Auxiliary Activity Family 1

Activities in FamilyLaccase / p-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase / ferroxidase (EC; ; ferroxidase (EC 1.10.3.-); Laccase-like multicopper oxidase (EC 1.10.3.-)
NoteThe characterized AA1 enzymes are multicopper oxidases that use diphenols and related substances as donors with oxygen as the acceptor. The AA1 family is currently divided into 3 subfamilies including laccases, ferroxidases and laccase-like multicopper oxidases.
Statistics GenBank accession (6141); Uniprot accession (79); PDB accession (89); 3D entries (25); cryst (0)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D Subf
 AT249_GQ6702147 (Fet5)   Komagataella phaffii WT AOA61692.1     2
 KLTH0B04356g   Lachancea thermotolerans CBS 6340 XP_002551976.1     2
 KLTH0G18964g   Lachancea thermotolerans CBS 6340 XP_002555851.1     2
 KLTH0F01694g   Lachancea thermotolerans CBS 6340 XP_002554284.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS7076 (fragment)   Lactuca saligna CAB4078431.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS7077   Lactuca saligna CAB4078432.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS24703   Lactuca saligna CAB4097131.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS20079   Lactuca saligna CAB4092232.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS24704   Lactuca saligna CAB4097132.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS18869   Lactuca saligna CAB4090945.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS22529   Lactuca saligna CAB4094814.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS26857   Lactuca saligna CAB4099404.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS28463   Lactuca saligna CAB4101118.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS30729 (fragment)   Lactuca saligna CAB4103504.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS34818   Lactuca saligna CAB4107808.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS30727   Lactuca saligna CAB4103502.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS30729   Lactuca saligna CAB4103503.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS30729 (fragment)   Lactuca saligna CAB4103505.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS36495   Lactuca saligna CAB4109607.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS1406   Lactuca saligna CAB4072481.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS40038   Lactuca saligna CAB4113396.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS41109   Lactuca saligna CAB4114536.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS380   Lactuca saligna CAB4071400.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39592   Lactuca saligna CAB4112911.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39782   Lactuca saligna CAB4113115.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39823   Lactuca saligna CAB4113167.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS36787   Lactuca saligna CAB4109912.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39783   Lactuca saligna CAB4113116.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS40037   Lactuca saligna CAB4113397.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS38542   Lactuca saligna CAB4111762.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39780   Lactuca saligna CAB4113114.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS2286   Lactuca saligna CAB4073404.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS967   Lactuca saligna CAB4072023.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS40305   Lactuca saligna CAB4113685.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS36750   Lactuca saligna CAB4109875.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS39590   Lactuca saligna CAB4112909.1    
 LSAL_LOCUS41816   Lactuca saligna CAB4115277.1    
 laccase 1 (Lelcc1)   Lentinula edodes BAB83131.1
 laccase 2 VT (Lac2)   Lentinula edodes AAT99290.1     1
 laccase 1 BVT (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes AAT99287.1     1
 laccase 1 AVT (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes AAT99286.1     1
