Auxiliary Activity Family 10

Activities in FamilyAA10 (formerly CBM33) proteins are copper-dependent lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs); some proteins have been shown to act on chitin, others on cellulose; lytic cellulose monooxygenase (C1-hydroxylating) (EC; lytic cellulose monooxygenase (C4-dehydrogenating)(EC; lytic chitin monooxygenase (EC; lytic xylan monooxygenase / xylan oxidase (glycosidic bond-cleaving) (EC 1.14.99.-)
Mechanism monooxygenase
NoteAA10 (formerly CBM33). The enzymes in this family were originally classified as chitin-binding proteins (CBM33); Vaaje-Kolstad et al. have shown that these proteins are in fact oxidative enzymes [PMID - 20929773]. They are now reclassified in the AA category of CAZy. Because a significant literature is associated with the old name CBM33, we recommend to describe these enzymes as "AA10 (formerly CBM33)".
Statistics GenBank accession (6057); Uniprot accession (382); PDB accession (38); 3D entries (22); cryst (0)
All (5908) Archaea (5) Bacteria (5702) Eukaryota (9) Viruses (190) unclassified (2) Structure (22) Characterized (25)
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Protein Name EC#OrganismGenBank UniprotPDB/3D
 AAW51_5178   [Polyangium] brachysporum DSM 7029 AKJ31869.1    
 AAW51_2823 (CpbD)   [Polyangium] brachysporum DSM 7029 AKJ29514.1    
 AXG55_07265 (fragment)   Proteobacteria bacterium Nonnen-W8red MWH-Nonnen-W8red APJ03715.1    
 AXG55_08740   Proteobacteria bacterium Nonnen-W8red MWH-Nonnen-W8red APJ03988.1    
 AXG55_07270 (fragment)   Proteobacteria bacterium Nonnen-W8red MWH-Nonnen-W8red APJ03716.1    
 GSM99_03415   Proteus cibarius G11 QHD93725.1    
 HND96_16155   Proteus cibarius G32 QJW52315.1    
 HG541_01930   Proteus cibarius HNCF43W QKD68223.1    
 HG539_11220   Proteus cibarius HNCF44W QKD73376.1    
 GTH23_19155   Proteus cibarius ZF1 QIF92005.1    
 F9282_17085   Proteus cibarius ZF2 QGW04589.1    
 GTH25_15655   Proteus cibarius ZN2 QIF99389.1    
 F1325_16740   Proteus columbae T60 QHN11991.1    
 PH4a_04785   Proteus hauseri 15H5D-4a QAV22695.1    
 Sequence 6555 from patent US 6605709   Proteus mirabilis AAR43285.1    
 FU796_16355   Proteus mirabilis 1701092 QIF49687.1    
 AOUC001_02185   Proteus mirabilis AOUC-001 AND11734.1    
 CSC16_3872   Proteus mirabilis AR379 AWF40814.1    
 AM356_16810   Proteus mirabilis AR_0029 AWS56403.1    
 AM438_08190   Proteus mirabilis AR_0059 ARA22474.1    
 AM402_04315   Proteus mirabilis AR_0155 ARX33406.1    
 AM403_13365   Proteus mirabilis AR_0156 ASB02601.1    
 AM405_13730   Proteus mirabilis AR_0159 ARX09874.1    
 BB2000_2653   Proteus mirabilis BB2000 AGS61107.1    
 C3Z14_16105   Proteus mirabilis BC11-24 AVA41450.1    
 CLH65_09100   Proteus mirabilis CCUG 70746 AWR59494.1    
 GD587_05480   Proteus mirabilis CRE14IB QFV06743.1    
 FY167_16380   Proteus mirabilis CRPM10 QEK49497.1    
 AOC00_14510   Proteus mirabilis CYPM1 ALE23335.1    
 F4W58_16670   Proteus mirabilis ENT1157 QGM66652.1    
 F4W59_16660   Proteus mirabilis ENT1224 QGM73612.1    
 F4W60_15615   Proteus mirabilis ENT1301 QGM70022.1    
 MC46_000825   Proteus mirabilis FDAARGOS_60 AUT90326.1    
 MC53_008850   Proteus mirabilis FDAARGOS_67 AUU14099.1    
 MC72_015335   Proteus mirabilis FDAARGOS_80 AUU36667.1    
 MC73_002535   Proteus mirabilis FDAARGOS_81 AUU37899.1    
 PMI2662   Proteus mirabilis HI4320 CAR45244.1 B4EY30  
 GJR66_17355   Proteus mirabilis HN2p QKV33945.1    
 HRD54_15805   Proteus mirabilis JPM24 QKG42382.1    
 F3Y08_13625   Proteus mirabilis K817 QES78795.1    
 GCE56_17600   Proteus mirabilis L90-1 QKQ97269.1    
 GYM49_15020   Proteus mirabilis N18-00201 QHZ90357.1    
 NCTC4199_03100 (GbpA)   Proteus mirabilis NCTC4199 VEB89904.1    
