Auxiliary Activity Family 6

Activities in Family1,4-benzoquinone reductase (EC.
NoteAll experimentally characterized proteins in this family are 1,4-benzoquinone reductases. These are intracellular enzymes involved in the biodegradation of aromatic compounds and in the protection of fungal cells from reactive quinone compounds.
Statistics GenBank accession (3825); Uniprot accession (31); PDB accession (15); 3D entries (5); cryst (0)
All (3803) Archaea (38) Bacteria (3304) Eukaryota (460) unclassified (1) Structure (5) Characterized (4)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 T261_3725   Streptomyces sp. A02 AJT65390.3    
 BBN63_14290   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU67239.1    
 BBN63_05630   Streptomyces niveus SCSIO 3406 AQU65801.1    
 CGL27_01425 (WrbA)   Streptomyces sp. 11-1-2 ASQ99866.1    
 CGL27_07990 (WrbA)   Streptomyces sp. 11-1-2 ASQ93104.1    
 SAMN06272775_3053   Streptomyces sp. 2323.1 SOE12070.1    
 CXR04_03240   Streptomyces sp. CMB-StM0423 AUH39398.1    
 STRMOE7_21900   Streptomyces sp. MOE7 ARH92504.1    
 A6E92_17760   Streptomyces sp. S8 ARI53819.1    
 A6E92_23545   Streptomyces sp. S8 ARI54811.1    
 CAG99_15035   Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 03032 ARQ69996.1    
 CAG99_07235   Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 03032 ARQ68673.1    
 CAG99_24475   Streptomyces sp. SCSIO 03032 ARQ71561.1    
 SAMN05216371_4199   Streptomyces sp. TLI_053 SDT71885.1    
 TK78_19195   Streptomyces sp. Tue 6075 Tue6075 APS20825.1    
 B1H20_19660   Streptomyces violaceoruber S21 ARF63343.1    
 SULPSESMR1_03358   Sulfitobacter pseudonitzschiae SMR1 ASM74133.1    
 BOO69_15525   Sulfitobacter sp. AM1-D1 APE44660.1    
 BXT84_06020   Sulfobacillus thermotolerans Kr AUW93552.1    
 CAP31_09430   Sulfuriferula sp. AH1 ARU31874.1    
 SVA_2496   Sulfurifustis variabilis skN76 BAU49044.1    
 SVA_3722   Sulfurifustis variabilis skN76 BAU50256.1    
 N840_1016 (WrbA)   synthetic Escherichia coli C321.deltaA AGX33133.1    
 Sfum_3387   Syntrophobacter fumaroxidans MPOB ABK19060.1 A0LNQ8  
 LMI_0013 (WrbA)   Tatlockia micdadei ATCC33218 CEG59388.1    
 LMI_0388 (WrbA)   Tatlockia micdadei ATCC33218 CEG59747.1    
 B6N58_01835   Tatlockia micdadei NZ2015 ARG96518.1    
 B6N58_00065   Tatlockia micdadei NZ2015 ARG96213.1    
 B6V88_01825   Tatlockia micdadei NZ2016 ARG99269.1    
 B6V88_00065   Tatlockia micdadei NZ2016 ARG98968.1    
 CN03_06635   Thalassolituus oleivorans K188 APR66640.1    
 TOL_2327   Thalassolituus oleivorans MIL-1 CCU72729.1    
 R615_06040   Thalassolituus oleivorans R6-15 AHK15463.1    
 CSC3H3_13605   Thalassospira sp. CSC3H3 AUG53635.1    
 TH3_04130   Thalassospira xiamenensis M-5 = DSM 17429 AJD50948.1    
 Tchl_1953   Thauera chlorobenzoica 3CB1 APR04800.1    
 AC731_009320   Thauera humireducens SgZ-1 AMO37133.1    
 CCZ27_03790   Thauera sp. K11 ATE59194.1    
 CCZ27_18360   Thauera sp. K11 ATE61662.1    
 HL41_00600   Thermodesulfobacterium commune DSM 2178 AIH03450.1    
 TVNIR_3394   Thioalkalivibrio nitratireducens DSM 14787 AGA35030.1    
 THITH_02805   Thioalkalivibrio paradoxus ARh 1 AHE97383.1    
 TVD_10115   Thioalkalivibrio versutus D301 AKJ95691.1    
 TVD_07320   Thioalkalivibrio versutus D301 AKJ95185.1    
 BMG03_05860   Thioclava nitratireducens 25B10_4 AQS47376.1    
 Thimo_1383   Thioflavicoccus mobilis 8321 AGA90177.1    
