Auxiliary Activity Family 2

Activities in Familymanganese peroxidase (EC; versatile peroxidase (EC; lignin peroxidase (EC; peroxidase (EC 1.11.1.-)
NoteFamily AA2 contains class II lignin-modifying peroxidases. AA2 enzymes are secreted heme-containing enzymes that use hydrogen peroxide or organic peroxides as electron acceptors to catalyze a number of oxidative reactions in which two electrons are derived from substrate molecules to reduce the enzyme followed by a concomitant release of two water molecules.
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 peroxidase (ArP) 1.11.1.- Agaricales sp. Arthromyces ramosus BAA09861.1 P28313 1ARP[A]
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Agaricus arvensis FB-AA-61 CDL74392.1    
 manganese peroxidase enzyme (Mnp1)   Agaricus bisporus ATCC 62459 CAG27835.1    
 class II peroxidase (fragment)   Agrocybe pediades IHI31 AFY06889.1    
 manganese peroxidase 2 (Mnp2)   Agrocybe praecox FBCC476 ADW41626.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1 (Mnp1)   Agrocybe praecox FBCC476 ADW41627.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Amylostereum areolatum AAF33757.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Amylostereum chailletii AAF33759.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Amylostereum ferreum AAF33758.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Amylostereum laevigatum AAF33761.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Amylostereum sp. B1393 AAF33760.1    
 versatile peroxidase (VP) Bjerkandera adusta ABQ44529.1    
 lignin peroxidase (LiPBad)   Bjerkandera adusta CBS 230.93 CDN40128.1    
 versatile peroxidase (VpBad)   Bjerkandera adusta CBS 230.93 CDN40126.1    
 versatile peroxidase   Bjerkandera adusta UAMH8258 AAY89586.1    
 versatile peroxidase (RBPa;RbpA) Bjerkandera sp. B33/3 AAO47909.1    
 RBP (fragment)   Bjerkandera sp. B33/3 AAO49485.1    
 BJP peroxidase (fragment)   Bjerkandera sp. B33/3 AAM46171.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase 2 (fragment)   Bondarzewia montana AAF33766.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnpA) (partial) Ceriporiopsis rivulosa DSM 14618 ABB83812.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnpB) Ceriporiopsis rivulosa DSM 14618 ABB83813.1    
 melanin-decolorizing enzyme (MdcA)   Ceriporiopsis sp. MD-1 BAG49629.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1 (Mnp1)   Cerrena unicolor CB1 AFK91528.1
 manganese peroxidase 2 (Mnp2)   Cerrena unicolor CB1 AFK91530.1
 manganese peroxidase 3 (Mnp3)   Cerrena unicolor CB1 AFK91531.1
 manganese peroxidase   Cerrena unicolor FCL139 AGS19355.1
 class II peroxidase (fragment)   Clitocybe nebularis IHI460 AFY06890.1    
 class II peroxidase (fragment)   Clitocybe nebularis IHI460 AFY06893.1    
 ascorbate peroxidase (fragment)   Coffea arabica AXQ39589.1    
 CH063_14416   Colletotrichum higginsianum IMI 349063 CCF45286.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1, partial (Mnp1) (fragment)   Collybia tuberosa IHI452 AFY06891.1    
 manganese peroxidase 2, partial (Mnp2) (fragment)   Collybia tuberosa IHI452 AFY06894.1    
 ORF   Coniochaeta hoffmannii CBS 245.38 AUS45858.1    
 peroxidase (PerO)   Coprinellus disseminatus C345.1 AAZ14938.1    
 peroxidase (Cip1)   Coprinopsis cinerea IFO 8371 CAA49216.1 P28314 1H3J[A,B]
 peroxidase   Coprinopsis cinerea IFO 8371 CAA50060.1 P28314  
 manganese-dependent peroxidase (fragment)   Coriolopsis gallica AAZ16493.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius acutus AT2005097 AFV79586.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius acutus AT2005097 AFV79587.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius acutus AT2005097 AFV79588.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79589.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79590.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79591.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79593.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79594.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79595.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius armillatus AT2004229 AFV79596.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius brunneus AT2001068 AFV79597.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius diasemospermus AT2004178 AFV79598.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius diasemospermus AT2004178 AFV79599.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79600.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79601.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79602.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79603.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79604.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius obtusus AT2005087 AFV79605.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius paragaudis AT2001065 AFV79606.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius paragaudis AT2001065 AFV79607.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius paragaudis AT2001065 AFV79608.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2000134 AFV79609.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2000134 AFV79610.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2000134 AFV79611.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2000134 AFV79612.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2000134 AFV79613.1    
 ORF (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2004175 AFV79617.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2004175 AFV79614.1    
 peroxidase (short fragment)   Cortinarius semisanguineus AT2004175 AFV79616.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptoporus volvatus DAOM211791 ABT17214.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptoporus volvatus DAOM211791 ABT17211.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptoporus volvatus DAOM211791 ABT17213.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cryptoporus volvatus DAOM211791 ABT17212.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cytidia salicina CBS727.85 ABT17236.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cytidia salicina CBS727.85 ABT17235.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cytidia salicina CBS727.85 ABT17234.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Cytidia salicina CBS727.85 ABT17233.1    
 manganese peroxidase isoform 2 (Mnp2)   Dichomitus squalens CBS 432.34 AAF31330.1    
 manganese peroxidase isoform 1 (Mnp1)   Dichomitus squalens CBS432.34 AAF31329.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Echinodontium japonicum AAF33765.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Echinodontium tinctorium AAF33763.1    
 Mn-dependent peroxidase A (fragment)   Echinodontium tsugicola AAF33764.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Exidia glandulosa IHI451 AFY06888.1    
 manganese peroxidase 3 (Mnp3)   Fomitiporia mediterranea MF3/22 ADK60891.1    
 manganese peroxidase 2 (Mnp2)   Fomitiporia mediterranea MF3/22 ADK60890.1    
 manganese peroxidase 1 (Mnp1)   Fomitiporia mediterranea MF3/22 ADK60889.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Fomitiporia mediterranea MF3/22 ABT17237.1    
 FGRAMPH1_01T06119   Fusarium graminearum PH-1 SCB64445.1    
 FVRRES_02973   Fusarium venenatum A3/5 CEI66461.1    
 manganese peroxidase (Ea.mnp1)   Ganoderma applanatum BAA88392.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnP1)   Ganoderma applanatum CBS 250.61 CEG62472.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnP2)   Ganoderma applanatum CBS 250.61 CEG62473.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma australe ARM38910.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma australe ARM38909.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma australe ARM38911.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnP)   Ganoderma australe ABB77244.1    
 manganese peroxidase (Mnp0109)   Ganoderma formosanum ABB77243.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma gibbosum ARM38914.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma gibbosum ARM38912.1    
 manganese peroxidase, partial (MnP) (fragment)   Ganoderma gibbosum ARM38913.1    
 manganese peroxidase (MnP)   Ganoderma lucidum 00679 AMK79470.1    
 manganese peroxidase Ganoderma lucidum BCRC36123 ACA48488.1    

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