Auxiliary Activity Family 2

Activities in Familymanganese peroxidase (EC; versatile peroxidase (EC; lignin peroxidase (EC; peroxidase (EC 1.11.1.-)
NoteFamily AA2 contains class II lignin-modifying peroxidases. AA2 enzymes are secreted heme-containing enzymes that use hydrogen peroxide or organic peroxides as electron acceptors to catalyze a number of oxidative reactions in which two electrons are derived from substrate molecules to reduce the enzyme followed by a concomitant release of two water molecules.
Statistics GenBank accession (539); Uniprot accession (21); PDB accession (51); 3D entries (11); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 versatile peroxidase (Vpl3) Pleurotus eryngii CBS 458.79 CAD56164.1
 manganese peroxidase   Pleurotus ostreatus AER35423.1
 manganese peroxidase (MnP;MnP1) Pleurotus ostreatus IFO 30160 AAA84396.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnP3) Pleurotus ostreatus IS-1 BAA33449.1    
 versatile peroxidase I (VpI;116738) (partial) Pleurotus ostreatus PC9     4BLL[A]
 manganase peroxidase 4 (MnP4;121638) Pleurotus ostreatus PC9     4BM1[A,B]
 manganese peroxidase (MnP)   Pleurotus ostreatus Po1 AKC92826.1    
 manganese peroxidase 5 (Mnp5)   Pleurotus pulmonarius AAX40734.1    
 Mnp1 (fragment)   Pleurotus pulmonarius BAF74785.1    
 manganese peroxidase 3 (fragment)   Pleurotus pulmonarius AAY42945.1    
 manganese peroxidase 2 (fragment)   Pleurotus pulmonarius AAY41061.1    
 manganese peroxidase 4 (fragment)   Pleurotus pulmonarius AAY41062.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1 (fragment)   Pleurotus pulmonarius AAY41060.1    
 versatile peroxidase Pleurotus pulmonarius AFM93767.1    
 ORF (partial)   Pleurotus sapidus CAJ01576.2    
 versatile peroxidase (VP2) (formerly MnP2) Pleurotus sp. Florida CAB51617.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Podospora anserina S mat+ CDP22930.1    
 Mn peroxidase MNP3   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37996.1    
 Mn peroxidase MNP6   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37999.1    
 Mn peroxidase MNP4   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37997.1    
 Mn peroxidase MNP4-1   Polyporus brumalis AEJ38000.1    
 peroxidase MNP1   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37994.1    
 Mn peroxidase MNP5   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37998.1    
 peroxidase MNP2   Polyporus brumalis AEJ37995.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme (Mnpb3)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45980.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme (MnpA3)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45976.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme (Mnpa2)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45975.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme (MnpA2)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45974.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnpB3) Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45979.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme, partial (Mnpb2)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45978.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme (MnpB2) (fragment)   Porostereum crassum WD1694 BAR45977.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Pulcherricium caeruleum FPL7658 ABT17217.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Pulcherricium caeruleum FPL7658 ABT17216.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Pulcherricium caeruleum FPL7658 ABT17215.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Rhizoctonia solani 0628-006 1 A WA/MF06-181 CDL74390.1    
 manganese peroxidase   Rigidoporus vinctus AHA85941.1    
 manganese peroxidase (SMnP)   Schizophyllum sp. F17 AGO86670.2    
 manganese peroxidase 1 precursor   Spongipellis sp. FERM P-18171 BAE79812.1    
 class II peroxidase 1 (fragment)   Steccherinum fimbriatum FP-102075 ADK60898.1    
 class II peroxidase 2 (fragment)   Steccherinum fimbriatum FP-102075 ADK60899.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Stereum rugosum 0629-045 2 D PDA/MF06-294 CDL74391.1    
 ligninolytic peroxidase (LiP) Taiwanofungus camphoratus ACD44888.1 C0IW58  
 lignin peroxidase Taiwanofungus camphoratus ACT1 ACA48489.1 C0IW58  
 MYCTH_2111272   Thermothelomyces thermophila ATCC 42464 AEO59029.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina 285/PB CDL74399.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DAOM72065 ADK60910.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DAOM72065 ADK60913.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DAOM72065 ADK60912.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DSH 97-310 ADK60909.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DSH 97-310 ADK60907.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DSH 97-310 ADK60905.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Trametes cinnabarina DSH 97-310 ADK60911.1    
 manganese-dependent peroxidase (MnP1;MnP)   Trametes gibbosa CB-1 ACO92620.2
 manganese peroxidase 2 (Mnp2)   Trametes polyzona KU-RNW027 BBB76258.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1 (Mnp1)   Trametes polyzona KU-RNW027 BBB76257.1    
 peroxidase   Trametes versicolor CAA54398.1    
 manganese-dependent peroxidase (MnP)   Trametes versicolor CAG33918.4    
 manganese-repressed peroxidase (MrP)   Trametes versicolor CAG32981.2    
 lignin peroxidase prepropeptide   Trametes versicolor CAA53333.1    
 manganese-repressed peroxidase (MrP)   Trametes versicolor CU1 AAB63460.1    
 manganase peroxidase (CvmnP)   Trametes versicolor IFO30340 BAB03464.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme precursor (Cmp1)   Trametes versicolor KN9522 AAT90348.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme precursor (Cmp5)   Trametes versicolor KN9522 AAT90351.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme precursor (Cmp2)   Trametes versicolor KN9522 AAT90349.1    
 manganese peroxidase isozyme precursor (Cmp3)   Trametes versicolor KN9522 AAT90350.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MpgI)   Trametes versicolor PRL 572 CAA83148.1    
 ligninolytic pre-peroxidase (PgvII)   Trametes versicolor PRL 572 CAA91043.1    
 lignin peroxidase isozyme LP7 (LpgvI)   Trametes versicolor PRL 572 CAA83147.1    
 lignin peroxidase (Lpg1;LP12) Trametes versicolor PRL 572 AAA34049.1 P20013  
 lignin peroxidase, partial (LiP) (fragment)   Trametes villosa CCMB561 ALR87300.1    
 lignin peroxidase (TcliP)   Trametopsis cervina BAE46585.1    
 lignin peroxidase (TcliP)   Trametopsis cervina BAD52441.2    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03821.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03822.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03823.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03824.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03825.1    
 ORF (fragment)   uncultured Cortinarius AFW03826.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23935.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23965.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23983.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23943.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23979.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23936.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23930.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23940.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23947.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23962.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23972.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23974.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23969.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23984.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23934.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23978.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23939.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23944.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23966.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23931.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23973.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (fragment)   uncultured fungus AVI23937.1    

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