 Thimo_1636   Thioflavicoccus mobilis 8321 AGA90414.1    
 FOKN1_1049   Thiohalobacter thiocyanaticus FOKN1 BAZ93449.1    
 TBH_C2393   Thiolapillus brandeum Hiromi 1 BAO45303.1    
 THICB2_670024 (WrbA)   Thiomonas sp. CB2 CDW95432.1    
 THICB2_680055 (WrbA)   Thiomonas sp. CB2 CDW95568.1    
 THII_2166   Thioploca ingrica BAP56463.1    
 K545   uncultured bacterium ART40273.1    
 B182   uncultured bacterium ART35930.1    
 A352   uncultured bacterium ART35445.1    
 A334   uncultured bacterium ART35434.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured bacterium AIA11054.1    
 flavoprotein WrbA   uncultured bacterium TB308_p AIW81385.1    
 GJW-30_1_02271 (PnpB)   Variibacter gotjawalensis GJW-30 BAT59738.1    
 VAPA_2c08900 (WrbA)   Variovorax paradoxus B4 AGU53446.1    
 CMV30_16910   Verrucomicrobia bacterium HZ-65 ATC65489.1    
 K04M3_23580   Vibrio alginolyticus ARP09049.1    
 AT730_07035   Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 33787 ALR92166.1    
 K01M1_23420   Vibrio alginolyticus K01M1 ARO99275.1    
 K04M1_23570   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M1 ARP03991.1    
 K04M5_23480   Vibrio alginolyticus K04M5 ARP14126.1    
 K05K4_23610   Vibrio alginolyticus K05K4 ARP19185.1    
 K06K5_23540   Vibrio alginolyticus K06K5 ARP24275.1    
 K08M3_23480   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M3 ARP34074.1    
 K08M4_22160   Vibrio alginolyticus K08M4 ARP38949.1    
 K09K1_42140   Vibrio alginolyticus K09K1 ARP48677.1    
 K10K4_23300   Vibrio alginolyticus K10K4 ARP29318.1    
 BAU10_10440   Vibrio alginolyticus ZJ-T ANP65394.1    
 PO26_04710   Vibrio anguillarum 178/90 AQM25895.1    
 PN39_04690   Vibrio anguillarum 261/91 AQL63565.1    
 AA407_04145   Vibrio anguillarum 4299 AQM12332.1    
 PN46_04710   Vibrio anguillarum 51/82/2 AQL80797.1    
 PL15_04715   Vibrio anguillarum 601/90 AQL91210.1    
 PN38_04680   Vibrio anguillarum 6018/1 AQM05469.1    
 PO30_04695   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 AQL84255.1    
 CEA93_10720 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-116 ASF92495.1    
 PO31_04690   Vibrio anguillarum 87-9-117 AQL87755.1    
 PL14_09780   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-286 ANJ23491.1    
 QR76_04700   Vibrio anguillarum 90-11-287 AQM33652.1    
 PO28_04755   Vibrio anguillarum 9014/8 AQL73887.1    
 PL84_04685   Vibrio anguillarum 91-7154 AQL98403.1    
 PN47_04710   Vibrio anguillarum 91-8-178 AQL67039.1    
 PN41_04660   Vibrio anguillarum A023 AQL70517.1    
 PN48_04700   Vibrio anguillarum Ba35 AQL60137.1    
 CEQ50_10625 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum CNEVA NB11008 ASG08002.1    
 PL85_04325   Vibrio anguillarum DSM 21597 AQM01888.1    
 PO29_04485   Vibrio anguillarum HI610 AQM15606.1    
 CEJ46_10255 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum JLL237 ASG04214.1    
 PN43_04685   Vibrio anguillarum LMG12010 AQM22441.1    
 N175_05185   Vibrio anguillarum M3 AGU57153.1    
 CG015_10620 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum MHK3 ASO29721.1    
 A6A12_1932 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum MVAV6203 ARV27346.1    
 VANGNB10_cI1968 (WrbA)   Vibrio anguillarum NB10 CDQ50880.1    
 PN49_04485   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AQP32242.1    
 CKY00_09020   Vibrio anguillarum PF4 AUB87447.1    

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