3163 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis E264 AIP23937.1    
 BTJ_1047 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis E444 AHI78601.1    
 CO709_31740   Burkholderia thailandensis FDAARGOS_426 ATF37343.1    
 BTL_2288 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis H0587 AHI64006.1    
 BTHA_2487 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis MSMB59 AIS94806.1    
 BTRA_2568 (WrbA)   Burkholderia thailandensis USAMRU Malaysia #20 AIC86937.1    
 BW23_291 (WrbA)   Burkholderia ubonensis MSMB22 AJX17241.1    
 AK36_2526 (WrbA)   Burkholderia vietnamiensis LMG 10929 AJY07626.1    
 AK36_6035 (WrbA)   Burkholderia vietnamiensis LMG 10929 AJY08128.1    
 E1O_25010   Burkholderiales bacterium GJ-E10 BAP89632.1    
 THC_1286   Caldimicrobium thiodismutans TF1 BAU23654.1    
 BN1208_0448   Candidatus Methylopumilus planktonicus MMS-10A-171 CEZ19341.1    
 TAO_0880   Candidatus Nitrosoglobus terrae TAO100 BAW80250.1    
 Tel_04785   Candidatus Tenderia electrophaga NRL1 ALP52515.1    
 Tel_08905   Candidatus Tenderia electrophaga NRL1 ALP53264.1    
 BN940_06956   Castellaniella defragrans 65Phen CDM23859.1    
 AQ619_09255   Caulobacter henricii CB4 ALL13522.1    
 CA607_04215   Caulobacter vibrioides CB1 ATC27633.1    
 CA606_19470   Caulobacter vibrioides CB13b1a ATC34340.1    
 CA608_04045   Caulobacter vibrioides CB2 ATC23763.1    
 CO704_15025   Cedecea neteri FDAARGOS_392 ATF93331.1    
 LH23_13265   Cedecea neteri M006 AIR61586.1    
 LK04_11750   Cedecea neteri ND02 ALV92777.1    
 LH86_12565   Cedecea neteri ND14a AIR65890.1    
 JT31_04740   Cedecea neteri SSMD04 AIR03940.1    
 CBR65_21600   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB006 ARU30214.1    
 B0D95_02735   Cellvibrio sp. PSBB023 AQT59122.1    
 BOQ54_06005   Chelatococcus daeguensis TAD1 APF36936.1    
 BOQ54_17475   Chelatococcus daeguensis TAD1 APF39303.1    
 AL346_13335   Chelatococcus sp. CO-6 ALA18211.1    
 AL346_21935   Chelatococcus sp. CO-6 ALA20565.1    
 CMC5_051320   Chondromyces crocatus Cm c5 AKT40975.1    
 BKX93_10930   Chromobacterium vaccinii 21-1 AOZ52842.1    
 AL479_17645   Citrobacter amalonaticus FDAARGOS_122 AMG94187.1    
 AL524_17235   Citrobacter amalonaticus FDAARGOS_165 AMG54700.1    
 F384_05060   Citrobacter amalonaticus Y19 AKE58559.1    
 A6J81_07585   Citrobacter braakii FDAARGOS_253 ARC40584.1    
 CEP69_22090 (WrbA)   Citrobacter braakii FDAARGOS_290 ASE45214.1    
 CI104_10155 (WrbA)   Citrobacter farmeri AUSMDU00008141 AST79418.1    
 CFA70_06635 (WrbA)   Citrobacter freundii 18-1 ASJ99892.1    
 CES93_16245 (WrbA)   Citrobacter freundii 705SK3 ASG45067.1    
 CfB38_3215   Citrobacter freundii B38 ANZ88128.1    
 BTW28_00415   Citrobacter freundii BD APR29560.1    
 AB180_03255   Citrobacter freundii CAV1321 AKL16085.1    
 AB183_06860   Citrobacter freundii CAV1741 AKL55679.1    
 CFNIH1_15040   Citrobacter freundii CFNIH1 AHY12785.1    
 P10159_0924 (WrbA)   Citrobacter freundii P10159 ALD75743.1    
 BFQ28_20060   Citrobacter freundii SL151 AOI31995.1    
 BN1086_01915   Citrobacter koseri CDZ83786.1    