 EHQ66_16170   Proteus mirabilis PmBC1123 AZG99961.1    
 G9C79_07335   Proteus mirabilis PmBR607 QIJ53065.1    
 EHQ78_18180   Proteus mirabilis PmSC1111 AZH07484.1    
 EHZ20_12460   Proteus mirabilis S1959 QER00808.1    
 GO498_17110   Proteus mirabilis SCBX1.1 QHA71980.1    
 HF524_16545   Proteus mirabilis STP3 QJB74623.1    
 BG029_18150   Proteus mirabilis T18 ATC80255.1    
 BG257_08080   Proteus mirabilis T21 ATC74578.1    
 FVP19_17240   Proteus mirabilis VAC QEG47039.1    
 G9Q98_16235   Proteus mirabilis XH1568 QIM26240.1    
 G9R00_16130   Proteus mirabilis XH1569 QIM29762.1    
 HRD56_16535   Proteus mirabilis YPM35 QKG50384.1    
 GTH26_15560   Proteus mirabilis ZA25 QIG03026.1    
 GTK47_04505   Proteus sp. ZN5 QIG04648.1    
 AOB99_14545   Proteus vulgaris CYPV1 ALE26501.1    
 CRN77_06380   Proteus vulgaris FDAARGOS_366 ATM99372.1    
 EGX81_14615   Proteus vulgaris FDAARGOS_556 AYY82032.1    
 NCTC13145_01226 (GbpA)   Proteus vulgaris NCTC13145 VTP76760.1    
 EKQ45_18565   Proteus vulgaris PvSC3 QHP77817.1    
 GTH24_17635   Proteus vulgaris ZN3 QIF95602.1    
 CO695_14465   Providencia alcalifaciens FDAARGOS_408 ATG17445.1    
 NCTC10286_02240 (GbpA)   Providencia alcalifaciens NCTC10286 SQI36799.1    
 AM461_13195   Providencia rettgeri AR_0082 AWS51697.1    
 BML2496_17910 (ChB)   Providencia rettgeri BML2496 BBU95908.1    
 BML2526_31700 (ChB)   Providencia rettgeri BML2526 BBV01518.1    
 BML2531_22980 (ChB)   Providencia rettgeri BML2531 BBV04522.1    
 BML2576_20550 (ChB)   Providencia rettgeri BML2576 BBV12596.1    
 CEQ08_16855   Providencia rettgeri FDAARGOS_330 AVL75281.1    
 RB151_022950 (GbpA)   Providencia rettgeri RB151 APC11967.1    
 HRD55_11080   Providencia rettgeri YPR31 QKG45096.1    
 FVA69_10760   Providencia sp. 1701011 QIF57910.1    
 FVA70_10770   Providencia sp. 1701091 QIF61950.1    
 FVA72_10925   Providencia sp. 1709051003 QIF68024.1    
 CYG50_05075   Providencia sp. WCHPHu000369 AXH64693.1    
 AM353_00895   Providencia stuartii AR_0026 AVE40515.1    
 AM353_17585   Providencia stuartii AR_0026 AVE43491.1    
 AM353_16080   Providencia stuartii AR_0026 AVE43225.1    
 DR96_3210 (CbP)   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN62249.1    
 DR96_3963 (CbP)   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN65626.1    
 DR96_2894 (CbP)   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN62797.1    
 DR96_2698 (CbP)   Providencia stuartii ATCC 33672 AIN63151.1    
 BGK56_07255   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG50747.1    
 BGK56_03295   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG50021.1    
 BGK56_01015   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG49598.1    
 BGK56_01960   Providencia stuartii BE2467 APG49776.1    
 BML2537_18780   Providencia stuartii BML2537 BBV08384.1    
 BML2537_21700 (Chb_2)   Providencia stuartii BML2537 BBV08676.1    
 BML2537_28910   Providencia stuartii BML2537 BBV09397.1    
 BML2537_16840   Providencia stuartii BML2537 BBV08190.1    
 AL507_05795   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG68753.2
 AL507_00445   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG65124.1    
 AL507_04445   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG65867.1    
 AL507_06740   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_145 AMG66304.1
 CEP70_09265   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_291 AVL40179.1    
 CEP70_05655   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_291 AVL39517.1    
 CEP70_11610   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_291 AVL40609.1    
 CEP70_10635   Providencia stuartii FDAARGOS_291 AVL40427.1    

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