 laccase 2 (Lelcc2)   Lentinula edodes BAB83132.1     1
 laccase 1 DVT (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes AAT99289.1     1
 laccase 2' (Lelcc2')   Lentinula edodes BAB83133.1     1
 laccase 3 VT (Lac3)   Lentinula edodes AAT99291.1     1
 laccase 1 CVT (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes AAT99288.1     1
 ferroxidase (Lcc10)   Lentinula edodes D703PP-9 BAU25682.1     2
 ferroxidase (Lcc11)   Lentinula edodes D703PP-9 BAU25683.1    
 laccase (Lcc7)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAT31653.1     1
 laccase (Lcc9)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAT31657.1     1
 laccase (Lcc14)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAT31656.1     1
 laccase (Lcc12)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAT31654.1     1
 laccase (Lcc13)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAT31655.1     1
 laccase (Lcc2)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAB84355.1     1
 laccase (Lcc4)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAH80447.1     1
 laccase (Lcc3)   Lentinula edodes H600 BAB84356.1     1
 laccase   Lentinula edodes L1 ACR24356.1     1
 laccase 1A (Lcc1A) Lentinula edodes L54 AET86511.1 G9I8W6   1
 laccase 1B (Lcc1B) Lentinula edodes L54 AET86512.1 G9I8W7   1
 laccase (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes L54 AAF13037.1     1
 laccase (Lac1)   Lentinula edodes L54 AAF13038.1     1
 laccase 2 (Lcc2)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04557.1     1
 laccase 9 (Lcc9)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04564.1     1
 laccase 4 allele A (Lcc4A) Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04559.1 R9WT55   1
 laccase 4 allele B (Lcc4B)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04560.1     1
 laccase 5 (Lcc5) Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04561.1 R9WU11   1
 laccase 7 (Lcc7) Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04562.1 R9WS76   1
 laccase 8 (Lcc8)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04563.1     1
 laccase 10 (Lcc10)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04565.1     2
 laccase 11 (Lcc11)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04566.1    
 laccase 3 (Lcc3)   Lentinula edodes L54-A AGO04558.1     1
 laccase lcc6 (Lcc6)   Lentinula edodes SR-1 BAJ12090.1     1
 laccase lcc5 (Lcc5)   Lentinula edodes SR-1 BAJ12091.1     1
 laccase 1 (Lac1)   Lentinus sajor-caju CAD45377.1     1
 laccase 4 (Lac4)   Lentinus sajor-caju CAD45380.1     1
 laccase 2 (Lac2)   Lentinus sajor-caju CAD45378.1     1
 laccase 5 (Lac5)   Lentinus sajor-caju CAD45381.1     1
 laccase 3 (Lac3)   Lentinus sajor-caju CAD45379.1     1
 laccase 4 (Lac4)   Lentinus sajor-caju P32-1 AAG27436.1     1
 Lac1 (fragment)   Lentinus sajor-caju P32-1 AAG27433.1    
 Lac2 (fragment)   Lentinus sajor-caju P32-1 AAG27434.1    
 laccase (Lcc3;Lcc-3) Lentinus sp. WR2 ACZ82339.1 I3NL60   1
 laccase (Lcc4) Lentinus sp. WR2 AIT51846.1 A0A0F6NTZ1 3X1B[A,B] 1
 laccase (Lcc1) (fragment)   Lentinus tigrinus AAX07469.1   2QT6[A,B] 1
 laccase (Lac2) (fragment)   Lentinus tigrinus CBS 577.79 CAL91950.1     1
 Lac2 (fragment)   Lentinus tigrinus CBS 577.79 CAL91948.1     1
 Lac1 (fragment)   Lentinus tigrinus CBS 577.79 CAL91947.1     1
 laccase H   Lenzites betulinus AYR00606.1     1
 laccase F   Lenzites betulinus AYR00604.1     1
 laccase G   Lenzites betulinus AYR00605.1     1
 laccase D   Lenzites betulinus AYR00603.1     1
 laccase B   Lenzites betulinus AYR00602.1     1
 laccase A   Lenzites betulinus AYR00601.1     1
 laccase (fragment)   Lenzites betulinus AFQ90522.1     1
 LSINAPIS_LOCUS15327 (fragment)   Leptidea sinapis VUZ05915.1    
 LSINAPIS_LOCUS14348 (fragment)   Leptidea sinapis VUZ04686.1    
 ORF   Leptosphaeria maculans JN3 CBX91631.1     3
 ORF   Leptosphaeria maculans JN3 CCT61140.1     3
 Lac1, partial (fragment)   Leptosphaerulina sp. LVN6 AID53021.1     3
 Lac2, partial (fragment)   Leptosphaerulina sp. LVN6 AID53022.1    

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