Auxiliary Activity Family 1

Activities in FamilyLaccase / p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase / ferroxidase (EC; ; ferroxidase (EC 1.10.3.-); Laccase-like multicopper oxidase (EC 1.10.3.-)
NoteThe characterized AA1 enzymes are multicopper oxidases that use diphenols and related substances as donors with oxygen as the acceptor. The AA1 family is currently divided into 3 subfamilies including laccases, ferroxidases and laccase-like multicopper oxidases.
Statistics GenBank accession (6232); Uniprot accession (79); PDB accession (89); 3D entries (25); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 laccase (Lac1) Melanocarpus albomyces CAE00180.1 Q70KY3 1GW0[A,B]
 BN887_01910   Melanopsichium pennsylvanicum 4 CDI56165.1    
 BN887_00542   Melanopsichium pennsylvanicum 4 CDI56230.1    
 BN887_03586   Melanopsichium pennsylvanicum 4 CDI56287.1    
 BN887_02113   Melanopsichium pennsylvanicum 4 CDI51050.1     2
 BN887_03144 (fragment)   Melanopsichium pennsylvanicum 4 CDI56015.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Meliniomyces variabilis ANW36311.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Meliniomyces variabilis ANW36313.1    
 ORF (fragment)   Meliniomyces vraolstadiae ANW36312.1    
 laccase (Lac1)   Meripilus giganteus CBV46340.1     1
 G6M90_00g024850 (AsO)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI63445.1    
 G6M90_00g000560 (Lcc1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI63946.1    
 G6M90_00g048990 (FetC)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI66871.1     2
 G6M90_00g045570 (Lac1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI67119.1     3
 G6M90_00g093480 (Abr2_1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI72976.1    
 G6M90_00g113450 (Aurl2_1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI74016.1    
 G6M90_00g102750 (Ptak_2)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI73216.1    
 G6M90_00g113980 (Lcc2_2)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI74493.1     3
 G6M90_00g066690 (Lcc2_1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI69373.1     3
 G6M90_00g079010 (Ptak_1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI70642.1     3
 G6M90_00g000510 (Lcc2_0)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI65061.1     3
 G6M90_00g080720 (Abr2_0)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI71336.1    
 G6M90_00g001230 (Ptak_0)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI66315.1     3
 G6M90_00g052500 (GedJ)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI68968.1     3
 G6M90_00g113820 (Mlac1_1)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI74771.1    
 G6M90_00g084150 (AaO)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI71515.1    
 G6M90_00g033460 (Aurl2_0)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI66568.1    
 G6M90_00g031400 (Mlac1_0)   Metarhizium brunneum 4556 QLI67126.1    
 METSCH_E02170 (Mpul0e02170)   Metschnikowia aff. pulcherrima APC 1.2 QBM89980.1    
 METSCH_D08140 (Mpul0d08140)   Metschnikowia aff. pulcherrima APC 1.2 QBM89732.1     2
 ORF   Microthielavia ovispora VKM F-1735 QYY49099.1    
 GNLVRS01_PISO0M17326g (Piso0_005559)   Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 CCE85919.1     2
 GNLVRS01_PISO0D09397g (Piso0_001029)   Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 CCE78992.1     2
 GNLVRS01_PISO0H17497g (Piso0_003673)   Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 CCE81319.1    
 GNLVRS01_PISO0N12245g (Piso0_005306)   Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 CCE86793.1    
 GNLVRS01_PISO0M11936g (Piso0_005306)   Millerozyma farinosa CBS 7064 CCE85685.1    
 laccase 2 (Lac2)   Miscanthus sinensis var. sinensis ATG23775.1    
 laccase 1   Miscanthus sinensis var. sinensis QED40958.1    
 laccase 2   Monilia sp. M5-3 ACR16059.1     3
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis ABC1 ANS14224.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis AK9-1 ANS14254.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis AL2-1 ANS14255.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis ASJ1 ANS14225.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis BCB-1 ANS14230.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis BJCC2-1 ANS14226.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis CLA3-1 ANS14227.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis CLP26 ANS14231.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis GP18 ANS14245.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis GX32 ANS14232.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis JC-LH-9 ANS14233.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis LBD1 ANS14234.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis LBH1-1 ANS14235.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis LSB1 ANS14236.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis WS8-2 ANS14253.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis YN1-2-02 ANS14228.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis YS1-1 ANS14229.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilia yunnanensis YXS4 ANS14237.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola CX27 ANS14242.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola Ft ANS14256.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola LBF1 ANS14240.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola LS19-1 ANS14238.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola LVN8 ANS14258.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola MX4 ANS14239.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola MX5 ANS14243.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola NE18 ANS14257.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola SPL6 ANS14241.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructicola SY4 ANS14244.1    
 laccase 2 (Lcc2)   Monilinia fructigena ABM21605.1     3
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructigena CBS 101499 ANS14251.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructigena CBS 101500 ANS14248.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructigena EA-1 ANS14247.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructigena EP-5 ANS14252.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia fructigena P1 ANS14259.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia laxa CBS 298.31 ANS14261.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia laxa MDA12 ANS14262.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia laxa P3 ANS14260.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma 2319 ANS14250.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma CBS 102686 ANS14249.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma HML3 ANS14246.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma LHX3 ANS14220.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma LS10-2 ANS14219.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma MW2 ANS14216.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma MX2 ANS14221.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma SDA2 ANS14217.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma SXL-1-1 ANS14222.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma SXP1 ANS14218.1    
 laccase 2, partial (fragment)   Monilinia polystroma SY3 ANS14223.1    
 DSL72_003877 (fragment)   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ29363.1    
 DSL72_006513   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ36632.1     3
 DSL72_000757   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ31194.1     3
 DSL72_006120   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ34526.1     2
 DSL72_004803   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ30281.1     3
 DSL72_000522   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ30962.1     3
 DSL72_002339   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ32760.1    
 DSL72_006349   Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi RL-1 QSZ36470.1     3
 ferroxidase   Morchella importuna SCYDJ1-A1 QQX29065.1     2
 ORF   Morchella importuna SCYDJ1-A1 QQX29064.1     3
 GSMUA_72960.1   Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis Doubled-haploid Pahang (DH-Pahang) CAG1862402.1    
 GSMUA_96420.1   Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis Doubled-haploid Pahang (DH-Pahang) CAG1860338.1    
 GSMUA_222160.1   Musa acuminata subsp. malaccensis Doubled-haploid Pahang (DH-Pahang) CAG1834111.1    

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