 CKO_02047   Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895 ABV13172.1 A8AI59  
 CEP66_22470 (WrbA)   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_287 ASE85064.1    
 CO700_08180   Citrobacter koseri FDAARGOS_393 ATF97023.1    
 CITRO86_3353 (WrbA)   Citrobacter sp. 86 SAZ71256.1    
 CITRO92_3175 (WrbA)   Citrobacter sp. 92 SAZ82252.1    
 AL515_09435   Citrobacter sp. FDAARGOS_156 AMH14065.1    
 CO701_13765   Citrobacter werkmanii FDAARGOS_364 ATF50106.1    
 WG74_08305   Citromicrobium sp. JL477 ALG60831.1    
 CUESP1_0725   [Clostridium] ultunense Esp SHD76106.1    
 BFX80_09345   Cobetia marina JCM 21022 AOM01462.1    
 SAMN04515647_2956   Cohaesibacter sp. ES.047 SNY92687.1    
 LT85_1654 (WrbA)   Collimonas arenae Cal35 AIY40812.1    
 CAter10_1597 (WrbA)   Collimonas arenae Ter10 AMO99361.1    
 CAter282_1477 (WrbA)   Collimonas arenae Ter282 AMP09266.1    
 CFter6_3658 (WrbA)   Collimonas fungivorans Ter6 AMO96284.1    
 CPter291_1676 (WrbA)   Collimonas pratensis Ter291 AMP13947.1    
 CPter91_1622 (WrbA)   Collimonas pratensis Ter91 AMP03998.1    
 O987_20455   Comamonas testosteroni TK102 AIJ48184.1    
 AUR58_04495   Coxiella burnetii 3262 AML48520.1    
 AYM38_03990   Coxiella burnetii 3345937 AML54518.1    
 A35_09210   Coxiella burnetii MSU Goat Q177 EAX32411.1    
 COXBURSA331_A1766 (WrbA)   Coxiella burnetii RSA 331 ABX79018.1    
 B7L74_08115   Coxiella burnetii RSA 439 ARI66339.1    
 BMW92_07900   Coxiella burnetii RSA439 ARK27795.1    
 CBNA_1806   Coxiella burnetii str. Namibia AIT64013.1    
 CleRT_02810 (WrbA)   Coxiella-like endosymbiont CRt AKQ33272.1    
 AB433_18740   Croceicoccus naphthovorans PQ-2 AKM12177.1    
 AFK62_07315   Cronobacter condimenti 1330 LMG 26250 ALB62325.1    
 AFK67_07545   Cronobacter dublinensis subsp. dublinensis LMG 23823 ALB66339.1    
 AFK66_012390   Cronobacter malonaticus LMG 23826 ALX79120.1    
 AFK63_11310   Cronobacter muytjensii ATCC 51329 ALB71171.1    
 CSK29544_03678   Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC 29544 AKE96624.1    
 P262_03601   Cronobacter sakazakii CMCC 45402 AHB70936.1    
 AFK64_10965   Cronobacter sakazakii NCTC 8155 ALB51058.1    
 CSSP291_11035   Cronobacter sakazakii Sp291 AGE86792.1    
 AFK65_07305   Cronobacter universalis NCTC 9529 ALB54478.1    
 RR42_m1331   Cupriavidus basilensis 4G11 AJG18736.1    
 RR42_s1366   Cupriavidus basilensis 4G11 AJG22954.1    
 CR3_1018 (WrbA)   Cupriavidus gilardii CR3 ALD90262.1    
 A2G96_07225   Cupriavidus nantongensis X1 AMR77546.1    
 A2G96_07225   Cupriavidus nantongensis X1 AMR77546.1    
 BJN34_10295   Cupriavidus necator NH9 AQV94278.1    
 BJN34_06695   Cupriavidus necator NH9 AQV93581.1    
 BKK80_09645   Cupriavidus sp. USMAA1020 AOZ06068.1    
 BKK79_03475   Cupriavidus sp. USMAA2-4 AOY90977.1    
 BKK81_09360   Cupriavidus sp. USMAHM13 AOY99451.1    
 CYCME_0178   Cycloclasticus zancles 78-ME AGS38520.1    
 DTL3_0336 (WrbA)   Defluviitoga tunisiensis CEP77667.1    
 DFI_13870   Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10 ASN82279.1    
 DFI_16935   Deinococcus ficus CC-FR2-10 ASN82875.1    

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