Auxiliary Activity Family 1

Activities in FamilyLaccase / p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase / ferroxidase (EC; ; ferroxidase (EC 1.10.3.-); Laccase-like multicopper oxidase (EC 1.10.3.-)
NoteThe characterized AA1 enzymes are multicopper oxidases that use diphenols and related substances as donors with oxygen as the acceptor. The AA1 family is currently divided into 3 subfamilies including laccases, ferroxidases and laccase-like multicopper oxidases.
Statistics GenBank accession (6141); Uniprot accession (79); PDB accession (89); 3D entries (25); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 Pdw03_7158   Penicillium digitatum PdW03 QQK43257.1     3
 Pdw03_7982   Penicillium digitatum PdW03 QQK44081.1     2
 Pdw03_7409   Penicillium digitatum PdW03 QQK43508.1     2
 Pdw03_0562   Penicillium digitatum PdW03 QQK45664.1     3
 Pc21g08020   Penicillium rubens Wisconsin 54-1255 CAP95699.1     2
 Pc22g08410   Penicillium rubens Wisconsin 54-1255 CAP98129.1     3
 laccase (fragment)   Peniophora incarnata AJK28607.1     1
 laccase C   Peniophora lycii AWC08468.1     1
 laccase B   Peniophora lycii AWC08467.1     1
 laccase A   Peniophora lycii AWC08466.1     1
 laccase 5, partial   Peniophora lycii UNO37639.1     1
 laccase 4, partial   Peniophora lycii UNO37638.1     1
 laccase (fragment)   Peniophora lycii AFQ90523.1     1
 laccase 3B (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50747.1     1
 laccase 5B (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50750.1     1
 laccase 3 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50746.1     1
 laccase 1 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50744.1     1
 laccase 7 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50752.1     1
 laccase 5 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50749.1     1
 laccase 2 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50745.1     1
 laccase 8 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50753.1     1
 laccase 6 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50751.1     1
 laccase 4 (LcC)   Peniophora sp. CBMAI 1063 AUK50748.1     1
 KXD40_000929 (fragment)   Peronospora effusa UIZ21019.1    
 KXD40_002624   Peronospora effusa UIZ26495.1    
 KXD40_002623   Peronospora effusa UIZ26488.1    
 PtaK   Pestalotiopsis fici CGMCC3.15140 AGO59052.1     3
 PtaE   Pestalotiopsis fici CGMCC3.15140 AGO59042.1     3
 multicopper oxidase   Pestalotiopsis microspora NK17 QED41496.1     3
 laccase 2, partial   Pestalotiopsis sp. AVO20570.1     3
 laccase 1, partial   Pestalotiopsis sp. AVO20569.1     3
 ORF (fragment)   Pezoloma ericae ANW36309.1    
 laccase 2 (Lac2)   Phaedon cochleariae AWK23446.1    
 laccase (LacD)   Phanerochaete avellanea ALF95043.1     1
 laccase   Phanerochaete avellanea ALF95042.1     1
 laccase (LacB)   Phanerochaete avellanea ALF95041.1     1
 laccase (LacA)   Phanerochaete avellanea ALF95040.1     1
 laccase (LacE)   Phanerochaete avellanea ALF95044.1     1
 laccase (fragment)   Phanerochaete avellanea 2009 AFQ90521.1     1
 ORF (fragment)   Phialocephala fortinii ANW36310.1     2
 laccase II (LacII)   Phlebia brevispora BAFC 633 UNY77501.1     1
 laccase (LacI)   Phlebia brevispora BAFC 633 AFK30375.1
 laccase G, partial (fragment)   Phlebia chrysocreas AYR00608.1    
 laccase F, partial (fragment)   Phlebia chrysocreas AYR00607.1     1
 Lac2 protein (Lac2)   Phlebia radiata CAI56705.1     1
 laccase (LaC)   Phlebia radiata 79 CAA36379.2     1
 multicopper oxidase (Lac1)   Phlebia tremellosa CAK54346.1     1
 multiple oxidase (Lac1)   Phlebia tremellosa PT05-2 CAR47803.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc8)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94254.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc4)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94250.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc9)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94255.1     2
 laccase (Pnlcc1)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94247.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc2)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94248.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc5)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94251.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc3)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94249.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc6)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94252.1     1
 laccase (Pnlcc7)   Pholiota microspora NGW19-6 BAU94253.1     1
 laccase (Lac1)   Pholiota nameko Ph-5(3) ABR24264.1     1
 laccase (Lac1) Phoma sp. UHH 5-1-03 (DSM 22425) ABY89704.1
B3TLA6   3
 laccase   Phomopsis liquidambaris B3 AGZ62514.1     3
 laccase (Lac2)   Phytophthora capsici AFY09916.1    
 laccase (Lac1)   Phytophthora capsici AFY09915.1    
 laccase (Lac1)   Picea abies AFV52377.1    
 laccase (Lac3A)   Picea abies AFV52379.1    
 laccase (Lac3B)   Picea abies AFV52380.1    
 laccase (Lac3C)   Picea abies AFV52381.1    
 laccase (Lac5A)   Picea abies AFV52383.1    
 laccase (Lac5B)   Picea abies AFV52384.1    
 laccase (Lac4)   Picea abies AFV52382.1    
 laccase (Lac2)   Picea abies AFV52378.1    
 FET3   Pichia kudriavzevii AWT08580.1     2
 FET3   Pichia kudriavzevii AWT08579.1     2
 C5L36_0A01420   Pichia kudriavzevii CBS573 AWU73536.1     2
 C5L36_0B04090   Pichia kudriavzevii CBS573 AWU75157.1     2
 ORF (fragment)   Piloderma byssinum AAM95784.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Piloderma croceum AAM95788.1    
 0_8531_01 (fragment)   Pinus cembra AFB33035.1
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pinus mugo AIW39730.1    
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pinus mugo AIW39731.1    
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pinus mugo AIW39732.1    
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pinus mugo AIW39733.1    
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pinus mugo AIW39734.1    
 laccase 2 (Lac2) (fragment)   Pinus pinaster AFL65035.1    
 laccase 4 (Lac4) (short fragment)   Pinus pinaster AFL65036.1    
 laccase, partial (Pr4_19) (fragment)   Pinus sylvestris AIY54924.1    
 laccase (Lac8)   Pinus taeda AHX74225.2    
 laccase-12 (Lac4)   Pinus taeda AZA14792.1    
 Laccase-17 (Lac11)   Pinus taeda AZA14790.1    
 Laccase-12 (Lac2)   Pinus taeda AZA14791.1    
 laccase, partial (PtalaC) (fragment)   Pinus taeda BBN20949.1    
 UMN_2767_01 (short fragment)   Pinus taeda AEX13437.1    
 laccase (Lac7)   Pinus taeda AHX74225.1    
 laccase (short fragment)   Plasmopara viticola CCC15138.1    
 laccase 1 (Lac1)   Pleurotus djamor CB1 AHC32223.1     1
 laccase (Ery3)   Pleurotus eryngii CAO79914.1
 laccase   Pleurotus eryngii ADD14077.1     1
 laccase   Pleurotus eryngii ACI62809.1
 laccase (Pel3) Pleurotus eryngii CBS 613.91 AAV85769.1 Q5MP11   1
 laccase (Pel4)   Pleurotus eryngii CBS 613.91 ABB30169.1     1
 laccase, partial (fragment)   Pleurotus eryngii U8/11 AMB72865.1     1

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