5th Symposium on the α-Amylase Family - 2013/Oct/20-24

5th Symposium on the α-Amylase Family (ALAMY_5), at the Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, from October 20 to 34, 2013.

The scientific program will be focused on various aspects of the main alpha-amylase enzyme clan GH-H (i.e. families GH13, GH70 and GH77) as well as of the smaller alpha-amylase family GH57, and even GH119. The topics covered are as follows : (i) structure/function relationships ; (ii) novel GH13 subfamilies ; (iii) starch and glycogen binding domain as CBM families ; (iv) industrial aspects ; (v) human health and gut microflora. The “cousin” family GH31 will also be included. Within the sessions the findings on new primary and tertiary structures, specificity and evolution, protein engineering, catalytic and binding mechanisms, and stability and stabilization are expected to be presented.

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